Cell phone hazards: they speak only about cancer to ignore other damages

To all ....... Exactly the point I have been trying to make! The "focus on cancer" is a "delaying tactic."

All the ES/EHS symptoms that occur prior to the development of cancer are bankrupting society and causing every sort of misery from poor sleep which, in itself, can yield disastrous results, plus asthma, sinus infections, ear infections, headaches, depression, memory problems (well before diagnosis of Alzheimers), confusion, arthritis, skin diseases and every other health problem there is. Even our "overweight society" -- while being blamed primarily on fast foods especially here in the U.S., can be attributed in large part to persons not sleeping well from EMF/EMR exposures. While Type II diabetes used to be found primarily in adults, that and all the health problems are now multiplying in the younger set!

EMF/EMR is ageing everyone -- even babies as in the case of the rare immune deficiencies in my two grandsons exposed to the electric meter!!!! Their cells were "ageing" -- that is what EMF/EMR does to everyone's cells!!! It just takes a little longer for a person who isn't sleeping close to an electrical appliance/device at night to possibly develop the same "deficiencies of ageing!!"

Government and industry want to "focus on cancer" because it normally takes many years to develop. They don't want to talk about the children who "are ageing" -- those who get sick and/or die from Leukemia, brain cancer, etc. They assign researchers to study "other cancers" that take longer to develop so they don't have to admit what is really going on!!!!

Take care everyone!!! Joanne

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