T Mobile seem to be running up against more opposition in Brighton & Hove

T Mobile seem to be running up against more opposition in Brighton & Hove than they bargained for. Fortunately we have six Green Councillors who after many months of me shovelling information their way put together a petition to central Gov't demanding major changes in planning law which was passed by 75% of the Council (with the Chair and Deputy chair of the Planning Committee, unbelievably voting against).

The Greens are the only Councillors who ever respond - and helpfully - to the messages I send out to local Councillors about local mast issues, but just today I learned that groups are springing up all over Brighton & Hove against T Mobiles 3G masts planned for their neighbourhoods. I now know of at least five community action groups formed to fight five of the 16 masts proposed by T Mobile as the first stage of their 3G rollout. And some of the Green Councillors are right down there on the ground with them.

In fact Marconi couldn't have bargained for the reception they got from Green Councillor Bill Randall when they sent a slimy little missive a few months ago to all Brighton Councillors suggesting that "Marconi hopes to be able to work closely and with mutual benefit with Brighton and Hove Councillors in the first stage of its rollout plans for 3G" etc. You get the idea. Councillor Randall didn't respond, kept a close eye on them, then sent the first of a series of letters back to Marconi rejecting their advances and attacking them for every wrong move they had made up to that point - and there were many. He then tore them to shreds in the speech he gave to the Council introducing his Motion.

So God bless Bill. We need more like him - people who are not prepared to put up with ANY shit from people who would trample all over human rights. And now as the anti mast movement gathers momentum in Brighton, he's not the only Green Councillor right there with em.



Hi Sandi

Actually I found out yesterday there are two more anti T Mobile 3G mast groups in Brighton/Hove making 7. 16 masts are planned in their first stage...

At work yesterday the Head of the school I clean told me someone had been round and got all the teachers to sign a petition against one of these masts just 50 metres away from the school. I took the opportunity to tell her as much as I could about 3G and the situation in Brighton and for once she listened.

I've been appalled at the fact that she's a physics teacher but lets all the kids use mobiles all day and believes every word the Gov't farts about "No dangers" etc Hence you get junk food in the kitchen, drinks full of Aspartame ("The Gov't would never allow a harmful amount to go into drinks")

Yeah, lost cause.

Then today I found a notice at work saying:


April 28th 2005

Dear Parents

All camera/video mobile phones are banned from school with immediate effect. If ....suspended from school until further notice. etc etc

Thank you
(Heads name)

She referred them to the internet BBC mobile phone issues in school site.

So although she had clearly checked out mobile phones due to the conversation I had with her, she has only - as her hubby confirmed - banned a certain type (3G - fortunately the worst offenders) and not because of health concerns but because of privacy and pornography issues.

Well it's something but personally I'd rather see kids giggling over porno mags than going round using GSM phones all day and getting serious brain damage in a few years time.

Tragic too the ignorance of physics teachers.

By the way have copied and distributed hundreds of your leaflet.



Gary, I am so pleased to hear that Brighton is resisting! This is what I hoped for.

An advice line caller gave me Bill Randall's phone number months ago and I spoke to him on mast issues and sent an info pack and other information. He has certainly done his homework and come up trumps for you all! If all the little groups united you could get a decent result down there with your council. People power does work.



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