From: cowboy3536
Date: Sat Dec 25, 2004 10:32 pm
Subject: Upper Fl, Keys...THE MOST HORRIFYING!!!!! HAARP STORM!!!!!

Okay gang I hope I can remain semi composed here to write this missive. I'm literally still shaking from fear over the storm we just had. Being a former meteorologist and lover of weather and storms this storm scared the s... out of us. My other and I sat on living room floor holding each other and the 4 leggeds in what seemed like the end of the world. I'm not making this up ya'll or hyping this up. I'm reporting what I see. I was in the middle of reading a missive on CTTUSA3. The house started to literally shake and vibrate from the thunder coming in off the Gulf. It had been thundering since 9 p.m. and but could see no lightning but you could feel the rumbles in the house. Then the china in the china cabinet started rattling, windows vibrating. I got up to go outside and the sky was full of purple!!!! lightning bolts that covered the entire sky!!!. The air and ground both literally shook and a few drops of rain were falling. The clouds were literally an undulating mass churning and the HAARP clouds were creepy in the constant electrical storm. My other was sitting on the porch and told me to come as I was starting to get wet. The air literally shook with the most intense booming and very long long booming and weird crackling sounds.

The wife said "This is EVIL!!!!" and she couldn't have been more correct. Goosebumps on my arms and the hairs on back of my neck standing up. I grabbed two pieces of Orgonite gave one to her and one for me and told her to hold it and use intent on killing this man made Scalar HAARP storm but we didn't have enough time. The rain was coming in fits...real hard and big drops then it would totally stop. The thunder was non stop with one earth shaking booom after another. Here is where it gets horrifying gang if it wasn't horrifying enough already!!!!

All of a sudden the thunder stopped, the rain stopped, the incessant lightning stopped and it got so quiet you couldn't hear a sound!!!!!..it was really creepy. Then the sky literally began to glow!!!! blue, white and tints of purple and it undulated like an Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights. Skies were totally overcast and you could see the weird HAARP clouds and they literaly became ELECTRIFIED!!!!!. I've been noticing this strange glow all evening and commented on it in an earlier missive. It wasn't the moonlight either. I never in my 41 years have seen this. I sat back down on the chair on the porch holding tight on our orgonite.

All of a sudden we both were momentarily blinded and the loudest explosion from HAARP induced Thunder. The power went out and we both we literally screaming on the porch. I hit the floor laying prone like any Marine would in reaction to such a noise. My other was screaming hysterically. We grabbed the two 4 leggeds that were out on porch with us and ran into the dark house. Grabbing flashlights we started lighting candles. Lightning must have hit a transformer as the whole neighborhood was black. Then the rain started. I NEVER saw it rain the likes of which it did. In 1 hour we received over 7 INCHES!!!! of rain.

We got the corded phone out of closet that we keep for hurricanes as when power goes out the cordless is useless. We called power company to report the outage. The rain just kept coming harder and harder and harder. The house was illuminated with blinding flash after blinding flash. I ran around in the dark house with flash light unplugging everything.Then that same thunder, those horrifying, deafening cracks incessantly started. I could literally see the lightning bolts hitting around our house at neighbors. Neighbors garage got hit. My other she started crying she was so scared. The 4 leggeds were barking and they were frantic and they NEVER bark at thunder. One of them started peeing on the floor as he was walking and barking he was so scared. We both grabbed each other and 5 dogs. Between the rain and the thunder so loud we could hardly hear one another talk. It was like one constant loud explosion, one right after another. Finally it passed and we started checking things around the house. Kitchen floor had large puddle, It rained so hard it came down through the vent for exhaust fan over stove. So started sopping up the water. Finally the storm had passed and we went out to porch, still no electricity I could see the moonlight. Lightning...purple, yellow and brown colorations were shooting out the billowing clouds into a absolutely filthy chem haze laden sky. Moon has a chem bow around it and is putrid color. Our yard was a lake. My eyes and nose started burning the air was so full of chemicals, the smell was awful. I was trying to check for damage from lightning strikes with the flashlight. Garage seemed okay and the neighbors garage appears fine.

What I could see in the street from headlights was all the yards were full of water. My wife said in the 32 years she's lived here in this house she's never seen the streets and yards flood like they did. I took a walk and the neighboring conveince store parking lot and side lots was shin deep in water and gasoline smell everywhere!!!!. I ran back to the house and dialed 911. The flooding rains must have gotten into the gasoline tanks.

Power company got here and I could see the truck at the entrance to our subdivision. Power came back on. Electronics okay, computer okay and here I am writing this.

Well gang I'm calmed down now. The shaking stopped. 4 leggeds are all in there favorite places now asleep. My other had to take a tranquilizer pill and is now watching t.v. She said she's never seen a storm like that in all her life and she's lived in the Fl. Keys most of her life. She kept saying..."God is gonna pay em back" , "THEY are messing with God's creation and THEY will pay dearly"

This was a man made, scalar HAARP storm gang. I never seen the clouds glow, the light shimmering and undualting, literally electrified. Scared the s... out of us and I don't scare easily. For a little while it seemed as though the world was coming to an end. The sky is absolutely filthy right now with chems and fresh trails being laid. Low level ragged clouds are moving at extreme speed across the sky.

Get this gang. When I checked the National Weather Service Radar for Miami and Key West both showed fairly benign looking and rather small blobs. Normally it should have been short lived and not very much rain. Don't trust the radar... as we all know that anyway and the satellite.

Well gang time to send this, read some posts so I can calm down some more... More long duration rumbles coming in off Gulf. Checked radar again and round 2 of HAARP storms should be here by 2-2:30 a.m. Going to go outside and take a peek.

Thanks for bearing with me ya'll on this long missive. I feel better now and have calmed back down.

Cowboy, Key Largo, Fl Sunday 12/26/04 1:32 a.m. 74 degrees, Thunder, skies heavily chemmed.

I had a wild weather experience on the 19th of December, but it was not on the level of Cowboy's, thank goodness! However, the rainstorm was unusual and happily, I got some pictures. I put them up on a webpage for you to check out:




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