Urge Senator Boxer to Speak Out on Election Fraud

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To: Senator Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

We applaud your courageous stance in speaking out against the certification of the electors in the 2004 election.

With the 2006 elections fast approaching, it is urgent that a prominent politician speak out on the issue of electronic vote fraud and force the Senate and the mainstream media to address this issue.

It is clear: the 2004 election was stolen. The recent bipartisan GAO report showed quite clearly that hacked voting machines are a threat to our democracy. As reported on MSNBC, in Florida '04, dozens of heavily Democratic districts inexplicably voted for Bush by huge margins--yet voted for Democrats on local issues. "Problems" abounded in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Georgia; and of course we need look no further than Ohio for the most obvious example of neocon chicanery. And speaking of Ohio, the '05 elections once again prove that Diebold and Blackwell stole the state. Propositions that were leading the polls by 20-30 points were impossibly defeated. The only explanation: election fraud.

Black Box Voting has demonstrated just how easy it is to "flip" hundreds of thousands of votes. After witnessing the endless parade of lies from the neocons, we're supposed to trust them that they haven't meddled with our elections? After Karl Rove stated in Newsweek he has rolled out a plan for "a permanent Republican majority"?

Senator Kerry privately acknowledges the election was stolen, but to the dismay of the progressive community, he refuses to take point on this issue. Shame on him. But the fact remains: somebody has got to.

Senator Boxer, we urge you stand up on the Senate floor and speak the truth to the American people and do everything you can to force this issue into the public discourse. There IS no other issue as important. The mess we are in would never have happened if we had not allowed the neocons to filch two elections in a row. We are a nation under siege. While we still have an America left, we urge you to champion this issue. Thank you.



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