T-Mobile walloped for 'dangerous driving' ad

T-Mobile UK has pulled an ad aimed at business users who want to stay connected on the move because it "condoned dangerous driving".

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 13 complaints from people concerned that the ad - which featured a woman driving a car with her glove box crammed full of office equipment - was "irresponsible".

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Beyond K Street


Hiding Behind The Troops


Why Alito is the wrong choice

San Francisco Chronicle
by staff


Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. was careful to avoid being too revealing at his Senate confirmation hearings, but he did answer the overriding question. He is the wrong choice to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the nation's highest court. In some ways, Alito's taciturn approach to questions about the great constitutional issues of our time was similar to that of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. But the distinction between the history of the two judges -- and the role of the justice they were nominated to replace -- are important. Of the two, Alito had far more explaining to do about his past, and his answers fell short of satisfying concerns about his record of advocating repeal of Roe vs. Wade, highlighting his membership in a Princeton alumni group with retrograde views of women and minorities and all too frequently siding with government and businesses against individuals seeking redress." [editor's note: And it is this last item that should be of concern to liberals, conservatives, progressives, libertarians and anyone else concerned with civil liberties: Alito is a big-government corporatist apologist, and that is why he should not be on the Court! - SAT]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Alito hearings: The Democrats' Katrina

Tom Paine
by Robert Parry


For a constitutional confrontation at least five years in the making, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee looked as prepared to confront Samuel Alito as FEMA chief Michael Brown did in responding to Hurricane Katrina. As with the hurricane that zeroed in on New Orleans days before coming ashore, there should have been no surprise about Judge Alito. He was exactly what the Republican base had long wanted in a Supreme Court nominee: a hard-line judicial ideologue with a pleasant demeanor and a soft-spoken style. Indeed, Alito has been such an unapologetic supporter of the right's beloved Imperial Presidency that Alito's one noteworthy assurance -- that George W. Bush was not 'above the law' -- was essentially meaningless because in Alito's view, Bush is the law. Yet the Democrats were incapable of making an issue out of Alito's embrace of the 'unitary executive,' a concept so radical that it effectively eliminates the checks and balances that the founding fathers devised to protect against an out-of-control president...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hey mainstream media!

Common Dreams
by Andrew Bard Schmookler


Eight years ago, a president entering his sixth year in office came under suspicion: had he conducted an adulterous affair with a young intern? For months thereafter, the media could talk of little else. It was the national topic of conversation for most of that year. The House eventually impeached the president, and the Senate tried him. Now again, a president entering his sixth year in office has come under suspicion: has he deliberately and unjustifiably violated both the Constitution and federal statutes by conducting searches without a warrant? But this suspicion is not getting anything like the kind of media attention of the Monica Lewinsky story. Why is that? ... What could be more important than to know whether the great achievement of our Founding Fathers is being dismantled? But one would hardly know anything of such vital importance was at stake from watching how our mainstream media are dealing with this possible constitutional crisis. What Master Is the Media Serving?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's warrantless spying

Mother Jones
by Elizabeth de la Vega


"You don't have to be a constitutional scholar to know that Bush's legal justifications are weak. You merely have to consider the administration's duplicitous conduct. The Bush team has deliberately concealed this program, not only from the public and Congress, but, most damning of all, from the very agency that is responsible for executing the laws of this country: the Department of Justice (DOJ). It has been widely reported that even Bush appointees, such as former Assistant Attorney General James B. Comey, and possibly former Attorney General John Ashcroft, objected to the NSA's wide-ranging warrantless spying. ... Bush and his coterie knew that their legal arguments were weak and intellectually dishonest, if not ludicrous, so rather than making their case honestly, even to their own people, they avoided dissent by acting in secret and affirmatively misleading the entire country...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The lobbyist scandals

Cato Institute
by David Boaz


When you spread food out on a picnic table, you can expect ants. When you put $3 trillion on the table, you can expect special interests, lobbyists and pork-barrel politicians. That's the real lesson of the Abramoff scandal. Jack Abramoff may have been the sleaziest of the Washington lobbyists but he's not unique. As the federal government accumulates more money and more power, it draws more lobbyists like honey draws flies. People invest money to make money. In a free economy they invest in building homes and factories, inventing new products, finding oil, and other economic activities. That kind of investment benefits us all -- it's a positive-sum game, as economists say. People get rich by producing what other people want. But you can also invest in Washington...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Gore channels Taft

by Justin Raimondo


Gore's jeremiad against the neo-authoritarians is an encouraging sign that liberals are waking up to a threat they did much to make possible. I particularly admire his honesty in admitting that both parties have their share of the blame. What I find most hopeful is the very rare spectacle of a politician openly undergoing a radical shift in his beliefs. Is it possible that the Left is moving in a more explicitly libertarian direction? If even Al Gore, who served as part of an administration that insisted on its 'right' to carry out virtually warrantless electronic surveillance -- and that once illegally procured over 400 FBI files on officials who served in previous administrations, is now denouncing similar albeit more radical intrusions as impermissible, then the answer is undoubtedly yes...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Politicians ponder where to draw lobbying line

Fox News


The extent of high-dollar lobbyist Jack Abramoff's criminal behavior might become the biggest congressional scandal in decades, but to clear the air lawmakers in Washington must first grapple with the slippery equation that includes lobbying, politicians, money and legislation. The root problem, analysts say, is that the political process is being corrupted by money linked to lobbying -- not a new problem by any means, but a pervasive one that further erodes public trust in the legislative system. And even when rules seek to strike a balance between what should and should not be allowed in the lobbyist-lawmaker relationship, not everyone is going to follow them, added congressional scholar Norm Ornstein, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hillary: House run like "plantation"

San Francisco Chronicle


Sen. Hillary Clinton on Monday blasted the Bush administration as 'one of the worst' in U.S. history and compared the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to a plantation where dissenting voices are squelched. Speaking during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event, Clinton also offered an apology to a group of Hurricane Katrina survivors 'on behalf of a government that left you behind, that turned its back on you.' Her remarks were met with thunderous applause by a mostly black audience at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem. The House 'has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about,' said Clinton, D-N.Y. 'It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

UK: Peers throw out "glorifying terror" law

Independent [UK]


Peers have dealt a devastating blow to the Government's proposed anti-terror laws, throwing out plans to create a new offence of 'glorifying' terrorism. The House of Lords set the scene for a fresh showdown in the Commons after they voted to remove the offence by 270 to 144, a majority of 126. Tony Blair's majority was cut to just one in the Commons last year when he narrowly thwarted a backbench attempt to block the planned offence. Yesterday, peers backed the former law lord Lord Lloyd of Berwick who condemned the measure as 'unworkable.' He told the Lords: 'We are creating a new criminal offence in this section which should not be on the statute book.' Peers lined up to attack the proposed offence, claiming it was unnecessary and could erode free speech...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

House GOP leaders unveil new ethics plan

Indianapolis Star


House Speaker Dennis Hastert urged new restrictions on gifts from lobbyists Tuesday, responding to a scandal that already has claimed two Republican leaders and raised GOP fears about this year's elections. Hastert, confronting a political crisis spawned by the Jack Abramoff scandal, promoted legislation that would end the practices of lobbyists footing the bill for lunches or arranging lavish 'fact-finding' trips for members of Congress to warm-weather resorts...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Orange coshed

By Justin Dunn

The Wirral Globe 18.01.06

A MASS protest has been held outside a church which still has a mobile phone mast hidden in its belltower.

Scores of people descended on Manor Church Centre in Wallasey on Sunday as services took place inside.

The protestors - made up of local residents, politicians from both Labour and the Conservatives, and local schoolchildren and their parents - are furious that mobile giant Orange was allowed to bypass normal planning laws to install a mast in the church using an "ecclesiastical exemption" loophole.

The church itself - initially supportive of the mast because it receives £6,000 a year from the company - now wants it removed.

It even took the dramatic step of changing the locks so that Orange could not gain access to its own equipment. But when lawyers stepped in they were forced to allow the firm back inside the bulding.

The mast - installed to help transmission of new so-called 3G technology - has not yet been switched on.

And local campaigner Dr Tom Bolton told the Globe: "We will fight on and on to make sure it never is turned on.

"It beggars belief that the thing was ever installed in the first place and Orange simply has to remove it.

"The church has a children's day centre just yards away from the transmitter and we can only imagine what harm that could do if it was ever actually activated.

"We are not going to go away on this - everybody is in it for the long haul."

The protest attracted interest from Granada TV, who included it in their weekend news bulletins.

2002 Memo Doubted Niger Uranium Sale Claim

A high-level intelligence assessment by the Bush administration concluded in early 2002 that the sale of uranium from Niger to Iraq was "unlikely" because of a host of economic, diplomatic and logistical obstacles, according to a secret memo that was recently declassified by the State Department.


The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America

There is a bit of painful humor that I've heard from black schoolteachers who grew up during the era of the integration movement and have subsequently seen its goals abandoned and its early victories reversed, writes Jonathan Kozol. If you want to see a really segregated school in the United States today, start by looking for a school that's named for Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks.


Strange Bedfellows v. Bush and Cheney

Michael Scherer writes: Civil liberties attorneys have been searching for the picture-perfect plaintiffs to challenge President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program. The dilemma they faced was obvious: the only known targets of the secret spying are suspected or convicted terrorists, hardly the most politically palatable victims of government abuse. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union revealed its solution to this problem in a spectacular fashion. It filed suit against the National Security Agency with a collection of litigants that reads like the guest list of an Arianna Huffington dinner party.


Spying on Ordinary Americans

Illegal eavesdropping swept up vast quantities of Americans' private communications without any reasonable belief that they could be related to terrorism. The National Security Agency flooded the Federal Bureau of Investigation with thousands of names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and other tips that virtually all led to dead ends or to innocent Americans.


White House Refuses to Reveal Details of Abramoff Meetings

Abramoff had "a few staff-level meetings" at the Bush White House, presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday. But he would not say with whom Abramoff met, which interests he was representing, or how he got access to the White House.


Zahl der Armen in Deutschland möglicherweise doppelt so hoch wie bekannt

"Mindestens 1,8 Millionen mehr": Zahl der Armen in Deutschland möglicherweise doppelt so hoch wie bekannt (18.01.06)

Mindestens 1,8 Millionen arme Menschen in Deutschland leben nach einer Studie ohne staatliche Hilfe, obwohl sie Anspruch darauf hätten. Die verdeckte Armut in Deutschland erreiche damit fast die Größenordnung der statistisch erfassten und bekämpften, bilanzierte die Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, die die Studie der Frankfurter Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Richard Hauser und Irene Becker gefördert hat. Im Jahre 2003 kamen nach Analyse der Forscher auf drei Empfänger von Sozialhilfe als Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt "mindestens zwei, eher drei Berechtigte", die sich nicht bei den Behörden meldeten. Das entsprach 1,8 bis 2,8 Millionen Menschen - 2,8 Millionen Menschen erhalten in Deutschland staatliche Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

"Gravierende Mängel" bei Telefonbefragung Arbeitsloser kritisiert

Datenschutz: "Gravierende Mängel" bei Telefonbefragung Arbeitsloser kritisiert (18.01.06)

Arbeitslosen-Initiativen haben die begonnene telefonische Befragung von Empfängern von Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II) scharf kritisiert. Das Verfahren verstoße immer noch gegen datenschutzrechtliche Grundsätze und sei illegal, so die Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Erwerbslosen- und Sozialhilfeinitiativen. Auch der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte sagte gegenüber ngo-online, das in der letzten Woche vorgelegte Muster-Informationsschreiben weise "noch gravierende Mängel auf", so Sprecherin Ira von Wahl. Die Datenschützer forderten insbesondere, ausdrücklich auf die Freiwilligkeit der Teilnahme hinzuweisen und sicherzustellen, dass Arbeitslose und Anrufer sich gegenseitig sicher identifizieren können.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Bomben auf den Iran?

Georg Meggle

Gedanken zum Iran-Krieg.

"Die Rache Gaias": Liegt der Planet bereits im Fieber?

James Lovelock, Vater der "Gaia-Hypothese", ist in seinem neuesten Buch sehr pessimistisch.


Kabinett will einfachere Freisetzung genmanipulierter Organismen

"Formulierungshilfe": Kabinett will einfachere Freisetzung genmanipulierter Organismen (18.01.06)

Die Bundesregierung will offenbar die Freisetzung gentechnisch veränderter Organismen erleichtern. Dazu beschloss das Bundeskabinett am Mittwoch eine so genannte "Formulierungshilfe für ein Drittes Gesetz zur Änderung des Gentechnikgesetzes", die den Bundestags-Fraktionen "eine schnellere Gesetzeserarbeitung ermöglichen" solle. Die Bundesregierung macht für ihre Initiative die EU verantwortlich: Regierungssprecher Ulrich Wilhelm sagte, bei Nichtumsetzung der EU-Vorgaben drohe ein Zwangsgeld noch in diesem Jahr. Die Umweltschutzorganisation Greenpeace kritisiert, dass mit dem Gentechnik-Gesetz verhindert werden solle, "dass Gentechnik-Skandale publik gemacht werden können". Außerdem verstoße die Bundesregierung mit dem Gesetz gegen die EU-Richtlinie.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Demand Aggressive Reform: Sign the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act Petition


Confounders: the more they throw out, the "better our case"

From: JCMPelican@aol.com
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 13:04:40 EST
To: Olle Johansson

Dear Olle: My email response was too rushed and you obviously know what I continue to say re inflammation and all.

Robert has experienced many of the problems within his family that I have experienced. It is often difficult, as you know only too well, but all efforts whether blaming statins, chocolate, coffee, too much exercise, not enough exercise, fast foods, medications other than statins, too many supplements, too much sun, etc., etc. ALL play into "our bottom line....!!!"

It sure is a great feeling to be on the "side of truth......!" Joanne

Re: Fw: SMILE!
From: Robert Riedlinger
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 09:55:55 -0800
To: JCMPelican@aol.com

I talked with my sister in Alberta and she told me there was a news item on powerline ELF and the harmful effects.She said it showed a guy with instruments metering different areas and there was mention of EMF causing leukemia etc. It was on Global TV. I missed it darn. If got my sister thinking .She called me the next morning telling me how right I have been the truth is gradually seeping out

----- Original Message -----
From: JCMPelican@aol.com
To: r_riedlin@telus.net

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: SMILE!

Dear Robert: You are "exactly right!!!" The government is having news media announce this and that is dangerous because there is some truth in everything. WE just keep on"making lemonade!!!!"

I believe strongly too that one of the reasons we hear one day don't drink coffee and a month later coffee is the greatest. Same w/ chocolate...... lots of other things as you are saying whether food or in the case ofthe boy w/jerking movements. I will send another comment in a separate email re that if I remember.

They are "not going to win" because inflammation is responsible for promoting cellular changes regardless of the cause (short version of explanation). We can admit and say, "yes, it is true that too much of this or that is not good......because "everything that stresses promotes inflammation. We can let each person have a little say about their particular subject they are blaming BUT, the evidence is "indisputable" that low does radiation whether ionizing or nonionizing, causes inflammation."

What I am rushing (sorry always the case) to say is that no matter what any "confounders are," we can add "yes," and that is the reason for concern about electric appliances, electrical wiring, cell antennae and other telecommunications' pollution, high voltage powerlines, etc. -- the "bottom line is....." EMF/EMR multiplies the effects of any other substance that stresses the immune system therefor promoting inflammation that is the beginning of the precancerous process.

We are not trying to "twist the truth," WE are TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH. They can't and WON'T WIN because they are being dishonest and throwing out to the media "half truths to broadcast to the world" but WE KNOW how to tell the world WHY chronic, prolonged exposures [This will be explained in detail in book by Olle, Marjorie and me "Inflammation and EMF/EMR. The statements re inflammation are "the bottom line" they can't "squirm out of.".] -- chronic exposures whether "excess of anything" or "eating or taking this or that" -- basically anything that stresses a person, promotes inflammation. We can already prove EMF/EMR promotes inflammation and it isa well-known fact that low dose, ionizing radiation promotes inflammation.

"THEY are frantically running in circles!!!" "THEY are running into themselves!!!" "THEY WON'T WIN!!!"

The "fight as you know" can be devastating at times promoting encouragement one day only to fall into depression the next. Light is at the end of the tunnel for all to see and the lights we are holding get brighter each day in spite of an "occasional flicker......" Have a great day and take care!!! Joanne [1-17-06]

Plugged in


Aktion zur Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk


The Forgotten Wounded of Iraq

Ron Kovic writes: "Thirty-eight years ago, on Jan. 20, 1968, I was shot and paralyzed from my mid-chest down during my second tour of duty in Vietnam. As I now contemplate another January 20th I cannot help but think of the young men and women who have been wounded in the war in Iraq. They have been coming home now for almost three years, flooding Walter Reed, Bethesda, Brooke Army Medical Center and veterans hospitals all across the country."


Headaches in Sweden, films and recent stuff


Iris: "Yes," it is extremely important to consider effects from cellular exposures, but to do that alone, without including information as to numbers of persons who are also sleeping close to electrical appliances/device, electric meters and/or who have high frequencies riding on their electrical wiring and possible problems due to improper grounding, etc., the results of such an epidemiological study would potentially overlook even more problematic exposures.

While persons obviously are sleeping in bedrooms that may very well be polluted by RF and unnatural frequencies emanating from telecommunications antennae as well as high voltage powerlines, etc., and such exposures may be responsible for many symptoms of ES/EHS, such a study, by itself, with a focus on cellular issues would, in my "non-expert opinion," have the potential of diverting attention away from the likelihood that many such persons are perhaps being even more directly and possibly even more seriously affected by the unhealthy EMF/EMR environment immediately surrounding their beds.

As I often point out, this does not in any way mean to imply that cellular antennae, transmission lines, etc. are not associated with the numerous symptoms of ES/EHS but rather, it is "imperative" that nighttime exposures re "close proximity and chronic, prolonged exposures," be evaluated whether epidemiological studies or laboratory studies re cellular issues, powerlines, etc.

A much clearer picture will evolve as to "levels of toxicity" when such considerations are made, I believe......... Take care and thanks for pointing out that EMF/EMR continues to be left out of these increasing studies re "the decline of the human and animal health!!!" Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: jcmpelican@aol.com [1-18-06]

"No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakens into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted for the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

Not only does God definitely play dice, but He sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can't be seen....the universe does not behave according to our pre-conceived ideas.....it continues to surprise us....the future of the universe is not completely determined by the laws of science, and its present state, as Laplace thought......God still has a few tricks up His sleeve....Prof. Stephen Hawking

A study detects damages by radiation of antennas


Calls for the truth about mobile phone masts




The Microwave Syndrome


Blood test a 'marker' for electrosensitivity?


Seniles also in Israel: the cellular grows a senile generation


Cellphones make you senile, study suggests


TOP SECRET Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


Letter to Michael Milligan Secretary General of Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF)


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity prevalence in the USA


Islamists gain ground from American push for Mideast democracy


War's Stunning Price Tag: why were the costs so vastly underestimated?


American who advised Pentagon says he wrote for magazine that found forged Niger documents


The present radiofrequency limit of 1mW/sq.cm is likely to be harmful to many people


Cheney will Ask Mubarak for Egyptian Troops for Iraq


Cheney and Netanyahu Pushing For War Against Syria


Chinese Detainees' Lawyers Will Take Case to High Court


Presidential Dismantling of the Constitution


Had the Pentagon four of the 9/11 hijackers under its surveillance in December of 2000?


In reality America no longer has two major political parties—the Democrats and the Republicans


ACLU v. NSA Lawsuit Seeks End to Bush's Illegal Spying


The end of independent science in Australia: Senate speech by Lyn Allison


European Committee on Radiation Risk


Prohibitions of cell sites for residential areas


New Jersey Suspends Death Penalty


With Alito Hearings, Dems Find Another Way to Blow It


Globalizing Martin Luther King's Legacy


Bush Seeks His Enemies' Help in Iraq


Cross pollination of information very important


Hyperactivity computer games link


Mining for Kids: Children Can't "Opt Out" of Pentagon Recruitment Database


Big Brother In Your Holster


Groups File Lawsuits Over Federal Eavesdropping


Women's Anti-War Position Circles the Globe


How to bet on war with Iran


Spy Agency Data After Sept. 11 Led F.B.I. to Dead Ends


Did a Secret Military Experiment Cause the 2003 Blackout?


The Hum


Non-proliferation expert blames US for impasse with Iran


Murtha and the Mudslingers


Iraq's Oil Shock






Datenschützer kritisieren Werbeoffensive der RFID-Industrie


Irish Medical Council wants monitoring of [Irish] doctors


Courts give owners more rights over phone towers


WHO continues to encourage the active participation


To All People concerned about American Wars Worldwide


The Chemtrail Smoking Gun: Proof of Global Geoengineering Projects


The New Zealots for Democracy

Daniel Vernet argues that democracy should not be confused with its many imitators and impersonators.


What noncompliance?


From Information Clearing House

US senators say military strike on Iran must be option

Republican and Democratic senators said on Sunday the United States may ultimately have to undertake a military strike to deter Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, but that should be the last resort.


From Information Clearing House

Shocking War Admission From Colin Powell

In a candid interview just hours ago, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell talks about mistakes made in the decision to go to war with Iraq. "We were wrong," Powell says.


From Information Clearing House

Whaling Protest: Greenpeacer Knocked Overboard, Sea Shepherd out of Fuel

A Greenpeace activist was dragged into the sea by a Japanese whaler's harpoon line late Saturday, the group says. The Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, has been chasing the Japanese whaling fleet in tandem with the Sea Shepherd vessel Farley Mowat, to prevent the Japanese whalers from killing whales in the Antarctic Sanctuary.


Remember Afghanistan? Insurgency on the Rise

At least 20 people died in a suicide attack in Afghanistan when a motorcyclist detonated his explosives-packed vest. In a separate strike, five Afghan soldiers were killed when a 15-year-old suicide bomber threw himself in front of their convoy. On Sunday, a Canadian diplomat was among three victims of a similar blast. It was the bloodiest 48 hours in what is turning into the most violent month in Afghanistan since the country was "liberated" during the US-led invasion in October 2001.


Gore, White House Trade Jabs

The White House responded today to former Vice President Al Gore's call for a special council to review the legality of the NSA wiretapping program. Al Gore immediately responded.


What Are They Doing With All Our Data?


Informant: William K. Dobbs

From ufpj-news

ACLU Sues to Stop Illegal Spying on Americans, Saying President Is Not Above the Law


US 'at the verge of dictatorship'


Does the President Really Know Best?


Another Bush Aggression?

Another Undeclared War?

Patrick J. Buchanan on the war party's planned attack on Iran.

Government Debt: it serves absolutely no useful purpose

Article by Robert Murphy.

The Myth of Democratic Peace

See the US, for example. Article by Leon Hadar.

Gore Censored by the "liberal press"

Gore Is Right
Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

The American empire is bust


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Bracing the world for the day when the oil runs out


Informant: NHNE



Informant: NHNE

Experts investigating biological effects of cell phone radiation



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