Wireless Oakland causing ill health at rollout - Oakland delays wireless project

Wireless Oakland went live in a test today

As most people know that have talked to me, we've established through bloodwork that my son is WiFi sensitive. He's been OK since we disabled our in house wireless system, with only mild symptoms when exposed to cell phones, or places with weaker WiFi signals.

UNTIL TODAY! Suddenly my oldest sons nose started to bleed, and he said his head feels like it was going to explode, and he had itchy skin and felt tired. My youngest son said he felt "Tingly" and had a headache. So I pulled out my WiFi finding piece of hardware, and found out that they had turned on Wireless Oakland County, apparently testing the system out. I test daily for WiFi signals in our home and this is the first time I found a signal from Wireless Oakland! The signal was so powerful it penetrated all areas of our home at maximum strength. The only place without a signal was down in our basement. So I told the kids to go to the basement and relax for a bit. Within 10-20 minutes, their symptoms completely stopped and my sons nose stopped bleeding. This is UNBELIEVABLE! With the flick of the switch they can significantly degrade the health of my children? This is astounding me that they can get away with this and nobody seems to care around here, or be willing to do anything about it.

I was so furious I called Channel 4 news in Detroit. They rushed out a crew and did a story on my kids and our situation. They said they envision this as a big multi-part story airing over a period of weeks with followup to what is happening. The reporter told me they would be contacting me within days to setup more interviews and get more detailed information so they could expand the story.

I really don't know what to do.. I am trying to find an attorney to represent us pro-bono in what likely would be a multimillion dollar case, but I haven't had much luck finding one yet. They are investing well over 150 million dollars into Wireless Oakland, and they appear to be a juggernaut that nobody wants to tackle. This is a David and Goliath story that could have far reaching consequences if a case like this was ever brought to court. Are there any heroes left in the world?

Please help,

Robert Thinker


Wireless Oakland

I took a "Quick" health poll today on our street since Wireless Oakland went live.. I took 6-7 walks today and managed to talk to about half the neighbors on the street, and of those, a majority seem to be having symptoms since the system fired up. Of the 16 neighbors I spoke with, 11 of them had a "Bad Headache" today, most of them seemed to blame something else like "Allergies" or "Drinking last night". One thing I noted, another neighbor said his headache is so bad tylenol isn't improving it.

I asked the lady 2 doors down about her experiences over the last 2 days, and she mentioned her infant is refusing to take naps in her own room (at the front of the house), but if she takes the infant into their bedroom (back of house), the infant will sleep. She said it is particularly troublesome and they've never noticed this before. I stopped to talk to a real estate agent showing a house on the street, and asked him if he has had any health symptoms since arriving to show the house, and he said "Yes, I got a terrible headache shortly after I arrived.".

An important aspect here is when I was chatting with them is this started exactly at the time the Wireless Oakland system went live in the city. It seems every third block there is a dual antenna system mounted on the light poles with tag numbers on them. Another interesting fact is that these were installed between 9PM-1AM at night. The lady down the street that has her house in front of one said she noticed them "Hurriedly" installing the antenna system at midnight a few days ago.

If this is such a great thing for the city, and an important thing that they think all of us will want, why are they not advertising it? Why are they installing the systems at night when people won't be out to see them? Why are they referring any and all questions on the matter to their attorney? What are they trying to hide here? Clearly we're being subjected to reckless experimentation on our biology under the guise of technology to help the county to expand and emerge as a tech mecca.


Robert Thinker

In regards to DECT and WiFi, and what I have observed in my son with his sensitivity are;

1) Cumulative effects relating to duration of exposure during specific times of the day. For example he seems fine with having a few hours at school being exposed not showing any major symptoms. However what are the long term ramifications of this? Will be build up intolerance it continuously exposed?

2) Limited, high density exposure - this can give BOTH of my kids nose bleeds. For example if they walk in close proximity of our citywide WiFi antennas - even without noticing, they can get nose bleeds, headaches, and other medical conditions. As we increase distance from the device, or reduce signal power, their symptoms clear up.

We've already demonstrated that subjecting my son to regular, cumulative exposure to WiFi in the household will result in a degrading medical condition and increasing symptoms over a period beginning after a day or two. I believe that exposure during sleep hours aggravates this issue greatly and speeds up the cumulative process to mere days.

Any study should not quickly discount health dangers by simply testing limited high density exposure, and must factor the longer term cumulative effects of the systems on people. Some people likely would not react at all to high density limited duration exposure, but when combined with longer term cumulative exposure during sleep hours this would manifest itself with symptoms in most people I feel.

Robert Thinker

Wireless Oakland - causing ill health at rollout!

Wireless Oakland County Michigan has been in testing in our city for weeks. The health effects on our block are already being talked about by neighbors, ranging from headaches, ringing in the ears, nose bleeds to heart arrhythmia.

My child called me from school on Wednesday to tell me he felt "Sick" and wanted to come home. I went up and picked up him, figuring it was probably Wireless Oakland causing his ailment. I was stunned when I walked in the office and noticed the signout sheet that had 6-9 kids on it already picked up by their patents reporting sickness. As I was standing in the office, 2 more children came in from different classes and said they were sick. I wonder how many other kids were sick, didn't feel well, or had symptoms but didn't feel the need to report them?

The office secretary asked what their symptoms were, and one said "I feel like I have electricity in my head, like there is a power cord sticking in my ear." The other child said "I have a splitting headache, and feel like I want to pass out." UNBELIEVABLE! I immediately brought this to the attention of the principle John Houghton, who seemed rather busy, and unsure of what he should do about the problem.

Today myself and another engineer friend who have been mapping, testing, and logging health effects and the configuration of Wireless Oakland went to the playground of Whittier Elementary where the above happened. We discovered that at the playground, there is an overlapping series of 4 Wireless Oakland Signals creating a "Super-Hot" frequency zone of unbelievable power levels. Basically, at Whittiers playground, there is an overlap of multiple antennas creating a very toxic environment for children. The children that reported ill at Whittier on Wednesday were all around the time when the kids are out for recess, and thus, exposed to this super-concentrated zone of WiFi.

This is unbelievable, ignorance brought to a new level. They abandon all principles of good judgment and rush this technology out with reckless abandon.

Robert Thinker


Whittier Elementary health concerns --> Wireless Oakland

My theory on why there is a dangerous saturation hotspot at Whittier Elementary is that schools are usually surrounded by fields, parks, playgrounds and parking lots. WiFi isn't a very porous signal, and almost everything has an attenuating effect on the strength to some degree. These antenna systems used by Wireless Oakland are tuned specifically for penetration through homes in the neighborhood. However when resistance is not met, these antennas spread their signal much farther than intended resulting in an overlap.

In the case of Whittier Elemetary (see attached photo with antenna locations marked in RED), you can see parking lots, ball parks, and parks surrounding the school, which result in a very severe "Hotspot" exactly where the kids play during recess.

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Which would account for children reporting "Sick" and having to go home around the time of their recess, and would also account for an increase in illness from students near windows facing the hotspot. When children come to the office and report "It feels like there is electricity flowing through my head." And nobody takes notice, what is going on here? Children are *NOT* supposed to have these types of symptoms!

Quite honestly, this would be easy to track. Simply correlate the amount of students reporting sick with the testing regime for Wireless Oakland at the saturation point. I can tell you with a great degree of certainty that when this system is online and testing on our street, my neighbors are experiencing ill health reactions and we aren't in an overlapping area. I can only imagine how much the children playing at Whittier park and Elementary School will suffer with the overlap, not to mention the homes in that direct area.

Lets be realistic here, what purpose would a slow wireless connect serve in the area? Anyone that wants internet already has it, and anyone thinking about getting it won't be happy with the poor performance of Wireless Oakland. Wireless is so full of security holes which any expert will confirm and demonstrate (to which I can demonstrate as well), that it makes little sense to saturate our neighborhoods and schools with this unproven, harmful technology that some European countries have already started to disable due to health concerns... I don't recall any voting, or a poll taken to see if people actually want this, but when people become aware of health impacts - and they will become aware of them -, I can assure you they won't want it.

Robert Thinker


On Jan 17, 2008 2:17 AM, Libby Kelley wrote:


Your name is almost more unusual than your email address. I googled you and found this post on Omega http://omega.twoday.net/stories/3642285/ from last April. Have you had any success in Oakland County in getting these antennas disabled? Are there any healht surveys going on there? This sounds dreadful. WiFi and WIMAX signals are coming to town everywhere.


Libby Kelley

The latest news on Wireless Oakland is they have run out of funding.. I think the system will fail, and be turned off with 24 months. At least that is the thoughtwave I am creating to end this project.

Oakland delays wireless project



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