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Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iraq air war: Where's the coverage?

Mother Jones
by Tom Engelhardt


The American media's record on coverage of the air campaign against the Iraqi insurgency since Baghdad was taken in early April 2003 has been dismal in the extreme. Our military has regularly loosed its planes in "targeted" attacks on guerrillas in Iraq's heavily populated urban areas (where much of the fighting has taken place), sometimes, as in largely Shiite Najaf and largely Sunni Falluja in 2004, destroying whole sections of major cities, in part from the air. Despite this, American reporters in Iraq have essentially refused to look up, or even to acknowledge the planes, predator drones, and low-flying helicopters passing daily overhead...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Syria in their sights

The American Conservative
by Robert Dreyfuss

It's happening again. It all sounds depressingly familiar, and it is. The Bush administration accuses the leader of a major Arab country of supporting terrorism and harboring weapons of mass destruction. The stable of neoconservative pundits begins beating the drums of war. American forces begin massing on the country's border, amid ominous talk of cross-border attacks. Top U.S. officials warn that American patience with the country's leader is running out, and the United States imposes economic sanctions unilaterally. There are threats about taking the whole thing to the United Nations Security Council. And, in Washington, an exile leader with questionable credentials begins making the rounds of official Washington and finds doors springing open at the Pentagon, the National Security Council, and at Elizabeth Cheney's shop at the State Department. This time it is Syria... (for publication 01/16/06)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Jailed "no-fly" victim hires legal team

Mississauga News


Sami Kahil said he has hired a legal team that includes a high profile immigration and refugee lawyer to clear his name. Kahil was detained in Ixtapa, Mexico, last week in what he and his family claim was a case of mistaken identity. And, Amnesty International spokesperson John Tackaberry says Amnesty's Canadian Secretary General, Alex Neve, will meet with Kahil next week. 'Mr. Kahil's case raises a number of serious concerns about the Canadian government's involvement and the U.S. no-fly list,' he said. ... Kahil said he and his wife lost $5,000 they spent for an all-inclusive trip to Ixtapa. His wife and two young sons were sent home after hitting the tarmac in Ixtapa, while Kahil was held overnight in a Mexican detention centre after his name appeared on an American 'no-fly' list. 'If that was really me on that list, why am I back home? Why am I not being detained for questioning by the Americans,' he said. 'If it really was me on that list, I wouldn't be here. They ruined me. They ruined my name.' When Kahil travelled to the U.S. in the past using his Canadian passport, he encountered no problems. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security maintains this wasn't a case of mistaken identity, even though they didn't detain Kahil or charge him with an offence...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

RSF kicks off online freedom campaign

Australian IT News


An international journalism group has called on bloggers and web users to support its push to guarantee free speech online. Reporters Without Borders, (Reporters Sans Frontieres, or RSF) has issued a call for web companies to respect freedom of speech online when operating in 'oppressive' countries. Targeted mainly at US tech companies, it suggests ways of preventing countries from blocking free speech online. RSF has called on bloggers and other net users to get behind the push by signing an online petition.


The proposal includes laws banning US companies from hosting email servers in an 'oppressive' country in order to force those regimes wanting user email details to get them from the US, where requests would be subject to US judicial scrutiny...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Bush administration has opened nearly half a million acres of federal land in northeastern Alaska to oil drilling

AK: New area opened to drilling


The Bush administration has opened nearly half a million acres of federal land in northeastern Alaska to oil drilling -- a move blasted by environmentalists but praised by industry, which notes the area is in a long-designated petroleum reserve. The Interior Department on Wednesday said it would allow oil development in virtually all of the wetlands surrounding Lake Teshekpuk in the northeast corner of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Two lawmakers could face charges in Abramoff probe



Up to a half dozen people, including two members of Congress, could face charges after high-powered lobbyist Jack Abramoff's plea deal with the Justice Department, sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN. Abramoff has been cooperating with Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents for several months in their investigation of his dealings, including his allegations of exchanging gifts for political favors...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Meek, Mild and Menacing

Sidney Blumenthal writes that Samuel Alito's Willy Loman facade conceals seething resentments - and a dangerous belief in unbridled presidential power.


The Bush Who Cried Wolf

by Robert Dreyfuss, TomPaine.com

By lying about Saddam's WMDs, the U.S. lost the credibility it now needs to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions.


Report on the International Conference: ‘Mobile Communications and Health: Medical, Biological and Social Problems’

Report on the International Conference: ‘Mobile Communications and Health: Medical, Biological and Social Problems’, Sept 20-22, 2004, Moscow, Russia

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 19:53:48 -0000
Subject: Russian conference reported by Don Maisch

I am forwarding this interesting report by Don Maisch (may be some of your readers would be interested) about the conference in Russia 2004, concerning EMF and children. It is interesting how the main focus of the discussion which was about EMF and children was not reported in the final statement (even though the Russians insisted).



Dr Stelios A Zinelis
12 Jan 2006


EU draft on EMF on Human Health

Phone mast bid opposed

Councillors have opposed plans for a 15m mobile phone mast in Wem, despite reassurances there were no health risks.

Town councillors said they were concerned about the effect on the health of youngsters playing near the proposed site of Hutchison 3G’s proposed new base station.

The company wants to put up the structure to expand coverage of the new 3G technology at Wem Business Park.

At yesterday’s special town council meeting, regional corporate affairs manager Verity Stanford gave a detailed presentation about why the development should be allowed.

She said 3G had looked at other sites in the area, including sharing with Orange, but felt the one proposed was the most suitable.

Ms Stanford said the radiation or energy from the structure would not be a risk and was within guidelines.

Omega this is not true. See under:

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/771911/

But councillors decided to write to the district council with concerns over potential health risks, noise and the base station being visually intrusive.

Meanwhile, mobile phone giant O2 today vowed to fight on in a bid to install a controversial 40ft mast in a residential area of Shrewsbury, despite opposition.

Bosses at the communications firm today said they were surprised the application for a 40ft lamp-post style antenna near the Column roundabout was refused by councillors following a string of objections from angry householders.

Jim Stevenson, spokesman for O2, said the company would resume talks with Shrewsbury planning chiefs in a bid to ease fears.

The full versions of these articles appear in some editions of tonight’s Shropshire Star


Republican Foxes Guarding the Henhouse?

Tom DeLay's "hammering" days have come to an end, as he has been pressured out of Republican Leadership for good. But why now? Was it the revelation of some new action or behavior that took his corruption to new heights? Was it a spontaneous, collective crisis of the conscience for Republicans in the House?

No, it was the plea bargain of Jack Abramoff, the Republican super-lobbyist known as "Director of Travel for DeLay, Inc." DeLay didn't get pressured out for what he did. He got pressured out because he got caught. And yet suddenly we hear Republicans far and wide crowing for reform.

Help us set the record straight on this hypocrisy. Democrats would never run the House this way, with Americans' health care, energy policy, and everything else on the auction block. For too long Republicans have squashed real Democratic solutions in deference to the GOP's special interest donors, and Democrats will not simply allow the Republicans propaganda machine to re-write history.

We've compiled the record of every Republican on ethics, and I'm asking you to write to your local newspaper to remind them of what your state's Republicans have been up to since the last election:

Write a Letter to Your Hometown Newspaper on Republican Ethics Hypocrisy.


It's of vital importance to make sure the media doesn't get swept up in Republican propaganda.

After years and years of riding Tom DeLay's gravy train, voting as he told them, and bending over backwards to protect him, they say they've suddenly seen the light. Give me a break.

Republicans have spent the last year gutting the ethics rules over fierce Democratic opposition and rejecting any Democratic initiative for reform. While Democrats supported ethics investigations to clean up the House, Republicans dragged their feet.

It was the very first day of this 109th Congress that Republicans set about gutting the ethics rules to protect DeLay from further embarrassment. They could have chosen a new Leader then, but instead they tried to make it virtually impossible to hold DeLay accountable.

Then, they stood by while Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert and DeLay deposed the Republican ethics chairman who admonished DeLay, along with two other Republicans on the panel.

Then, the entire Republican Conference got together in a secret vote and overwhelmingly decided to allow DeLay continue as Leader even if he were indicted. If not for Democratic and public protest, like yours, forcing them to reverse that rule change, DeLay might still be sitting in the Republican Leader's office right now. Democrats would never dream of behaving this way.

Write a Letter to Your Hometown Newspaper on Republican Ethics Hypocrisy.


And, even when he was indicted - even when he was automatically removed temporarily from his post - he continued to run the show from behind the scenes. Now DeLay is gone from Leadership, and all you need to know about the two Republicans running to replace him is in this headline from Bloomberg News: "Blunt, Boehner Share Broad Network of Lobbyist Ties With DeLay."

And, yet they are just now calling from the rooftops for reform?!? Republicans would like the American people to forget all their previous actions (or lack there of).Let's make sure the people know exactly what their Republican Member of Congress has been up to, and make sure they don't get away with it any longer:

Write a Letter to Your Hometown Newspaper on Republican Ethics Hypocrisy.


Republicans want this to be a "he-said-she-said" between Democrats and Republicans, but we need to show them that the facts and the American people are on our side.

With Democrats in the majority, the Ethics Committee would actually deal with ethics, not with excuses for doing nothing. The rules would be enforced, not gutted. Corruption would be rooted out, not covered up. The Republicans could have acted sooner, but they chose not to and their voting records are the proof. We just need to get that proof before the people.

Join us in sending out thousands of letters to the editor in every corner of the country to set the record straight.

Thanks for everything you've done already, and thanks for writing today. It's more important than I can express.


John Lapp
Executive Director, DCCC

060112 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


060111 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


060109 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


060105 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Foodwatch-Chef hält Seehofer als Verbraucherminister für disqualifiziert

"Landwirte wichtiger als Konsumenten": Foodwatch-Chef hält Seehofer als Verbraucherminister für disqualifiziert (12.01.06)

Unmittelbar vor Eröffnung der Grünen Woche in Berlin haben Verbraucherschützer den neuen Agrarminister Horst Seehofer (CSU) scharf kritisiert. "Herr Seehofer hat es in erstaunlich kurzer Zeit geschafft, sich als Verbraucherminister zu disqualifizieren", sagte der Chef der Verbraucherorganisation Foodwatch, Thilo Bode, der "Berliner Zeitung". Für Seehofer seien die Interessen der Landwirte wichtiger als die der Konsumenten. Der Minister habe seit seinem Amtsantritt dem Bauernverband "nach dem Mund geredet".

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Arbeitsagentur plant neue Telefonanrufe bei Arbeitslosen

Datenschutz-Kritik: Arbeitsagentur plant neue Telefonanrufe bei Arbeitslosen (12.01.06)

Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) will erneut mittels Telefonbefragungen die Daten der Empfänger des Arbeitslosengeldes II überprüfen. Diese sollen auf "eventuelle Veränderungen in ihrer Arbeitslosigkeit befragt werden", teilte die Bundesagentur am Donnerstag in Nürnberg mit. Die BA hatte bei einer Telefonaktion im Sommer vergangenen Jahres festgestellt, dass sieben Prozent der befragten ALG-II-Empfänger wegen persönlicher Veränderungen nicht mehr arbeitslos waren. Datenschützer hatten diese telefonische Abfrage sensibler Sozialdaten jedoch scharf kritisiert.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Studie warnt vor Kombilohn

Studie warnt vor Kombilohn: Fast sieben Millionen Menschen in Deutschland arbeiten für Niedriglohn (12.01.06)

Niedriglöhne müssen in Deutschland nicht erst noch mit Hilfe eines Kombilohns eingeführt werden: Nach aktuellen Untersuchungen des Instituts Arbeit und Technik arbeitete im Jahr 2004 mehr als ein Fünftel der Beschäftigten in Deutschland für Stundenlöhne unterhalb der Niedriglohnschwelle. Die aktuelle Debatte suggeriere, dass Deutschland bei Niedriglöhnen einen Nachholbedarf habe, so das landeseigene Institut. Tatsächlich aber habe Niedriglohnbeschäftigung in Deutschland auch ohne "staatliche Unterstützung" in den vergangenen Jahren deutlich zugenommen. Etwa jeder zehnte Beschäftigte arbeite gar für sogenannte Armutslöhne. Das Forschungsinstitut warnte davor, Kombilöhne ohne zusätzliche Festlegung eines gesetzlichen Mindestlohnes einzuführen. Eine Lohn-Subvention ohne Begrenzung sei "ein Fass ohne Boden". Zudem müssten auch Millionen bereits bestehender Arbeitsverhältnisse subventioniert werden.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

US Army in Iraq Institutionally Racist, Claims British Officer

A senior British officer has criticized the US army for its conduct in Iraq, accusing it of institutional racism, moral righteousness, misplaced optimism, and of being ill-suited to engage in counter-insurgency operations.


Die Bundesregierung, der BND und der Irak-Krieg

Angeblich hat der BND mit Billigung der damaligen Regierung den Amerikanern im Krieg gegen den Irak geholfen – Aufklärung von der alten und neuen Bundesregierung über alle Komplizenschaften im Krieg und bei Menschenrechtsverletzungen ist überfällig.


Die lange Doppelmoralnase des Westens

Kann der Atomstreit mit Iran entschärft werden?

The Impeachment of George W. Bush


Informant: John Calvert

The Impeachment of George W. Bush

Former US Representative Elizabeth Holtzman writes: As awful as Watergate was, after the vote on impeachment and the resignation of President Nixon, the nation felt a huge sense of relief. Impeachment is a tortuous process, but now that President Bush has thrown down the gauntlet and virtually dared Congress to stop him from violating the law, nothing less is necessary to protect our constitutional system and preserve our democracy.

Impeach Bush; send an email letter to Mike Thompson telling him to uphold the Constitution by supporting impeachment.


Even if our Senators or congressional representative are unsympathetic to impeachment, let them know what you think. If you think that they are potentially sympathetic, tell them to stop waiting and act now! We owe it to ourselves and to our children.

Click here to send your letter.

Informant: Friends


Torturing People’s Children

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Francis A. Boyle Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Champaign, IL 61820 USA
217-333-7954 (voice)
217-244-1478 (fax) fboyle@law.uiuc.edu
(personal comments only)

—–Original Message—–

From: Institute for Public Accuracy

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 10:46 AM

To: Institute for Public Accuracy

Subject: Alito & Issues: * Torturing People’s Children * War Powers * Geneva Conventions

Institute for Public Accuracy
915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * http://www.accuracy.org * ipa@accuracy.org

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Questions Not Asked:

* Torturing People’s Children * War Powers * Geneva Conventions

DOUG CASSEL, doug.cassel@nd.edu Cassel is director of Notre Dame Law School’s Center for Civil and Human Rights. He said today: “At a time when the commander in chief asserts that his war powers give him carte blanche, it is critical that the Supreme Court be composed of individuals committed to the rule of law. Justices must be prepared to tell a president who claims the power to torture in our name, that American laws and values give a very simple answer — and that answer is no.”

On Dec. 1, 2005, Cassel debated John Yoo, who was mentioned by Sen. Biden on Thursday morning and who has been one of the main legal planners of the Bush administration’s torture policies. Here is part of their exchange:

Cassel: “If the president deems that he’s got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person’s child, there is no law that can stop him?” Yoo: “No treaty.” Cassel: “Also no law by Congress — that is what you wrote in the August 2002 memo.” Yoo: “I think it depends on why the president thinks he needs to do that.”

Audio is available at:

Further background on Yoo is available at:
http://www.tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=32668 .

IVAN ELAND, ieland@independent.org ,

Senior fellow at The Independent Institute, a non-partisan think tank, Eland commented today: “Alito said that the Constitution has meaning independent of what he or anyone else might like it to say. I couldn’t agree more. The Constitution clearly states that it is up to Congress to decide on war. That may not be fashionable, given that the U.S. hasn’t fought a declared war since World War II, but that is what the Constitution says. All the senators asking him questions are pledged to uphold the Constitution, including Article I, Sec. 8, which gives to Congress its war powers. They should ask Alito what the Constitution says about what branch of government should decide on war. Particularly those members, mostly Republicans, who claim the mantle of original intent of the Constitution, should be upholding the power of the Congress on its war powers. The president is claiming extraordinary war powers when there is no declared war. “Also, the Bush White House’s lawyers have taken the position that the president, in wartime, is allowed to disregard laws passed by Congress. Examples are domestic spying without warrants, which are required by statute, and declaring the option to circumvent an anti-torture statute recently passed by Congress. The president is reading his constitutional authority as commander-in-chief much much wider than the founders had intended. Judge Alito should be asked to delineate his conception of the scope of the executive power under the commander-in-chief provision.” Eland is a director of the Institute’s Center on Peace and Liberty and author of the book “The Empire Has No Clothes.”

FRANCIS BOYLE, fboyle@law.uiuc.edu Boyle is professor of law at the University of Illinois. Alito stated Wednesday: “I think that the war powers are divided between the executive branch and the Congress.” Boyle said today: “Article I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution says: ‘The Congress shall have power … to declare war…’ The president has nothing to do with it. When Congress declares war, then that declaration triggers the Commander in Chief Clause of the Constitution. Alito is mistakenly attributing War Powers to the president in violation of the War Powers Clause of the U.S. Constitution and in violation of Congress’s War Powers Resolution of 1973, which is ‘the supreme Law of the Land’ according to Article VI of the Constitution. Alito’s argument is a fundamental alteration of one of the most basic principles for both separation of powers and checks and balances set up for our Republic by the Founders in the U.S. Constitution. “But this unconstitutional argument for presidential war powers is part of the standard Federalist Society ideology propounded by its prominent members such as Alito, John Roberts, and John Yoo. It has led to the abuses of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, pervasive torture, ‘extraordinary renditions,’ criminal NSA spying on U.S. citizens, ‘enemy combatants,’ wholesale violations of the Geneva Conventions, assassinations, massive religious and racial profiling of Muslims/Arabs/Asians, an unconstitutional war against Iraq and the numerous other constitutional atrocities perpetrated by Bush’s hyper-imperial presidency. The Democrats have not asked serious questions about most of these issues.” Boyle is author of the book “Destroying World Order.”

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy: Sam Husseini, (202) 347-0020; or David Zupan, (541) 484-9167

Radar Lawsuit


Hillel station will be closed


Police masts opposed in Swansea


Radio and Microwave Frequency Radiation and Health - an Analysis of the Literature


LAST opportunity to save the supreme court

From: activists
Date: January 12, 2006 9:00:27 AM PST
Subject: URGENT: LAST opportunity to save the supreme court


Bush is now completely and certifiably out of control. But to remove the last restraint on the creation of a new American dictatorship they must install one more lock down vote on the Supreme Court, in the person of Sam Alito.

Despite Alito's extreme right wing voting record and lifelong ideological agenda, nobody expected him to show up at his hearing sporting a tail and horns wearing a red suit. But what he have seen is an nominee who appears incapable of telling the truth about what really stands for, who has not so much testified as allowed his advocates to testify for him. Indeed, Senator Graham, one of the judiciary committee panel members was personally involved in coaching Alito how to evade their questions, while they themselves emphasize how much they believe he will overturn every progressive precedent of the last 100 years. About that they are not kidding. And only your voices speaking out now can turn the tide against this judicial coup.

ACTION PAGE: http://www.emailtocongress.com/no_rightwing.htm

We are planning a two-stage action. First with the action page above we will build a consensus that ANY replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor must be no worse than a true moderate and centrist. Then after the conclusion of the hearings we will speak out AGAIN on specific question of the final vote in the Senate. Please submit every possible action page you can get your hands on, and keep speaking out until we prevail, just as we did on ANWR and the torture prohibition.

But remember that Alito was the author of the tactic of Bush trying to spin acts of Congress with so-called "signing statements" in hopes that some future Supreme Court (including now guess who) would give them weight over the will of the people. And Bush did just that with the anti-torture bill, declaring that he really didn't consider himself bound at all. Every day from now on must be STOP Alito day, otherwise our democracy is doomed.

ACTION PAGE: http://www.emailtocongress.com/no_rightwing.htm

Even if you have submitted something else recently, please go to the page above and take a moment to submit it. This battle must be won, there must be a filibuster, or all else will be ultimately lost. We must all speak out now to save our privacy, our freedom, and our democracy itself.

or to get no more simply email to no_more@emailtocongress.com

Informant: John Calvert

Human Rights violations applicable to EHS misdiagnosis


"The HULK" and EMF


Zoran developments


Plans to change rules regarding human exposure to RF energy


Police mast damage investigated


SARS Virus Genetically Engineered?


"Non-lethal" Weapons May Violate Peace Treaties


The danger of abuse of Directed Energy Weapons: PETITION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT


FCC Opens Rule Making on RF Exposure


Letter to the WHO






EMF influence on pregnancy development, foetus and posterity




Russian report on RF standardization


Blood-thymus barrier


Alito and the Ken Lay Factor


NTSB-Cell Phone Use and Novice Drivers


Property value surrounding EMR lawsuits


Newsletter Netzwerk Recherche

Netzwerk Recherche e.V. ist eine Lobby für den investigativen Journalismus. Es vertritt die Interessen jener Kollegen, die (oft gegen Widerstände in Verlagen und Sendern) intensive Recherche durchsetzen wollen. Ausserdem fördert das Netzwerk Recherche die Verbesserung von Ausbildung und Fortbildung im Bereich Recherche.


Out of Iraq Events a Huge Success

Thousands of you put great effort into producing over 150 Out of Iraq town hall forums on Saturday. By all accounts they were a tremendous success.

Author and media critic Norman Solomon, mother/activist Cindy Sheehan, and actor Sean Penn, at Out of Iraq forum in Sacramento on Saturday.

Below you'll find a report on what topic seemed most to interest participants at events around the country. Hint: It starts with the letter I.

You'll also find a report of an important new story confirming the Downing Street Minutes and detailing which Americans Sir Richard Dearlove met with before he reported to Prime Minister Tony Blair that the "facts were being fixed around the policy." We need your help in forcing the media to cover this new development. See the link below.

You'll also want to read the cover story from the latest issue of The Nation: The Impeachment of George W. Bush By Elizabeth Holtzman, The Nation http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/6682

Most Popular Idea at Last Weekend's Out of Iraq Events? Impeachment.

By David Swanson

Your great work put together over 150 town hall forums last Saturday on the topic of getting out of Iraq. Reports, and audio and video, from dozens of these events have been posted at www.afterdowningstreet.org. What I gather from reviewing the reports, and from the two events I attended, is that the most popular topic was not the horrors of war or any legislation to end it, but the demand to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Given that opposition to this war has grown as exposure of the lies that launched it has advanced, going after the war-makers could turn out to be the fastest way to end the war. No doubt, it's the best way to end the war on terms that make the next war less likely to come soon. In any case, it's where the people's passion is, and at some point a democratic movement has to let that be its guide.

Of course, we've known the popularity of impeachment from polling.

But it's powerful to hear it in person in so many different voices. And it means more now that Congressman John Conyers has introduced a bill to create an investigation into grounds for impeachment, and the bill has begun to pick up cosponsors. Judging by Congress Members' remarks on Saturday, there should be some more cosponsors on the list soon.

We don't have reports from all of the events, but we know that overflow crowds were turned away in Sacramento, Chicago, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Progressive Democrats of America has summarized the day of events here:

The Lincoln Journal Star in Nebraska ran this headline: "Antiwar rally reflects changing attitudes," and wrote about people's opinions shifting against the war.


New Book "State of War" by NY Times' James Risen Gives Vital Background to Downing Street Memo
By Jonathan Schwarz

After the Downing Street Memo was leaked last May, the U.S. and U.K. governments were eventually forced to admit it was genuine. However, they never revealed any background to the memo—most importantly, who did Richard Dearlove, head of British intelligence, meet with in Washington just before the July 23, 2002 high-level U.K. government meeting the memo memorialized? This would go a long way to answering why Dearlove believed "Military action was now seen as inevitable" and "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

State of War, the just-released book by New York Times reporter James Risen, sheds important new light on these issues. (State of War is now best known for its revelations about warrantless spying by the NSA, but it contains a great deal of other significant information.) Regarding the Downing Street Memo, the most important points made by State of War are these:

• Dearlove was in part reporting on a CIA-MI6 summit he attended with other top MI6 officials at CIA headquarters on Saturday, July 20, 2002 • According to "a former senior CIA officer," the meeting was held "at the urgent request of the British"; CIA officials believe "Blair had ordered Dearlove to go to Washington to find out what the Bush administration was really thinking about Iraq" • During the day-long summit, Dearlove met privately with CIA head George Tenet for an hour and a half

This obviously raises other questions, such as:

• What records of the meeting exist on the American side?
• Will the Senate Intelligence Committee examine the meeting as part of its Phase II Iraq intelligence investigation?
• What specifically did Dearlove and Tenet discuss when alone?
• Why has the New York Times failed to publish Risen's information about the Downing Street Memo background?




Hartz IV die größte sozialpolitische Wohltat seit langem?

Die irreführenden Argumente in dem Bericht in der FAZ über „Die Mär vom großen Sozialabbau“ widerlegt Professorin Helga Spindler und sie zeigt die wirklichen politischen Absichten auf, die hinter dieser Meinungsmanipulation stecken. Artikel von Helga Spindler auf NachDenkSeiten.de vom 09.01.06


Hartz IV - Die Mär vom großen Sozialabbau

„ Der Protest war heftig. Vom „größten Sozialabbau in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik” war die Rede, als vor genau einem Jahr die Hartz- IV-Reform in Kraft trat. „Hartz IV ist Armut per Gesetz”, riefen die Demonstranten. Montag für Montag versammelten sie sich, um gegen die Reform zu protestieren. Die Wirklichkeit sieht ein Jahr später anders aus. Statt Sozialabbau bringt Hartz IV für viele sogar mehr Geld in der Haushaltskasse. Gerhard Schröder hat das als Bundeskanzler immer gesagt. Zum Sozialabbau ist Hartz IV erst von denen erfolgreich umgedeutet worden, die vom alten Besitzstandsdenken nicht lassen wollen. „Wer vor einem Jahr gesagt hat, mit Hartz IV kehre in Deutschland die Verarmung und soziale Eiseskälte ein, der wird zugeben müssen, daß das für den größten Teil der Betroffenen nicht so ist”, hält der Würzburger Ökonom Norbert Berthold ihnen entgegen. Artikel von Carsten Germis in faz.net vom 01. Januar 2006


Aus: LabourNet, 12. Januar 2006

Überall, wo Menschenrechte verletzt werden, ist Protest nötig

„Über 8.500 Menschen werden jedes Jahr allein vom Frankfurter Flughafen abgeschoben. Damit ist Frankfurt der größte Abschiebeflughafen der BRD. Immer wieder werden dabei Menschenrechte verletzt oder es werden Menschen durch die Abschiebung gefährdet. (…) Seit einiger Zeit überzieht der Flughafenbetreiber Fraport DemonstrantInnen mit Hausverboten und bekam darin von Amts- und Landgericht Frankfurt Recht. Begründung: der Flughafen sei privat, das Grundrecht auf Meinungs- und Versammlungsfreiheit gelte hier nicht…“ Am 20. Januar 2006 wird in dieser Sache vor dem Bundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe verhandelt. Aus diesem Anlass findet am Samstag, den 14. Januar 2006 um 12.00 Uhr, Treffpunkt: Busparkplatz, Terminal I, Bereich A eine Demonstration für die Aufhebung aller Hausverbote am Frankfurter Flughafen statt. Weitere Infos auf der Seite von Aktiv gegen Abschiebung! kein mensch ist illegal!


Aus: LabourNet, 12. Januar 2006

Mit dem Kombilohn wird die Senkung von Löhnen staatlich gefördert


Mit dem Kombilohn wird die Senkung von Löhnen staatlich gefördert. Wer ihn befürwortet, spricht sich für Lohnsenkungen aus. Artikel von Harald Rein in Jungle World vom 11.01.2006


Aus: LabourNet, 12. Januar 2006

Work hard, stay poor - Leben unter Hartz IV

„Mit den Ein-Euro-Jobs ist ein Sektor unfreier Arbeit in Deutschland entstanden. Die Löhne in regulären Arbeitsverhältnissen sinken. Der Job ist anstrengend. Ich leiste genauso viel wie eine regulär angestellte Kraft, trage Verantwortung, muss sehr früh aufstehen, kann mir aber nichts leisten. Die Chance, eine regulär bezahlte Arbeit zu finden, steht ziemlich schlecht«, lautet die recht typische Antwort eines Ein-Euro-Jobbers auf einem Fragebogen der Dokumentationsstelle Hartz IV, eines unabhängigen Projekts von Labournet, Tacheles e.V., der Initiative Agenturschluss und der Bundesarbeitsgemein­schaft der Erwerbslosen- und Sozialhilfeinitiativen…“ Artikel von Thomas Binger in Jungle World vom 11.01.2006


Leben unter Hartz IV

„Ein Jahr nach Beginn der Arbeitsreformen scheint der Protest gegen diese eingeschlafen zu sein. Hartz IV – monatelang hatte dieser Begriff die Gemüter in der Republik erhitzt. Im Sommer und Herbst 2004 entzündete sich an der Reform des Arbeitslosengeldes eine kurze Protestbewegung. (…) Ein Jahr später gab es keine größeren Proteste mehr vor den Ämtern. Doch die Bewegung ist nicht verschwunden. Das zeigte sie auf einer gut besuchten Pressekonferenz, auf der man Bilanz zog und neue Proteste ankündigte…“ Artikel von Peter Nowak auf telepolis vom 06.01.2006


Aus: LabourNet, 12. Januar 2006

Chemie-Kritikerin Diane Wilson erneut in Haft


Antennas Get Smart


Alito 'Believes in an All-Powerful Presidency'

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee accused President Bush's latest Supreme Court nominee of being far too deferential to executive power and invariably favouring the state over the rights of the individual.


Nonlinear changes in brain electrical activity due to cell phone


Alito Almanac: Biography as Destiny

By drawing attention in his opening statement to his biography, Alito may have opening up the strongest line of attack against him, writes Bruce Shapiro.


US to Try 15-Year-Old Gitmo Detainee

The United States will start new military trials of "war on terror" detainees at the Guantanamo Bay naval base, amid new criticism of the camp and its courts.


A tangled web

Hot on the heels of the reminders about coltan mining upon which both war in the DR Congo and mobile phones depend, and the arms involvements of most mobile phone manufacturers (inevitable with leading edge communications technology?), and the charade over the Church of England's contract with the MoD's research arm Qinetiq, we are now reminded that those QS4 (Qinetiq) antennae in church towers and steeples are part of the US Carlyle Group global empire. Today's scandal is that Carlyle bought into Qinetiq at such undervalued prices. BBC today:

"However, the move is expected to be controversial because of the huge profits that Carlyle Group stand to make through the sale.

"The private equity group bought its 31% stake from the Ministry of Defence in 2002 for £42.2m, but it is now worth £341m."

Carlyle already has 51% voting shares in Qinetiq, which firmly stitches UK top military technology and secrets with the US political regime in this relationship since 2003:

Conspiracists amongst you will be familiar with how Carlyle is mired in global conflict and oil interests, and much more. Go Google if you will! Look at the people involved, and remind your friends who depend on 3G in churches, how it is being achieved and where the bucks and quite possibly the surveillance tracking is going.



Memory serves you well.

Try Google on "Bush Carlyle Cheney Saudi" for starters.


And yes, John Major is there, with Blair tipped to join shortly as a second career.

US politics, NSA, UK defence, all the listening stations, all our domestic and military communications, including TETRA Airwave "homeland security" with its encryption keys held by NSA. Nothing goes on over here that's hidden from them over there. It's a complete stitch-up of global interests.




Defend La Oroya's right to a healthy environment

We want to let you know about another mining community that Oxfam America is working with, La Oroya, Peru, which needs your help today.

Click here to defend La Oroya's right to a healthy environment.

La Oroya has become severely polluted after years of mining and processing lead and other metals. Recent public health studies indicate children living near the metal smelter have high levels of lead in their blood-as much as four times that permitted by the World Health Organization, according to the preliminary results of a 2005 St. Louis University study. Lead poisoning can cause learning problems, stunted growth, hyperactivity, kidney and liver disease, and neurological problems.

When a US-based company, Doe Run, acquired the smelter plant in 1997, it committed to completing an Environmental Upgrade and Management Plan (PAMA) by the end of 2006. However, the company is seeking a five-year extension to delay construction of a sulfuric acid treatment plant that would help reduce the amount of toxic fumes currently being released. We need your help to make sure the extension does not happen, and that immediate action is taken to address La Oroya's public health crisis.

Click here to tell the Government of Peru to deny this request and support action to clean up La Oroya.


The people of La Oroya deserve the right to live in a healthy environment. Please help them today by showing the Peruvian government there is strong support to upholding the original deadline.

Thank you for helping Oxfam work to find solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice.


Tim Fullerton
eAdvocacy Coordinator

Beam weapons almost ready for battle


A new breed of weaponry, known as "directed-energy weapons," may well signal a revolution in military hardware perhaps more so than the atomic bomb.


From Global Network

Under Bush, Mine-Safety Enforcement Eased

Since the Bush administration took office in 2001, it has been more lenient than its predecessors toward mining companies facing serious safety violations, issuing fewer and smaller major fines and collecting less than half of the money that violators owed, a Knight Ridder investigation has found.


New Findings Challenge Bird Flu Assumptions

Two young boys are being closely watched at a hospital in Turkey. Though both boys have tested positive for the H5N1 virus after contact with sick birds, neither has any symptoms of the frequently deadly disease. Doctors are wondering if these new cases mean that infection with the H5N1 virus does not necessarily lead to illness.


Post-burn logging is not healthy for forests

In the wake of Oregon State University's recent findings that post-burn logging is not healthy for forests, a timber industry leader from Idaho, Brett Bennett of Bennett Lumber Products, has responded with an intimidating message to Matt Koehler, director of Missoula-based conservation group Native Forest Network.


Business Deal or Bright Idea?

The Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate meets in Australia this week. Critics say that it is basically a business deal and a public relations exercise to foster feelings that the US and Australia, the Kyoto naysayers, are doing something.


Inquiry Says CIA Jails Document Must Be Followed Up

The fax, intercepted November 15 by Swiss intelligence, reportedly said Egypt had confirmed through its own sources that the CIA had held 23 terrorist suspects from Iraq and Afghanistan at a military base in Romania. It also said there were similar US detention centers in Ukraine, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bulgaria.


Bush Administration Using Implementation of CAFTA Agreement to Further Expand Corporate Rights in Central America


Informant: David Amdur


Bath Chronicle

11:00 - 09 January 2006

Bathwick: anti-mobile phone mast campaigners have secured a leading expert in electromagnetic radiation to help them get their message across. The group, which opposes the erection of a flagpole mast on top of St Mary's Church, is holding a public meeting on Wednesday.

The mast has already been granted planning permission but the protesters are still determined to keep up their opposition because they fear the mast could damage the health of people living nearby.

Professor Alan Preece, from Bristol University, who has carried out research in electromagnetic radiation and cancer, and John O'Brien, a national anti-mast campaigner, will be speaking at the meeting, which is being held at St John's Primary School, Pulteney Road, at 7pm.

"We feel it is important to expose as much information as possible to people so they can make their minds up," said Mark Macdonald, who has organised the meeting.

"The meeting is for people who want to know more about the potential health issues of the masts.

"We are hoping that we will change the church's opinion, even though they have already got permission."

Under plans outlined by Vodafone, the mast would be disguised as a six-inch wide flagpole, projecting more than 30ft above the tower of the Grade II listed church.

But rector the Rev David Prothero said that it was unlikely there would be any church representatives at the gathering because they have to attend a pre-arranged meeting.

"We did tell them there was something already arranged that evening but apparently the speaker could only attend that day," he said.

"Whether the masts are unhealthy is a matter for national regulation. The national guidelines are straightforward and are being adhered to. There are many masts in Bath already."

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/771911/

Phone mast Bill heads for Commons


Fleet News and Mail

CAMPAIGNERS are hoping a vital mobile phone mast bill will finally get to be debated in parliament.

They are welcoming the proposed new Telecommunications Bill 2006 as it will put greater emphasis on health concerns when mobile mast applications are discussed.

Supporters are now hoping it will be third time lucky when the Bill is due to be debated in the House of Commons next month.

They include residents of Trefoil Close in Hartley Wintney, who for years have been fighting a series of plans to put masts on the redundant water tower overlooking their homes.

Trefoil Close campaigner Marre Dafforn said if the Bill became law it would mean a fundamental shift in the way telecom developments are looked at in the planning system, putting greater emphasis on health concerns.

She added: “This Bill first and foremost removes permitted development rights from telecom developments, meaning that all such installations will require full planning permission, to bring it into line with Scotland.

“Next it requires greater consideration of the health issue, requiring a statement setting out the precautionary measures to be undertaken to protect the public and wildlife.

“It then strengthens the public’s rights under the Electronic Communication Code, making it easier to get compensation for loss in property value. It also allows easier challenges to both existing and proposed installations that are close to schools and hospitals and other sensitive locations.”

Mrs Dafforn said Hartley Wintney ward councillor Sara Kinnell had organised a meeting with local MP James Arbuthnot on January 27, when residents can ask him to support the Telecommunications Bill on their behalf and be present to vote.

Meanwhile councillors are preparing a motion of support for the Bill to be lodged at this month’s full meeting of Hart District Council.

Chris Maile of pressure group Planning Sanity said: “We need pressure on MPs to be in the Commons on February 24 as well as pressure on local authorities to pass motions/resolutions of support.

“This is intended as a make or break approach — it is the third attempt at the same Bill so let’s see that it is third time lucky.

“Irrespective of the local campaign it is in everyone’s interests to change the law.”

Planning Sanity was first approached by Conservative MP Richard Spring to help with the drafting of a proposed Telecommunications Bill in 2003.

The Bill received some debate in its second reading and resulted in a technical win of ten votes in support and two votes against, one of which was the relevant government Minister.

However the Bill was lost due to the fact that for a quorum there has to be a minimum of 40 MPs in the House.

A revised Bill was then reintroduced by Liberal Democrat MP Andrew Stunnell, but was not put to a vote due to the calling of the general election.

A new version of the Bill is now being taken forward by David Curry, Conservative MP for Skipton and Ripon, and is due for a second reading in the Commons on February 24.

Mr Maile said: “This is important because we now know with certainty that the Bill does have a place in the parliamentary agenda.

“However, because of the system what is unsure is whether the Bill will get any debating time, or indeed be put to a vote.”

Three Years Too Many: End the War on Iraq - A Call for a Week of Local Action, March 15-22, 2006


Rep. Tom DeLay Threatens Media Outlets Running Ads Linking Him to Corruption


Americans Should Escape Their Morass of Fear


The American Rules of Engagement From the Air


The Rapid Disappearance of America's Middle Class


Rise and Fall of True Believers


Equal Justice in Peril


Pacifying Iraq: Insurgent Scenarios


Rapidly Shrinking Arctic Ice Could Spell Trouble for the Rest of the World


Democrats Voice Frustration With Alito Answers


British Officer Blisters US Army in Iraq Critique


Our final goal must be to offer a global new deal

We will be judged on how we deliver the resources to prove that making poverty history was not a passing fashion.


From Information Clearing House

Bush's Con Jobs: Will the US Need an IMF Bail Out?

President George W. Bush has destroyed America's economy along with America's reputation as a truthful, compassionate, peace-loving nation that values civil liberties and human rights.


CIA Prison Investigator Mulls New Document

The head of a European investigation into alleged CIA prisons in Europe said Tuesday the purported Egyptian government document naming countries where such prisons existed is a new lead which must be followed up.


From Information Clearing House

How the US Press Squelches Bush Impeachment Drive

There are now eight members of Congress who have put their names to a bill calling for a special committee of the House to investigate impeachable crimes by the Bush administration. To date, all of them are Democrats.


From Information Clearing House


The Bush/Blair legacy: world-wide desillusionment

While before world opinion was able to fool itself into believing that there was an element of decency, ethics, respect for human rights or other aspect of higher moral ground in US/UK policies, the combined effort of Bush and Blair was able to completely remove whatever was left of that illusion.


From Information Clearing House

Syria In Their Sights: The neocons plan their next “cakewalk”

The United States is indeed pursuing a hard-edged regime-change strategy for Syria. And it isn’t necessarily going to be a Cold War—in fact, it could well get very hot very soon.


Well he would say that, wouldn't he?

He blames the worst mistakes of the US occupation of Iraq on (in order): the Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the Pentagon, the White House, the Turks and the British.


From Information Clearing House

War pimp alert: Syria 'tried to fuel holy war in Iraq against US and Britain'

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria secretly incited Iraq's top Shia leader to declare holy war against US and British forces, according to Washington's former administrator in the country.


Blair: 'We don't rule out any measures at all' against Iran

" We have to decide what measures to take and we obviously don't rule out any measures at all," he added.


From Information Clearing House

US Army its own worst enemy: British officer

A senior British Army officer has written a scathing critique of the US Army and its performance in Iraq, accusing it of cultural ignorance, moralistic self-righteousness, unproductive micromanagement and unwarranted optimism.


From Information Clearing House

U.S. airstrikes in Iraq could intensify

"If we allow that to happen, then in essence we'll be doing the same thing we accused Saddam Hussein of doing," said Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA and State Department official. "We'll just be substituting one tyranny for another."


From Information Clearing House

Of The Evil Empire

Imperialist Devastation of Peoples and the Evils Done in our Names

By Manuel Valenzuela

The world burns while we live lives of consumption and production, happy worker bees stuck in hour long commutes working most of our productive lives. We live in peace and harmony at home, distracted from reality by our television screens and movie theatres, by our lavish lifestyles and wasteful society. In the land of the individual the communality of peoples is an alien principle. Content, conformist and passive thanks to our nation of plenty, we care not for peoples outside our borders.


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