Death Of Lady Suffering From Extreme Tower Trauma Symptoms

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From: Robert Riedlinger
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Dear Mr Penner

I heard, on air, your remarks about the mercury content in the fluorescent light bulbs that Prime Minister, Mr Harper's government is promoting. Yes the mercury should be a concern, but so should the electromagnetic fields that these bulbs produce when compared to incandescent bulbs. I, as well as others I know, get severe headaches if I am in close range to a so called smart bulb.

With science showing a connection between EMF and childhood leukemia, I believe careful consideration should be given to move before it becomes law. There are many people becoming electromagnetic sensitive and to add one more source to the problem, in my opinion is not a wise move.

I know a lady living in Mission BC who is living in hell since a cellphone tower was placed on a mountain above her home. I visited her last Monday and I was ill the full time I was at her home. She told me that she is afraid to go public for fear she will not be able to sell her home. That same thing happened to me in Harrison Hot Springs but I took the chance and let it be known. Since that time I have heard from and met many others that have had to move because of EMF from nearby towers. One lady that lived not too far from the one I mentioned, complained of the very symptoms that I felt and others feel from EMF at certain levels found near towers. She went to doctors and specialists trying to find remedy. She signed a paper listing the syptoms she suffered.

A gentleman that lives near her home also suffers symptoms of the same nature to the extent that he had to sleep in motel rooms in order to get away from the tower nearby. I have gathered many horror stories from desperate people, some here in BC and I feel it is your department's responsibility, as Environmental Minister of the province of BC, to do a thorough investigation into this matter since electromagnetic fields is pollution of our environment, no different than carbon-monoxide.

As I say, there are people suffering in their homes. This problem needs immediate attention. If you don't believe what I say, I suggest you come with me and meet some of these desperate people.

Robert Riedlinger
604 82 66791

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From: Benson, Sarah (Sen L. Allison)
To: Robert E Riedlinger
Date: June 8, 1998 4:18 AM
Subject: RE: Death Of Lady Suffering From Extreme Tower Trauma Symptoms

Hi Robert Thanks for the news of the lady who died it seems as a result of the tower exposure. This is very worrying indeed. I will inform others.

Sarah Benson

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From: Robert E Riedlinger
Sent: Sunday, 7 June 1998 10:41 AM
To: Sarah Benson
Subject: Fw: Death Of Lady Suffering From Extreme Tower Trauma Symptoms

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From: Robert E Riedlinger
To: Don Maish
Date: June 6, 1998 5:04 PM
Subject: Death Of Lady Suffering From Extreme Tower Trauma Symptoms

Hi Don I met a lady that lived in a home in a Town that I used to live in and still own property. Friends of mine told me that she was suffrering symptoms related to what I described while living in my home by the tower. After a few months went by in the month of Setp.97 I happend to meet her through a job that her husband was bidding on to do renovations to a home and since I was in the trade of carpentry all of my life he contacted me for advise. When talking to his wife Abilia she told me that she had been suffering from a buzzing sound that gave her extreme discomfort. The symptoms she mentioned were pressure headaches, loss of hearing in one ear and distorted hearing in the other. She said she would cry some times from the pain and pressure in her ears and head. She told me she had completey lost her hearing in one ear and was afraid she may lose the other. All of the symptoms she described match those that I suffered while living in my home near the tower and after spending some time at her home while talking to her husband I started to feel extreme pressure in my ears and head. My hearing started to feel distorted and I had to ask for repeat when they spoke to me. I felt nausea and started to develope stomach gas as I did at my home near the tower. I went back a shot time later and gave her an aluminum survival blanket to wrap over her when she felt pressure as I found it would give me some comfort. The next time I saw her she told me she felt some comfort from the aluminum. I might add that each time I would spend time at her home I would feel the same ill symptoms. She was visting specialists etc. and could not find remedy. I became very concerned for her as I knew that when you suffer from those symptoms there is no place to hide and it can be pure hell. I had her sign a list desribing the symptoms she suffered and and I wrote a letter to Health Canada to inform them of my concerns and I attached a copy of the statement that the lady had signed. Some time in early march I took my wife to visit her and my wife told her of a Dr. that she was seeing that was helping people with Electic Sensitivity and advised she see him. We were away for the month of May on a trip to Brazil and on our return my wife was told by the Doctors wife that she recognised the name of the lady in the obituaries column in the local paper. After surching the papers I found that it was her that had passed away on May 21. I spoke to her husband and was told she was packing her suit case that after noon to go on a short vacation. She did tell me she had spent time in the interior at a resort last year and she felt completel different. While she was packin her case she told her husband she did not feel good and went to lay down. He found her dead later on that day. He said the cause of death was due to a burst blood vien in the head due to pressure. I can tell you that with the pressure I used to suffer in my head while I lived in my home near the tower in Harrison Hot Springs B.C. I would have had a problem had I stayed there. I sat many hours under a cone shaped from aluminum insullation to lessen the pressure in my ears and head. I know what the they will say THERE IS NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT THE EMISSIONS FROM THE TOWERS AROUND THE LADIES HOME CAUSED HER ILLNESS OR DEATH. I have my own conclusion.There is a gentleman that lives aprox. 3 city blocks from her home. His home is aprox 500 ft. from a tower. Symptoms he suffers, pressure headaches, buzzing sound in ears, insomnia. A friend of mine for the passed 40 years living in Vancouver is suffering from extreme pressure headaches, high pitch sound in ears and head, excessive stomach gas, joint pain, etc. ever since a large tower was errected aprox. 2 city blocks from his home. I feel the same symptoms at both places. My conclusion: MICROWAVE IS KILLING US.

Thank You
Robert Riedlinger

P.S. I am enclosing copies of the letter to our Radiation Protection Bureau and signed note from the deceased. Until I get permission from family I have removed the family name.

Informant: Martin Weatherall



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