Experts clash on powerline safety




See BBC News article: "Experts clash on powerline safety" (4-27-07) - Access info below comments and partial quote from article:

"...... The report says individuals can also employ measures to reduce exposures in the home - for example, by keeping beds away from meter cupboards, fuse boxes and transformers.... Edward Copisarow of Children with Leukaemia called for an outright ban on building near powerlines....." http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6599419.stm

An announcement by Edward Copisarow, CEO of the charity, "Children With Leukaemia" regarding EMF/EMR concerns is very much appreciated but, in my opinion, long overdue.

The statement above regarding keeping beds away from meter cupboards, fuse boxes and transformers is "a step in the right direction" but is an issue that must be "urgently and openly addressed." Precautionary information should be issued as soon as possible via media, to clinics and hospitals, schools, nursing homes, daycare centers, etc. regarding all electrical items that are close to beds (also electric meters, gas meters, security systems and more) as well as transformer boxes for cordless phones and electronic games. The list of concerns also includes the popular noise machines, apnea machines, air purifiers,monitors and more.

While I am aware of a number of products that may help in regard to mitigation re EMF/EMR/RF effects (I leave "defining the technicalities to experts"), I do not at this time have any personal knowledge or experience to comment further except to say perhaps any such products might also help reduce adverse effects when used on electrical items persons choose to place "across-the-bedroom" (several feet or more away from one's bed). Children (also the elderly) are even more vulnerable than adults to the effects of "chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures" and should be provided "maximum reduction of nighttime EMF/EM exposures." Baubiologists recommend bedroom circuits be turned off at night (caution: evaluation by EMF mitigator/electrician should be done prior to turning off circuits).

I was granted the privilege of displaying three posters while attending the wonderful "International Children With Leukaemia Conference" in September, 2004.

One poster contained pictures of my two grandsons who were diagnosed with rare immune deficiencies. Most who know of my work as a non-accredited EMF/EMR researcher and activist, are aware of "major improvement" -- increased overall IGG levels (immune function) after we discovered the boys were sleeping against walls on which electric meters are mounted on exterior walls of the boys' homes. We simply "moved their beds" to another location in their respective bedrooms. We had been told the boys may develop Leukaemia or other cancers. Both boys also live closer than 300 ft. to high voltage powerlines.

My second poster provided information regarding guinea pigs who suffered "pre-Leukaemic blood changes" due to their cage(s) close proximity to the electric meter that is mounted on the outside of one of the bedrooms in my home. My veterinarian was very surprised to also discover "asthma" as the first "objective symptom" -- "rales" -- confirmed by two other vets. She was "astonished/flabbergasted" when she called to report resuls of the CBC tests (complete blood counts with differentials). One out of each set of two guinea pigs died within 30 days' exposure!!! One survivor out of each set went on to live 2-3 years in basement of my home which is only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines.

The third poster is/was "a memorial." Michael Boyum, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, died from Leukaemia at age 23. He was a teacher. He had a "black belt" in karate -- healthy lifestyle -- did not live close to high voltage powerlines -- his dying wish was his hope that others would help children with Leukaemia. Michael had an electric clock and small fan on the headboard of his waterbed.......

My new poster of Michael is being made up now. Michael's expression depicts "a question." At the top of the poster is the word: PREVENTION??? Michael's mother, Registered Nurse, Bonnie Boyum and I firmly believe that Michael "is an EMF angel" whose destiny is to speak out "on behalf of children everywhere." I am doing my best to help Michael help the children!!! Michael is asking: "Why are no warnings being issued regarding "close" EMF/EMR exposures (especially "nighttime exposures")??? Take care everyone!!! Joanne

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All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed:
then it is violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident. - Schopenhauer

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?..." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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