A tangled web

Hot on the heels of the reminders about coltan mining upon which both war in the DR Congo and mobile phones depend, and the arms involvements of most mobile phone manufacturers (inevitable with leading edge communications technology?), and the charade over the Church of England's contract with the MoD's research arm Qinetiq, we are now reminded that those QS4 (Qinetiq) antennae in church towers and steeples are part of the US Carlyle Group global empire. Today's scandal is that Carlyle bought into Qinetiq at such undervalued prices. BBC today:

"However, the move is expected to be controversial because of the huge profits that Carlyle Group stand to make through the sale.

"The private equity group bought its 31% stake from the Ministry of Defence in 2002 for £42.2m, but it is now worth £341m."

Carlyle already has 51% voting shares in Qinetiq, which firmly stitches UK top military technology and secrets with the US political regime in this relationship since 2003:

Conspiracists amongst you will be familiar with how Carlyle is mired in global conflict and oil interests, and much more. Go Google if you will! Look at the people involved, and remind your friends who depend on 3G in churches, how it is being achieved and where the bucks and quite possibly the surveillance tracking is going.



Memory serves you well.

Try Google on "Bush Carlyle Cheney Saudi" for starters.


And yes, John Major is there, with Blair tipped to join shortly as a second career.

US politics, NSA, UK defence, all the listening stations, all our domestic and military communications, including TETRA Airwave "homeland security" with its encryption keys held by NSA. Nothing goes on over here that's hidden from them over there. It's a complete stitch-up of global interests.





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