Soldier Health Scare Back in News

New video on DU from truth out, plus article, worth watching. Soldiers speaking out.


Informant: Davey Garland


Power lines in new link to childhood leukaemia



Germans worried about the health effects of mobiles


Informant: Amy


Omega-News Collection 21. April 2007

Sudden Sea Level Surges Threaten 1 Billion

Global warming may spur wind shear, sap hurricanes

A global warning from the dust bowl of Australia

Global warming health effects

New thinking to save the earth

Taming Fossil Fuels

Greenpeace Says China Guilty in Illegal Logging

The Long Road to Ruin for the Amazon Forest

Death in the rainforest: fragile creatures give the world a new climate warning

Deaths of Amphibians and Reptiles Signal Climate Warning


Iraq War

Is Iran next?


EMF-Omega-News 21. April 2007

EMF-Omega-News 21. April 2007

Mobile Telecommunications and Health

How Electromagnetic Exposure can influence Learning Processes

Can Electromagnetic Exposure Cause a Change in Behaviour?

Research on Correlation Between Autism, Cell Phones, and Wireless Computers

Feather Janz breast cancer.....EMF questions....re appliances, cell antennae

Report links phone masts to cancer

It is "unconscionable" that the Alzheimers' Organization is doing absolutely nothing in regard to prevention

Colony Collapse Disorder

Why are Niagara's bees dying?

Are mobile phones killing our bees?

Are the mobile phones responsible for the bee dying?

To Beekeepers from the UK

Senator Clinton Calls on USDA to Respond to Widespread Concerns Over Nationwide Honeybee Decline

A Possible Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone Base Stations on the Number of Breeding House Sparrows

Tree deformities found near EMF

Let's ban broadband

Panic before deadly mobile phone-virus



Planners hit out at phone mast plan

Scientist, cops raise alarm over tower


Council takes mast cash

Protests block mast upgrade

Minister halts mast permissions

Residents round on mast plan

Fight against mast

Bungling planners reignite mobile mast row

Football pitch phone mast anger

Phone mast appeal rejected

Consultation extended for mobile mast

Ghost ships inquiry planned

Double phone mast battle begins

The People Speak

Disguised cell towers

International EMF conference with strong participation of the U.S. Air Force

Power lines link to cancer in new alert

US military unveils heat-ray gun

Next-up News n°231

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Next-up News n°235

News from Mast Sanity

Omega-News Collection 21. April 2007

Senator Clinton Calls on USDA to Respond to Widespread Concerns Over Nationwide Honeybee Decline

Bees and cell phones

Mobile phones massacring honeybees?

...German-led research studies have already revealed that the behavioural patterns of bees alters when they are in close proximity to overhead power lines; and now another study performed by Dr. Jochen Kuhn at the Landau University has also shown that bees will not return to their hives if a mobile device is placed in the directly surrounding area....


Senator Clinton Calls on USDA to Respond to Widespread Concerns ... All American Patriots (press release), Sweden - April 16, 2007 -- Washington, DC - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is expressing serious concerns over the rapid decline in honeybee colonies in New York ...


Informant: Bob Banner


The People Speak



Disguised cell towers

I know we have seen other pictures of "disguised cell towers" but don't recall if this particular site was circulated:
Disguised cell towers: //www.waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=5df351c0-98ea-4b8c-9a84-844f67beb552

Looks like meters are the only way to know what is really going on in some instances.

Some high voltage powerline poles are actually covered with fake wood veneer in our city. I can't believe the public can be placated by such foolishness but there are very few persons that I know of in our area who seem to be concerned. All sorts of antennae are mounted on every water tower in our city also.
Take care - Joanne

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US 'DU' Soldiers Continue To Die From Cancers


From Our bill of rights


Power lines link to cancer in new alert


Informant: Mark G.



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