Public policy education briefing on the inadequacy of U.S. federal policy regulating the environmental and human health effects of Radiofrequency (RF) radiation


Action Alert - April 22, 2007

Your time and effort is needed NOW to invite the staff members of your U.S. Senators and Congressman to a public policy education briefing on the inadequacy of U.S. federal policy regulating the environmental and human health effects of Radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

The briefing is to be hosted by Vermont Congressman Peter Welch and Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernard Sanders. It will take place on Thursday, May 10, 2007 from 3:00-5:30 PM in the U.S. Capitol, Room HC-5.

For complete instructions, go to: http://www.emrpolicy.org/news/action/index.htm

Please forward this messages to your friends, families, and colleagues in other states as well who will take the time to make their voices heard.

Many thanks for your willing participation to make this briefing a success.

Janet Newton, President
The EMR Policy Institute
P.O. Box 117
Marshfield VT 05658
Tel. & FAX: 802-426-3035


URGENT: Env Orgs stealing last refuges for telecom industry!

There is an organization called Care2Alerts, which is distributing messages to the environmental movement to get support of more mobile phone & WiFi use and wireless expansion into rural areas!

Below I've pasted their two messages on behalf of the telecom industry. We must not allow our own larger community of environment lovers to be influenced into making statements hazardous to us and to all life!

Please write to this org and tell them that pushing a hazard is not just, healthy or good for the environment. I paste their messages below. They want to "protect funding for wireless", as if the multinational, multibillion-dollar telecom industry is a charity! Makes me gag! :-@ They want enviros to help get wireless into the last rural areas! :-# Why not let the people living in those areas decide what is best for them! Tell them what wireless has done to you! (I've already written a very strong message.)


Susan Clarke

WRITE TO: Rebecca Young & Michael L. - actionalerts@care2.com, Also: ng-r-3-3431750-2139352-3931063-1f8192ab@australia.care2.com, ng-r-12-3431750-2138340-3929041-25cd9522@australia.care2.com


You need to be able to count on cell phone coverage during an emergency. Tell Congress and the FCC to protect funding for wireless coverage today!

Hi Susan,

Have you noticed how pay phones are in short supply these days? That's because cell phones and wireless communication in general have become standard. But what happens when you find yourself in an emergency and "out of service?"

Cell phone coverage is important in emergencies. Tell Congress not to limit coverage in rural areas. http://go.care2.com/e/R8Qs/h0HI/GC_d

Right now, Congress and the FCC are considering telecom policy changes that would jeopardize much-needed funding for wireless access. This would be especially bad for rural areas that need wireless access for economic growth and the safety of residents.

Reliable wireless access is essential for businesspeople that spend time away from the office and on the road, and it will increase the likelihood that new businesses will open up in rural communities. This funding would also eliminate "dead spots" in rural areas.

Tell Congress and the FCC that Americans everywhere should have the same choice of services. Sign the petition today!

Thank you, Michael L. Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Thank you for signing up for Consumer Protection Alerts from Care2 via ThePetitionSite! Your email address has not been bought from other sources. If you learned something interesting in this newsletter, please forward it to your friends, family, and colleagues.

To stop receiving this newsletter, send a blank email message to:

Care2.com, Inc.
275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 150 Redwood City, CA 94065 http://www.care2.com


Hi Susan,

Hate long-term cell phone contracts and hefty cancellation fees? Well, hold on to your wallet, because now high-speed Internet companies are using them.

Most of us have, at best, two choices for high-speed Internet service: our cable and phone companies. Now these companies want to lock you in with hefty termination penalties to prevent you from switching to the other provider even if their service fails to deliver as promised.

Stop broadband companies from charging early termination fees!

Phone companies offer short-term promotional rates for DSL, but often require you to stick with the service for a year or more, even if the promotional price expires during that time. To get out, you might have to pay a fee of up to $200. And some cable companies offer a bundle of broadband, video and phone service, sometimes for a discount, then jack up the price for the remaining services if you cancel one of them during the contract term.

That's not real choice--and it's not real competition. Tell the Federal Communications Commission to put a stop to early termination fees in broadband and give consumers real choice!

Thank you for taking action today, Rebecca Young, Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

Thank you for signing up for action alerts from Care2 via ThePetitionSite! Your email address has not been bought from other sources. If you learned something interesting in this newsletter, please forward it to your friends, family, and colleagues.

To stop receiving this newsletter, send a blank email message to: ng-u-12-3431750-2119517-3891399-925b034d@australia.care2.com

Care2.com, Inc.
275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 150 Redwood City, CA 94065 http://www.care2.com


URGENT: Telecoms pose as charity to deceive enviros!

You're not going to believe this. Well, yes you will.

The telecom companies set up an organization posing as a nonprofit, in order to force-deploy their radiation into the last rural communities that have through a democratic process refused wireless!

Here's the organization that PAID Care2Alerts to get enviros to write to Congress demanding wireless everywhere:

"Wireless Across America is a coalition of wireless providers committed to expanding affordable, reliable wireless services for the 60 million people living in rural America... Wireless Across America’s coalition members include: Alltel Corporation Bluegrass Cellular, Inc. Corr Wireless Communications, LLC Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc. MTPCS, LLC (d/b/a Chinook Wireless) Rural Cellular Corporation (d/b/a Unicel) SunCom Wireless"

Please go onto their website as I did: http://www.wirelessacrossamerica.org/
Click on "Write Congress" and enter a five-digit US zip code.
(Many numbers between 01000 and 95000 will work. if you get one that doesn't, try again. Try 18914 - Chalfont, PA.)
Important: Delete Subject text, and put in your own. Delete the language in the "editable text" box and insert your own. Tell Congress how hazardous microwave systems are, and that communities (outside DC) have a common-law right to determine their own fate. Say that WirelessAcrossAmerica is just a front group for the telecom industry, posing as a social justice org. Then enter a name and a US address. Uncheck "Remember me". Hit "Send Message". Remember, they falsely posed as a charity, so don't worry about giving these deceivers a name/address other than your own for privacy.

If you wish, they invite you to share your story: mystory@wirelessacrossamerica.org

Although I see not much use in doing so, you may have more faith in winning over the human beings behind the corporate screen than I do.

Please let the group know what actions you take.


Susan Clarke



Michael, Rebecca and Care2Alerts

You must be swimming in cash, taking money from that multibillion-dollar, multinational telecom industry, allowing that industry to pose as a nonprofit, charitable, social justice organization, and to DECEIVE your trusting readers into lobbying Congress in a disastrous, anti-democratic way.

Are you at all familiar with the 1996 Telecom Act? It's horrific, taking away local and state governments' authorities to protect environment! Bernie Sanders of Vermont said to the Industry, "You are not going to turn Vermont into a pin cushion." But that is what the brash, aggressive Industry did, with total disregard for local people.

There was one little section, 702, subpart iv, that between the lines allowed local communities to regulate wireless systems in their own communities based on criteria other than "environment".

This Industry-written, 800+ -page US Telecom Act had received almost NO review by Congress before it was shoved through without hearings by the Industry. That's why communities rushed to use that tiny little provision to defend themselves. The microwave radiation that had ruined the lives of many in the cities was not going to destroy lives in suburban or rural communities, the people determined!

Well, those corporate lawyers with the Industry were very aggressive, and the townspeople lost many battles to stop the Industry from putting transmitters next to bedroom windows. Many people lost their health, their pets, their homes, after trying to live in less radiation in their basements. Those who worked in a savvy way did win some capacities to regulate the Industry in their backyard. But it cost them years of their lives and often their last penny.

NOW you say, with your petition, that townspeople should have NO right to regulate Telecom transmitters in their own communities! You make your readers believe that THEY should control local people! You take away communities' right to keep wireless at arm's length for their health & environmental protection!

YOU are participating in overruling the last provision that existed for democratic, community self-defense! This would get Congress to override the many legal battles that have been WON through the democratic process!

YOU are advocating fascism! - total Corporate/State control of whether humans, animals and plants should be exposed at bioeffective levels to microwave radiation 24/7!

You have already seen my message about damages to health and the environment. Believe me, you have much much more to learn about that. But here, you pose as an enviro/social justice org, yet you take money from the Telecom companies (specifically those listed on the Wireless Across America site, as below) in order to deceive your members into advocating the bulldozing of the democratice processes that gave communities a small bit of freedom from having transmitters and their xenobiotic radiation absolutely in their faces.

You'd better rethink your business, because in this instance it's very bad business, very deceptive and specifically coercive in a way opposed to democracy, environment, social justice and health.

Whose behind your fascist campaign?

Wireless Across America’s coalition members include: Alltel Corporation Bluegrass Cellular, Inc. Corr Wireless Communications, LLC Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc. MTPCS, LLC (d/b/a Chinook Wireless) Rural Cellular Corporation (d/b/a Unicel) SunCom Wireless

Please let me know how you intend to handle this crisis.

Susan Clarke


Re: URGENT: Env Orgs stealing last refuges for telecom industry!

Why not send these these links and the article? As the news has reached New Zealand maybe they should also hear it?


School health check findings made them take on mobile Operators http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_medical/article2472139.ece

Lead Article http://comment.independent.co.uk/leading_articles/article2472074.ece

Wi-Fi in Schools http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_medical/article2472133.ece

Cancer Clusters around masts - Sunday Times - http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article1687491.ece

COVERAGE TODAY 23.4.07: Several radio interviews - details not yet received

Times 23.4.07

And in Daily Mail Wifi internet 'poses a health risk for children' by FIONA MACRAE - Last updated at 08:06am on 23rd April 2007

Wifi: Teachers fear it could be affecting pupils' health

Wireless computer networks in schools may pose a significant health risk to children and staff, a teaching union warned today.

Many teachers fear the radiation emitted by wireless transmitters could be contributing to poor concentration and hyperactive behaviour among pupils.

One school - Stowe School, in Buckinghamshire - has already dismantled part of its wireless connection after a teacher fell ill, complaining of headaches and nausea.

The Professional Association of Teachers has written to Education Secretary Alan Johnson to demand an inquiry into the effects of the technology, which is being installed in classrooms across the country.

The union's concerns are echoed by Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, and a former chief scientific adviser to the Government, who has chaired two official inquiries into the hazards of mobile phones.

Sir William is said to be "very keen" that pupils are monitored for potential health problems.

Wireless, or wi-fi, systems, use a small transmitter to link laptop computers to the Internet without the use of cables.

Installed in up to 80 per cent of secondary schools and more than half of primary schools, they are also used in coffee shops, hotels and airport departure lounges, and have become a fixture in millions of homes.

The system has created a cloud of 'electronic smog' across

Britain, scientists say. There are fears that the networks could be doing untold damage to health.

Campaigners claim the level of microwaves emitted by a wireless transmitter is comparable to that from a mobile phone mast.

They point out little or no research has been carried out into the technology's side-effects.

Problems including headaches and lapses in concentration have already been reported by those who use wi-fi systems frequently.

Some scientists fear they could also cause cancer and premature senility. Children, whose brains and bodies are still developing, may be particularly vulnerable.

Alasdair Philips, of campaign group Powerwatch, believes the radiation from wireless networks is partly to blame for the rise of behavioural problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

He said: "I believe that rolling out wireless networks in schools should be a criminal offence without close monitoring of pupils' health.

"Being in a wi-fi classroom is similar to sitting in the main beam about 330 feet from a mobile phone mast.

"The problems that many teachers are reporting, such as poor concentration, and the four-fold increase in ADHD in the last ten years are exactly the problems we would predict."

Philip Parkin, general secretary of the Professional Association of Teachers, said he was concerned about the health of both pupils and staff.

"The proliferation of wireless networks could be having serious implications for the health of some staff and pupils," he said.

"I am not saying there is a danger, but I have enough concern to ask for it to be investigated."

Hi Sandi, I did of course send articles - though they may never read them. They blocked my address. Care2.com has - get this - 7,066,332 members! They've all received the disinformation from WirelessAcrossAmerica - just before the May 10 Capitol Hill hearing! Please everyone, write to: actionalerts@ care2.com or phone/fax them: Phone: 650-622-0860 Fax: 650-622-0870 ...and tell them that:

1. RF radiation is designated a "hazard" under the IEEE/ANSI - FCC guidelines.

2. Second-hand exposure to wireless technologies' radiation produces (name whatever adverse effects you choose).

3. The rural areas are the last small refuge for vulnerable plants, animals and humans.

4. Those geographic areas that have successfully resisted wireless invasion through legislative and/or judiciary processes must be according the rights those efforts have in a democratice way won. These areas must not be bulldozed by lobbying efforts after the fact and without knowledge of the particular facts of each case. ...and whatever else you need to say.

Thank you!

Dear Michael, Rebecca and Care2Alerts,

I have been alerted to your ill-conceived campaign to destroy the last refuges for people with sensitivities to radiofrequency radiation. I wish to protest your actions in the strongest possible terms!

I left Tokyo, Japan, because I was ill all of the time. I now live in a rural area, and although there are radiation hazards here too, it is much better. Why do we need a uniformly radiated planet? Why are businessmen trying to continue working while on vacation given precedence over local health concerns?

I hear there are 7 million people on your list. Well there are millions of people worldwide with electrosensitivity. Our voices are suppressed by the economic power of the telecommunications industry. So maybe you haven't heard of us, except in terms of ridicule. But maybe one day you will be ill and wonder why and search and search for the reason. And you'll be lucky if you can find out in time to save yourself from becoming seriously ill.

Please have a heart!

Patricia Ormsby

C2S: Industry Petition

Message to: Care2.com - What's going on? I've still received no response to my alert to you about your having distributed a petition from an industry front group that OPPOSES the environment and health protections that many of us worked very hard to establish. Your petition intends to override the long, hard, and expensive democratic processes we went through to win the public's rights to protect themselves and their environment!

You've misled thousands, arguably millions, of your members to sign an industry petition that would gut environment and health in this matter! Now you need to let signatories and others know that WirelessAcrossAmerica was the industry trade group that paid to have your members misled! And paid to have them in turn mislead Congress just before a critical hearing!

The May 10 hearing is now passed, and you still have not responded to my messages. I must therefore open this matter up to a larger group (cc'd) for your correction.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Susan Clarke


You received my last message, a thread of e-mails about the industry group Wireless Across America, which apparently paid a large environmental and health group, Care2.com, to distribute a congressional petition for MORE wireless in RURAL areas!

This petition apparently went to Care2.com's over 7 million members, thousands of whom signed to force rural communities to accept wireless infrastructure!

If you go to my last message and reply to all, you can add your own comments about the harmfulness of radiation from mobile phone infrastructure, wifi and other pulse-modulated microwave systems.

Please provide them facts about humans, animals, bees, etc..

This environmental group - Care2.com, is located in the "Silicon Valley", Northern California, US, where the Telecom industry's deployed radiation is still largely unquestioned by environmentalists.

Thanks very much



Where's the EMF information? Where's the money?

I find this interview by "Microwave News" with then Congressman George Brown, Democrat from California (over a decade ago) to be very revealing re government's "business as usual...." :


I wonder where THAT $10 million for "informing the public" went?

This interview is also interesting and most likely relevant to the good health, reduced effects of aging, longevity, etc. being reported by CNN's Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta re Loma Linda, California.

Brown is/was from Loma Linda.

It is no small coincidence that the highly respected Dr. Ross Adey (now deceased) was a scientist at the V. A. Medical Center in Loma Linda, California. I am not implying that Dr. Adey did anything improper re studies or improper use of funds, but rather, the "knowledge and facts" he shared with others in his community are most likely contributing to the well-being of Loma Linda residents.

EMF/EMR-related toxicity promotes "aging."

Those who know the facts surrounding the rare immune deficiencies in my two grandsons know their problems were due to "aging." They were diagnosed when toddlers.

"Aging" is related to Alzheimers' Disease. My husband, Bud is now said not to have Alzheimers afterall. He does, however, remain seriously affected. I moved his electric clock radio off nightstand and he improved in three areas of his Executive Function!!! To expect "improvement" in a person diagnosed with Alzheimers, is not in accordance with current medical protocol/thinking. WHY aren't persons involved in researching "aging" -- AARP, the Alzheimers' Association, etc. providing "prudent avoidance suggestions" to the public?

There are other energy-related practices in the Loma Linda area such as Feng Shui and some credit the high numbers of 7th Day Adventists as perhaps helping to promote a healthy lifestyle.

I think if a survey could be taken of the residents, we might find that many of Loma Linda's residents know chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR are potentially harmful and that it may be "common practice" to not have electrical and telephone items close to beds.

I haven't had a chance to search for information re cell towers and high voltage lines in Loma Linda but will do so soon.

Best wishes and take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: jcmpelican@aol.com (4-23-07)

P.S. If anyone can get a message through to CNN or Dr. Sanjay Gupta (so far my attempts have failed), he may be interested to learn that EMF's are most likely playing a major role in regard to the "obesity epidemic" and that just driving around the U.S. in an "ultra-plush Airstream motorhome" asking for persons to pledge a few minutes here promising to exercise, while a helpful suggestion, will do very little to deal with the out-of-control health situation.



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