How the "Safety" SAR Code Was Established




The original experiments to determine SAR were based on work cessation tests on a few (<6) macaque monkeys. The statistic was arrived at from an average spread between around 5 and 1 and the cutpoint was when a third of the monkeys stopped their task. These were never replicated.

No human live studies were ever involved, though subsequent research on human cadavers were used in an attempt to justify the original work. When it was pointed out that dead tissue is electrically different from live tissue conductivity experiments were substituted but these too bear little relation to reality since the CSF is by far more conductive than any tissue and bathes all cells. But this research only looks at separate tissues, without weighting for CSF. The whole of the scientific support for SAR is too fragile for words. I think I have an article on our website cogreslab.co.uk which detailed all this, based on a paper by Henry Lai.

Yes, Sami Gabriel did the head, and before that MCL used cadavers to explore SAR. The court case referred to of late 1998 was the one I brought against a cellphone retailer in Cwmbran. It got worldwide publicity and led directly to the setting up of the Stewart Committee within 90 days of that case. Alasdair Philips and Chris Busby both gave evidence, as did I. We had a lot of fun in the courtroom, I recall: Alistair McKInlay, who started out claiming to be author of 100 scientific papers was roasted by our Counsel, and ended up confessing not just that only one of them was peer reviewed, but that he had gained his doctorate at that world famous academic seat of excellence, Paisley College of Technology, to the great amusement of the assembled media.

Camelia afterward told me with some irritation that this whole affair did her company great financial damage for several years afterwards.

I think that case was the tipping point. Now the SAGE initiative has achieved the same effect for power frequency fields I can start looking for a place to hang up my boots!

Roger Coghill

MA(Cantab,) C Biol MI Biol MA(Environ Mgt)
sometime Senior Visitor, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

SAR head case

'The head' devised by Mrs Gabriel's son, is a convenient method of measuring power transfer, based on the many prior assumptions used by ICNIRP and the US military- wireless industry. The false fundamental of which is that only thermal change is significant.

They may have used the experimental findings to arrive at recommended maximum power outputs for mobile handsets, but of course these remain hopelessly flawed, since thermal level energy transfer is not the only aspect causing biological damage. The test head may be a poor model for doing even that. So the usual reassurance by distraction.


'From a court case towards the end of 1998 Dr McKinlay was questioned in court about the use of mobile phones. Dr McKinlay is a senior scientist in the NRPB. It is known that roughly half of the NRPB's funding comes from the industries it represents, the other half of its funding comes from the Government. In court Dr McKinlay explained that data on tissue conductivity was supplied to the NRPB by Dr Camelia Gabriel of Microwave Consultants Limited. It transpired that virtually none of the NRPB documents on non-ionising radiation are peer reviewed and that Dr McKinlay himself had not authored any experimental studies. Dr McKinlay admitted he had no biological expertise. Dr Camelia Gabriel is Director of Microwave Consultants Limited and she reports to the Home Office and the Health & Safety Executive. She is also Chairman of the European Standardisation Body.

To summarise, the NRPB subcontract research on microwave radiation to Microwave Consultants Limited; namely Dr Camelia Gabriel. Dr Camelia Gabriel is also a senior consultant for Orange plc and has authored jointly with others the Orange Base Stations Health & Safety Manual (please see Appendices 14 and 15). Dr Gabriel's son, also of Microwave Consultants Limited, confirms the safety of transmitters for Orange plc in school playgrounds (Appendix 16). This dual interest between Dr Camelia Gabriel as representing the NRPB and Orange plc was picked up and reported on, on 19 April 1999, by The Observer where Sarah Ryle writes "concerns are increasing about industry's involvement in research. Some of the NRPB's conclusions have been based on research by Dr Camelia Gabriel, a technical advisor to network operator Orange and Head of Private Consultancy, Microwave (Appendix 17)'


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Guidelines For Limiting Radiofrequency Exposure



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