Electrosensitivity: Caused by Wi-Fi and Mobiles?

The woman who needs a veil of protection from modern life


You'll love this, although I think our good friends over at Powerwatch have probably seen it, since they have commented.

You may want to as well - it's the usual "Gadget Sheep" and "Giz-morons" stuff - just a bit more offensive.



Re: Quackometer Electrosensitivity: Caused by Wi-Fi and Mobiles?

If its quackery you're after, then perhaps you should go to the HPA web site where you will find denial of the harmful effects of non ionising microwave radiation. If its financial links you're after then think of the £15 billion pa in tax revenue the government gets from the mobile phone industry. The industry and government jointly fund the NRPB, now part of the HPA. If you want to know the validity of a piece of research then look to see who funds it. The Rubin study, funded by the government and industry, had flaws, in that the room was not shielded in which the participants sat and the 'sham' signal was in fact a very low signal, not a zero signal as one is led to assume. People with EHS have already in other research been shown to be effected by signals down to this 'sham' exposure level. If you really want to see it, then there is a lot of evidence but if you'ed rather 'believe' that mobiles are safe then carry on listening to the industry and government.


6th May 2007

There's a page in today's "Mail on Sunday" "You" mag.,6 May, page 65, on electrosensitivity by Dr. Andrew Weil in his "Health & Healing" page. He says he wouldn't live under power lines or in the path of a mobile phone mast. He gives the websites of http://www.Powerwatch.org.uk , http://www.electrosensitivity.org.uk & http://www.radiationresearch.org .

Questions to Dr. Weil at s.stacey @you.co.uk

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


I am suffering from ES caused by too much time spent on my mobile, two DECT phone systems at home, laptop working by mains power and a microwave burglar alarm. I am unable to work at my chosen profession. Instead I advise HESE-UK and ES-UK.org about media coverage, I also write articles and ensure that I am participating as much as is possible with ES in this great debate on EMR and linked ill health. My mission is to voice concerns to ensure that ES is widely understood and its core triggers avoided where possible.

I have decided to raise my head above the parapet and voice my own personal EHS case far and wide. I have been written about and appeared on TV. Being visible is so important. We can write to web sites and blog all we like but until we change public opinion and make ES a daily topic we will always be marginalised and ignored. The most comprehensive article was published in the UK Daily Mail at this link:


I have also appeared on the BBC twice, presenting my own case of EHS; BBC Breakfast was sympathetic; BBC Newsnight was fairly dismissive, and yes I have made my comments known.

In the UK we have now had the 30 minute BBC Panorama programme on WiFi Health Dangers (21.5.07) which has reintroduced the topic of WiFi and EHS/ES back into main stream debate.

A UK colleague, Mr David Baron made the following comments which struck me as particularly poignant:

"As we all know there has been a considerable amount of gerrymandering in respect of the Panorama programme on WiFi in schools transmitted on Monday [ http://freepage.twoday.net/stories/3750193/ ].

First we had various self-important people being wheeled out of their caves to denigrate the programme before it was aired - Professor Malcolm Sperrin (Director of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering, Royal Berkshire NHS Trust), Professor Will J Stewart (Royal Academy of Engineering, University of Southampton and previously chief scientist with Marconi), Dr Paddy Regan (Centre for Nuclear Radiation and Physics), Professor David Coggan (Medical Research Council) and Mr Bill Thompson, to name but a few - all less than celebrated individuals but well-known when it comes to denigrating fears about emfs and the effects thereof. Afterwards, the Guardian went into overdrive to present the programme in the worst possible light, the voting system on the BBC's Panorama web page appeared to be mendaciously in favour of those who consider there to be no problem and the corporation's website 'Have Your Say' clearly decided not to accept reasoned comment from honest, and scientifically qualified, people who wrote in questioning WiFi safety. But none of this really matters.

Whatever you might think of him, Professor Sir William Stewart is Chairman of the Health Protection Agency (which, of course, incorporates the Radiological Protection Division). As Chairman of the NRPB, he was responsible for the report by the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (IEGMP) issued in 2000, since known as the 'Stewart Report', and it was on his watch that the Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) produced a follow-up appraisal issued in January 2005. His comments when interviewed on the programme:

Stewart (on the results of research). "We found firstly that there may be changes in cognitive functions; secondly that there may be cancer induction and, thirdly, some molecular biological changes."

Stewart (when confronted with Sylvia Wilson who is electro-magnetically hypersensitive). "I sympathise with Sylvia because I suspect a problem. We do not know. It might not be worth worrying about. Or (people like her) might by the human canaries of the future".

Interviewer "The World Health Organisation says categorically that there are no adverse health effect from low-level long term exposure. Is that an accurate reflection?"

Stewart "I think they are wrong."

Interviewer "Why do you think it?"

Stewart "It is not an accurate assessment."

The interviewer went to great pains to express incredulity that HM Government should be taking the word of WHO and others against that of its own principle adviser.

It is the part played by Sir William that is the centrepoint of the debate, not the second-class 'scientists' who stand ready to criticise him at the slightest opportunity nor the number of votes registered on the Panorama website nor the nerds who use 'Have Your Say' as little more than a talking shop to expound their illiterate views. All attempts to cloud the issue by introducing peripheral aspects should be fiercely resisted. It is what the Chairman of the HPA has to say, and the decision by HM Government to ignore him, that matters - and this is what we should be shouting from the rooftops.


There are many other UK based initiatives and we are discovering that weekly media releases are important. We have just circulated the attached which genarated another national piece on EHS in today's SUN on Ryan Warne, who had to give up work because he could not tolerate the new WiFi system. (we don't yet have a link for this piece).

So keep writing to your media - It does work and coverage will raise the profile of EMR health damage further until we are not ignored.

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB
London, UK



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