Strahle(n)männer: Wo die Bosse der Mobilfunkbetreiber leben

Alfred Tittmann

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Univ.-Doz.Dr.Ferdinand Ruzicka

Acute mobile phone effects on pre-attentive operation

Neurosci Lett. 2006 Jan 4; [Epub ahead of print]

Papageorgiou CC, Nanou ED, Tsiafakis VG, Kapareliotis E, Kontoangelos KA, Capsalis CN, Rabavilas AD, Soldatos CR.

Department of Psychiatry, Eginition Hospital, University of Athens, Greece; University Mental Health Research Institute, Athens, Greece.

There is a debate whether electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by mobile phones (MP) have an effect on cognitive functions. Since the auditory P50 component of event-related potentials (ERPs) reflects pre-attentive processing and working memory (WM) operation, the present study was designed to investigate whether the exposure to MP-EMF affects the patterns of the P50 component of ERPs elicited during a WM test. The P50 elicited during a WM task and evoked by two warning stimuli low and high frequency (500 and 3000Hz) has been assessed in 19 normal subjects (10 women and 9 men) both without and with exposure to a 900MHz signal, emitted by a dipole antenna placed near the subjects. Results showed that the presence of MP-EMFs induced statistically significant increase in the amplitude of P50 evoked by the low frequency stimuli, at Fp1 and O1 electrode leads as compared to themselves without MP-EMF exposure. In contrast the exposure to MP-EMFs revealed statistically significant decrease of the amplitude of P50 evoked by the high frequency stimuli, at Fp1 electrode lead as compared to themselves without MP-EMF exposure. These findings provide evidence that the MP-EMF emitted by mobile phone affect pre-attentive information processing as it is reflected in P50 evoked potential. The basis of such an effect is unclear, although several possibilities exist and call for potential directions of future research.

PMID: 16406308 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


Geheime Dienste mit öffentlichen Mitarbeitern

Wen schützen die Geheimdienste? Und wer schützt uns vor Geheimdiensten?


Masts INSIDE Your House?

Do you have a digital cordless phone (DECT) or wireless networking (Wi-fi) in your house? If you do, or know someone who does or who is thinking about buying these types of device, then please read on.

To Summarize: If you are people who don't want a Mobile Telephone Mast near to the outside of your house, you certainly don't want Wi-fi or a DECT phone system in your home, since these use similar technology, and you will be exposing yourself, inside your own home, to comparable emissions that are given off by Mobile Telephone Masts. Read on for further explanatory details.

An opportunity arose recently for us to examine Wi-fi wireless networking and DECT digital cordless phones in use. Taking a COM microwave meter and an A-COM acoustic microwave meter to a friend's house we were able to take comparative readings from these common, but largely ignored devices.

The results are somewhat frightening – especially if you are sitting by a DECT phone base station or beside a Wi-fi router or with a laptop on your lap which is connected to your Wi-fi network, completely unaware of the emissions coming from your device.

We do not want to scare you. We just want to inform you of the potential risks from these devices, so that you can make an informed choice as to whether you (still) want them in your house. With Mobile Phone Masts you unfortunately have little or no choice about them being placed nearby. However, with Wi-fi and DECT you do have the choice, if you are aware of the issues.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) Cordless Phones

DECT is a cellular system like GSM/2G or UTMS/3G mobile telephones. A major difference between the types of system is the cell radius. DECT cells have a radius of 25 to 100 meters, while GSM/2G cells are 2 to 10 km. UTMS/3G cells are smaller than GSM cells.

DECT uses a frequency of 1880-1900MHz whilst GSM/2G uses 1800MHz and 900MHz and UTMS/3G uses 2100MHz. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DECT for more technical details.)

In our tests the DECT base station was CONSTANTLY transmitting, even when the handset was in the cradle (i.e. the phone itself was not being used), giving us a COM meter reading of 6 V/m (*) or more close up, with a still highly significant reading of 2.5 V/m at a distance of 1 metre or so.

The DECT handset, when activated, gave a a COM meter reading of 6 V/m or more close up – towards the maximum reading on our meter – not good news especially if you use cordless phones for any period of time.

Wi-Fi Wireless Networking

Wi-fi, commonly based upon either IEEE 802.11b (5.9 Mbit/s ) or the faster 802.11g (54 Mbit/s) standard, uses an unlicensed microwave frequency of 2400MHz (2.4 GHz). This is the same part of the spectrum as used by microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices and analogue cordless phones. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiFi%2C_802.11 for more information).

In our tests the Wi-fi router box was transmitting in pulses, even when no devices were connecting to it, giving us a significant COM meter reading of 3 V/m (*) or more close up, with a reading of 1.5 V/m at a distance of 1 metre or so.

More significantly, a laptop with a Wi-fi network card inside it gave a COM meter reading of 6 V/m or more close up whilst it was connected to the network. This reading was also found UNDERNEATH the laptop, i.e. where your lap would be. Consequently if you were surfing the Internet for any length of time your legs and abdomen would be in close proximity to a very significant amount of microwaves.

Before connecting to the network, and therefore at rest, the Wi-fi network card gave out a “heartbeat” pulse every 10 seconds or so – again at a value of 6 V/m. Moving 1 metre or so away from the laptop, a still significant COM meter reading of 2.5 V/m was registered.

[For these tests, the laptop was positioned two rooms away from the router, a common scenario for others using this type of set-up].


(*) (0.7 to 2.0 V/m is ‘Low’, 2 - 4 V/m is ‘Medium’, and 4-6.5 is ‘High’.)

Note that:

- ‘Low’ is "the sort of precautionary levels found in other European countries".

- ‘Medium and ‘High’ may ‘have serious health consequences for those exposed’.

- ‘6’ is also described by the meter manufacturers as a cause for concern, and advise that a professional comes to check the area.

Assuming a standard impedance of 377 Ohms in air, 6 V/m equates to a Power Density of approximately 0.95 mW/m2 , 2.5 V/m equates to 0.166 mW/m2 and 1 V/m equates to 0.026 mW/m2.

Any thoughts or comments?

Goldsworth Residents Against the Masts,



Mobil phones and brain cancer


Escalating Incidence of Childhood Cancer Ignored


Cell Phones Kills 40 Million Birds


Lundquist BEMS poster paper on microwaves & carcinogenicity


Low-intensity radiation health effects


Alice Stewart & harmfulness of low-intensity EMR


Health statement about Dr Miguel Muntané and his family

I send you the health information about our family.

Best regards


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Hi Miguel: I think you should send to Klaus for general posting what you have told me below. Again it points up so clearly how MW targeting/harassment can give its victims seizures and epilepsy. And your datings of cause and effect are very clear.

Best, Imelda

--- m.co-di wrote:

Dear Imelda O'Connor

The translation in correct.

I suffer form epilepsy since the operator increased the power in January 2001, without any information. (Surprising in December 2000 I did a TV program with 10 hours emission about microwave form base stations and mobile phones)

a.. We leaved our house immediately.

I have cancer control form 1999, and the base station (5 meters from our house with direct radiation) is operating since 1996.

In Luxembourg I started the conference with this health description but the indifference of WHO and Dr. Repacholi is rigorous.

I do not care about microwave hearing, that is very high near base stations. One of my sons has destruction of stress hormone (Addison disease)

That is the reason I inform about microwaves.

And you are doing a very good work.

Best regards Miguel

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From: Imelda O'Connor
To: m.co-di
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 5:51 AM
Subject: Query regards your health

Hi Miguel: I have read what you wrote and is now posted on Citizens Initiative Omega dated 10/11/03 under the heading: "Nonthermal Mechanism of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves." You have stated in this that you now have cancer, epilepsy and microwave hearing.

My question: is this an error/inaccuracy caused by translation from Spanish to English or have you really developed cancer and epilepsy from RF exposure?

Regards, Imelda, Cork.

The public is being regularly deceived by the drug trials funded by pharmaceutical companies, loaded to generate the results they need


Liberty for the Mentally Ill


Hidden Dangers of electromagnetic radiation


Fourteen scholars & former officials: Bush broke law


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Confirming Alito Moves Us One Step Closer to Erasing the American Revolution


"The Big Show" -- Confirming Alito Moves Us One Step Closer to Erasing the American Revolution


A Washington Post headline on January 9th blared, "Democrats Ready to Go After Alito". But, it's probably too late, as usual. And this time, the Democrats are signing their own death warrant -- and that of Congress -- if Alito gets seated.

As usual, the hearing will all just be a farce, a sparring match like pissing into the wind. These hearings almost always are, as the Madison Capitol Times pointed out: "When the Senate Judiciary Committee begins questioning Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito this week, Americans will again be reminded of the limitations of the confirmation process for presidential picks to serve on the federal bench.

Alito will lie to the committee, intentionally and repeatedly."

While the Democratic senators once again surrender to the concept that stage-crafted hearings filled with lies and evasions by the Republican Supreme Court nominees matter, the GOP has been running ads, holding rallies, and grassroots lobbying like a well-oiled machine.

The Republican junta isn't waiting to make up its mind.

That's why Jerry Falwell already proclaimed joyous victory for a fundamentalist Supreme Court that would accede to the demands of the Executive Branch in all things totalitarian and religious.

On the latest in the rounds of Sunday religious/political rallies for Alito, Falwell let you know Alito was their guy in no uncertain terms. He didn't need to wait for the "performance" of the hearings:

"What we've worked on for 30 years, to mobilize people of faith and value in this country, what we've done through these years is coming to culmination right now," Falwell said at a rally on the eve of Alito's confirmation hearing.

"Now we're looking at what we really started on 30 years ago, reconstruction of a court system gone awry," Falwell said. - "Christian Conservatives Rally for Judge Alito," Reuters, January 9, 2006

Alito will facilitate the merger of church and state under the nearly full control of a Republican executive branch that will be able to use any means it wants to ensure permanent rule, including wiretapping of political opponents in the guise of national security.

You see, Alito is a key architect, as we have pointed out in two previous BuzzFlash commentaries, of the absolute authority of a Republican President. Not only is he a firm believer in near dictatorial powers and making congress irrelevant, he was a key strategist in having the Republican executive branch assume such powers incrementally so as not to be noticed -- and therefore disarm any opposition among the American people or in Congress.

In short, Alito believes in the boiling frog theory of the Republican Executive Branch takeover of the American Constitution and democracy: boil it slowly and no one will realize that our balance of powers is being killed.

Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy are among the few Democratic leaders to take notice of the threat that Alito poses to the American Constitution and to democracy.

Most of the other Democrats in the Senate express "concern" about Alito's championing of Executive Branch domination of government and exemption from following Congressional laws, but these Democratic senators -- wishy-washy and timid as usual -- say, "well let's wait and see what he has to say at the hearings."

This is the cruelest cut of all. The hearings are carefully crafted by the White House to make Alito appear as moderate and non-committal as possible in order to make the Democrats appear extreme if they filibuster Alito.

Alito is the mastermind behind presidential signing statements that allow Bush to -- in essence -- rewrite congressional law by stating his interpretation of the law.

This, in reality, eliminates the need for a Congress at all.
(Alito is also similarly a key advocate behind the strategy of dismantling Roe v. Wade in increments until people don't realize that it has been overturned through a series of "smaller" decisions. This, he believes, will bolster judicial consensus and help avoid political fallout to the Republican Party.) He is, in short, acutely conscious of the political context of how to achieve radical judicial objectives.

In not promising to filibuster Alito, the Democrats AND the Republicans in Congress are signing the death warrant of Congress as an institution.

Polls show the American public is about evenly split on Alito, or leaning slightly in favor of him. They would be adamantly opposed if the Senate Democrats had come out early and vigorously against his anti-Constitutional positions and extreme judicial viewpoints. He's not a virgin. He's a known quantity and an important architect of the imperial Republican presidency.

He will say whatever he needs to say to make a Democratic filibuster seem like extremism, when he is the extremist who threatens the very foundation of our democracy and system of checks and balances.

The Democrats in the Senate have already made an enormous tactical mistake in once again deferring their courage until "the big show" gets under way. Everyone has seen this play before, just some of the lies and evasions change. And then the Dems will cave, and promise to fight the next nominee. It's deja vu all over again.

As for Alito's skill in doing the Senate hearings rope-a-dope, "Sam was the kind of person you want when the entire world is going to be flyspecking everything you write and challenging every construct you advance," a former colleague in the Reagan/Meese Justice Department said of the man the Democrats claim they will "pin down."

And to those Republicans who have started yelling every nominee should have an up or down vote, then why did the right wing sink the Harriet Miers nomination before it even got to a hearing room?

This isn't a theatrical production.

We're about to see the balance of powers guaranteed in our Constitution dismantled.

An election was stolen in 2000 by a 5-4 vote. It's about to get a lot worse.

Informant: Friends

Democratic Hearing on Domestic Surveillance, Illegal Spying

C-SPAN Coverage: Democratic Hearing on Domestic Surveillance

Friday, Jan. 20, 2006




1) If you don't have RealPlayer, get it here:

2) Run RealPlayer. From the "File" menu, select "Open Location". Copy this URL and paste into RealPlayer then click on "Open":

Informant: John Calvert


[ please forward widely ]

Today's NSA Hearing
No Limiting Principle To Bush's excesses
by John Conyers, Friday, Jan. 20, 2006
Let me know your thoughts and suggestions

Today's hearing on the domestic wiretap scandal was a true milestone. The witnesses were informed and articulate. The Members were excellent as well. Rawstory


has my opening statement, and all of the other statements from the hearing. We had good media coverage, with C-SPAN,


ABC Radio, and Radio Pacifica covering live, and numerous other broadcast, print and bloggers were there. AP


has a story, and I expect more to come.

Although we were again forced into the basement, all of American heard us today and they now know we will not be silenced while the Constitution is shredded.

One impression I came away with was how the witnesses all agreed that rather than improving the situation, the Administration's 42 page brief made things worse, as DOJ offered arguments that were not subject to any limiting principle to rein in the president at a time of unending war. In other words, not only are we being spied on, but we have a president who has laid out an ever deepening paper trail that he is above the law.

Let me offer the following brief observations from the hearing:

Bruce Fein

-- the implausibility of the president's claims are self evident

-- the principle of universal presidential power will lie around like a loaded gun, and if unchecked will be abused

James Bamford

-- Gave us a good history of FISA, the NSA was used by Nixon to wiretap Americans. The DOJ even investigated, but instead of prosecuting, FISA was enacted.

Jonathan Turley

-- Bush's actions constitute a clear crime

-- There is no limiting principle to the president's arguments

-- it is Congress' duty to protect the Constitution

Richard Hersh

-- Recounted how his peace activist group was investigated by DOD.

Carole Frederickson

-- discussed range of abuses by Bush, above and beyond secret spy program -- torture, enemy combatants, racial profiling, wiretapping lawyers, secret courts etc.

Kate Martin

-- explained how the wiretap program was not even an effective law enforcement tool.

-- Bush's actions violate FISA several different ways

Question and Answer

-- Rep. Nadler reminds us that Bush can be prosecuted even after he leaves office because of the lenthy statute of limitations

-- I asked the panelists what actions we should take. Fein says we should have hearings around the country. Turley says we must pursue all legal avenues. I also announced that I was sending a letter to various telecommunications companies asking them for information about the warrantless surveillance program.

-- Rep. Schiff asks the panelists to cast Bush's arguments in the best light, and they all still are wanting.

-- Rep. Van Hollen asks why we even consider laws like PATRIOT Act if Bush can just do what he wants. Tells us that just because the DOJ brief is longer the arguments aren't any better.

-- Rep. Scott asks about Levi guidelines and notes that FBI can investigate Americans with no evidence or suspicion of a crime.

-- Rep. Wexler asks Hersh about his group, which is mostly retirees, grandparents, and office workers.

-- Rep. Dianne Watson (a former ambassador) asks how we can advocate for freedom abroad if the president is above the law here.

If you get a chance, let me know your thoughts and suggestions about this critical issue.


Democrats Hold Hearing on Illegal Spying

By Congressman John Conyers Jr.

t r u t h o u t | Statement

Friday 20 January 2006

There can be no doubt that today we are in a constitutional crisis that threatens the system of checks and balances that has preserved our fundamental freedoms for more than 200 years. There is no better illustration of that crisis than the fact that the president is openly violating our nation's laws by authorizing the NSA to engage in warrantless surveillance of US citizens.

The Bush Administration offers two arguments to justify their actions. First, they assert, that warrantless searches were authorized by the Afghanistan use of force resolution. Second, they say, the Constitution permits and even mandates such actions. To this member and indeed to most of our nation's legal community, neither argument is remotely plausible or credible.

As for the Administration's claim of statutory authority, a plain reading of the text of the resolution reveals that there is no reference whatsoever to domestic surveillance. Former Majority Leader Daschle told us that the resolution was narrowed from the Administration's initial request to avoid such construction, and the Attorney General went so far as to admit that they were told by Members of Congress that it would be "difficult if not impossible" to amend the law to authorize such a program. As Harvard Law Professor Larry Tribe wrote me, "to argue that one couldn't have gotten congressional authorization ... after arguing that ... one did get congressional authorization ... takes some nerve."

In terms of inherent constitutional authority, this too flies in the face of both common sense and legal precedent. If the Supreme Court didn't let President Truman use this authority to take over the steel mills during the Korean War in 1952, and wouldn't let President Bush use the authority to indefinitely hold enemy combatants in 2005, it is quite obvious the constitution doesn't allow warrantless wiretapping of US citizens today. As Justice O'Connor wrote, "a state of war is not a blank check."

Perhaps what is most troubling of all is that if we let this domestic spying program continue, if we let this president convince us that we are at war, so he can do what he wants, we will allow to stand the principle that the president alone can decide what laws apply to him. I submit that is not only inconsistent with the principles upon which our Republic was founded, it denigrates the very freedom we have been fighting for since the tragic events of September 11. That is why we are holding today's hearing.


Informant: root

Judge John Deed: Silent Killer

Just thought the episode below may be worth watching,

regards to all

Anne R.

Episode 4 - Silent Killer
Friday 27th January 2006, 8.30pm,

Gilly Bridges and her husband Jake both have severe health problems - breathing difficulties and cancer respectively. They are convinced that their illnesses have been caused by a mobile phone mast erected above their flats and they are suing the local council. Deed hears the case.

He's also asked by the wife of a former minister in the Iraqi government to help her sue the British government. She blames their use of depleted uranium for the deaths of her family.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Emailing: gf_newman_interview

Below is a link to an interview with Gordon Frank Newman who is the writer of Judge John Deed.

In last week's episode there was a mention of how the mobile phone industry should reassess the security of phones so they could not be so easily stolen and how judges were limited to strict guidelines, subject to the power of the industry, concerning theft of phones and how they should deal with offenders.

It's quite an entertaining programme for it's controvertial subject matter,apart from which I like watching Martin Shaw !


The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Shortcut to:


Since Sandi first heard a welcome comment on masts in an earlier programme, it seems that all of these new episodes to date have mentioned something honest and forthright. In the last one, Judge Deed said something like "it is a shame that the phone instrustry has the Home Office completely in its pocket". So, whoever the writer is, he seems extremely well clued up - would be good if he taps into MastSanity!

The episode was about a young offender linked to a mobile phone theft who was jailed in the wrong kind of jail - 'in error' on purpose - so hard on him that he committed suicide - it showed how cruel and ineffective compulsory jail sentence for all cases of mobile phone theft was.

Best wishes



Below is a link to a page where we can all write a review of last night's episode of JUDGE JOHN DEED written by Gordon Frank Newman.

Please let's all click on the link and thank him for writing this important story.

Mr. Newman should be blessed for his alarmingly accurate and brilliantly researched tale of a couple who both have severe health problems - breathing difficulties and cancer respectively. They are convinced that their illnesses have been caused by a Tetra mast erected above their flats and they are suing the local council.

The episode covers the rise of Motor Neurone Disease and Cancer Clusters. The report of calcium disruption in the body, problems with cell changes and the resulting breaking through of the blood /brain barrier and various other side affects from cellular phones and base stations was heard.

The Judge saw several expert witnesses for and against. The Home office and mobile phone company tried hard to stop the case as they had invested so much money in the Tetra system.

One expert witness complained that the Tetra system has been rolled out despite warnings by Oxford professors of the possible dangers of using that frequency. Another expert witness was found to be on the advisory committee representing the phone companies. Another, an eminent neurologist, seemed very non-committal about the whole issue, thus reflecting the attitude of many in the health service.

Gerard Hyland's work was quoted and was thus given the platform it deserves on prime time TV reaching and educating the public. The out of date Stewart Report was also mentioned and that not enough epidemiological studies had been piloted. Barry Trower's report to the police federation was reported almost word for word and came across very powerfully.

In fact in summing up the Judge noted that there had been hardly any research done into Tetra, it was simply given the go ahead without any understanding of the effect it would have on people's health.

Those who played the victims of the mast were brave and spoke out strongly despite their failing health.

Martin Shaw's charisma brought an added sense of conviction to the argument because of his engaging manner and the fact that he spoke out about the injustice done to the victims. It was also pointed out that the case would go to appeal and that the defence should try living near a mast and see how they like it !

If only there was a Judge in existence like Judge John Deed.



Yes the programme was excellent but on just how many people will its messages be totally lost because they just think it's a complete work of fiction - like Dr Who?

How much difference would a message before and after the programme have made to say that all the info quoted from the reports is factual, but the names of the characters and organistations changed etc?




I have never tried to reply to one of these emails...I will try today. Because the subject of masts is so totally uninteresting to your average Sun reading Brit...I have been feeling the best way to inform the general public of the risks they pose is for the soaps to tie the problems caused by masts into one of their story lines. I was therefore thrilled and chilled to see the Judge John Deed programme...I am sure tons of people who would not take notice of articles in news papers would remember what they saw and take a more active interest in finding out more. Does anyone know anything more about the writers of the programme? the whole perspective was so supportive and especially clued up on the Home Office's role in the whole debacle and the various dirty tricks resorted to to keep the case from the courts...and any "scientific experts" being in the pocket of the mobile companies. The science angle could have done with some screening...but the message came over that people are getting sick and the safety of these things has not been established, and that Tetra masts are even more aggressive.

The last words of John Deed that anyone who would defend this technology should be invited to go and live under the base stations was perfect.

It was a brave start...and it was BBC1.

Perhaps whoever was involved with getting this on air could advise what to do next!

Ruth Gibbs


From Karen Barratt

If you go to the Judge John Deed website you can read more about G. Newman the writer. As I said in earlier messages this is not the first time the prog has shown the telecom ops / Govt as the bad guys. Newman is completely 'on message' but I don't know who's feeding him the info. I've talked to hundreds of people in the course of doing Mast Sanity (and Byron Ave) press. It's good when some of it gets through.


Eileen O'Connor
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 13:50:55 -0000
Subject: [Mast Network] JUDGE JOHN DEED

Did anyone record it?


Below is a link to a page where we can all write a review of last night's episode of JUDGE JOHN DEED written by Gordon Frank Newman.


Please let's all click on the link and thank him for writing this important story.

Mr. Newman should be blessed for his alarmingly accurate and brilliantly researched tale of a couple who both have severe health problems - breathing difficulties and cancer respectively. They are convinced that their illnesses have been caused by a Tetra mast erected above their flats and they are suing the local council.

The episode covers the rise of Motor Neurone Disease and Cancer Clusters. The report of calcium disruption in the body, problems with cell changes and the resulting breaking through of the blood /brain barrier and various other side affects from cellular phones and base stations was heard.

The Judge saw several expert witnesses for and against. The Home office and mobile phone company tried hard to stop the case as they had invested so much money in the Tetra system.

One expert witness complained that the Tetra system has been rolled out despite warnings by Oxford professors of the possible dangers of using that frequency. Another expert witness was found to be on the advisory committee representing the phone companies. Another, an eminent neurologist, seemed very non-committal about the whole issue, thus reflecting the attitude of many in the health service.

Gerard Hyland's work was quoted and was thus given the platform it deserves on prime time TV reaching and educating the public. The out of date Stewart Report was also mentioned and that not enough epidemiological studies had been piloted. Barry Trower's report to the police federation was reported almost word for word and came across very powerfully.

In fact in summing up the Judge noted that there had been hardly any research done into Tetra, it was simply given the go ahead without any understanding of the effect it would have on people's health.

Those who played the victims of the mast were brave and spoke out strongly despite their failing health.

Martin Shaw's charisma brought an added sense of conviction to the argument because of his engaging manner and the fact that he spoke out about the injustice done to the victims. It was also pointed out that the case would go to appeal and that the defence should try living near a mast and see how they like it !

If only there was a Judge in existence like Judge John Deed.


Please see enclosed the message I have sent to the BBC.

Thank you so much for showing last night's episode on phone masts on Judge John Deed.

It was spot on and extremely accurate, your researchers have done an excellent job.

I have been fighting for justice since developing breast cancer at the age of 38, after living 100 metres from a 22.5 metre T-mobile mast. I now live in a cancer cluster which is one of many throughout the world around phone masts.

It was good to hear the powerful words of ex-Government Military Scientist, Barry Trower spoken in the court drama. Barry was commissioned to write the report for the police federation on Tetra. He said "This Government, Some of the Government Scientists and this Industry will be held responsible for more deaths in peace time than any terrorist group in the world ever".

I was also so pleased to hear Dr Gerard Hyland's name at the end as he deserves all the credit in the world for standing up to the Industry. These are some of the men who will be remembered in History.

I cried at the end when Judge John Deed read the verdict, it brought back memories of one of our neighbours who sadly lost his battle and died age 51 from Motor Neurone disease. Let's hope we see that day of justice in the British courts.

Eileen O'Connor

Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust

Founder - SCRAM www.scram.uk.com


And not only that they picked a witness who sort of looked a bit like Barrie and certainly had his way of speaking... they'd def talked to him

It was a bit WAH!

I was presuming they were going to chuck al the fantastic evidence out but totally amazed when it won... blimey... its only a story BUT these things can have a big impact... the writer MUST be a mobile phone mast campaigner And all the anti govt stuff... cracking :>)




Same for mastsanity..... Over double our daily rate on Friday!! And the majoritiy of our visitors are new every day!!




It wasnt exactly Barry Trower word for word...cos they kept saying our brains pulse at 16 MEGA herz and the Tetra emission pulses at 17.6 MEGAherz whereas the two should be 16 and 17.6 herz....they seemed to think they were discussing microwaves whereas the aggressiveness of Tetra is due to its microwave radiation being "kinda"pulsed at an extremely low frequency (ELF) of 17.6 Hz...it is a shame Barry didnt proof read the script! These details were of no real importance...they would only repel some scientists, and people who work in the field of telecommunications, who already know the risks anyway.


Well I am still in shock after seeing this brilliant programme. The corrupt, seedy, underhand phone operators and home office, the brilliant expert witness, the excellent summing up by Deed. They even quoted Hyland! All the way through the episode I was waiting for the compliance with ICNIRP guidelines "get out" but it never came. Amazing. This has to be the single best ever piece of publicity for our cause. It would be interesting to find out how many people watched this episode.

John Elliott


Just been on the BBC "Points of View" Message board. There is a thread (probably from a phone operator) that needs a response from one of our experts. The message is as follows:

"I can't believe what I just seen on Judge John Deed. Normally I try and leave the room before it starts but this time I was a bit slow and heard the reference to the new Police secure comms. It seemed almost inevitable that a reference to base stations 'pulsing' would follow although I had a faint hope the BBC's research might be a little more thorough. But no, 'pulsing base stations' was the story. Tetra base stations DO NOT PULSE, even the most basic bit of serious research would have shown this was true and having the BBC encourage the scaremongers (generally with something to sell to protect against this 'pulsing') is VERY disappointing. As an area where I do have a little knowledge, to have the BBC get it completely wrong reinforces the feeling that the BBC is no longer a reliable source of information on anything. Also it is difficult enough to get sites for base stations without this unnecessary fear being induced. I'll say it again, Tetra base stations DO NOT pulse. If your researcher could advise where they picked up the information that they do pulse I would very much like to hear it".

There are a couple of supporting messages there as well. Can someone oblige with a suitable response?

John Elliott


Semantics! Airwave admits that Tetra base station emissions have an amplitude modulated component. Human brain waves are unable to discern the difference between 'pulsing' and 'amplitude modulation'. The effect is the same!

David Baron


From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 09:39:57 -0000
Subject: Operators complaining on BBC about Judge John Deed

Below is a link to a page where we can all write a review of Friday's episode of JUDGE JOHN DEED written by Gordon Frank Newman.

Please send in your reviews as the operators are complaining on to the BBC, we need to respond, see one of the messages below. I have written to the programme, but my comments haven't appeared on the list.



Would everyone like to add their comments to the general BBC message board under Judge john Deed and pulsing TETRA. I don't think the actual prog will take any more!

Sarah P



From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:39:53 -0000
To: Sarah Purdy
Subject: Judge John Deed - BAFTA?

Dear Sarah

We should all try get to get the Judge John Deed series 'silent killer' nominated for a BAFTA, which would give lots of airing to the arguments. Although I'm not sure how to do this, any ideas?

Don't forget to look at the book Brave New World of Zero Risk which is freely downloadable from


I would be grateful if all campaign websites could advertise this excellent book.

It has been published as a free download with the intention of starting a debate about the politicisation of science.



From: Candice Temple
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 10:39:36 -0000
To: Mike Purdy
Subject: RE: Judge John Deed - BAFTA?

Hi Sarah,

Well I spoke to BAFTA. Apparently for a TV production it has to be nominated by the producer or director. And it costs ?200. So the only route would be to lobby producer or director with the suggestion.

Chillingly the first thing I saw on the BAFTA web-site was this, all about the "Orange British Academy Film Awards".


As you know, they're everywhere, like a bad smell!




Judge John Deed: Exacting Justice BBC 1 Thu Feb 02 8:30 PM
(90 min., 2001, United Kingdom, Movie/Drama) The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments: Shortcut to: http://tinyurl.com/bppse

Deed presides over a case brought by a victim of motor neurone disease, who claims that her terrible illness was caused by the installation of a mobile phone mast on top of her apartment block.

SWEEP news 13

This is the 13th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin (Safe Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Policy). This newsletter serves as a roundup of what has been occurring on the EMF/EMR awareness and advocacy front in Canada. Please send me Canadian links and stories.

SWEEP is assisted by the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund of Niagara: we couldn't do this without your foresight and generous support. I’ll be working through a backlog of excellent material from the holidays over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.


First: Condolences to Gerry Higgins who lost his wife to cancer before the New Year. We're all thinking of you Gerry.

1.LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY DECIDES NOT TO HAVE UNIVERSAL WIRELESS COVERAGE. On the CBC noon show this week, Lakehead president Fred Gilbert explained how the university administration has no seen evidence that wireless technology is harmless to human health, therefore they will not be providing universal coverage.

2.MAGDA HAVAS INTERVIEW Magda will be speaking on Wisconsin public radio this coming Friday at 6pm Eastern time. The show can be accessed at www.wpr.org. More news soon about a television interview with Magda, a physician and some electromagnetically injured Canadians on a major Canadian TV network.

3. DAVE STETZER IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO. Dave Stetzer, a specialist in ‘dirty electricity’ and electromagnetic pollution will be giving a training session (just east of Toronto) on Mon Feb 13 for anyone interested in doing measurements. He will give a public lecture in Peterborough on Tuesday Feb 14 from 7 to 9 and another one on Tuesday Feb 21 from 7 to 9 in Toronto. More specific information to follow. See more about Dave at http://www.stetzerelectric.com

4.YORK REGION. From Richard Johnson York Region Report on the Environment:
See point 32 on the fact sheet re: EMFs

5.WEATHERALL RECEIVES RESPONSE FROM WHO. From Martin Weatherall I have recently received a reply letter from Dr. M. Repacholi, Coordinator, Radiation and Environmental Health, World Health Organization. This was in response to the letter of complaint that I sent dated November 10, 2005.

The letter stated - Dear Sir

Your letter to the Director-General of WHO has been passed on to me for reply.

WHO does not make any decisions on its own; this is done through the formation of expert groups on the topics under discussion, and they conduct a thorough review of scientific literature to reach their conclusions and recommendations.

This was the process used to reach conclusions about EMF hypersensitivity. The results of the workshop held in Prague in October 2004 are now reflected in the enclosed WHO Fact Sheet.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mike H. Repacholi

From Martin: The only good part of the document that I can find is the part under 'Physicians', where it states; This requires - an assessment of the workplace and home for factors that might contribute to the presented symptoms. This seems to be quite a change from the working document and it may be worth finding out the reason for that change. Of course we all know that physicians are highly unlikely to ever assess the home or the workplace of a EHS sufferer. Doctors are simply to busy and do not have the knowledge and equipment to search for the true cause of electro hypersensitivity. This change would have been more appropriate if it had appeared under 'Governments' and if they then provided realistic electromagnetic dangers to search for, and details of the equipment and knowledge required for that search..

It is obvious from the document that the WHO are 'barking up the wrong tree'. With the exception of Prof Olle Johansson, it seems that the 'experts' either do not realize what is really harming EHS sufferers, or they are deliberately protecting the financial interests of the telecommunications industry, the wireless industry and the electrical industry. They are failing to look for the real reasons why people are getting sick and developing cancer near to cell phone towers, near to transformers, near to transmission lines, from defective wireless equipment and from the effects of electricity polluted by high frequencies. In short, the World Health Organization is failing in its duties to the world population.

6.MORE ON CBC. From EMF Canada CBC News: Cell Phone Antennae Worry North York Neighbours .. TORONTO - The Leslie water tower is wearing a set of antennae... ... The aerials are for cell phone service and there are more planned. ...


CBC Toronto - Cell phone towers worry residents Cell phone towers worry residents. ... Dale Sutton is worried about the health risks of living close to a cellular phone transmission tower. ...


CBC News: Technology could extend cell phone coverage .. The ARS should help prevent a common source of frustration for cell phone users: calls ... Chunming Qiao said the ARS acts like a cell tower, but on a much smaller ...




Dear All,

Yet two papers have now been published:

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Alzheimer mortality - why does it increase so fast in sparsely populated areas?", Europ Biol Bioelectromag 2005; 1: 225-246

To access go to http://www.ebab.eu.com/, click on "Volume 1 Issue 3", click on the title of the paper, write "olle.johansson@ki.se" as e-mail address and "ollejo" as password.

9. NEW SITE. Submittes by Magda Havas I just found an amzaing site. They have verylittle information about EMFs and they are looking for other sites to add to their's. You have to add STOP, SWEEP and electricalpollution to this website. Articles are exceptionally well written. Check it out.



10.CHILDREN’S HEALTH AND EMF: Sue Fusco asked to have this communicated to anyone who is interested in developing a national child emf health policy.

Dear Dr. McKeown,

As the Toronto Medical Officer of Health, I thank you for dedicating your September /05 advisory to the report on Environmental Threats to children at:

I have had the opportunity to read Dr. Havas' comments below as well as your Sept /05 report and agree with Dr. Havas that the environmental exposures need to include EMF also. I wanted to know if you would be willing to review the concerns detailed in Dr. Havas' correspondence? I to would like to meet with you to discuss pursuing the best Preventative Measures for our children. I strongly encourage you to meet with Dr. Havas as she may further elaborate on the elements of the electrical pollution spectrum and how it applies and is present in a variety of different settings.

I have been committed to raising awareness of the concerns of electrical pollution to the public during the past 18 months through the work of our community group S.T.O.P. Stop Transmission Lines Over People was involved in a power line upgrade proposal with Hydro One. We lobbied all government levels for alternative methods of delivering power and more environmentally principles in power planning. More information can be found at www.stop-emf.ca . Our case includes an elementary school adjacent to the corridor and an existing residential community on the opposite side. The potential for long term exposure at home and school for children is an alarming and increasing trend which could have serious repercussions for the future.

I have continued to raise the current EMF concerns of our school site and schools in general with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health toxicologists for the Province, York Catholic School Board, York Region Health Services and the Ministry of Labour. Needless to say the issues I have raised as a Health and Safety concern on behalf of students and staff have been neglectfully disregarded. The School Board has been the worst offender and is failing to take into account the health and welfare of those involved in a responsible or timely fashion. Our group is still awaiting replies from the various Health Officials for recommendations.

I am a parent of this school (St. Monica CS) and have been an advocate for the children at this school; but without demanding attention to this matter and seeking intervention from outside health authorities I have little faith that these concerns will be given high regard promptly and effectively based on the responses to date by our Board.

The YCDSB declines to provide access for an independent EMF survey to be conducted. They took one EMF reading of the portable cables strung over the school yard and communicated it to the school community. There is a discrepancy with this reading . It is underestimated. I asked for board Representatives to join me in verifying it with similar instrumentation in my presence. My request continues to be dismissed . I have to question the credibility of the readings analyed of the hydro corridor also.

As a parent I feel my child's rights are being abandoned. All school Boards have a responsibility to provide a safe school environment and to fully disclose what readings have been taken and collected. This involves agreeing to a comprehensive, detailed EMF survey of indoor and outdoor locations. Including a lateral profile of the lines adjacent to the school which have been identified through the Ontario Power Authority consultation process to be incorrectly configured for typical Distribution voltage resulting in a much larger EMF field than normally expected/present because of the horizontal line placement. No one has taken responsibility in correcting this. There has been no accountability in rectifying this problem. We are attempting to meet with Town and Utility staff to rectify this.

I agree that the vulnerability of children is greater than adults to contaminants and EMF is a carcinogen that is emitted in schools and the environment and remains uncontrolled. School boards need to be ordered not to open schools in close proximity to lines or substations. By not developing a National policy such as the California Children's Electromagnetic Field Risk Reduction Act (1993) the quality of children's health will be continually compromised. This is totally unacceptable. Until prudent policies are developed and enforced by Health Canada the health effects you quoted such as asthma, leukemia, tumours, learning problems will continue to increase.The evidence Dr. Havas provided will lend a good understanding of the association being made and linked to these exposures and these diseases. We are a community with evidence of these conditions presenting themselves in our children. How many more cases around the country do we need to attribute to this before we take notice?

Premier McGuinty and Health Canada have been deficient in answering the public's appeals to assist also.

The Canadian Standards for EMF exposure are currently set at 833 mG. They should be reduced to the most protective level that being 2 mG to protect the public . Exposures in public settings should be strictly enforced so that the unassuming public is not placed at further increased risk. I agree our legislation is inadequate and there is a significant void in leadership in this respect.

Dr. Havas has clearly outlined the extent of the concerns to various facets of electrical pollution and how they relate to children's exposure. While we procrastinate we are doing irreversible harm on the immune systems of children & the public. There is great value in acting with precaution for our children's well being. I would love to hear of your interest in collaborating with York Region Health Services or other elected officials so that our City does come up with effective and appropriate measures that serves the public health well. We require more individuals such as yourself to initiate and follow through on the position you have proposed. I acknowledge Dr. Basrur, Dr. Havas and Dr. Helena Jaczek's attempts and efforts to raise the issue locally and with other officials.

I would be glad to assist by linking you with other citizens committed in acting as liasons to further distribute the much needed information to schools and establishing policies in schools that reflect an investment in protecting our children's future and health.

I would appreciate to hear any new news you may have. Citizens of Toronto, York Region and municpalites across the country have demonstrated that more protective action must be taken than what W.H.O. & Health Canada is providing. A more distinct position has to be taken that benefits the public rather than the Industry Culprits responsible for preventable exposure.

The lack of a National EMF Policy should be a prime public interest issue in this Federal election with all candidates regardless of Party name. These concerns were repeatedly raised by community and scientific representatives across Canada and Internationally. Other countries such as Sweden, Italy, UK, Spain, Australia, Germany, Austria, France,Finland, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland and certain U.S. states have risen to the occassion by addressing these concerns with updated legislation, ordinances or policies. I can provide you with a listing of notable International Precedents .

Canada hangs its hat on finding inconclusive proof and allowing the industry offenders to gain further momentum in practicing negligence. The existing research has been enough for other countries to heed and recognize the implications involved. Instead our government is not sharing this information through education programs. The information of the hazards is being suppresssed and directed by a politically induced uncertainty. EMF affects all Canadians at home, school, and work. Some more than others. Our children need and deserve this consideration.

Would you be committed to reviewing current research that Dr. Havas has conducted? Would you review the research by Dr. Draper, Dr. Anthony Miller, and Don Maisch and countless others that have lended their expert testimony on the subject? Dr. Havas can connect you with the experts in the field of EMF and has travelled the world to consult with other governments. It is scandalous that our government locally, provincially and Federally has not tapped into an important and knowledgeable resource.

I hope you do respond and look forward to your reply. I extend my assistance in sharing the wealth of references gained over the past year and a half of my experience to date.


Sue Fusco Director,
S.T.O.P. Committee

-- Dr. David Fancy
Department of Dramatic Arts
Brock University St. Catharines,
Canada L2S 3A1
tel: 905-688-5550 ext 3584
fax: 905-984-4861

US Spying on Bush Policy Dissenters

While the White House defended domestic surveillance as a safeguard against terrorism, a Florida peace activist and several Democrats in Congress accused the Bush administration on Friday of spying on Americans who disagree with President Bush's policies.



When we suggested the other day that we all mentally repeat "Alito is NOT a done deal," we had no idea so many of our participants were affirmation experts. We got so many wonderful suggestions we decided to have contest to find the best affirmation that there will in fact BE a filibuster of the evasive and dangerous Alito. At the page below you can enter our own proposed affirmation, or vote on the ones which have already been entered!


By now we all understand that the entire corporate media has conspired to sell us yet another lie, this one about our power to stop a stealth candidate with a lifelong agenda as a record from completing a reactionary takeover of our Supreme Court. We CAN stop Alito. Oh, yes we can. All we have to do is keep speaking out to our senators. Yesterday, Senator Durbin made it very clear, a filibuster is NOT off the table. They are just waiting for us to show them that we the people are ready to back them up and all the representatives we need will stand up WITH us.


Remember that at the main site above you can instantly look up all the phone and fax numbers of both your senators, right down to their local district offices. And all the toll free numbers are still working too, 888-355-3588, 888-818-6641 and 800-426-8073. Thousands and thousands of you were calling all day for the Filibuster Friday action. So let's make it a Filibuster Saturday, and Sunday and every day until we prevail as it is now clear we must and will.

Stay positive. Encourage everyone you know not only to call and email their senators through the action site, but with every word that passes our lips, with every word that is entered on a keyboard, let us affirm that we WILL win. It is that belief which will inspire the additional people to make it a reality. Enter and vote on your affirmations today!


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2005, Patent pending, All rights reserved

A Global Strike Plan, With a Nuclear Option


Informant: Carol Moore in DC

DAS deutsche Portal für Hilfsorganisationen



Interview mit Dr. Uwe Kullnick: "Die Angst beruht auf Fehlinformationen"




Volker Hartenstein, MdL a.D.



Wer ist Herr Kullnick?

H.Breunig (Niedersachsen)

Lieber Herr Hartenstein,

der Kommentar von Herrn Kullnick beweist mal wieder, dass er (Herr Kullnick) offensichtlich immer noch nicht in der Lage ist, Literatur richtig zu lesen. Mir drängt sich der Verdacht auf, dass er Probleme mit seinen Augen hat, dass er einige Zeilen oder ganze Abschnitte in Veröffentlichungen nicht erkennen kann. Nur als ein Beispiel: es gibt durchaus Veränderungen im EEG im eindeutig athermischen Bereich. Sicherlich will er mit dem zugegebenermaßen guten Design und Layout seiner Polemik protzen. Wissenschaftlich absolut NULL.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

L. von Klitzing (Schleswig-Holstein)

Sehr geehrter Herr Hartenstein,

ich fände es sehr nützlich anzuführen, wo Herr Dr. Kullnick seine Brötchen verdient:

Uwe Kullnick ist Leiter der Abteilung "Strategisches Marketing Elektromagnetische Felder" bei der Siemens AG. Zudem leitet der Biologe den Arbeitskreis "Mobilfunktechnik und Gesundheit" beim Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V. (BITKOM).


Das mag sein vehementes Engagement für den Mobilfunk erklären. Personen die so hemmungslos alle Risiken des Mobilfunks kleinreden werden selten, und sind daher für Industriebetriebe wie Siemens wertvoll.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Liebl (Bayern)




Volker Hartenstein, MdL a.D.


Sehr geehrter Herr von Klitzing,

da ich davon ausgehe, dass Siemens keine Schwachsinnigen einstellt, muß ich konstatieren, dass das gleich nicht für moralisch verworfene Subjekte gilt. Der Zweck heiligt nicht die Mittel. Das zur Kullnick-Präsentation. Es lässt sich nicht vermeiden, eine deutlichere Sprache zu sprechen als bisher.

Viele Grüße
Stefan Spaarmann

Sehr geehrter Herr Hartenstein,

es ist geradezu unglaublich, was dieser Dr. Kullnik da zusammenstellt und veröffentlicht. Es erfüllt den Straftatbestand der bewußten Irreführung der Öffentlickeit. Ich habe selbst Patienten erlebt, die durch Mobilfunk schwer krank geworden sind und die durch eine entsprechende Sanierung wieder gesund geworden sind. Dies steht in schreiendem Kontrast zu der Publikation von Dr. Kullnik, der sich den Anstrich seriöser Wissenschaftlichkeit zu geben versucht. Für wie dumm hält man auf der Seite der Mobilfunkvertreter den Rest der Menschheit eigentlich? Ich betrachte dieses Pamphlet als ein letztes verzweifeltes Aufbäumen ehe das über viele Jahre aufgebaute Lügengebäude zusammenstürzt.

Durch eigene Forschungen habe ich die wahre Natur der biologischen Störwirkung durch elektromagnetische Felder aller Art im Skalarwellenanteil in der elektromagnetischen Strahlung entdeckt, der nicht so sehr durch seine Energie,sondern durch die transportierte Information wirkt. Diese stört die interzelluläre Kommunikation im Körper. Diesen Infomationsanteil der Skalarwellen kann man löschen und so die biologischen Störwirkungen zum Verschwinden bringen. Ich praktiziere das mit Erfolg seit 2001 zum Wohle meiner Patienten und tausender Nutzer meiner Erfindung. Aber außer denen, die es selbst erlebt haben, scheint kaum jemand davon Notiz nehmen zu wollen. Dabei nutzen eine große Anzahl Erfinder genau dieselben Naturgesetze, die erstmals Nikola Tesla formuliert hat. Das ist die Tragik der Situation.

Im Licht dieser Erkenntisse und realer praktischer Erfahrungen wirkt die obige Arbeit von Dr. Kullnik völlig absurd. Dennoch finde ich es ausgezeichnet, Herr Hartenstein, dass auch solche Meldungen über Ihren Verteiler laufen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dietrich Grün

Warum psychiatrische Zwangsbehandlung Folter ist

Thema der Januar-Sendung des Dissidentenfunks am Donnerstag, den 26.1. um 16 Uhr ist: Warum psychiatrische Zwangsbehandlung Folter ist

Es geht um die Begründung dafür, dass psychiatrische Zwangsbehandlung zurecht als Folter bezeichnet wird, weil sie Folter ist.

Dazu haben wir zunächst ein Interview mit dem Direktor des Deutschen Instituts für Menschenrechte, Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt geführt. Danach vertiefen wir die Frage in einem Gespräch mit Prof. Wolf-Dieter Narr. In einem dritten Schritt stellen wir unsere Analyse in den Zusammenhang der aktuellen Diskussion über Folter. Am Ende gibt es noch ein aktuelles Interview.


Wir senden an jedem 2. und 4. Donnerstag im Monat von 16 bis 17 Uhr im Offenen Kanal Berlin UKW: 97,2 MHz (Kabel: 92,6), oder im Internet unter http://www.okb.de/radiostream.htm kann man den Livestream empfangen (mit dem Winamp Mediaplayer sollte das kein Problem sein).

Werner-Fuß-Zentrum, Scharnweberstr. 29, 10247 Berlin
http://www.antipsychiatrie.de und

1.8 times more acoustic neuroma after ten years mobile phone use was found


Again misinformation to the media

October 2005, Interphone researchers did not inform the public that 1.8 times more acoustic neuroma after ten years mobile phone use was found. Instead, they told the media that there is no heightened risk (Interphone study by M.J. Schoemaker, A.J. Swerdlow, S.J. Hepworth, P.A. McKinney, A. Ahlbom and others). Reuters forwarded the message to the world apparently without checking the report.

See: http://www.nature.com/bjc/journal/v93/n7/index.html (last item) and:

January 2006, they did not inform the public that significantly more glioma was found at the side of mobile phone use, and significantly less glioma was found at the non-side. They told the media that the participants did not remember the side they used, and that a pattern was not seen for handedness (Interphone study by S.J. Hepworth, M.J. Schoemaker, A.J. Swerdlow, P.A. MacKinney and others. Yes, the same researchers). Reuters forwarded the message without checking the truth: a person's preferred hand for holding a mobile phone cannot be predicted from knowledge of their hand dominance.

See: http://www.flinders.edu.au/speechpath/LINNETT_1.pdf and:

The researchers left out about 49% of the patients with glioma, because they died rapidly. They analysed the other patients, found no increased risk and concluded that the ones who died rapidly could not make a difference.

The researchers write, that radiofrequency fields emitted by mobile phones are thought to be unable to cause malignancies by damage to DNA. Well, that is the paradigma that should be left. Instead, the Interphone studies take it for granted, though it has been shown by many studies that DNA is damaged by electromagnetic fields (Lai and Singh (Verenigde Staten), Adlkofer (Reflex, EU), Zhengping Xu (China), Xu Xi Shan (Korea) and others).

The Interphone studies are funded by the EU, the Mobile Manufacturers Forum and the GSM Association. The United Kingdom studies are funded by the Department of Health and five netwerk operators.

The University of Leeds also received some financial support from five mobile network operators. One of the researchers has received funding from four mobile network operators before, for a feasibility study.

Research funded by network operators and mobile phone organisations tends to find nothing.

See: http://www.spiked-online.com/Articles/0000000CAE3A.htm and elsewhere.

The researchers say, their results are consistent with studies showing a lack of convincing and consistent evidence of any effect of exposure to radiofrequency field on risk of cancer. Who says so? 'Epidemiology of health effects of radiofrequency exposure' (A. Ahlbom, D. Swerdlow and others. Yes, they are authors of the Interphone acoustic neuroma study) and 'Health risks of electromagnetic fields' (M. Repacholi and others. Repacholi is the coordinator of the EMF-radiation project of the WHO. He is the one who discards all the research showing evidence). Studies who find associations between tumours and mobile phone use are called 'individual', a word used by Repacholi who calls effects of electromagnetic fields 'a myth'.

As usual, future studies will be able to address longer latency periods.


Here is the link to the press release (in German)


Regards, Frans

German Interphone study finds increased risk after ten years of mobile phone use

The Interphone study in Germany has found a double risk of glioma after more than ten years of mobile phone use. The group of long-term users was relatively small and part of them has been using the 450 MHz analogue system too. The elevated risk can be the result of a statistical deficiency or an unknown cause. Therefore a press release of Bielefeld University says, mobile phone use does not increase the risk of brain tumours. However, the elevated risk is remarkable, because it is most plausible in the group of long-term users, according to the press release.

Two Interphone studies in Great Britain found elevated risks of acoustic neuroma and glioma. In both cases press releases did not mention an elevated risk. The European Interphone studies are done in 13 countries. The studies are financed partially by the Mobile Manufacturer's Forum and the GSM Association. The German study was partially paid by the Mobilfunkforschungsprogramm of the Bundesregierung, two ministries and Mainz University. The German study was conducted by J. Schüz of the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, Denmarkt. He was also involved in the Danish Interphone study.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network



Microwaves and Insects

Alfonso Balmori

Climate change may bring more violent weather swings and sooner than experts had thought


Informant: NHNE

Will Bush Follow Britain & Spy on Members of Congress?








Europe's anti-GM Food Movement Grows

Poland's Prime Minister Pledges to Keep Country GM-Free Eastern

Keine Gentechnik auf Kirchenland, Herr Seehofer!


Die Proteste beginnen zu wirken. Bislang hatte sich der neue Agrarminister Seehofer als Gentechnik-Fan geoutet.


Kosten der Atommüllentsorgung auf den Tisch legen


Zu der Atomdebatte erklärt Hans-Josef Fell, energiepolitischer Sprecher: "Wir fordern die Bundesregierung auf, die Kosten der Atommüllentsorgung auf den Tisch zu legen ..."


Obwohl die deutschen Verbraucher keine Gentechnik in der Babynahrung wollen, will der neue Landwirtschaftsminister Horst Seehofer mehr Gentechnikanbau erlauben

Baby-Hipp blickt nach Österreich


Obwohl die deutschen Verbraucher keine Gentechnik in der Babynahrung wollen, will der neue Landwirtschaftsminister Horst Seehofer mehr Gentechnikanbau erlauben. Dagegen wehrt sich der Babynahrungshersteller Claus Hipp.


Die Welt ist erneuerbar

Die Welt ist erneuerbar Milliardenschäden durch Taifune in Ostasien, bislang unvorstellbare Verwüstungen durch mehrere Hurrikans in den USA, die Hitzewelle des letzten Frühsommers, dürrebedingte Ernteausfälle, ausgetrocknete Wasserläufe und schmelzende Alpengletscher zeigen: Die ökologische Weltkrise spitzt sich zu. Umweltschäden gefährden die Natur, bedrohen die Menschen und provozieren Wirtschaftsschäden. Die Ursachen sind die Erwärmung der Ökosphäre durch das Verbrennen von Kohle, Gas und Öl und deren Emissionen. Die Folgen stehen in keiner Energierechnung, aber wir alle müssen sie bezahlen.


Beurteilung des Mobilfunks: subjektive Risikokonzepte

Mobilfunk-Umfrage Uni Augsburg

Quelle: izgmf

Informant: Helmut Breunig


Kurzdarstellung der Ergebnisse einer Online-Umfrage zur Risikowahrnehmung des Mobilfunks

526 Personen haben an einer Online-Umfrage eines Teams der Philosophisch-Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität Augsburg zum Thema "Was denken Sie über die Wirkung der sog. "Handymasten"? teilgenommen. Ermittelt wurden unter anderem die Wahrnehmung des Mobilfunks durch die Befragten, die Glaubwürdigkeit von Informationsquellen zum Thema Funk und die Einschätzung von möglichen Gesundheitsbeeinträchtigungen. Eine Kurzdarstellung, die im Wesentlichen lediglich deskriptive Ergebnisse enthält, wurde nun veröffentlicht. Eine umfangreichere und theoriebezogene Publikation ist laut Studienleiterin Kerstin Wüstner in Vorbereitung.


Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 20.01.2006

Der Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V. (FGF), gehören alle deutschen Mobilfunkbetreiber an.

Taking a radio company to the High Court


Invisible Danger of Electromagnetic Fields


Microbeams may destroy cancer cells


World Scientists' Warning To Humanity



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Effects of cellular phone...
http://www.buergerwelle.de /pdf/effects_of_cellular_p hone_emissions_on_sperm_mo tility_in_rats.htm [...
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