EMF and radiation problem simply doesn't exist...and the cancer cases grow

I don't know what's going off in our communities or how many people are being put through high levels of EMF in their own homes. I' ve suffered terribly from it, and the levels come through in high surges even when my power is switched off at the mains.

Another point I would mention is that there is a loud clicking sound that comes from my wall power point even when nothing is running. It sounds like the clicking a central heating system makes when it clicks on. Except I don't have central heating. I have had one storage heater running through the entire winter and it runs from a totally different circuit to my wall plugs.

I've noted this sharp click sound also in a room upstairs, and I've no idea what it is. Unless, that is my, electrics have been tampered with to create the situation. Which may explain my high electricity bills even when I'm using the minimum of electricity.

Please don't suggest I contact my utility electrical supplier. Things no longer work that way here in England, where these things are now left as if they don't exist...and the cancer cases grow.

The government we have just pretend... on all things. So you can imagine what is done about the EMF and radiation problem here. It simply doesn't exist.



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