Joe McCarthy, Bush, and the beginning of the end

by Henri Day
December 1, 2005

Anybody remember Joe McCarthy ? It strikes me that there is a parallel between current events and those of the fall of 1953, when the junior Senator from Wisconsin turned his witch-hunting crusade against the Army. The people running the United States had found McCarthy and McCarthyism useful in scaring the country into a retreat from the New Deal policies they so detested, and acquiesced in his reckless attacks on various government departments and individuals connected with these policies, but when Joe turned his sights on the all-important instrument through which US corporate power was projected throughout the world - the Army - his days were numbered.

Serious imperialists have nothing at all against using ideologues to destroy domestic enemies, thereby consolidating their power, but when the ideology becomes a threat to that power, they turn against it.

My reading is that Rep Murtha speaks for a military, members of which have been so cowed by the Bush Administration that, fearful of damaging their careers, they have not dared speak for themselves. Rep Murtha, however, at 73 years of age and after 31 years of service in the House, has no career to lose, and is obviously willing to bring the concerns of an overstrained military apparatus - overstrained, despite a yearly budget as great as that of the rest of the world combined – front and centre.

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