Wi-fi laptops 'pose health risk to children'


My response to the Times

It is perhaps more relevant to compare sitting in a classroom with wifi access points(transmitters) on all day in a school with sitting in the main beam from a phone mast. We are talking of all day whole body exposure not short term exposure directed to the head as with a mobile phone. The intensity of microwave radiation impacting a child from wifi access points will be of the same order of magnitude or more as from the main beam of a nearby phone mast. Since the Stewart Report S1.42 said 'the beam of greatest RF intensity' from a macrocell base station sited within or near the grounds of a school should not be permitted to fall on any part of the school's grounds or buildings without agreement from the school and parents. Presumably this means that there should be no wifi in schools either without parents consent?

Surely there must be some ethical guidelines that are being broken here?

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Birds & bees hit by phone waves


In the Online Edition there is a quote from a Tory councillor - "It seems strange that these stories are only now coming out and appear to coincide with the proliferation of mobile phone masts."

I would have commented and tried but, unfortunately, I do not understand the process how to. Anyway, I wanted to say that although it may be strange that these reports were only coming out now, but 3 years ago, the Irish Doctors Environmental Association reported that "International studies over the last 30 years have shown the potentially harmful effects of exposure to electro-magnetic radiation. In observational studies, animals have shown consistent distress when exposed to EMR. Experiments on tissue cultures and rats have shown an increase in malignancies when exposed to mobile telephone radiation."

As this information has always been available to government bodies and the public, I wonder if people are now open to reading about it because of the growing seriousness of the matter.


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BEES DYING - Today bees... tomorrow?

How long will it be before it is us dying because of some undetermined cause due to human activity, particularly with our enviroment.

Jack Topel

Dying Bees Video Coast listener Larry shares this video of bees dying (slightly graphic) //mfile.akamai.com/5022/wmv/coast.download.akamai.com/5022/video/042807_dying_bees.asx in a grocery store parking lot. About the video Larry writes: "On April 16, Doris and I were leaving a local grocery store, when I noticed a bee. I was glad to see it, until Doris pointed out that all around us there were bees trying, and failing to stay aloft. The parking lot was covered with them. Most were struggling to crawl, or regain their feet. It was truly heart-wrenching. On our way to our car, we noticed that there was a whole swarm dying at our feet. I got out my video camera, squatted next to my car, and took some footage of their struggles. To us, it seemed that the bees were reacting to an airborne toxin."


Scientists demand inquiry over Wi-Fi




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