The inescapable health risks of city-wide wi-fi


Brighton is scheduled to go completely WiFi by 2009 at latest according to an article hyping the whole thing in the Argus 3 weeks ago ("Wireless City"). Several of us wrote to the letters page but none were published. I had an exchange of emails with the sub editor asking why.

Below is a letter from a local reader in todays Argus. If anyone feels like responding, usual rules apply and have a look at the editorial policy to maximise chances of publication. letters@theargus.co.uk


The inescapable health risks of city-wide wi-fi

SIR William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency and a dformer government chief scientist, wants a formal investigation into the danger of using wi-fi - wireless computer and phone networks.

These networks emit radiation and are being put into classrooms across the country. Not only this, but whole cities are installing these networks, covering hundreds of square miles. In Norwich, more than 200 small aerials have been attached to lamposts. escape will be impossible.

Now, it seems, Brighton plans to launch a city-wide network next year (The Argus March 29).

Campaigners have recently identified seven clusters of cancer and other serious illnesses around mobile phone masts.

Wi-fi systems takwe small versions of these masts into classrooms and homes. Researchers expect them to have ill effects on health.

Professor Salford of Lund University has demonstrated the electromagnetic radiation given off by this kind of technology kills off brain cells and there are concerns that children, with thinner skulls and developing nervous systems, are more vulnerable to it.

The Austrian Medical Association is lobbying against wi-fi in schools and Salsburg has already advised schools not to instal it.

So shouldn't we be asking Brighton and Hove Council whether they should be installing wi-fi across our city before more safety research is carried out and we have a far better understanding of possible long-term effects?

Let us not forget that this Government neglected Sir Williams precautionary advice on mobile phone masts - in thrall no doubt to commercial potential - and there appears to be strong evidence people have since developed cancers due to their proximity to mast radiation.

This represents a massive experiment on the public and the people of Brighton and Hove should not allow our council or commercial interests do this to us.

Lobby your councillors and MPs for a full official enquiry before the technology is deployed.

Michael Winter

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Senate votes to ban RFID chips from licenses

The Newspaper


The California state Senate voted 31-6 Monday to impose a ban on driver’s licenses containing radio frequency identification (RFID) transmitters. State Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) introduced the measure to prevent the Department of Motor Vehicles from using the technology to track motorists, exposing information to the potential of identity theft. Although California’s DMV has stated it does not intend to the technology [sic], the US State Department issued its first RFID-enabled passport last year. RFID chips allow a scanner to read a document’s sensitive personal information from a distance, including name, address, identification numbers and a photograph. In March, the London Daily Mail was able to download all of an RFID passport’s information from a sealed envelope before the new passport had been delivered to its owner. This happened even though the document had encryption advertised as secure and unbreakable...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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