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Can radio frequency radiation research at all been done under a safe
threshold level?


Health fears over RAF radar




How the "Safety" SAR Code Was Established




The original experiments to determine SAR were based on work cessation tests on a few (<6) macaque monkeys. The statistic was arrived at from an average spread between around 5 and 1 and the cutpoint was when a third of the monkeys stopped their task. These were never replicated.

No human live studies were ever involved, though subsequent research on human cadavers were used in an attempt to justify the original work. When it was pointed out that dead tissue is electrically different from live tissue conductivity experiments were substituted but these too bear little relation to reality since the CSF is by far more conductive than any tissue and bathes all cells. But this research only looks at separate tissues, without weighting for CSF. The whole of the scientific support for SAR is too fragile for words. I think I have an article on our website cogreslab.co.uk which detailed all this, based on a paper by Henry Lai.

Yes, Sami Gabriel did the head, and before that MCL used cadavers to explore SAR. The court case referred to of late 1998 was the one I brought against a cellphone retailer in Cwmbran. It got worldwide publicity and led directly to the setting up of the Stewart Committee within 90 days of that case. Alasdair Philips and Chris Busby both gave evidence, as did I. We had a lot of fun in the courtroom, I recall: Alistair McKInlay, who started out claiming to be author of 100 scientific papers was roasted by our Counsel, and ended up confessing not just that only one of them was peer reviewed, but that he had gained his doctorate at that world famous academic seat of excellence, Paisley College of Technology, to the great amusement of the assembled media.

Camelia afterward told me with some irritation that this whole affair did her company great financial damage for several years afterwards.

I think that case was the tipping point. Now the SAGE initiative has achieved the same effect for power frequency fields I can start looking for a place to hang up my boots!

Roger Coghill

MA(Cantab,) C Biol MI Biol MA(Environ Mgt)
sometime Senior Visitor, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

SAR head case

'The head' devised by Mrs Gabriel's son, is a convenient method of measuring power transfer, based on the many prior assumptions used by ICNIRP and the US military- wireless industry. The false fundamental of which is that only thermal change is significant.

They may have used the experimental findings to arrive at recommended maximum power outputs for mobile handsets, but of course these remain hopelessly flawed, since thermal level energy transfer is not the only aspect causing biological damage. The test head may be a poor model for doing even that. So the usual reassurance by distraction.


'From a court case towards the end of 1998 Dr McKinlay was questioned in court about the use of mobile phones. Dr McKinlay is a senior scientist in the NRPB. It is known that roughly half of the NRPB's funding comes from the industries it represents, the other half of its funding comes from the Government. In court Dr McKinlay explained that data on tissue conductivity was supplied to the NRPB by Dr Camelia Gabriel of Microwave Consultants Limited. It transpired that virtually none of the NRPB documents on non-ionising radiation are peer reviewed and that Dr McKinlay himself had not authored any experimental studies. Dr McKinlay admitted he had no biological expertise. Dr Camelia Gabriel is Director of Microwave Consultants Limited and she reports to the Home Office and the Health & Safety Executive. She is also Chairman of the European Standardisation Body.

To summarise, the NRPB subcontract research on microwave radiation to Microwave Consultants Limited; namely Dr Camelia Gabriel. Dr Camelia Gabriel is also a senior consultant for Orange plc and has authored jointly with others the Orange Base Stations Health & Safety Manual (please see Appendices 14 and 15). Dr Gabriel's son, also of Microwave Consultants Limited, confirms the safety of transmitters for Orange plc in school playgrounds (Appendix 16). This dual interest between Dr Camelia Gabriel as representing the NRPB and Orange plc was picked up and reported on, on 19 April 1999, by The Observer where Sarah Ryle writes "concerns are increasing about industry's involvement in research. Some of the NRPB's conclusions have been based on research by Dr Camelia Gabriel, a technical advisor to network operator Orange and Head of Private Consultancy, Microwave (Appendix 17)'


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Guidelines For Limiting Radiofrequency Exposure


ACA needs more power over "sensitive" phone towers


Radar and soldiers


Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam


The ICNIRP Guidelines: RF risk assessment built on a house of cards



Dr. Chiyoji Ohkubo answers an EHS person


-----Original Message-----
From: Sibylle Gabriel
Sent: 11 January 2006 19:50
To: Repacholi, Michael Harry

Dear Dr. Repacholi,

as a teacher i have noticed for a while a subtantial degratation in the behavior and the learing capacities of my pupils. I turn to you as famous specialist in order to ask you wether you belive this pulsed micro-waves could be cause of this changes or not. As a mater of fact some children phon more then two hours a day and - or have their eyes irritated or worse, do'nt see a thing for moment.

Being myself electroensitive I am also heavely affected by thoses waves and have to systematecally evoid any places with wi-fi. The wi-fi, the worst for my system. Hence I experience growing difficulties to concentrate and headaches.

If my body reaction is not exeptional, it is urgent to worn the population, especially children, particulary vulnerable and exposed because of their abuse of electronic gadgets.

Would appreciate a prompt reply and in the meantime I remaine,

yours sincerly

Sibylle Gabriel

Dr. Chiyoji Ohkubo, from the Radiation and Environmental Health, World Health Organization, answers the EHS person:

"the limits in the ICNIRP guidelines are highly protective and are based on all the available scientific evidence.... provide a high level of protection against all proven hazards of radiofrequency fields....

Present scientific evidence does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of mobile phones...

....these [studies] have generally unable to unequivocally link exposure to electromagnetic fields and the symptoms that hypersensitive people report....In some cases, emotional or other environmental factors might also play a role.

My best advice regarding your symptoms is to seek a physician who can identify the cause of your problems, - without presuming the cause. Symptoms such as you describe can have many causes, and only a competent physician can hope to uncover them.

Did you know that: ..........ICNIRP wishes you all the best in 2006 !
(from http://www.icnirp.de )

Iris Atzmon.


----- Original Message -----
From: Iris Atzmon To: OhkuboC@who.int
Cc: Sibylle

Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 7:32 PM
Subject: Public Inquiery

Dear Dr. Ohkubo,

I would like to ask for your input with regard to each of the following points, which contradict certain statements you made to Sibylle with confidence: like that the ICNIRP guidelines are highly protective, and that they include ALL the evidence, and that there is no need for precaution. I will be glad to know that the following points are not true, but unfortunately, until today, they have never been refuted (they were denied, but never refuted) by any of the WHO/ ICNIRP members. I would like to know your comments to the following data:

1. The WHO invites the power industry to participate in evaluation of EMF health standards based on: "20-member task group from 17 countries, assembled by Michael Repacholi, the head of the WHO EMF project, will finalize an Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) document, which is designed to guide the development of standards for extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs all over the world. It will likely represent WHO’s official position on EMF health risks for years to come.

Last month, Repacholi gave eight observers the green light to attend the meeting —all eight either work for electric utilities or have direct and strong ties to the industry. Other than WHO staff, these are the only people on the Repacholi’s list of approved observers: Kazu Chikamoto, Japan NUS Co., Tokyo Rob Kavet, EPRI, Palo Alto. CA, U.S. Michel Plante, Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Canada Jack Sahl, Southern California Edison, Upland, CA, U.S. Martine Souques, Electricity de France-Gaz de France, Paris Hamilton Moss de Souza, CEPEL, Brazilian Electrical Energy Research Center, Rio de Janeiro John Swanson, National Grid, London, U.K. Tom Watson, Watson & Renner, Washington DC, U.S.

2. Repacholi receives 150,000 dollar a year (at least) from the Mobile Phone industry based on: "We also know that he found a way to skirt the WHO rules that bar direct industry support - the mobile phone manufacturers have said that they provide him with $150,000 a year with additional money for meeting and travel expenses."

3. With regard to the ICNIRP/WHO standard documents, two examples for bias of data:

A. The study on the polish army Szmigielski 1996, (which found high cancer increase) in the WHO/ICNIRP document it's written that it was hard to interpret the findings because the level of radiation was not clear and also how many people were exposed. But in the study itself it's written clearly: population 128,000 people, and radiation: "Evaluation of the exposure intensities revealed that at 80-85% of posts, the fields (mostly pulse-modulated RF/MWs at 150-3500 MHz) do not exceed 2 W/m2 (0.2 mW/cm2), while the others have intensities 2-6 W/m2. How is it one thing in the study, and another thing in the ICNIRP/WHO document?

B. Prof Goldsmith published in 1995 the Lilienfeld findings of increased Leukemia in the american embassy workers in Moscow. The ICNIRP documents still present the study as a "proof" that there is no increased risk. Why isn't it updated in the ICNIRP document? source: Goldsmith J, “Where the trail leads" Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics, Vo. 5 p. 92-94, July 1995.

4. The ICNIRP/ WHO Standards documents were refuted by these scientists: The following scientists wrote serious, detailed, evidence based documents in which they compared the findings of the actual studies which are reviewd in the WHO/ ICNIRP documents and showed significant difference between actual data and they way the are presented in the documents. We have never seen anybody saying that the were not right. They are:

Dr. Neil Cherry in : "Criticism of the Health Assesment in the ICNIRP Guidlines for Radiofrequency and Microwave Radiation" 31/1/2000.

Dr. Michael Kundi in: Fundemental Errors, the Biased Presentation of proofs and arguments with Prejudices of the 1998 ICNIRP Guidlines. 06/ 2002

Dr. Gerard Hyland as presented in the European Paliament

Prof John Goldsmith as mentioned above and in his other publications.

Barrie Trower, expert of electromagnetic weapon who worked in the British Government, as written to the British Police about TETRA.

Don Maisch in "The ICNIRP Guidelines: RF risk assessment built on a house of cards"

Is the WHO able to refute the data presented in the above papers scientifically?

5. The WHO Interphone study results will be given to the industry one week before they hit the media.

I am looking forward to reading your clarification to the above points,

Respectfully, and blessings for the new job,

Iris Atzmon.


Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?


United States of Fear

A new doc on Peru chronicles how fear of terrorism was exploited to undermine democracy. Sound familiar?


From Information Clearing House

Guantanamo prisoner records horrors of detention

WASHINGTON: A man now detained at Guantanamo has given a harrowing account of his treatment at the hands of his captors and keepers, reported Amnesty International.


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'Air Strikes Under Consideration'

Western powers are already planning use of the military option in the face of Iran's insistence that it will go ahead with what it calls its nuclear research programme, a leading expert says.


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President Ahmadinezhad Says Iran Not Interested in Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

He said: "unfortunately today humanity is plagued with some leaders who only see their immediate surroundings. Those who believe they have greater rights than other nations, simply because they possess a large nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal. They are convinced that they can impose their views on others.


A Time to Break Silence

By Rev. Martin Luther King

By 1967, King had become the country's most prominent opponent of the Vietnam War, a year to the day before he was murdered -- King called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

Time magazine called the speech "demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi," and the Washington Post declared that King had "diminished his usefulness to his cause, his country, his people."

Listen to this historic speech in full.

Village in uproar over phone mast


14 January 2006 12:42

Care home bosses today spoke of their fears for the health of elderly residents after a phone mast was sited just yards away.

The controversial mast was put up by Hutchinson 3G just before Christmas on land next to Spixworth Village Hall and social club and only about 20 metres from St Mary's Care Home.

Manager Linda Bowker-Howe, has worked at the care home in North Walsham Road for three years, and fears for the health of her 39 residents, particularly those with pacemakers.

She said: “We heard the mast would be coming but we never thought that it would be placed here. There is another phone mast just further down the playing field and we thought this one would be put there too.

“We have almost 40 residents and some of them are fitted with pacemakers which could be dangerous.

“We would really like to see the mast taken down. My maintenance man is outside measuring the distance from the mast to our gates and it is 21 metres which is just unbelievable.”

Wendy Last lives on Elvina Road in Spixworth and walks to the care home about twice a week to visit her mother, Lucy Staff, 85.

She said: “I have a pacemaker myself and it says in the medical booklet that I should avoid all contact with strong electro-magnetic fields.

“I have to walk backwards and forwards past the mast about six times every week. People think it is ridiculous; I for one will never use the social club again.

“People in the care home are close to that mast 24 hours a day and it's not fair.”

“They hold fetes every year but know on earth is going to go there now.”

Lynne Jeffrey, chair of the village hall management committee, said: “The mast brings in £4,000 per year and that is vital to the village hall which made a loss of £1,000 in a six month period last year.

“If we thought that the mast was going to damage people it would not have gone ahead, but the village hall management committee thought that if you use a mobile phone that poses more of a risk than a mast.

“We did have a referendum and sent letters to every household in the area. Not many people replied but of those that did, three to one were in favour of the mast.

“So many clubs are run from the hall; we have drama, mother and toddler groups, bingo, the WI and lots more. Without the revenue from the mast we may have had to put the charges up so much higher that they could no longer afford to rent the space.”

The Evening News thrust the issue of mobile phone masts into the public spotlight with its Put Masts on Hold campaign, which began in December 2000.

The campaign calls for no more masts to be sited near homes or schools until further information about possible health risks is made available.

Norwich North MP Dr Ian Gibson backed the care home in Spixworth.

He said: “The local council may be getting money from the mast being installed there but the local residents will resent what they are doing.”

Are you fighting plans for a phone mast near your home?
Call Alasdair McGregor at the Evening News on (01603) 772443 or email al.mcgregor@archant.co.uk


Mobiles Make You Senile


Science for Media


Health effects of cellular phone base stations on people living in vicinity of antennas

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 12:10:23 -0000
Subject: E-mail from Dr Roger Santini

Please find enclosed information from Dr Roger Santini, some of the enclosed pdfs need to be translated into English.

We owe a debt of gratitude to scientists such as Santini and many others for their continued dedication.

Best wishes


Reference the Sun Monthly: Your article: "The largest biological experiment ever" by Arthur Firstenberg.

Dear friends,

To be more and well informed, please found some publications (PDF files) about health effects of cellular phone base stations on people living in vicinity of antennas.

Please note that they are the first scientific publications in the world on this subject.

Also, the reference of my book which is referenced at the European Parliament of Bruxelles.





The largest biological experiment ever

The Largest Biological Experiment Ever

Electromagnetic Radiation

An invisible electrosmog engulfs us, destroying the health of many who do not even know why they have fallen ill. Why is no one listening to the mass of evidence telling us we are frying our brains?

Date: 01/06/2004
Author: Arthur Firstenberg

Today I am homeless. My money does not provide me shelter. My good health does not ensure my survival. My friends are unable to help me. I am being killed, but the law offers me no protection. For eight years I have provided advocacy and support in North America and worldwide for people in similar circumstances. Some have epilepsy, or heart disease, or diabetes, or cancer. Some have allergies or asthma. But most, like me, are in good health. The assault we are all suffering is a radical increase in electromagnetic pollution, or electrosmog, that is engulfing the earth. In 1982 I was in my final year of medical school, a promising career ahead of me. For several months I had been having headaches and difficulty concentrating and remembering things. Then, while on a surgery rotation, I suffered crippling pains in my hips, making it difficult to assist in operations. My heart rate slowed to less than 50. One day I collapsed and was unable to get up. My chest hurt, and I could not get enough breath. I was sure I was having a heart attack. During the next two weeks I lost 15 pounds. And I was a slim man to begin with. It wasn’t a heart attack, but it was still six months before I could walk up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath. It was three years before I was strong enough to ski again. It was seven years before I met someone who validated my own experience that being near certain electrical appliances, such as television sets and computers, made me ill, and that staying away from them kept me healthy. However, having discovered how to remain healthy, I gradually found that I was being effectively disabled by my society. Having stumbled upon an obviously well-kept secret, I researched the world literature on bioelectromagnetics, (or the biological effects of electromagnetism), and made myself an expert. I learned that electro-cautery machines, used in every modern surgical operation to cut through tissue and to stop bleeding, expose surgeons to much higher levels of radio frequency radiation than is permitted for workers in any industry. I learned that there was a disease thoroughly described in the Russian and Eastern European medical literature called radiowave sickness, the existence of which was usually denied by western authorities. This description made me remember my ‘unknown illness’, the one that had derailed my medical career. Bradycardia, or a slow heart rate, was said, in these texts, to be a grave sign. Because there are virtually no workplaces without computers any more, I have not held a job since 1990. I had resigned myself to living on Social Security Disability, and learned, together with other members of a support group I had found, how best to live with my disability. This mostly meant learning to avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields. But in July 1996, to my dismay, I learned that an innovation was coming to my city, which threatened to make it impossible to avoid exposure any more. At that time, cell phones were still a luxury item that only worked in some locations. People were not accustomed to staying connected whenever they left their home, and even at home most still had a cord, not an antenna, attached to their telephone. Most were not accustomed to holding devices that emit microwave radiation next to their brain. In 1996, the telecommunications industry began a marketing campaign designed to change all that. For Christmas that year, all over the country, digital cell phones were going to be on a lot of shopping lists. And to make them more practical, tens of thousands of antennae were going to be erected on towers, buildings, church steeples and lampposts all over the country before Christmas, and hundreds of thousands more during the next few years. In response to this emergency, a few friends and I created the Cellular Phone Task Force, and contacted all the public officials we could think of, and the press, to warn them of the danger. But on November 14 1996, Omnipoint, New York City’s first digital cellular provider, did open for business, broadcasting from thousands of antennae newly erected on the rooftops of apartment buildings. According to the health authorities, an early flu hit New York City – but not Boston, and not Philadelphia – on about 15 November. The flu was severe and ran a prolonged course, often dragging on for months instead of the usual two weeks. At Christmas time, the Cellular Phone Task Force placed a small classified ad in a free weekly newspaper. It read: ‘If you have been ill since 11/15/96 with any of the following: eye pain, insomnia, dry lips, swollen throat, pressure or pain in the chest, headaches, dizziness, nausea, shakiness, other aches and pains, or flu that won’t go away, you may be a victim of a new microwave system blanketing the city. We need to hear from you.’ And we did hear from them. Hundreds called, men, women, whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, doctors, lawyers, teachers, stockbrokers, airline stewards, computer operators. Most had woken up suddenly in mid-November, thinking they were having a stroke or a heart attack or a nervous breakdown, and were relieved to know they were not alone and not crazy. Later, I analysed weekly mortality statistics, which the Centres for Disease Control publish for 122 US cities. Each of dozens of cities recorded a 10-25 per cent increase in mortality, lasting two to three months, beginning on the day in 1996 or 1997 on which that city’s first digital cell phone network began commercial service. I published both the raw data and the complete analysis, with graphs. This appeared in No Place To Hide, an investigative journal published by my organisation and I am presently working with scientists in Europe to expand this study to other countries. I learned that in February 1996, Congress had passed a law prohibiting local governments from denying permits for cell phone antennae because of environmental concerns – so long as they comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. I also learned that the FCC had just issued regulations setting public exposure limits for microwave radiation at levels at least ten thousand times higher than levels which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, were causing reports of illness from all over the world. Levels that are at least ten thousand times higher than the levels that had forced me to leave behind my home, my family, and my friends, and to run for my life, never to be able to return home again. The Cellular Phone Task Force, along with over 50 other grass roots organisations and individuals around the US, became involved in a legal challenge of the FCC’s absurd standards and its pre-emption of local control. This was taken all the way to the US Supreme Court. Dozens of cities, towns and public officials, including several US senators and representatives, submitted briefs urging the High Court to hear our case. But in January 2001, the Supreme Court, without comment, declined. You will hear statements by supposed experts – always the same few, in the pay of the telecommunications industry – to the effect that cell phones/cell towers/microwave radiation have been proven safe in countless studies. It is an easy lie, one that the news media have been eager to propagate. Such studies don’t exist. Quite the contrary: it has been shown that, just as for X-rays, there is no safe level of exposure to microwave radiation, and it is so easy to demonstrate harmful effects that it takes some skill to design experiments that don’t show them. It is harder to show effects today than 10 years ago because now the entire planet is exposed, making it impossible to do experiments with ‘unexposed’ controls. But most experiments still show effects anyway – effects on heart rhythms, on brain waves, on the blood-brain barrier, on sleep, on the eyes, on the gonads, on the skin, on hearing, on calcium, on melatonin, on glucose, on metabolism, on human well-being. If you look, you will find. Zorach Glaser reviewed over 5,000 such studies for the United States Navy during the 1970s alone. After 1982, the United States ceased funding Glaser’s cataloguing work. But the flood of alarming research occurring all over the world continued. From the volume of literature I have seen, certain results stand out in my mind. In the 1960s, Allan Frey was the first to discover that people and animals can hear low-energy pulsed microwaves. He also did some of the earliest work showing how heart rhythms are disturbed by microwaves, and how the blood-brain barrier is compromised, letting large molecules leak across, exposing the brain to potential damage. Ophthalmologist Milton Zaret was the first to describe cataracts caused by low-energy microwaves. Canadians Tanner, Romero-Sierra and Bigu Del Blanco worked with parakeets, chickens, pigeons and seagulls. Birds avoided microwave fields if they could, and collapsed within seconds if they couldn’t. Defeathered birds showed no such distress, and these researchers then showed that feathers act as antennae conveying microwave energy to the birds. Thirty years later, Alfonso Balmori Martínez has carefully documented the decline and disappearance of white storks, house sparrows, and free-tailed bats from the vicinity of cellular phone base stations. The idea that there is an exposure threshold, below which microwave radiation can be considered safe, has been disproven many times over. In Moscow, Igor Belyaev has found resonance effects on bacterial DNA that occur at exposure levels 10,000,000,000,000,000 times less than the average exposure from a cell phone. W Grundler, in Germany, has found effects on the growth of yeast cells, also at near-zero levels of exposure. In the early 1990s, the government of Switzerland commissioned a study in response to people’s complaints of insomnia near the shortwave transmitter at Schwarzenburg. Residents kept sleep diaries and did not know when the transmitter was on or off. The investigators found that the transmitter was disturbing sleep up to several miles away, and because of this finding that particular radio station was permanently shut down. An early warning radar station was due to be decommissioned at Skrunda, Latvia after the end of the Cold War. Before it was shut down, a coordinated effort was made to determine whether the station had had any environmental effects. Teams of researchers found such effects wherever they looked, even at extremely low levels of exposure: smaller growth rings in trees, premature ageing in pine needles, chromosome damage in cows, decreased memory, attention, learning, and pulmonary function in school children, increased white blood cells in adults, and an altered sex ratio (more girls) in children born during the years of the radar’s operation. In Germany, Wolfgang Volkrodt linked forest die-back to microwave radiation rather than acid rain. Wolfgang Löscher and Günther Käs documented illness in dairy cows caused by cell towers. This included decreased milk production, infertility, abortions, birth deformities, behavioural problems and early death. Autopsies revealed that the cows died of acute circulatory collapse and bleeding from several organs. In France, Roger Santini has found that the closer people live to a cell tower, the more likely they are to experience dizziness, nausea, memory loss and other neurological symptoms. Claudio Gómez-Perretta has obtained similar results in Spain. The Dutch government sponsored double blind experiments in a laboratory. People exposed to a cell tower signal experienced dizziness, nervousness, chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness and tingling, weakness, and difficulty concentrating. The late Neil Cherry found that childhood cancer rates in San Francisco were a function of proximity to the antenna-laden Sutro Tower. Olle Johansson and Örjan Hallberg showed that the rise and fall of asthma and certain cancers during the 20th century closely paralleled changes in public exposure to radio waves in every country they looked at. They showed that radio waves are as big a factor in causing lung cancer as cigarette smoking. Leif Salford’s recent work on the blood-brain barrier has verified the earlier work of Allan Frey and others, but with additional, ominous findings. First, sometimes, decreasing the amount of radiation 1,000 times increased the damage to the brain (demonstrating the ‘window’ effect). Second, animals exposed to a cell phone once for two hours were found to have areas of brain cell death two months later. Salford has called cell phones ‘the world’s largest biological experiment ever’. His work provides solid support for those who warn that every cell phone call damages brain cells, and that cell phones, like cigarettes, harm both users and nearby non-users. His findings are particularly alarming in light of surveys – by Santini in France, and by Sandström and Mild in Sweden – which show that up to 25 per cent of cell phone users experience neurological symptoms such as dizziness, headache, memory loss, fatigue, and tingling sensations. To date, 1,200 physicians in Germany (2000 worldwide), have signed a petition (the Freiburger Appeal) calling for severe restrictions on wireless technology because they are seeing such a dramatic increase in certain diseases and symptoms in their patients – symptoms which they can only attribute to ambient microwave radiation. The diseases include: attention deficit disorder, extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, heart attacks and strokes in young people, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, leukaemia and brain tumours. The symptoms include: headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, agitation, sleep disorders, tinnitus, nervous and connective tissue pains of unexplained origin, and susceptibility to infection. The appeal calls for a massive reduction in exposure limits; no further expansion of cell phone technology; cell phone-and antenna-free zones; a ban on cell phone use by children; and a ban on cell phones and digital cordless phones in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, public buildings and public transportation. The California Department of Health Services has concluded that, on the basis of a telephone survey, 120,000 Californians – and by implication one million Americans – have left their jobs because of electromagnetic pollution in the workplace. The people who have left their homes for such a reason are not being counted by anyone. ‘Electrical sensitivity’ is a popular, but inaccurate, term for suffering caused by this universal pollutant. The problem is much more widespread than is commonly assumed, and growing daily. By the time people realise that electromagnetic fields are directly causing their pain or illness, their lives are often already ruined. They find that reliable information is hard to come by and harder to understand; that there is little support for them, and no solutions offered; and that when they finally learn what they have to avoid, it is nevertheless impossible to do so. The highest profile person yet to announce that cell phones, cordless phones and computers make her ill is none other than Gro Harlem Brundtland, a medical doctor, master of public health, former Prime Minister of Norway, and until 2003 the Director General of the World Health Organisation. Yet even so public a figure on the world stage has been unable to draw the world’s attention to our collective plight, or in any way slow down the growth of telecommunications, or even to put it on the map as an environmental issue. This must happen. Too many intelligent, professional, useful people are wandering this country’s barren deserts, homeless, ostracised, robbed of their civil rights, with no place to land. Too many have committed suicide because they have lost all hope, have suffered too long, have had to pick up roots and flee for their lives once too often. Within the telecommunications industry, too many equipment testers, installers, and repairpersons with radiowave sickness are afraid to speak out, or do not even know why they are ill. So many radars, antennae, and communication devices are being deployed for government, military, emergency, commercial, and personal uses in both the developed and developing worlds, and in space, that there is nowhere left to hide. Even radio astronomers are seriously talking about the far side of the moon as the only place left that is quiet enough, in the radio spectrum, to still be able to see the stars. Arthur Firstenberg is a founder and director of the Cellular Phone Task Force, a non-profit organisation that disseminates information about electromagnetic pollution and provides advocacy and support for victims of this pollution. He is editor of the Task Force’s publication, No Place To Hide, and the author of Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution (1996). He can be contacted by mail at PO Box 1337, Mendocino, CA 95460, USA, or by phone at (707) 937-3990.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

• Whenever electric current flows through a conductor – a power line, a toaster element, or even a star – it creates a magnetic field.

• Interaction between this magnetic field and the flowing electricity produces electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

• EMR takes the form of waves, spreading outwards from its source in concentric circles. Imagine the pattern of ripples when you drop a pebble into calm water – they decrease in strength the further they are from the energy source (in this case, the pebble). The water slows the waves down by absorbing their energy. EMR is similarly weakened as it spreads through air.

• EMR waves are characterised by their wavelength (the distance between each wave, measured in metres) and their frequency (or waves-per-second – one wave-per-second = 1 Hertz)

• EMR is composed of energy-carrying particles called photons. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and the more photons – and therefore energy – the waves contain. The whole range of EMR wavelengths is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

What does EMR do?

• All matter is made of vibrating molecules. When the molecules of a particular substance oscillate (vibrate) at the same frequency as an EM wave, they are said to resonate with the wave. This causes the energy in the wave to be absorbed by the molecules, instead of passing through them.

• When a soprano shatters a crystal glass with a high C, the sound wave’s particular frequency has caused the molecules in the glass to resonate so violently that their chemical bonds are ripped apart.

• Radio tuners act in a similar way, but radio’s low frequencies and long wavelengths – anywhere between a metre and a kilometre – mean they contain little energy. Information can be carried on the wave, but there aren’t enough photons to cause any damage to the tuner.

• Our retinas are ‘tuned’ into the visible light section of the EM spectrum; everything we see, we see because our eyes interpret the varying EM wavelengths within this section as different colours. • Microwaves, on the other hand, have shorter wavelengths. Microwaves at a frequency of 2.5GHz cause water molecules to resonate, converting the waves’ energy into heat. This is how microwave ovens cook food.

• In theory, EMR can act on bodily tissue in the same way.

• A 1999 study showed that mobile phone use causes a part of our brains to heat up. Not enough to damage the tissue, but enough to produce an inexplicable effect: the subjects’ reaction times were slightly increased. This baffled the experts: ‘In theory,’ said New Scientist magazine afterwards, ‘mobile phone emissions shouldn’t do anything to living tissues.’ • In the same year, researchers in Sweden exposed rats to two minutes of mobile phone radiation, and found their blood-brain barriers – a mechanism that prevents harmful proteins and toxins in the blood from entering the brain – had been disabled. It is not yet known whether this is harmful, but in theory proteins crossing into the brain could mean a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis developing.

The following are urgently needed:

• Sanctuaries. Radiation-free zones. Places without radio antennae, cell phone service, or television cable (cable is often a significant source of radiation). These sanctuaries are needed right now, to save lives.

• Legal help. Environmental and disability rights attorneys who are able to take on this issue.

• Funding for land acquisition and legal expenses.

• Volunteer help for phone calling, letter writing, grant writing, and so on.

Keep in mind these two principles:

• Distance counts. The power drops off as the square of the distance. Antennae should be few, and as far as possible from people and environmentally sensitive areas.

• Digital hurts. Digital (pulsed) technology is more harmful at lower levels of power than analog. The mandated replacement of all analog TV, radio, and telecommunications transmissions Electromagnetic Fields

• We are all exposed to brief doses of EMR – when we use a hairdryer, for example, or make a call on a mobile phone. Constantly operational sources of EMR, on the other hand – such as power lines and mobile phone masts – emit EMR ceaselessly and steadily, creating a ‘field’ of low-frequency radiation.

• Phone masts and the health concerns associated with them are a recent phenomenon, but complaints of debilitating illnesses from communities living under high-voltage power lines have been made for many years (The Ecologist published an article on this as long ago as 1979). Household sources of EMR

• EMR is generated by anything electrical, e.g. electric blankets, food processors, hairdryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners etc. Using them for brief periods and keeping your distance – their EM field strength is considerably reduced at a distance of two feet – will minimise exposure.

• Visual Display Units that use cathode ray tube technology – computers, televisions, video game screens – emit both low and high frequency EM fields. At a distance of two feet from the screen, the levels of EMR become negligible. Newer LCD screens produce almost no EMR.

For more information see: The World Health Organisation’s EMF report: http://www.who.int/peh-emf/en/

Simon Best’s excellent bi-monthly news report Electromagnetic Hazard and Therapy at http://www.em-hazard-therapy.com

Things that individuals can do:

• If you have a cell phone, cancel your service. Cell towers and antennas degrade the environment for miles around. They kill and injure more people than they save in emergencies. In use, a cell phone pollutes its own environment for a distance of 100 yards. Even when not in use, cell phones emit radiation if they are turned on to receive calls.

• If you have a cordless phone in your home or business, trade it in for one with a wire. For the sake of convenience you are microwaving your brain and polluting your neighbourhood.

• Never expose your baby to a wireless baby monitor.

• School administrators: Developing children should not be exposed to wireless computers, keyboards, or mice.

• Concert and event organisers: Make your event safe and accessible by banning cell phones and doing security without two-way radios.

• Wildlife scientists: Radio collars pollute the wilderness and injure the animals you are tracking. Please don’t use them.

• Park administrators: Keep our parks and wilderness areas as sanctuaries. Keep antennae out of them.

• Public officials: Public health must come first. Vote against proposals to put towers and antennae in your community.



The Largest Biological Experiment Ever

Mobile And Wireless: Largest Biological Experiment


Vehicles immobilised by Telecommunication Masts

For info. We've been liaising.

----- Original Message -----
From: Derek Budd
To: David Baron
Cc: Sianmeredith1
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 12:06 PM
Subject: Vehicles immobilised by Telecommunication Masts

Drivers beware!

Please forward to motorists that may have similar “Thatcham approved Car security systems”.


I have featured in the BBC TV & Radio news this week, as well as similar newspaper articles. I could be faced with a bill for up to £600 and naturally intend to fight my corner. Letters have been forwarded to the Motor Manufacturers Association, Mobile Phone Operators Association, OFCOM etc.

Please add your voice to the campaign!

Kind Regards


Besuch bei Freunden

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel und US-Präsident Bush scheinen sich zu verstehen, während in Deutschland die Skandalisierung des BND weiter geht.


Army Does Not Criminally Charge Abusers for Torture

The Army closed a criminal investigation of abuse allegations by an Iraqi detainee last year, finding no reason to believe his claims, even though no Americans involved in the case were questioned.


Men Intoxicated with Power and Courtiers Who Serve Them

Individually, the new "dots" supplied by revelations about the Iraq war in James Risen's "State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration" are not very surprising. Collectively, though, they provide valuable insight into the peculiar way in which President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair prepared to launch an unprovoked war.


Impeachment Initiative of Penn. State Senator Jim Ferlo


Informant: root


Changes in proteins




Survey Study of People Living in the Vicinity of Cellular Phone Base Stations



French tackle mobile phone health dangers


EHS and mental illness


On Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation


New Approaches to Safeguarding the earth: an environmental version of the Hippocratic oath


The effect of the duration of exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phones on human attention


Effects of high-frequency elektromagnetic fields on human EEG: a brain mapping study


Published studies on the effects of basestations


Mobilising the global EHS troops in solidarity with upcoming fast protest in Pasadena




ISIS miniseries "Fields of Influence"


Mobile Phones, Health Effects and the Problem with Advertisers


Effects of Microwave Radiation


Snook says 3G delayed


Snook to quit as Orange changes hands


Hans Snook opened a state of the art diagnostic clinic in London


The problem of health effects of mobile for the first time discussed in public in Denmark




EHS Solidarity with mid-August Human Rights and Mental Health fast protest in Pasadena, CA


Pictures of Neil Cherry and more of Neil's Life


Statement of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito

Besides Alito's obvious assault on women's rights, I am very concerned with his philosophy of unitary executive. This is a very dangerous exemption of the checks and balances that we have in our Constitution. Add to this the fact that this philosophy of unitary executive fits with the Christian right philosophy, and it is doubly scary.

The fact that a justice would give up this essential part of our Constitution is deeply troubling and is cause for a no vote on his nomination all by itself.

It is time, again, to denounce the right wing extremists as just that. Alito is not "on the right bank of the mainstream," as was suggested by one of his colleagues in the nomination hearings.

Please contact your Senators to urge them to vote No on Alito.

:) Mark

Mark Tomes Santa Margarita, CA

"Be the Person You Want Others To Be"

Begin forwarded message:

From: "U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer" bulletinfeedback@boxer.senate.gov
Date: January 13, 2006 10:28:39 PM PST
Subject: Senator Boxer on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito

I thought you would be interested in the following message.

Statement of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) today made the following statement on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court:

“At the end of the Alito hearings, I am deeply disturbed about this nomination. It is not Judge Alito’s qualifications that concern me; clearly he is intelligent and capable. Rather, in three days of questioning, he refused to back away from some of his most controversial past statements and positions.

“When asked repeatedly about a 1985 memo in which he wrote that the Constitution does not protect the right of a women to choose, Judge Alito would not disavow that statement, and he refused to concede that Roe v. Wade is settled law. I believe these ominous statements clearly signal a hostility to women’s rights, and I worry that we will go back to the very dark days when abortion was illegal in many states.

“Judge Alito’s support for a more powerful executive branch is also troubling. In the past, he has endorsed the controversial theory of the ‘unitary executive,’ which would give the President broad powers not subject to control by Congress. In the hearings, Judge Alito would not even rule out the President invading another country, in the absence of imminent threat, without first getting congressional authorization.

“Another area that disturbs me is Judge Alito’s continued narrow reading of Congress’s authority under the Constitution to make laws that protect families. He continued to defend his opinion in the Rybar case that Congress couldn't ban machine guns, even though the Supreme Court ultimately said he was wrong, and he refused to back away from an opinion that narrowed the Family and Medical Leave Act.

“In addition to these serious substantive concerns, I remain unconvinced by Judge Alito’s answers to questions about his membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton club, an extremist group that was hostile to the inclusion of women and minorities at the University. And I am still amazed that Judge Alito did not recuse himself from the Vanguard case.”

For more information on Senator Boxer's record and other information, please go to: http://www.boxer.senate.gov

City wide DECT network in Oradea (Grosswardein), Romania


Mobile Phone Adverse Health Concerns


Mobile Phone Radiation


Mobile Phone Masts: Blot on the Horizon or Health Threat




Scientists analyse health risks linked to mobile phones


I am looking for a place to live in the world with low cell-phone EMF emissions

I am looking for a place to live in the world with low cell-phone EMF emissions. It is virtually impossible to find such places in Japan. I am living in a log house trying to recover from EMF-induced CFS but cannot live here forever. I cannot work because all the places are covered by the cell phone emissions. I am a qualified EFS/ESL teacher so can teach English whereever I go. If I stay here I will die - I am sure.

Please help! It is hard to find good information on EMF-free places.

Art Kab

HAARP - a weapons system which disrupts the climate




Phone mast may be too tall, group fears

Residents campaigning to have a mobile phone mast removed from near their homes in a village near Oswestry claim it could be taller than the legally permitted height.

Members of the West Felton Mast Protest Group have now called on North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson and Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden to press for a measurement of the mast to be taken.

Carol Corbett, a member of the West Felton Mast Protest Group, said: “The borough planning compliance officer thinks that the mast may exceed the 15m height.

“If it does, it will have to be taken down and Orange will need to go through the process of getting planning permission.”

She added Councillor Caesar-Homden, Owen Paterson and the protest group were now going to press the borough council and Orange to arrange a meeting for an accurate measurement to be taken.

Mrs Corbett added: “We are also calling on Orange to delay making the 3G mast operational until we have got an accurate measurement. If it exceeds 15m they are breaking the law, it requires planning permission.”

The full version of this story appears in tonight’s Shropshire Star


Cell phone hazards: they speak only about cancer to ignore other damages

To all ....... Exactly the point I have been trying to make! The "focus on cancer" is a "delaying tactic."

All the ES/EHS symptoms that occur prior to the development of cancer are bankrupting society and causing every sort of misery from poor sleep which, in itself, can yield disastrous results, plus asthma, sinus infections, ear infections, headaches, depression, memory problems (well before diagnosis of Alzheimers), confusion, arthritis, skin diseases and every other health problem there is. Even our "overweight society" -- while being blamed primarily on fast foods especially here in the U.S., can be attributed in large part to persons not sleeping well from EMF/EMR exposures. While Type II diabetes used to be found primarily in adults, that and all the health problems are now multiplying in the younger set!

EMF/EMR is ageing everyone -- even babies as in the case of the rare immune deficiencies in my two grandsons exposed to the electric meter!!!! Their cells were "ageing" -- that is what EMF/EMR does to everyone's cells!!! It just takes a little longer for a person who isn't sleeping close to an electrical appliance/device at night to possibly develop the same "deficiencies of ageing!!"

Government and industry want to "focus on cancer" because it normally takes many years to develop. They don't want to talk about the children who "are ageing" -- those who get sick and/or die from Leukemia, brain cancer, etc. They assign researchers to study "other cancers" that take longer to develop so they don't have to admit what is really going on!!!!

Take care everyone!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis,
Minnesota 55448-2127
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com

"No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakens into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted for the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

Not only does God definitely play dice, but He sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can't be seen....the universe does not behave according to our pre-conceived ideas.....it continues to surprise us....the future of the universe is not completely determined by the laws of science, and its present state, as Laplace thought......God still has a few tricks up His sleeve....

Prof. Stephen Hawking

Ney Under Pressure to Resign Chairmanship

Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) is pressuring Rep. Robert W. Ney (R-Ohio) to relinquish the chairmanship of the House Administration Committee in the wake of a guilty plea from lobbyist Jack Abramoff that tied Ney to a far-reaching conspiracy to bribe public officials.


Does lack of snow indicate Mount Fuji's about to blow?

MWM: Something is up there, that's for sure. Must be the volcanic gas and heat rising in greater quantity. An initial stage of eruption in this long sleepy volcano is likely to be rather like St. Helens was in the 1980's. Spritzy and then suddenly explosive.

Watch out, Mount Fuji, one of Japan's most endearing symbols, looks like it's about to blow its top, according to Shukan Post (1/13-20).

Perhaps the biggest indication that Fuji-san's lid is loose comes because it's currently bereft of snow on its distinctive cap despite it being mid-winter and unprecedented snowfalls being dumped on the Sea of Japan coastline.

"Everybody around here is talking about the lack of snow on top of Mount Fuji. You can't say that it always has a coating of snow at this time of the year, but considering all the snow that's fallen right throughout the country, everybody thinks it's a bit weird that there's no snow on Mount Fuji," says a man living in Fujiyoshida, a Shizuoka Prefecture city at the foot of Japan's highest mountain. "Does the lack of snow mean an eruption's on the books? We're not thinking that far ahead."

Nor is the Meteorological Agency, which says that shortage of snow is a simple situation.

"It won't snow on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan unless a cold front approaches the coastline off the Izu Peninsula. The same case applies for Tokyo," an agency spokesman tells Shukan Post. "If it's not snowing in Tokyo, it's not likely that there's going to be much snow on top of Mount Fuji."

Not everybody is so easily convinced.

"I've started to feel a bit poorly since about the start of December. I've felt this uncomfortable kind of stress all the way along. After a while, this develops into a kind of nausea, sort of like the feeling you get with car sickness," a resident of Kamikuishiki, another village at the foot of Fuji, tells Shukan Post. "When I'd felt like this for a couple of weeks, I mentioned it to some neighbors, and discovered that there were a number of people feeling the same way. One person said they felt like they were permanently car sick, while another said they thought their ailment was like being plagued by a speaker constantly emitting a deep, unending tone. The way they describe it might be a bit different, but the symptoms these people are describing are all the same as mine. I don't know anything about what's causing this because I'm not a doctor, but one of the other people said that Mount Fuji's seismic activity can be used to predict an earthquake in the Tokai Region and that made me even more anxious than I had been."

Some experts say that it would not be surprising for Mount Fuji to erupt at any moment.

"It's my personal belief that magma build-up inside Mount Fuji has already reached a critical stage," Prof. Masaaki Kimura, a seismology professor at the University of the Ryukyus tells Shukan Post. "Mount Fuji erupts about once every 300 years. And it's been about 300 years since Mount Fuji's last eruption. Volcanoes go in periods where they're active for about 300 to 400 years and then dormant for 300 to 400 years. But, it's a matter of simple arithmetic that Mount Fuji is due to erupt pretty soon."

It seems the natural world fears that Fuji-san is about to blow, too. Since the start of 2004, frogs and stinkbugs once prominent in the area have virtually disappeared. Some see this as a sign that they've sensed something untoward is about to happen and they're avoiding the place like the plague. Observers have noticed this phenomenon, too.

"The most recent change has probably been the sudden disappearance of sparrows around the mountain since about the middle of October," Hideaki Kuribayashi, a photographer who bases himself near Mount Fuji, tells Shukan Post. "Normally, sparrows flock to this place, even in the middle of winter." (By Ryann Connell)

January 6, 2006

Best Wishes,

Michael Wells Mandeville,
The Hills of Arizona
at mwman@earthlink.net

Impeachment Calls Grow Louder

Matthew Rothschild: I'm telling you, my friends, there's something going on at the grassroots that the mainstream media isn't getting. And that's this urgent desire by millions of Americans to defenestrate Bush from power and reclaim our democracy.



Shadow Zones in Bush's Iraq Policy

While George W. Bush thumps the official line, unspoken facts about the military, political, and economic realities of the war in Iraq pile up.


Bush Administration Seeks to Avoid Detainee Ruling

The Bush administration took the unusual step yesterday of asking the Supreme Court to call off a landmark confrontation over the legality of military trials for terrorism suspects, arguing that a law enacted last month eliminates the court's ability to consider the issue.


Documents Tie Shadowy US Unit to Inmate Abuse Case

Newly released military documents show US Army investigators closed a probe into allegations that an Iraqi detainee had been abused by a shadowy military task force after its members used fake names and asserted that key computer files had been lost.


US Catholic Bishops: 'Bring Troops Home'

Declaring that the United States was at a crossroads in Iraq, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops said Thursday the time had come to withdraw US troops as fast as responsibly possible and to hand control of the country to Iraqis.


BND lieferte USA auch militärisch verwendbare Informationen


Omega-News Collection 14. January 2006


Rapidly Shrinking Arctic Ice Could Spell Trouble for the Rest of the World


Whales: In Deep Trouble

Help protect endangered whales from new sonar assault

Polar Bears Face New Toxic Threat: Flame Retardants

US Starts Debate on Allowing Grizzly Bear Hunting

Frog Killer Is Linked to Global Warming

The Global Spread of GMO Crops - Inherit the Wind

GM: New study shows unborn babies could be harmed


Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 14. January 2006

EMF-Omega-News 14. January 2006

Alzheimer mortality: why does it increase so fast in sparsely populated areas?

The sun-shined health

Pooled analysis of two case-control studies on the use of cellular and cordless telephones and the risk of benign brain tumours diagnosed during 1997-2003

EHS Factsheet 296

Repacholi was asked by Next up about the money he receives

Telecoms Bill: the next stage

Report on the International Conference: ‘Mobile Communications and Health: Medical, Biological and Social Problems’


Signal failure to inform the church

Triumph in mast fight

Orange’s mobile mast bid leaves bitter taste

Phone mast trials are a success in Bourne Woods

Dishes put up on mast say residents

Wisp of smoke?

Telecoms Planning Regulations

Hard-hitting report suppressed by Government?

Phone mast Bill heads for Commons

Village mast fight is lost


A tangled web

Item in Special issue of Ethical Consumer

Phone mast bid opposed

Mast hysteria: is 'electro hyper sensitivity' a real disease?

Residents are wise to voice phone mast fears




Nursery boss fights phone mast plans

Residents fight phone mast bid

Transmission line aplication: response to an extensive EMF info request also from Dr. Bailey/Exponent

Doctor Bans Boy From Playstation To Stop Head Twitching

Next-up News 1-7/01/2006

Your cell phone records are for sale

News from Mast Sanity

Omega-News Collection 14. January 2006

Pilotprojekt zur telefonischen Betreuung von Arbeitslosengeld II-Empfängern startet

SOGA - Sozialinitiative gegen Armut und Ausgrenzung - Neumünster e.V. weitere Informationen unter http://www.soga-nms.net

Nachdem im letzten Jahr von privaten Callcentern widerrechtlich AlgII befragt wurden, startet die BA jetzt erneut eine Aktion dieser Befragung. Die BA behauptet, alle Angaben sind freiwillig. Wenn man jedoch weiterliest, kommt man zu dem Schluss, daß diese Befragung mit dem Druckmittel einer persönlichen Einladung erfolgen soll. Was dann bei den Ämtern geschieht können wir nur erahnen. Die BAG-SHI hatte im letzen Jahr auf ihren Seiten hierüber berichtet >

Unser Tipp: Verweigern Sie ruhig die telefonische Auskunft - gehen Sie aber, falls Sie eine Vorladung bekommen, nicht alleine zu diesem Termin. Suchen Sie wenn möglich eine Beratungsstelle vor Ort auf.

Nachfolgend noch der Text der BA-Pressestelle

-------- Ursprüngliche Nachricht --------
Betreff: BA-Presseinformation Nr. 4: Pilotprojekt zur telefonischen Betreuung von Arbeitslosengeld II-Empfängern startet Datum: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:57:33 +0100
Von: BA-Pressedienst ba-presse-dienst@osn.de

Presse-Information Nr. 4 der Bundesagentur für Arbeit vom 12. Januar 2006

Pilotprojekt zur telefonischen Betreuung von Arbeitslosengeld II-Empfängern startet

Ab heute (12. Januar) werden im Rahmen eines Pilotprojektes erwerbsfähige Hilfebedürftige, die arbeitslos sind, telefonisch im Hinblick auf eventuelle Veränderungen in ihrer Arbeitslosigkeit befragt. Mit der telefonischen Aktualisierung der Bewerberdaten sollen die persönlichen Betreuungs- und Vermittlungsaktivitäten vorbereitet und unterstützt werden. Daneben kann hierdurch auch der Kontakt zu arbeitslosen Arbeitslosengeld II-Beziehern im Sinne von „Fördern und Fordern“ intensiviert werden.

Das Projekt startet zunächst in Zusammenarbeit mit der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberhausen. Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) hat diese Dienstleistung in einem ersten Schritt den 60 größten ARGEn angeboten. Im Laufe des ersten Quartals 2006 werden die übrigen ARGEn in das Angebot einbezogen. Die telefonische Befragung wird von Mitarbeitern in drei neu eingerichteten „Service-Centern Kundenbetreuung SGB II“ durchgeführt, die an den Standorten Hamburg, Offenburg und Göppingen im Auftrag von Arbeitsgemeinschaften telefonisch Kunden betreuen.

Ausgangsbasis des Pilotprojekts waren die Erfahrungen, die mit einer bundesweiten Aktion zur telefonischen Klärung von Bewerberdaten im Sommer 2005 gemacht wurden. Bei immerhin sieben Prozent der kontaktierten Personen hatten sich seit dem letzten Kontakt mit der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Veränderungen ergeben, die dazu führten, dass diese Personen nicht mehr arbeitslos waren.

Bei dem Pilotprojekt ist sichergestellt, dass der Datenschutz gewährleistet ist. Jeder Kunde wird vorab schriftlich über den neuen Service informiert und aufgeklärt. Die Mitarbeiter in den Service-Centern sind zur BA abgeordnete Beamtinnen und Beamte und damit dem Datenschutz voll verpflichtet. Die Kunden werden zu Beginn des Gesprächs anhand eines Gesprächsleitfadens durch den Service-Center-Mitarbeiter nochmals über den Inhalt des Gesprächs aufgeklärt. Sie können jederzeit die Auskunft am Telefon verweigern, müssen aber dann mit einer Einladung zu einem persönlichen Gespräch rechnen.

Das Telefongespräch zwischen dem Mitarbeiter im Service-Center und dem arbeitslosen Alg II-Empfänger ergänzt die persönliche Betreuung, es ersetzt sie nicht. Die Kunden werden weiterhin durch ihren persönlichen Ansprechpartner oder Fallmanager betreut. Dieser bekommt die Ergebnisse der Telefonbefragung und kann mit ihrer Hilfe die folgenden Betreuungs- und Vermittlungsgespräche passgenau vorbereiten.

Eine Gesamtübersicht der bisher erschienenen Presseinformationen der Bundesagentur für Arbeit finden Sie im Internet unter

Dieser Pressedienst wird herausgegeben von:
Bundesagentur für Arbeit Presseteam Regensburger Strasse 104 D-90478 Nürnberg E-Mail: zentrale.presse@arbeitsagentur.de Tel.: 0911/179-2218 Fax: 0911/179-1487

US budget deficit to surge above $400bn

Spending on Gulf Coast reconstruction has led the Bush administration to revise upwards sharply its estimates for the federal budget deficit in 2006, by 17 per cent to $400bn, sparking calls for further spending restraint and adding to concerns about extending tax cuts.


From Information Clearing House

National ID, State Nightmare

An anti-terrorism law creating a national standard for all driver's licenses by 2008 isn't just upsetting civil libertarians and immigration rights activists.


From Information Clearing House

It's time to strike back with reform, not cheap cynicism


From Information Clearing House

Choices and Consequences


Newt's New Con

Of all the voices berating the Republican Party for its culture of corruption, none rings more hollow than Newt Gingrich's. According to the Associated Press, the former House Speaker has said he is considering running for President in 2008.


From Information Clearing House

U.S. Supreme Court to Decide if Police Can Barge in Unannounced

Forget the ongoing privacy debate over U.S. government spying on telephone conversations--soon you may not have the right to tell cops to wait until you open your door.


From Information Clearing House

Pentagon grilled over database on war critics

Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Thursday asked for answers on an obscure Pentagon agency that included reports on student anti-war protests and other peaceful civilian demonstrations in a database meant to detect terrorist activities.


From Information Clearing House

United States formally prohibits arms sale to Venezuela

The United States government has formally prohibited Spain from selling 12 military planes and eight frigates to Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, because they contain North American technology.


From Information Clearing House

'Almost No Governments Are Telling The Truth' About CIA Affair

Swiss Senator Dick Marty, who is investigating the CIA affair for the European Council, believes recent evidence intercepted by Swiss intelligence is an 'additional indicator of the existence of secret prisons.'


From Information Clearing House

Alito Witness Disappears From List

Name pulled after group dissed nominee.

From Information Clearing House

List of Alito “Murder Board” Participants Includes Lawyers Who Approved Warrantless Surveillance

During this morning’s hearing, Sen. Russ Feingold noted that the same lawyers who created the legal justifications for Bush’s warrantless domestic spying program coached Alito about how to answer questions during the confirmation hearings.


From Information Clearing House

US Law Unclear if Bush Can Invade Without Congress OK: Alito

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito said US law is unclear as to whether President George W. Bush could launch a military invasion of Iran or Syria without congressional approval.


US set to clinch nuclear deal with India

AS WASHINGTON steps up pressure on Iran and North Korea to abandon suspected nuclear weapons programs, US officials are completing a nuclear deal with India that critics says is a threat to non-proliferation efforts.


From Information Clearing House

The Countdown to War with Iran

We know that the U.S. has developed a new regime of low-yield “usable” nuclear weapons to destroy underground bunkers. We also know that the militarists in the Pentagon have threatened to use nuclear weapons in a “first strike” preemptive attack.


A Proud Nation Surrounded by Nuclear States

Can there be a military solution to the dispute?

US wants Iran punished for asserting its rights

The US says it supports Iran being punished for moving ahead with civil nuclear research and development, because the US claims to know what Iran intends to do with such civil technology.


From Information Clearing House

War pimp alert: U.S. president: Iran trying to secretly develop nuclear weapon

U.S. President George Bush, speaking at a Washington press conference, said: "Iran armed with a nuclear weapon poses a great threat to the security of the world.


I've spent the last two days crying

It is said he lived long enough to talk to police and then he died.


From Information Clearing House

New Pentagon Memos Show High-Level Authorization Of Detainee Abuse

"It just confirms that the policies that were adopted at Guantanamo were adopted as a matter of policy and over significant objections, not just within the FBI but within units of the Army".


Records show Army ended abuse probe early

The Army closed a criminal investigation of abuse allegations by an Iraqi detainee last year, finding no reason to believe his claims, even though no Americans involved in the case were questioned, according to Pentagon records made public Thursday.


From Information Clearing House

Murder charge dropped against soldier

The Army has decided to drop a murder charge against one of two soldiers accused in the suffocation death of an Iraqi general during interrogation and will pursue administrative discipline instead, his attorney said Thursday.


From Information Clearing House

U.S. Bombs Pakistan

The soul of a nation is fatally wounded

By Abid Ullah Jan

Aircraft from Afghanistan have once more attacked Pakistan killing 18 Pakistanis in remote villages. Even non-US sources, such as Al-Jazeera has adopted the tone of embedded journalists, telling the world that the US attack on Pakistan killed 18 people in “a village stronghold of pro-Taliban Islamists.”


U.S. missiles kill 18 civilians in Pakistan:

No al-Qaeda member or foreign citizen among those who died.

From Information Clearing House

NSA Used City Police to Track Peace Activists

The National Security Agency used law enforcement agencies, including the Baltimore Police Department, to track members of a city anti-war group as they prepared for protests outside the sprawling Fort Meade facility, internal NSA documents show.


USDA Using Satellites to Monitor Farmers

This should remove any doubt that the U.S. Gov't and it's various agencies are "monitoring" us or SPYING on us. Any questions?



USDA Using Satellites to Monitor Farmers

By ROXANA HEGEMAN, Associated Press Writer Fri Jan 13, 7:44 AM ET

WICHITA, Kan. - Satellites have monitored crop conditions around the world for decades, helping traders predict futures prices in commodities markets and governments anticipate crop shortages.

But those satellite images are now increasingly turning up in courtrooms across the nation as the Agriculture Department's Risk Management Agency cracks down on farmers involved in crop insurance fraud.

The Agriculture Department's Farm Service Agency, which helps farmers get loans and payments from a number of its programs, also uses satellite imaging to monitor compliance.

Across government and private industry alike, satellite imaging technology is being used in water rights litigation and in prosecution of environmental cases ranging from a hog confinement facility's violations of waste discharge regulations to injury damage lawsuits stemming from herbicide applications. The technology is also used to monitor the forestry and mining industries.

"A lot of farmers would be shocked at the detail you can tell. What it does is keep honest folks honest," said G.A. "Art" Barnaby Jr., an agricultural economist at Kansas State University.

Satellite technology, which takes images at roughly eight-day intervals, can be used to monitor when farmers plant their acreage, how they irrigate them and what crops they grow. If anomalies are found in a farm's insurance claim, investigators can search satellite photos dating back years to determine cropping practices on individual fields.

What's catching the attention of Barnaby and others is a spate of recent cases involving the use of satellite imaging to prosecute farmers. The largest so far has been a North Carolina case in which a couple faked weather damage to their crops by having workers throw ice cubes onto a tomato field and then beat the plants.

In September, Robert Warren was sentenced to six years and four months in prison, while his wife, Viki, was sentenced to five years and five months. They were also ordered to forfeit $7.3 million and pay $9.15 million in restitution.

The Warrens and at least three other defendants pleaded guilty. But in one related trial that went to a jury, prosecutors used satellite images and testimony from a satellite image analyst to present their case.

"It was impressive to the jury to have this presentation about this eye in the sky and satellite imagery and a trained expert," said Richard Edwards, the assistant U.S. Attorney in North Carolina who prosecuted the case. "In our case it did not make the case, but it sure helped and strengthened and improved the case."

The Risk Management Agency is involved in three other multimillion-dollar crop insurance fraud cases that have yet to be filed that will rival the Warren case in scope, said Michael Hand, RMA's deputy administrator for compliance.

While fewer than 100 cases have been prosecuted using satellite imaging since the RMA started its crackdown in 2001, data mining — coupled with satellite imaging — pinpoints about 1,500 farms annually that are put on a watch list for possible crop fraud, Hand said. Ground inspections are done on the suspect farms throughout the growing season.

The agency says its spot checklist generated by the satellite data has saved taxpayers between $71 million and $110 million a year in fraudulent crop insurance claims since 2001.

The agency stepped up its enforcement after the Agriculture Risk Protection Act of 2000 mandated it use data mining to ferret out false claims, Hand said. Every year, it ships claims data to the Center for Agriculture Excellence at Tarleton State University in Stephensville, Texas, where analysts look for anomalies in claims. They generate a list of claims for further investigation, with satellite imaging pulled on the most egregious cases.

Just as U.S. satellites kept track of things like the wheat harvest in the former Soviet Union, other countries have also launched satellites to monitor American crops. Germany, France and others have satellites monitoring crop conditions, and many other private firms sell those images in the U.S.

"Everybody spies on everybody. I was stunned to hear that myself," Edwards said. "Someday, I may have to rely on a French satellite to convict an American citizen."



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TELECOMMUNICATIONS giant T-Mobile is seeking planning consent for a mobile phone mast disguised as a pine tree at leafy Lymm, near Warrington.

But the proposal for the 60ft high mast at Sow Brook Pumping Station, in Lymmhay Lane, has not persuaded local residents.

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Of course we already knew this, but...

MWM: The disclosures in this article are going to begin a tidal wave of reaction among portions of the American people. We now finally are zeroing in on the reality of the long rumored internment camps and who they were intended for. It is now clear that the "Apparatchnik" of the Oligarchy were far sicker, more deeply sleezy, than any of us plebes could imagine.

(I wonder how many replacement websites have been "canned").

Best Wishes,

Michael Wells Mandeville,
The Hills of Arizona
at mwman@earthlink.net

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