Bouygues Télécom must dismount its antennas this week

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Bouygues Télécom must dismount its antennas this week

Paris, 26 Avril 2005. This week, the antenna-relays of telephony mobile installed by Bouygues Télécom to the 47 street Froidevaux in the 14th district of Paris will have to be dismounted pursuant to a decision of court. National Association Robin des Toits is delighted with the residents to see disappearing this source from medical toxicity. Robin des Toits points out that this toxicity has just been the object, at the beginning of 2005, of two official recognitions:

* One by Professor Stewart, expert official council of the British government,

* the other by group IDEA, Nobel Prize of physique 1985 and member of WHO.

Robin des Toits also points out that this toxicity disappears if the operators respected the threshold of exposure of 0,6V/m as that comes out from many independent scientific work. The respect of the threshold of 0,6V/m would deliver them moreover suspicion growing in their connection and of all the actions carried out against them. Robin des Toits is pleased to see multiplying the decisions of court by which the operators, because of their total lack of taking into account of the Public health and the Principle of Precaution, either are déboutés, or condemned - decisions to which the Council of State by its decision of the 11/2/2005 joined.

E.Cendrier - Door word of Robin des Toits.
Contact Press: E Ashtray 01 40 18 02 81
Internet site: http://www.robindestoits.org



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