Elektrosmog: Kritik an Wireless LAN in Städten


sf.tv vom 19.04.2007

Die drahtlose Funktechnologie, genannt Wireless LAN, machts möglich: jederzeit und fast überall im Internet surfen und E-Mails empfangen. Immer mehr Schweizer Städte rüsten öffentliche Plätze und ganze Quartiere mit Antennen fürs drahtloses Surfen auf. Doch damit erhöht sich auch der Elektrosmog, was zu Kritik führt.

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BUND-Sachsen: "Vorsorge gegen Gefahren"


Krebshäufungen um britische Mobilfunkmasten



Mobilfunk Stuttgart West/Messergebnisse an Stadt und Kirche übergeben

Diskussion in "Times": Krebshäufung um Masten


Omega-News Collection 28. April 2007


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EMF-Omega-News 28. April 2007

EMF-Omega-News 28. April 2007

Mechanism of a short-term ERK activation by electromagnetic fields at mobile phone frequency

Mobile phone emission modulates interhemispheric functional coupling of EEG alpha rhythms

Electromagnetic Radiation: Influences on Honeybees

Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields as effectors of cellular responses in vitro: possible immune cell activation

Reduced melatonin leads to increased body length of children

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chemical Sensitivities, CFS, Electrosensitivity, Sleep Disruption and Increased Cancer Risk

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Omega-News Collection 28. April 2007

Ärzte sollen sich nicht einmischen?



Ärzte und Mobilfunk

Ärzteappelle gegen Mobilfunk

Ärztekammern und Mobilfunk

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chemical Sensitivities, CFS, Electrosensitivity, Sleep Disruption and Increased Cancer Risk

You might be interested in this or if you might know of someone interested in this, please pass on the information.

Art Kab

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chemical Sensitivities, CFS, Electrosensitivity, Sleep Disruption and Increased Cancer Risk

Dr George Carlo – scientist, researcher and author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards of the Wireless Age

University of Victoria - Sunday, May 27 from 2:30 pm - 5:30pm, $65. Register at //www.bodyheals.ca Registration - post-conference workshops or call 250 472.4747

Dr. George Carlo is a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute and Director of the non-profit Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) based in Washington, DC.

Dr. Kerry Crofton is a health educator, author and SWI Director of Registries, and the Clinicians Database.

Electromagnetic radiation has been studied for the past 40 years, with work focused on defining effect windows across the electromagnetic spectrum that increase risk of disease. During the past five years, we have seen the issue shift from a debate about increased risk to a serious medical problem. In some countries upwards of 10% of the population exhibit symptoms consistent with Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome including involvement of the immune, endocrine, nervous and digestive systems. Dr Carlo will also present information on effective assessment tools, clinical protocols, and interventions of value. Dr Crofton will talk about the SWI International Registry and other global activities to get people the information and interventions they need. SWI has a confidential online Registry for people to record their symptoms. There are sites for Canada, the US, Ireland, England and the Channel Islands. The data will be analyzed, and the findings published, by Dr Carlo.

For information please call Dr Crofton at 250 595.1952 Email: kerrycrofton @telus.net

Cell towers, cell phones and other wireless devices emit harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Specifically, the information-carrying radio waves have been shown to cause cellular disruption resulting in a range of symptoms, and what Dr Carlo identifies as Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome (MSS). He will address the EMR connection, diagnosis, and treatment of: MSS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Electrosensitivity, Autism Spectrum Disorder, sleep disruption, CFS and cancer.

Dr George Carlo
Dr Kerry Crofton
Visit //www.safewireless.org for information on our work


MOBILE PHONE ALERT ... and it's not just cell phones

Dr Kerry Crofton: Radiation Rescue


Warning on wi-fi health risk to children


Informant: Dances Alone


Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields as effectors of cellular responses in vitro: possible immune cell activation

Simko M, Mattsson MO.

Division of Environmental Physiology, Institute of Cell Biology and Biosystems Technology, University of Rostock, Albert-Einstein-Strasse 3, D-18059 Rostock, Germany. myrtill.simko@biologie.uni-rostock.de

There is presently an intense discussion if electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure has consequences for human health. This include exposure to structures and appliances that emit in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as emission coming from communication devices using the radiofrequency part of the spectrum. Biological effects of such exposures have been noted frequently, although the implication for specific health effects is not that clear. The basic interaction mechanism(s) between such fields and living matter is unknown. Numerous hypotheses have been suggested, although none is convincingly supported by experimental data. Various cellular components, processes, and systems can be affected by EMF exposure. Since it is unlikely that EMF can induce DNA damage directly, most studies have examined EMF effects on the cell membrane level, general and specific gene expression, and signal transduction pathways. In addition, a large number of studies have been performed regarding cell proliferation, cell cycle regulation, cell differentiation, metabolism, and various physiological characteristics of cells. Although 50/60 Hz EMF do not directly lead to genotoxic effects, it is possible that certain cellular processes altered by exposure to EMF indirectly affect the structure of DNA causing strand breaks and other chromosomal aberrations. The aim of this article is to present a hypothesis of a possible initial cellular event affected by exposure to ELF EMF, an event which is compatible with the multitude of effects observed after exposure. Based on an extensive literature review, we suggest that ELF EMF exposure is able to perform such activation by means of increasing levels of free radicals. Such a general activation is compatible with the diverse nature of observed effects. Free radicals are intermediates in natural processes like mitochondrial metabolism and are also a key feature of phagocytosis. Free radical release is inducible by ionizing radiation or phorbol ester treatment, both leading to genomic instability. EMF might be a stimulus to induce an "activated state" of the cell such as phagocytosis, which then enhances the release of free radicals, in turn leading to genotoxic events. We envisage that EMF exposure can cause both acute and chronic effects that are mediated by increased free radical levels: (1) Direct activation of, for example macrophages (or other cells) by short-term exposure to EMF leads to phagocytosis (or other cell specific responses) and consequently, free radical production. This pathway may be utilized to positively influence certain aspects of the immune response, and could be useful for specific therapeutic applications. (2) EMF-induced macrophage (cell) activation includes direct stimulation of free radical production. (3) An increase in the lifetime of free radicals by EMF leads to persistently elevated free radical concentrations. In general, reactions in which radicals are involved become more frequent, increasing the possibility of DNA damage. (4) Long-term EMF exposure leads to a chronically increased level of free radicals, subsequently causing an inhibition of the effects of the pineal gland hormone melatonin. Taken together, these EMF induced reactions could lead to a higher incidence of DNA damage and therefore, to an increased risk of tumour development. While the effects on melatonin and the extension of the lifetime of radicals can explain the link between EMF exposure and the incidence of for example leukaemia, the two additional mechanisms described here specifically for mouse macrophages, can explain the possible correlation between immune cell system stimulation and EMF exposure.

Publication Types:
In Vitro

PMID: 15352165 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Informant: Philippe Hug



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