Where is safe?

from Vivienne B.

Since the Tetra mast (l k. away) became active last year, I have been suffering badly from lack of sleep, feeling that my skin doesn't fit, headaches etc. etc. The arthritis has become very bad, so suppose I must be electro sensitive. Things have become much worse since an Orange mast - next to a Vodafone became active a short while ago. There is also a datatrack one about lk away, which operates all the time. The high pitched whistling noise that I hear is frequently worse at night and the lack of sleep is just so unbearable.

However our grandson, who lives with us, was rushed to hospital for an appendix op. just before Xmas and the nurses said they had never had so many children (mostly aged 7 - 10) in hospital for appendix. During one week, there were 5 children in there. The frightening thing was that they all lived within about half a mile of a Tetra mast!! This has to be more than a co-incidence as Tetra hasn't been in operation very long in West Sussex.

I am following this one up, as one of the nurses was particularly interested in knowing more of mast emissions. Our grandson still gets tummy pains and nausea - I am feeling the same way and am now seriously considering moving to another area which isn't as flat and open as this one and has more protection with trees, etc.

The reason for writing this (and I know there are thousands out there who feel as worried as I do), is to ask if anyone knows of an area which is reasonably safe? It would be nice to remain somewhere South if pos., simply because we know people here, however desperation means that almost anywhere could be considered. And another thing - where do most sensitive people go for their holidays where they can get away from the emissions and recharge their batteries?

Hoping someone, somewhere has an answer or two. I can see the Easter Holidays looming up and it would be nice to get away for a while. Also, what really really works in deflecting the beastly rays?

Kind regards, VB

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