Are phone masts safe?


This is a really interesting question, which I raised with the King's College team (testing whether people who suffer from using a mobile phone are reporting a valid connection) yesterday. They are only looking at 900MHz GSM, but the question of "affected" of "well-being" and of "illness" is a very important one in all varieties of the EMF question.

Many people are "affected", and probably huge numbers who do not know it. Harmful or not there is a social ethic to this.

"Well-being" can include psychological problems: it has to be true that if serious intellectual people start saying there is an unmeasured risk, others may react to this fear, and their fear may affect their well-being.

The most obvious short-term experienced "risk-effect" (rather than "nuisance") is sleep disorders or direct melatonin disruption, but definitively "ill from TETRA" becomes a longer-term phenomenon (eg chronic low-level carcinogen), or a mix of primary (mildly carcinogenic) plus secondary (impaired immunity). TETRA is probably too young to exhibit this clearly from masts.

Further, "illness" may relate to the end result (debility from lack of sleep, depression from persistent migraines, cancer etc.). Or it may be attached directly to an initial sensitivity (ES/EHS). In this case labelling ES people as "vulnerable", "having a disorder", "having a disability", or with "a genetic disposition", whether for their ES or susceptibility to DNA damage etc. is subtle and insidious: being affected by ELF-EMF is regarded as abnormal, being unaffected is normal. Therefore indiscriminate use of ELF-EMF is acceptable and the vulnerable must be treated differently and protected (chemically, by shielding clothing, or however).

This is the stock-car racing paradigm of society. Crash 'em and patch 'em; it's more fun than motorway driving.

"Health disorders" attributed to TETRA, as you know, have been reported in the hundreds in Sussex alone. The observational study on the news page of http://www.tetrawatch.net shows what we have come to expect, and was mirrored in other towns. What we are told, obviously, is that these studies do not show that people's health is being affected by TETRA, only that people report certain groups of symptoms, which people like me attribute to TETRA (albeit for clearly stated reasons).

So there are people in the hundreds down here, just as elsewhere I am sure, but who is going to establish the TETRA connection?

How can I find the sensitive, those with health disorders, let alone those whose symptoms are proven to be due solely to TETRA? Is TETRA correlative, contingent or a sole cause? I don't know! There isn't even community consensus, let alone communication on this one, and most don't even want to bother their doctor. If someone were able to say "if you have a headache now, you are more likely to contract cancer from (any) masts near you, in eight years time" that would be different. For now there is inconvenience and unpleasantness, and a great British susceptibility to not rocking the boat. I have had horror stories of hallucinating children and gushing nosebleeds, of greatly worsened ME and MS, but many of these people, feeling helpless and unlistened too, just disappear; hopefully to some refuge and recovery; maybe into despair.

Whilst there is this strong propensity in the medical fraternity, encouraged by the NRPB and DoH, to discount these health disorders as "originating in the psyche", finding a valid sample is tricky. If you don't see your doctor, there is no record of the disorder. If you do, it is as like as not either psychosomatic or completely due to an unknown cause - but that is "definitely not EMF! Because it CAN'T: YOU KNOW?!" You get antidepressants, a psychiatrist or nothing.

We can find plenty of individuals: but not a control sample, and not a sample with scientific proof of cause. And this is our problem: recognition, investigation and understanding. All ways round, the current situation of indiscriminate mast deployment and lack of dispassionate attention to reported health disorders is quite unacceptable. We need doctors in TETRA localities with the mandate and mission to run clinical trials, but they must start by knowing who is a TETRA sufferer and who only thinks they are, and who is not. Then we need to demonstrate whether there is a palliative effect, a restorative effect, or a protective effect. Because that will need to be proven as well.

Sorry for the ramble, but this is at the heart of helping and protecting people (I nearly said Reducing Risk, Protecting People: the strapline for the HSE!!), and it is quite urgent. If Dr John Walker's work with EM-RRT can be properly extended and peer reviewed we may gain more attention.



I believe that the way forward is to set up a network of medical testing centres where actual biological effects can be established, instead of the "observation" which is taking place at the moment. As long as the Gov/NRPB can keep saying "no firm evidence" and insinuating that the minority who "may" be adversely affected have some psychological disorder they will be happy. We should be pressing for blood count/pressure and melatonin tests to be done on the communities who are forced to live in the shadow of these masts.



An Orange mast was erected in Kensworth in September 2001 against the wishes of residents and with no consultation or consideration of alternative sites and in spite of a lengthy petition. In Spring 2002 I heard that those near the mast were feeling ill and went to see them. The mast is between 14 and thirty metres from the closest houses and the antennae are on a level with bedroom windows.

That autumn 2 pets - a 13 year old cat and a 16 year old dog became restless; made sounds indicating they were in pain; the cat developed a tumour in its throat and the dog small irritating growths on its paws (several other animals within 100 metres have also since developed tumours - mouth; throat; paws). The original pets were tired all the time, refused food and vomited frequently. The cat had the tumour removed, but never was able to eat properly again and died last year. The dog was given treatment for heart problems at first (pre- tumours) and appeared to respond seeming better as soon as he came home from the vet, but his symptoms returned in spite of the treatment and the vet could find no other cause.

As soon as the mast was activated, Alan Brooks who lives opposite the mast was unable to sleep in his bedroom because he felt too ill and has never been able to sleep in his bed since, but has made a sleeping place at the end of his lounge furthest from the mast and tries to protect his head with a box lined with foil at night and a reflective cycle helmet during the day.

A man who lives close by had a stroke at the same time, and when the mast was reactivated after being decommissioned for the whole of April 2002 the poor man had an even worse stroke, was hospitalised for weeks and is now disabled. He wants to maintain his privacy. Most of the other residents affected want as much publicity as possible - anything to get the mast moved!

When I went to see them, the residents asked me to help them, as they felt unable to express themselves adequately. I have been writing to Council; Government; protective agencies; MPs (a great deal of support from our local MP Andrew Selous); Dept. of Health; Dr. Jill Meara and Leigh Garraway at 'Health Improvement & Partnership Directorate'; WHO; ICNIRP etc etc etc. ever since.

I went to all the houses and wrote down all the symptoms and have noted any changes for the last three years.

The symptoms I now know are found wherever masts cause health problems :-

Chronic insomnia and headaches; sore bloodshot eyes; earache and tinnitus;

vertigo and nausea; nose-bleeds amongst children and adults;

Kensworth residents also suffer sore, ulcerated mouths and throats accompanied by extreme thirst.

One old man, Brian Fensome, 14 metres from the mast, died last year having suffered all these symptoms. Having had radiation treatment for septicaemia before the mast was erected, he had been told that he could not have any more radiation. Every time he went into the kitchen in his house latterly he lost his voice and he and his wife were both very ill. They were able to sleep in their bedroom, which is at the back of the house, but their 4 yr old granddaughter was unable to sleep in the small front bedroom as she usually did saying that there was 'something in her head' (she has not been to stay since).

I can send you a copy of our document listing the history of events and photographs of the set up if you would like? No-one will listen of course, saying it is 'not in their remit' (Tony Blair) or passing info on to other people (John Prescott); South Beds District Council ( 'We can't do anything, you have to go to Central Governement.')

'It hasn't been proved' Jill Meara and Leigh Garraway; Professor Challis writes back but wants me to write to someone else instead; ICNIRP and WHO did not reply (at the time I had no individual names) Andrew Selous MP sent me names of consultants and members and I emailed all of them receiving varied replies and one very good one which I will include in this email:-


"Dear Mrs. Lyden,
I can understand your concerns. This is the reason why I respond so quickly to your mail. I can assure you that the issue you rasied is discussed very intensively not only among ICNIRP but also at the WHO and among other radiation protection committees (like NRPB) and national health councils. First of all, I would like to inform you that your information is not correct: ICNIRP's limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields have been issued in 1998 and have not been changed since. The scientific literature including assessment studies you cited have been reviewed by ICNIRP. This review process is ongoing and will lead to a comprehensive assessment study which will be issued by ICNIRP probably early 2005. Besides this, there are several scientific attempts to investigate adverse health effects and mobile phone basestations, one epidemiologic study is on the way in your country, others are right before starting e.g. in Switzerland and Germany. Also at my institute we have already reacted to the concerns of people and are performing a sleep study where we investigate potential changes in sleep quality associated to electromagnetic antennas with an innovative new approach.

Instead of asking affected people to come to the laboratory for investigations we do measurements on site where people suffer and study their reaction to protection from electromagnetic fields rather than to provocation with additional fields. The study is ongoing. Other copuntries like Germany have already expressed their interest and asked us to make investigations also there. We hope to come up with first results soon. If there would be financial support, we could extend our investigations also to your country.

Therefore, the message is, that concerns of people like you are taken serious and that there are already several scientific attempts to investigate and solve the problem.

Kind regards
N. Leitgeb

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. N. Leitgeb
Head of
Institute of Clinical Engineering and of PMG, Medical Devices European Notified Body 0636
Inffeldgasse 16a, A-8010 Graz, Austria"


I keep quoting the proof from scientific tests in Schwarzenberg that electromagnetic radiofrequency inhibits the hormone melatonin in cows and humans wich explains why the above mentioned symptoms are experienced in association with these non-thermal emissions. Have you seen Dr. Neil Cherry's findings regarding this last? I have the documents (provided by Panayis Zambellis, leader of the Farley Hill group who have suffered from effects for years near what is now the massive 'Transco' mast in Luton (was teh Crown Castle mast). If you wish, I can send you these too - also the Pandora document which tells the history of Russian bombardment of the USA embassy in Moscow with "fairly low frequency" emissions.

Let me know what you would like, and I will email or post it.

Happy New year to you and your staff, yours sincerely,

Gillian Lyden


Dr. Neil Cherry says that no evidence of psychosomatic illness was found amongst those involved in scientific tests regarding these symptoms we all know are found near many masts. I mentioned the animals who suffered near the Orange mast in Kensworth to some Orange reps who were looking at the mast. They informed me that the animals were probably ill in sympathy with their owners!

Gill Lyden


Why will no-one LISTEN!


And there is the reason why people cannot sleep (because serotonin is secreted as in daylight, instead of melatonin taking over as it should).

Therefore, Dr. Neil Cherry told us in July 2000, bloodpressure is not lowered, killer cells which destroy cancer and virus infected cells are not activated and:-



I will send this to the Telegraph, NRPB and local papers as well as to you.

With sincere wishes that all our dreams for the New year come true, thanks in part to Eileen's brave attempt on TV.

Gill Lyden


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Letter to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework


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