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Hope For The Homestretch


Kyoto a Go! Russia Poised to Ratify Global Warming Treaty

Breaking News! Global Warming Treaty Moves Forward; Congratulations on Your Work

(October 1, 2004)- Congratulations for being part of the team that helped get the Kyoto treaty poised for ratification. Since 1997, Environmental Defense scientists, economists, members and activists have been working in Russia advocating the country to embrace the protocol. On Thursday, our work paid off when Russia announced it would submit the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change to its parliament (the State Duma) for ratification.

*Why Is This Critical?*

Though ratified by over 100 countries, Kyoto requires ratification by one more major country - like Russia -- before it can take affect. Once Russia ratifies it, the Kyoto Protocol will go into force around the world, "creating," in the words of Environmental Defense President Fred Krupp said, the world's first global platform for addressing the dangers of global warming."

*Where's the United States?*

Unfortunately, while the rest of the world moves toward a cleaner energy future and a more stable climate, the United States has left itself out. The Bush Administration pulled out of the treaty three years ago.

*Time to Celebrate and Get to Work*

While Environmental Defense is celebrating Russia's move, the Kyoto treaty still must be ratified by the Russian parliament; this is expected to happen soon. Environmental Defense's Climate and Air program director Peter Goldmark says, "It's not over until the fat lady sings, but it seems she is clearing her throat in anticipation." Annie Petsonk, Environmental Defense's international counsel and a leading climate negotiator, will continue to work for passage. Yesterday she hailed Russia's move indicating that it "sends a signal that the age of carbon limits has arrived."

*What America Can Do*

The U.S. can still do its part to undo global warming. How? By passing the Climate Stewardship Act, a bipartisan bill in Congress that sets mandatory greenhouse gas pollution limits in the U.S. Senate sponsors John McCain (R-AZ) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) are fighting to pass this bill in the Senate with growing momentum--and there are now 82 co-sponsors of the bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Climate Stewardship Act would put the U.S. on track to joining the world in decreasing the threat of global warming.

*What You Can Do - Get Your Friends Involved*

You and nearly 350,000 people have signed the Emissions Petition supporting the Climate Stewardship Act. Thank you. With the Kyoto Protocol everywhere in the news this week, now is the time to ask your friends to sign the petition. Tell a friend!

Petitions are delivered to President George W. Bush, Senator John Kerry and Congress, sending a clear message that Americans want action to undo global warming:

*Thank Russia's President for Action*
Send a short, personal e-mail thanking Russian President Vladimir Putin for supporting the Kyoto treaty and moving the world forward in the fight to undo global warming.

Take action: http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/putin2/i5sxe82lj3jebb

Find Out More:
Visit undoit.org for more information on Russian ratification of the Kyoto Protocol: http://actionnetwork.org/ct/e1aYwHs1EB9J/

Emissions Petition:
Over 340,000 and counting. Spread the word:

In the News:
See Environmental Defense quoted in the New York Times:

Los Angeles Times:

Global Warming: Undo It! - Visit us online:

World Citizens Use Web to Weigh In on U.S. Foreign Policy


Time to Recognize State Terror


Time for Canada to Catch Up


A Casualty Of Bush's War

Jeffrey Lucey, a Marine veteran of the Iraq war, committed suicide on June 22. He was 23. Horrific memories of Iraq being the possible reason for his suicide...


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Experts on Iraq/A D.C. truth squad emerges

Professionals in the State Department, the intelligence community and the military are trying to get word to the American public that the United States is losing control of the situation.


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Iraq war veterans face long-lasting mental health issues

Iraq war veterans face long-lasting mental health issues, official says:

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi said Tuesday that the violent guerrilla tactics used by insurgents in Iraq will take a considerable toll on the mental health of troops, resulting in a lifetime of disability payments for many of those who return from war.


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Betrayed by Bush

Patrick Buchanan: Betrayed by Bush:

There is no conservative party in Washington. Instead there is a Republican party of big business, big government and big war Washington, DC...

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First Presidential "Debate"

Video: First Presidential "Debate ":

The first of three presidential debates for the 2004 general election took place when Republican nominee Pres. George W. Bush debated Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL. The topic was foreign policy and national security.

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An Appeal for America to be American

Joan Chittister, OSB: An appeal for America to be American:

Have we really fallen this low? "The United States of American is looked at," the document says, "as the most dangerous and destructive nation in the world by civilized global societies."

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Pentagon in contract scandal

The Pentagon has awarded more than 40% of contracts since 1998 without bidding, said a study released on Wednesday by the Centre for Public Integrity (CPI).


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American Neocon Coup

Video : American Neocon Coup:

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh interview

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When the Twin Towers Fell


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The most important Decision of our Lifetime

You Decide: The most important Decision of our Lifetime

Here's a site on the 2004 presidential election that I found interesting:


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What Bush says....

"I'm the commander - see, I don't need to explain - I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."

(Aug 20, 2002 - interview by Bob Woodward, Crawford, TX)

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NORAD Lied About 9/11

Senator Dayton: NORAD Lied About 9/11

Mark Dayton has become the first U.S. senator to challenge the rush to consensus that "The 9/11 Commission Report" settles the open questions of Sept. 11, 2001. In hearings last Friday, Sen. Dayton (D-MN) raised an obvious point: if the timeline of air defense response as promoted in the Kean Commission's best-selling book is correct, then the timeline presented repeatedly by NORAD during the last two years was completely wrong. Yet now no one at NORAD is willing to comment on their own timeline!

When the official story of 9/11 can be changed repeatedly without anyone ever being held accountable, we have no right to ever again expect honest government. Please read the following story and do your part to support Sen. Dayton for highlighting the contradiction, and to encourage the media to follow up.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - October 2nd, 2004

Call it MATRIX Reloaded

Intelligence network worries the right, left

They could call it MATRIX Reloaded.

Less than a year after Utah Gov. Olene Walker pulled the plug on the supercharged crime-fighting computer known as MATRIX, the U.S. Congress is poised to implement its own national information-sharing network that would link hundreds upon hundreds of government and commercial databases. Its goal: To fight terrorism.

The National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 — currently being debated in the Senate — contains a provision for an "Information Sharing Network" to coordinate data from "all available sources." Citing the findings on the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, the bill states, "The effective use of information, from all available sources, is essential to the fight against terror and the protection of our homeland. The biggest impediment to all-source analysis, and to a greater likelihood of connecting the dots, is resistance to sharing." That, and a resistance from civil libertarians and conservatives who believe such an all-seeing computer system threatens fundamental constitutional rights by creating a mechanism for the government to spy on every American.

"It really, really bothers me that none of us have any privacy anymore," said Gayle Ruzicka of the Utah Eagle Forum, who finds herself on the same side of the issue as the American Civil Liberties Union.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - October 2nd, 2004

ABA blasts extradition to torture nations

The American Bar Association said Thursday it "objects strongly" to House legislation allowing terror suspects to be sent to countries that use torture. In a statement, the ABA said it "objects strongly to the inclusion of provisions authorizing 'extraordinary rendition' in the House leadership's bill that purports to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations." The Washington Post said the Bush administration is supporting the provision introduced by House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. But the ABA said the provisions "would permit secretly transferring terrorist suspects to foreign countries known to use torture in interrogating prisoners.

Extraordinary rendition not only violates all basic humanitarian and human rights standards, but violates U.S. treaty obligations which make clear that the U.S. government cannot avoid its obligations under international law by having other nations conduct unlawful interrogations in its stead."


Aftermath News
Top Stories - October 2nd, 2004

House 9/11 Commission Bill Includes Patriot II, National ID Card, Worst Anti-Immigration Measures in Decade

In addition to additional law enforcement powers, like those granted in the original 2001 USA Patriot Act, the new bill in the House of Representatives to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission would likely create what amounts to a national identification card, and would harm basic fairness in the nation? immigration system, the American Civil Liberties Union said today. "Republican leadership is either trying to torpedo the 9/11 Commission? recommendations with a poison pill, or is attempting to muscle through a narrow policy agenda using must-pass legislation," said Laura W. Murphy, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. "Both scenarios are unacceptable." At issue is the House version of legislation drafted in response to the recently completed 9/11 Commission. Though the commission notably did not include any recommendation that the Patriot Act be extended, or that due process and judicial review in the immigration system be curtailed, House Republicans included such provisions anyway.

The inclusion of some parts of the Patriot II legislation is drawing increasing criticism, especially after a group of 9/11 widows appealed to lawmakers this week to not let such divisive provisions derail the bill.


EFF Says the Draft "PATRIOT II" Legislation Goes Too Far

U.S. Patriot Act raises Canadian privacy fears

Aftermath News
Top Stories - October 2nd, 2004

Privacy questions arise as RFID hits stores


Aftermath News
Top Stories - October 2nd, 2004

Gemeinderäte verweigern Gehorsam

"Ich gelobe Treue der Verfassung, Gehorsam den Gesetzen und gewissenhafte Erfüllung meiner Pflichten." Auf diese vom Innenministerium empfohlene Musterformel wollte der Vogter Bürgermeister Peter Smigoc auch seinen Gemeinderat einschwören. Doch ein CDU-Vertreter sagte: "Nein". Die Gesetze müsse man sowieso einhalten und auf Gehorsam lasse er sich nicht verpflichten. Seiner Ansicht nach sollte der Gemeinderat auch Dinge beschließen dürfen, für die das Gesetz andere Regelungen vorsieht. Zum Beispiel, dass er auf seiner Gemarkung keinen Mobilfunkmasten zulassen will. 5 weitere Ratsmitglieder schlossen sich der Gehorsamsverweigerung an. Dieser Vorgang ist im Lande bislang wohl einmalig, aber dennoch ist die Amtseinsetzung rechtskräftig. (weg)

Nachricht von Pfarrer Mathias Engelbrecht




Die Europäische Union wird zur Katastrophe


Most supplements to bebanned in Europe by Aug 2005


Oppose S. 722 and H.R. 3377, support American freedom by voting for H.R. 1146

Most supplements to bebanned in Europe by Aug 2005


Die Zeiten werden schlechter in Europa durch katastrophale Führung!

Könnt ihr euch das vorstellen? Keine Vitamine als Ergänzungen mehr erhältlich, abgesehen von einem Multi das nur den festgelegten Tagesbedarf decken darf.

Katastrophal im Umgang mit Elektrosmog, mit Nahrungsergänzungen und mit psychisch Kranken. In diesem Bereich soll Zwangseinweisung und Zwangsbehandlung mit schädigenden Medikamenten deutlich erleichtert werden. Faschismus über den Umweg von Konzepten die die Freiheit des Einzelnen zerstören!! Was ist da das vierjährige Kreuz das man machen kann noch wert. Manche Diktatur ist nicht so restriktiv wie die EU zu sein sich anschickt.


Der Bericht darüber was in Sachen Nahrungsergänzungen auf Europa
zukommt ist auf leider nur auf Englisch

Most supplements to bebanned in Europe by Aug 2005



" Two years ago, I told you about the passage of the European Union (EU) Directive on Dietary Supplements. This directive, which is part of a larger form of legislation called Codex Alimentarius, severely restricts access to natural health products in Europe. At the time, it probably seemed a long way off: After all, the law wasn't to go into effect for several years following the initial passage.

Unfortunately, that several years is up, and the EU Directive is on track to take full effect in August 2005-less than a year from now--and by 2007, the scene described above will certainly be a reality for many, many people. Obviously, this is devastating news for Europe. But thanks to some pre-existing international agreements made by the U.S., the EU Directive will be just as devastating for the natural health community here. The main difference is that while the Directive has been big news in Europe for some time, it's been virtually ignored by U.S. media, which means that the severe restrictions it calls for will sneak up on most people and rob us all of our freedom to choose natural alternatives before we even know what's happening. That's why I and many of my colleagues in the health publishing world have done our best to keep you informed of the Directive's developments-and their consequences for the U.S.-over the years. And why we've decided to make a big push in our September newsletters by covering it in-depth.

Simply put, we're down to the wire, and if we don't act immediately, we will be facing the same fate as Europeans. There are steps you can take to get the word out and, hopefully, to diffuse this ticking time bomb. But first, let's take a few minutes and recount some of the specifics included in the Directive so that you know exactly what it is we're fighting against.

5,000 products set to disappear

The EU Directive classifies vitamins and minerals in Europe as "medical drugs" rather than dietary supplements, which means that they're subject to government regulation in terms of dosage and availability. It gets worse: There are many nutrients known to be vital to optimal health that are not on the government's RDA nutrient list including chromium picolinate, lysine, and selenium. Under the Directive, these types of supplements are banned from over-the-counter sale. Put simply, it will be illegal to buy them without a prescription.

The supplements that will be available will be restricted to multi-vitamins containing no more than 100 percent of the established RDA amounts, which are usually useless, trivial quantities--and they'll be far more expensive than what we have now.

This Directive, for all intents and purposes, makes it illegal for people to keep themselves healthy by supplementing with essential nutrients.

Plus, the Directive only allows supplements to be made from a list of 15 minerals and 13 vitamins. That leaves out at least 40 minerals important in human metabolism and forbids the use of the most bio-available forms of vitamin complexes. In essence, it means that all nutritional supplements will be virtually the same-the specific combinations might vary, but the types and amounts of nutrients will be identical-no matter what product they're formulated into.

So, for instance, a middle-aged woman in Liverpool, England, who has a dangerously elevated homocysteine level will no longer have the option of reducing her risk of heart disease with a vitamin B dosage of her own choosing. If she's currently taking 5 mg of folic acid daily, under the new Directive she will be legally restricted to a prescription of 1 mg per day. If she's taking a 100 mg dose of B6, she'll be restricted to 10 mg. And her pantothenic acid (B5) intake of 500 mg will drop to 200 mg. These maximum dosage levels have been chosen to "protect" her (so we're told), when in fact the protection she needs the most will be unavailable.

In addition to these essential B vitamins, low maximum dosage levels have also been set for vitamin C, niacin, and vitamin E. But at least they made it on the list of allowed nutrients.

Approximately 350 supplement ingredients are missing from the list. If they are not added to the list by June 2005, they will be deemed illegal throughout the European Union. Supplement manufacturers may submit "technical dossiers" to support applications for the inclusion of individual elements or formulations on the so-called "positive list." But the EU has made this process so expensive and time consuming that many manufacturers simply can't afford the costs involved. As a result, around 5,000 safe formulas and nutrients that have been on the market for decades will soon be banned.

Saving us from ourselves

Of course, these regulations were all passed under the guise of "protecting the public." According to the World Health Organization, popular alternative medicines are often "misused" and may "harm patients." They point out that the "incorrect use" of alternative therapies has caused deaths in wealthy countries where more and more patients rely on them.

You could also argue that the incorrect use of kitchen knives, water skis, and even plastic bags have all caused deaths! Not to mention the use of AMA-sanctioned medical procedures and FDA-approved drugs. The key phrase here is "incorrect use."

The WHO could do everyone a service by first addressing the incorrect use of accepted mainstream therapies that have caused far more widespread death and adverse reactions than natural medicine therapies ever have or ever will.

Although they are few and far between, there are mistakes and fatalities associated with alternate therapies, supplements, and herbal remedies. It's always important to keep in mind that many of the compounds and herbs used in natural medicine treatments are very powerful. They have risks and potential side effects, which is why I always recommend that you work closely with skilled natural medicine practitioners whenever you use these therapies. But even with their cautions, natural remedies are far, far safer than prescription drugs, and one reason might be the users themselves. An article published in the journal Psychologist noted that people who seek out natural and alternative treatments are generally more health conscious than non-users, and believe that by making sound lifestyle choices they can influence their own health. But not if the EU has anything to say about it.

Where's the "fight for freedom" when you need it?

You'd think that such blatant abuse of power to restrict people's personal liberty would have our own self-proclaimed freedom-loving government up in arms (literally). But there's an even darker side to all this, and it has little--if anything-- to do with health or looking out for people's best interests.

Even if the American government didn't want to go along with the regulations imposed by the EU Directive, we really wouldn't have a choice. In fact, the United States never has acknowledged or stated any form of acceptance for the EU Directive. But hard as it is to believe, this "Directive" can actually over-ride United States law if it isn't stopped in Europe.

As a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the U.S. will be bound by any finalized standards put forth in the Directive.

If we choose to ignore the regulations our WTO-affiliation binds us to, we would face severe trade sanctions with other WTO countries, which could potentially cripple part of our economy. And there's no way that our already anti-natural-medicine government is going to let that happen over access to vitamins and minerals. So the best way to ensure it doesn't get to that point is to do everything we can to stop it now--before it happens.

Protect your rights with these 3 steps

There are three actions to take. The most urgent is to support a case brought by the British Alliance for Natural Health to overturn the European Food Supplements Directive. In January 2004, the Alliance's attorneys (a firm which has successfully had another European Directive overturned) won the first round in the High Court of Justice in London; the appeal was referred to the European Court of Justice.

Please visit the Alliance's website,
http://www.alliance-natural-health.org , read about their case, and most importantly, make a donation to support their efforts to protect everyone's supplements, including yours. Even a few dollars will help; a few dollars from each of us will add up. If we can help them overturn this food supplement dictatorship in Europe, it won't ever come here.

The second action I urge you to take is to write, call, and e-mail your state's Senators and Congressmen. Tell your Senators to oppose S.722, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, and tell your Congressmen to oppose H.R. 3377, the Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act.

These two bills put the wheels in motion for restrictions similar to those outlined in the EU Directive to become U.S. law, which would be even more threatening to us than just an inter- national code of standards. These extremely dangerous and misnamed proposals would allow the FDA to "roll back" most of the small amount of health care freedom you and I re-gained with the 1994 "DSHEA" law we all fought so hard for. Even if we're successful in helping the Alliance for Natural Health defeat the European Food Supplements Directive, if these bills are passed into law, our supplement choices will shrink dramatically anyway.

The final step to take is to tell your U.S. Senators and Congressmen to support U.S. Representative Ron Paul's H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. This accurately named (for once) legislation would make the Constitution of the United States the supreme law of the land again, and restore law-making and judging power to our elected representatives and American courts, respectively. Please don't leave this off your list; in the long run, it's the most important action of the three.

Please make a donation-of any size-to the Alliance for Natural Health as soon as you can. Then, please write, call, fax, and e-mail your U.S. Senators and Representative as often as you can, telling them to oppose S. 722 and H.R. 3377, and to support American freedom by voting for H.R. 1146.

For further information on the European Union Directive on Dietary
Supplements and on the Codex Alimentarius legislation, contact the
American Holistic Health Association http://www.ahha.org , the Alliance for Natural Health http://www.alliance-natural-health.org , or the International Advocates for Health Freedom http://www.iahf.com .


Cheaper vs. Cleaner

Consider two recent news items: oil prices creeping up toward $50 a barrel and Antarctic glaciers breaking up into icebergs at an accelerated pace, probably due to global warming.


Marine's family has sharp reprimand for Bush administration

The national press should be covering the views of our veterans' families. Veterans for Common Sense posted several articles where the families of our service members killed in the Iraq War express outrage and concern about the climbing casualty counts. The article below reports that "Relatives of a Minnesota Marine who was killed in Iraq lashed out Wednesday against the war and the Bush administration's conduct in waging it."


British Guantanamo Detainee Alleges Abuse from Jail

The prison torture scandal continues to expand. According to Reuters, "A British detainee at Guantanamo Bay said in a letter revealed Friday he was tortured and abused during detention, in what is believed to be the first such claim to come from inside the prison. Moazzam Begg also said he had partially witnessed the deaths of two detainees at the hands of U.S. military personnel ... and this 'suggests that he's been a witness to at least one murder.'"


More records of Bush Guard service emerge

The White House said seven months ago that it had released all the records on President Bush’s stateside military service during the Vietnam War, yet new records are still dribbling out as Election Day approaches.


America's Lost Respect

Three years ago, the United States was both feared and respected: feared because of its military supremacy, respected because of its traditional commitment to democracy and the rule of law. Since then, Iraq has demonstrated the limits of American military power, and has tied up much of that power in a grinding guerrilla war. This has emboldened regimes that pose a real threat. Three years ago, would North Korea have felt so free to trumpet its conversion of fuel rods into bombs?


Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections


Informant: Friends

Mobilfunk, Elektrosmog und Fehlgeburten


Gigaherz 38. Rundbrief


Skandal um dem Kurzwellensender Schwarzenburg - The Scandal of Schwarzenburg

Der Skandal von Schwarzenburg nimmt kein Ende


Abelin T. E.S., Krebs, Th., Pfluger, D.H., von Kanel, J., Blattmann, R.(1995) "Study of health effects of Shortwave Transmitter Station of Schwarzenburg, Berne, Switzerland". University of Berne, Institute for Social and Preventative Medicine. Sleep disturbances 5:1 psychological illnesses 4:1 cancer, all kinds, 3:1, diabetes 2:1 which may have come out, if investigated. Only the living population was included in the study, causes of death and life expectancy were never clarified. Der Skandal von Schwarzenburg nimmt kein Ende Alles reine Einbildung, oder die Kuhflüsterer Der Sender brennt!


Der ganz normale Wahnsinn hat sich verzehnfacht, ein Ende des Anstiegs ist nicht absehbar!

von http://www.gigaherz.ch

Bekannte Langzeitstudien über amplitudenmodulierte, niederfrequent gepulste Hochfrequenzstrahlung auf das Mobilfunkzeitalter übertragen.

Von Hans-U.Jakob, 27.4.2002

Langzeitstudie Schwarzenburg, Kurzwellen nach 40 Jahren Bestrahlungszeit:

In den bestrahlten Zonen gab es 4 mal mehr psychisch Kranke als in den unbestrahlten Zonen.

Anzahl untersuchter Menschen: bestrahlt = 200 / unbestrahlt = 200

E-Feldstärke in den bestrahlten Zonen = 0.4....4V/m *1)

Langzeitstudie Holzkirchen bei München, Kurzwellen und Mittelwellen nach 40 Jahren Bestrahlungszeit:

In den bestrahlten Zonen gab es 8 mal mehr psychisch Kranke als in den unbestrahlten Zonen.

Anzahl untersuchter Menschen: bestrahlt = 600 / unbestrahlt = Landesduechschnitt (D)

E-Feldstärke in den bestrahlten Zonen = 0.3....3V/m *2)

Langzeitstudie in der amerikanische Botschaft in Moskau:

Mikrowellen nach 22 Jahren Bestrahlung des US-Botschaftspersonals im kalten Krieg zu Versuchszwecken durch das UdSSR-Militär:

Es gab in diesem Botschaftsgebäude eine signifikant überdurchschnittliche Zahl an psychisch erkankten Männern (Depressionen).

Anzahl untersuchter Menschen: bestrahlt =2000 / unbestrahlt = 6000 (Personal anderer Botschaften).

E-Feldstärke in den bestrahlten Räumen der Botschaft 0.14....4.3V/m *3)

In den psychiatrischen Kliniken der Schweiz stieg seit Einführung des flächendeckenden Mobilfunks mit E-Feldstärken von 0.1 bis 1 V/m die Belegung auf des 2.5-fache der geplanten Patientenzahl an. Die durchschnittliche Behandlungsdauer sank infolge dieses Ansturms von 140 Tagen auf 31 Tage. Das ergibt eine Zunahme der Erkrankungen um mindestens das 11-fache. *4)

Jetzt schlagen die Kliniken Alarm. Denn die WHO (Weltgesundheitsorganisation) kündigt für die nächsten Jahre nochmals eine Verdoppelung an psychisch Kranken an. Wir hätten dann das 22-fache an psychisch Kranken gegenüber des Vor-Mobilfunkzeitalters.

Woher will die WHO das so genau wissen? Der Verdacht drängt sich auf, dass die dort die Ursachen ganz genau kennen. Sonst könnten die das nicht mit dieser Sicherheit voraussagen. Im Mobilfunk steht die Einführung der UMTS-Generation mit 7 bis 10 mal stärkeren Sendern und der 3-fachen Anzahl an Sendern vor der Tür. Und wie die Standortdatenblätter in den neuen Bauausschreibungen belegen, werden wir dann flächendeckende E-Feldstärken zwischen 0.5 und 5 V/m haben. Das hat natürlich auch die WHO gecheckt, da sind die Mobilfunkgegner nicht die Einzigen.

Mit gezielten (von der Industrie gesponserten) Radio- und Fernsehsendungen versuchen die Regierung und die Mobilfunkgesellschaften gegenwärtig die Bevölkerung nun auf diese Katastrophe vorzubereiten und diese Entwicklung quasi als normal hinzustellen. Selbstverständlich wird allem andern die Schuld zugeschoben, nur ja nicht dem Mobilfunk. So etwa der Arbeitslosigkeit, der Verunsicherung durch die Deregulierung der Märkte, dem Abbau der Sozialwerke, oder dem älter werden der Menschen (Demenz). Auch der vermehrt freiwillige Klinikeintritt wird angeführt.

Gegensteuer geben will man mit der chemischen Keule oder mit der Abschiebung der Langzeitpatienten in private Wohnheime. Auch hier lässt sich Geld verdienen! Bei der chemischen Lösung erst recht!

Immerhin wird zugegeben, dass es in den Innenstädten die größte Häufung an psychisch Kranken gibt. Kein Wunder, denn hier herrschen auch die dichtesten elektromagnetischen Nebelschwaden. Hier ist die Senderdichte auch am grössten. So haben wir kürzlich auf den Dächern der Innenstadt von Basel auf einer Fläche von 2 mal 2 km insgesamt 98 Mobilfunk-Basisstationen gezählt. *5)

Angaben zu den Schweizer Grenzwerten für Mobilfunk:

Für Räume mit empfindlicher Nutzung wie Schul- Wohn- Schlaf- und Krankenzimmer:

Im 900MHz-Bereich = 4V/m

Im 1800MHz-Bereich = 6V/m

Für alle Aussenräume und Arbeitsplätze:

Im 900MHz-Bereich = 40V/m

Im 1800MHz-Bereich = 60V/m

Wer die E-Feldstärken von V/m (Volt pro Meter) gerne in die Leistungsflussdichte von W/m2 (Watt pro Quadratmeter) umrechnen möchte, kann das mit folgender Formel tun:


S in W/m2 und E in V/m einsetzen. Viel Spaß beim Umrechnen!


*1) Study on Health Effects of the Shortwave Transmitter Station of Schwarzenburg BE (CH) UNI Bern 1995.

*2) Erhebungen der Gemeindeverwaltungen Holzkirchen, Valley, Warngau und Weyarn. 1996 Feldstärkemessungen G. Paul und Hu.Jakob

*3) Lilienfeld-Studie zitiert in EPA-Nr.600/8-83-026F

*4) Radiosendung "Tagesgespräch" um 13 Uhr auf DRS-1 vom 25.4.02 mit Dr. D.Hell, Chefarzt Psych. Klinik Burghölzli Zürich.

*5) Karte der Senderstandorte auf der Hompage Bundesamt für Kommunikation CH



Der Schwarzenburger Skandal

Interessantes zum ehemaligen Kurzwellensender Schwarzenburg

10 Jahre epidemiologische Forschung im Umfeld des Kurzwellensender Schwarzenburg

Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen des Kuzwellensenders Schwarzenburg

Schwarzenburger Studie

Sender Schwarzenburg - eine abschließende Betrachtung

Kurzwellensender Schwarzenburg abgeschaltet


Der Skandal von Schwarzenburg nimmt kein Ende

lnterpellation betreffend Vernehmlassungsantwort des Regierungsrates zur Verordnung betreffend nichtionisierende Strahlung (NIS) des Bundes ("Elektrosmog")

Verantwortungslose Hetze des „BUND“ gegen Elektrosmog-Opfer und ihre Schutzorganisation Gigaherz

Sleep Disturbances in the Vicinity of the Short-Wave Broadcast Transmitter Schwarzenburg - The Schwarzenburg shut-down study

Altpeter, ES et al (1995): Study on health effects of shortwave transmitter station of Schwarzenburg

The Scandal of Schwarzenburg

Swiss shortwave transmitter study sounds warning
Reviewed by Dr. Neil Cherry

G J Hyland

Citations re electromagnetic radiation

Recent studies (1995-2000) on the biological effects of radiofrequency and cell phone radiation

Neil Cherry

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How Industry manipulates Science

Although not mentioned in the below article, add in the telecommunications industry who are the undisputed masters at manipulating science and using PR spin. Rampton and Stauber's book may be about the USA but with globalization its really an international problem - its just that the Americans are better at it!

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The cry of "ignore this until the study is replicated" goes up. But no one in the cellphone industry attempts to fund replication. Critic and publisher John Moulder, however, took another view: "It's certainly the first animal evidence that suggests that radio frequencies might cause cancer under some conditions,'' he said. [Of course, it isn't the first by a long way -- it is just the most significant because it can't be attacked by industry public relations claims of "bias" since it was done by industry scientists, using industry funding.] There was, of course, no attempt made by the WTR or the CTIA to replicate these findings -- only claims that the findings were of little significance until they had been replicated.

Repacholi first knew that his exposed mice had much higher levels of lymphoma than the controls (and had these strange B-cell forms) back in mid 1994 (the study took 18 months to complete, then two years to get published), but in this time neither the CTIA, WTR or WHO made any suggestion that money be allocated for urgent replication or other parallel research.

This is how the cellphone industry handles such problems:

· they claim that the reseach findings shouldn't be considered important until they are replicated, then

· Don't provide funding to conduct the replication.

Between 1995 and 1999, all those in the know vigorously denied that the Adelaide Hospital findings had any significance. [Replication finally began in Australia in mid-April 1999, and is due for completion and reporting in late 2001 or 2002]

Yet during many of these years the WTR spent the last of its $27 million on second-rate science, without any appreciable results. During the same period, the cellphone industry around the world made roughly $100 billion each year in profits.

April 30, 1998: The cellular phone industry's contract for funding the WTR through Carlo and HES officially expired. At this stage they had spent $25 million and have little more of significance than a widely published and promoted research report announcing that cellphones interfere with pacemakers -- something that had been widely reported in the past. There was effectively no release of the results of any biomedical research results at all.

But then Dr George Carlo became a turncoat.

The WTR is wound down. The end of US Cellphone Health Research In 1998, Dr Carlo's term as the director of Wireless Technology Research (WTR) had run out. The contract had actually come to an end in 1997, but since some of the scientific research projects had not been complete, the life of the WTR had been extended a year, with additional funding of $2 million.

Carlo wanted extra funds and probably wanted to continue, but he had fallen out badly with the CTIA over a number of matters, and it was clear that neither his job, or the continuation of any WTR research projects, were likely prospects beyond that year. A number of the major cellphone companies had been vocal in criticism of the bad press they were receiving, and the CTIA announced that they intended to just maintain 'surveillance' of the cellphone health situation, rather than actively participate in funding research.

April 1998: The CTIA agrees to continue funding in a limited way (adding another $2 million to the pot)so as to finalise a few biomedical studies that had been hastily added to the WTR list towards the end of the five year period.

The CTIA and Carlo have clearly fallen out, however. By April he had been left in no doubt that the industry would not require his services in the future.

June 1998: A letter appears in the Lancet saying that Dr Stephan Braune of the University Neurology Clinic in Freiburg, Germany, has found that it is the radio output from GSM cellular telphones causes blood pressure to rise. This and a number of other studies by independent scientists in Europe, raise public concerns about cellphones once again.

End 1998: The WTR is being wound down, and replaced by a public relations organisation called WIN.

The Vienna Declaration: Oct 25-27 1998 A group of very promient scientists from Europe and America, working in the field of non-ionising radiation research, met in Vienna. After the conference they signed a declaration stating:

"The participants agreed that biological effects from low-intensity exposures are scientifically established. However, the current state of scientific consensus is inadequate to derive reliable exposure standards. The existing evidence demands an increase in the research efforts on the possible health impact and on an adequate exposure and dose assessment."

This group included a number of the most prominent scientist in the field from the USA, Sweden, the UK and elsewhere. Also prominent was a scientist from the FDA in Washington.

The WTR -- A Summary

Were there any appreciable public health benefits?
How much did the WTR project cost?

About one-fortieth of a cent (0.025 cents) for every dollar spent by customers on cellphones in the USA during the period it was in operation.

What did it achieve

· Confirmation that pacemakers were slightly vulnerable.

· A better exposure system for mice during future research (Chou)

· A comfortable living, with first-class travel to overseas conventions for a lot of people, including a lot of tame scientists.

· Maybe a small amount of biological evidence of potential harm from long-term cellphone use.

What does the CTIA do now?

Absolutely nothing other than its token gift to the FDA. It found to its cost that doing spurious research was worse than doing nothing, and it also found that spending $27 million only raised media interest. From this point on it plans to spend its money on public relations.

Some of the corporate members of the CTIA believe that the WTR's research program had been little more than a public relations disaster and the lack of actual research with even token appearance of having any significance. Dr Louis Slessin's famous remark that they'd spent $17 million over the first four years without ever getting a test-tube wet, had hurt their cause deeply.

What little genuine biomedical research had been commissioned by the WTR, had only been in the last year or so, and it was evident to most outside observers, that this had only been funded in a last-minute attempt to regain some shred of credibility for the cellular phone industry.

The role of funding research had been passed over to the companies themselves -- principly Motorola in the USA, and Motorola and Nokia in Europe. These companies were aiming to finance research in a way that allowed them to more easily control the publication of results.

In the USA this was done by selecting compliant universities and research institutes, and signing the principle researchers up to confidential contracts. In Europe, it was done by providing matching finance to the COST 244 grants, which effectively gave the companies veto power over what research would be conducted -- even when half came from government sources.

The WTR won't release a comprehensive report of the research they say they funded over the years. It is not clear where the idea that there were "50 studies conducted at 16 research labs" came from (The CTIA won't supply a list), or where the reporter got the idea that Carlo is "a lawyer who has a Ph.D. in pathology", (he has a degree in statistics from Buffalo University). But, given the generally high quality of Boston Globe reporting, it is doubtful that these were journalistic errors.

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WHO has fallen victim to neoliberal globalisation and to the economic interests of powerful nations and the transnational corporations


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Die Bundesregierung bewertet in Ihrer Bundestagsdrucksache 15/1403 http://www.bmu.de/strahlenschutz/parl_vorgaenge/content/7880.php#antraege wie folgt: ... "Von besonderem Interesse ist hierbei eine Veröffentlichung zu Rindern (Löscher / Käs 1998), in welcher erheblich reduzierte Milcherträge, Auszehrung sowie spontane Fehl- und Totgeburten dokumentiert wurden. Von besonderer Relevanz sind die folgenden Sachverhalte: – Der Gesundheitszustand der Rinder verbesserte sich erheblich, nachdem sie auf Weideland gebracht wurden, das weit entfernt von dem Sendemast lag, verschlechterte sich jedoch sofort wieder bei Rückkehr an den alten Standort; – die negativen gesundheitlichen Effekte traten erst auf, nachdem auf einem Turm GSM-Mikrowellenantennen installiert wurden, der zuvor lediglich für die Übertragung (analoger) TV- und Radiosignale genutzt worden war."

"Auch in anderen Dokumenten wird von ähnlichen gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen auf Rinder berichtet (Firstenberg 2000). Schließlich wird über Rückgänge von Vogel- und Bienenpopulationen nach Inbetriebnahme neuer Basisstationsmasten berichtet. Das Auftreten negativer Effekte bei Tieren ist deshalb von besonderer Relevanz, weil dadurch deutlich wird, dass die Effekte möglicherweise real und nicht nur psychosomatischer Genese sind. Darüber hinaus könnte aus der oftmals höheren Elektrosensitivität von Tieren im Vergleich zum Menschen gefolgert werden, dass die bei Tieren innerhalb eines relativ kurzen Zeitraumes aufgetretenen gesundheitlichen Probleme darauf hindeuten, dass eine Langzeitexposition beim Menschen ähnliche Folgen haben könnte."




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