Dishes put up on mast say residents

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A GROUP of Farnworth residents are determined to kick up a stink after claiming contractors installed three dishes on a mobile phone mast while nobody was looking.

The residents, whose houses back on to Moon Meadow, claim the work went ahead without prior notice.

They say they were told the mast could not be expanded once it was built in 2001 and are angry the Government is allowing the mobile phone companies to bypass the normal planning procedures and fear the three new dishes, bringing the total to four, on a 70ft-plus monopole is just the start.

Don Lyons, of Derby Road, said: 'We're upset and angry that the companies have the authority to add dishes without consulting anyone. It's not morally right.

'The jury's still out on whether these things are safe and there are a lot of families with children here.

'Is the council now going to allow unlimited expansion?'

Dennis and Wendy Malone, who live next to the mast, are up in arms. Mr Malone said: 'It's really slimy the way this has slid through. It is the way it has been done that caused the most upset. You at least expect a letter through the door to be given time to object.

'We woke up at 7.30am and saw a fella up the mast, welding. One neighbour says they've been at it a fortnight. If we don't make a fuss it will escalate.'

Mrs Malone said: 'Because it is camouflaged to an extent by trees, unless you were in the immediate vicinity you probably wouldn't see it.

'We can't even get a normal TV signal in our house and have to use digital. One house along the road had to drop the price. And their safety is simply not proven beyond doubt.'


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