Thousands of lawyers massing for Election Day battle

Lawyers on both sides of the political divide are armed for legal battle leading up to Election Day and thereafter in a state where the lawsuits have already piled up.


From Information Clearing House

Nov. 2 Is V-Day for Blacks in Florida

Bitter memories of 2000 drive electoral activism in a county that is 60% African American.


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Dirty Tricks Watch

Dirty Tricks Watch: Broward County:

A Miami-area television station reports that 58,000 absentee ballots that were supposed to be mailed out on October 7 and 8 have not yet arrived and could be missing. The details:

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Bush website blocked outside US

Surfers outside the US have been unable to visit the official re-election site of President George W Bush. The blocking of browsers sited outside the US began in the early hours of Monday morning...


Chile Group Plans Bush Welcome with War Crime Suit

Chileans opposed to the Iraq war have accused President Bush of war crimes in a criminal complaint lodged on Tuesday, less than a month before he is scheduled to visit the country.


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Setting a New and Dangerous Precedent in Iraq and Afghanistan

There is no way to assess the amount or time when there will be a major response from the Muslim world to these atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, knowing history, that time will come...

Torture, the British way


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The Terrorism of War and Occupation

The aim of the US is to create a colonial dictatorship in Iraq. The US is interested in securing military bases and skimming the nation’s wealth to benefit US corporations against the wishes of the Iraqi people and world peace.

Moral cowardice at the CIA

Ray McGovern asserts U.S. policies are recruiting terrorists...


From Information Clearing House

Oil Wars And US Imperialism

Sooner or later, the rest of the world may very well unite against us, and use economic pressure, rather than military force, to end American imperialism.

US gave date of war to Britain in advance

US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal:

Secret plans for the war in Iraq were passed to British Army chiefs by US defence planners five months before the invasion was launched, a court martial heard yesterday.

Terror Warnings Up Approval Ratings

Study: Terror Warnings Up Approval Ratings :

When the government issues a terror warning, the president's approval rating increases an average of nearly three points, a Cornell University sociologist says.

US's Iraq POW scandal

The scandal of Iraqi "ghost detainees", prisoners not officially recorded by the United States, has links to top levels at the White House.


Amnesty condemns US 'torture tactics':

Amnesty International has accused the United States of being more concerned with getting around international laws which prohibit torture than with safeguarding human rights as it wages its "war on terror".


Iraq transfers war crimes :

An international law expert from Harvard Law School says the U.S. government is guilty of war crimes for moving prisoners from Iraq to other countries.

Human dignity denied - Torture and accountability in the ‘war on terror’


Foltern für die nationale Sicherheit

Amnesty International stellt neuen Bericht über schwere Misshandlungen im US-Gewahrsam vor und fordert Bush oder Kerry zu einschneidenden Konsequenzen auf...


Protect your vote: MoveOn's election protection card


Elections Highlighted This Week

Moving Ideas News: Elections Highlighted This Week
October 20-27, 2004


Join Civil Rights Leaders to Urge the RNC to Halt Plans to Challenge Voters

Despite earlier requests from the civil rights community, the Republican National Committee has failed to put an end to Republican-initiated plans to aggressively target minority voters and voters with disabilities for challenges at the polls during the November 2nd general election. Join us in urging the RNC to put an end to its plans to challenge voters on Election Day. The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, with the support of the NAACP, USAction, and American Association of People with Disabilities, will hold a press conference outside of the RNC headquarters to highlight the party’s failure to stop this intimidation by its state and local operatives.
10 am, Thursday, October 28
Republican National Committee, 310 First St SE, Washington, DC

How to Move the Progressive Agenda Forward with Technology
PopandPolitics.com is hosting an exciting roundtable event exploring progressive politics and technology starting at 5:30pm on Thursday, November 18, 2004 in Washington, DC at the headquarters of the AFL-CIO. Moving Ideas’ is a co-sponsor and will be part of the panel!


Ready? Set? Vote!
Your Vote Matters! Be Prepared! Find your polling place, learn about the candidates, access voting tools, and get involved!

On the Minds of Americans: Jobs and the Economy
Analysis of recent trends regarding job growth and loss and other economic indicators.

On the Minds of Americans: Skyrocketing Health Care Costs
Analysis of the negative effects on government, businesses, the economy, families, seniors, and the chronically ill.


Less Cash in Their Pockets
Less Cash in Their Pockets: Trends in Incomes, Wages, Taxes, and Health Spending of Middle-Income Families, 2000-03, offers new detail on the middle-class squeeze that has been reported in the media.

Leaving Women Behind
Karen Kornbluh and Laurie Rubiner
President George W. Bush has framed his domestic agenda in recent speeches as a response to women's economic security concerns. In fact, in the president’s “Ownership Society,” women would be less—not more—economically secure.

Approximately Half of Americans in Medicare Are at Risk of Losing Coverage When the New Law Is Implemented
This analysis of the new Medicare law and proposed regulations for the law shows that the new program will be more than a disappointment - half of America's Medicare beneficiaries are at risk of being worse off than they are today.


Democracy at Risk: Challenges to Election Integrity
This election briefing book covers five areas that Demos has studied in depth: provisional balloting, felon disenfranchisement, voter registration, voter purging and election fraud.

Placebo Ballots: Will 'Fail-safe' Voting Fail?
(Correction from the October 20 newsletter)
This report shows how several hundred thousand citizens may again be sent home from the polls without casting a vote. Over half of all states are adopting an overly cramped approach to provisional voting.

Ballot Initiative Campaign Spotlights
With 163 statewide measures qualified for the ballot, initiatives are doing their part to turn up the heat on the November election by helping frame policy debates for the progressive community, distinguishing candidates, helping lure voters to the ballot box and reforming state law.

Purged! Will Eligible Voters be Purged from Election Rolls?
Demos, the ACLU and the Right to Vote Campaign found that millions of eligible voters may again be prevented from casting their ballots on November 2 due to flawed felon purges.

Public Opinion Watch
In this issue: Time and Newsweek Polls Have Race Tied, A Note on Nader, Final Verdict on the Debates, and much more.


In this issue: Ohio Files Voting Rights Lawsuit, Radio Station KNON and ACORN Uncover Dallas Section 8 Scandal, ACORN Members in 48 Cities Rally for Education Funding and Civic Participation, and much more.

Reading Next: A Vision for Action and Research in Middle and High School Literacy
Leading literacy researchers have identified 15 fundamental elements of effective adolescent literacy programs in this new report.

Profiles in Leadership: Innovative Approaches to Transforming the American High School
Some of America's foremost education innovators lay out a bold vision for secondary school leadership in a collection of essays.

Safety in the Safety Net: TANF Reauthorization Provisions Relevant to Domestic Violence
Nisha Patel and Vicki Turetsky
This paper summarizes key provisions in the TANF reauthorization bills of particular importance to domestic violence survivors and their advocates.

A Profile of Families Cycling on and off Welfare
From: MDRC
This report analyzes the experiences of a group that has garnered relatively little attention in previous research: welfare "cyclers," families who repeatedly return to welfare assistance.

OIG Studies on Possible Recoupment of SCHIP Costs Through the Child Support Program
Paula Roberts
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently conducted studies in several states on the potential for recouping State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) costs from non-custodial parents through the child support program. This memo summarizes the OIG recommendations and state actions so far for Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Health Care: US Spends More, Gets Less
This analysis compares the United States to 29 of the world's other industrialized nations to illustrate the relationship between health spending and life expectancy.


Child Support Substantially Increases Economic Well-Being of Low and Moderate Income Families
Child support makes up a substantial portion of household income for many families, helping them out of deep poverty and adding income that contributes to child well-being.

Renewing the 'Promise of American Life': Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Beyond
Dr. Mark Santow and Dr. Leonard Santow
This publication provides a forum for progressives from all walks of life to weigh in with creative solutions to the most important issues facing our nation, and offers pragmatic solutions to many of the problems facing the increasingly squeezed middle-class.

Two Jobs Surveys, Same 'Sad Story'
With the most recent employment data, the story illustrated by the two surveys, one payroll and the other household, remains "sad."

The Case for Rate Hikes: Did the Fed Prematurely Raise Rates?
L. Randall Wray
This new brief evaluates the Federal Reserves concern about coming inflation and its decision to begin raising interest rates.


Apply ' Libya Model' to Iran and Syria
Ronald Bruce St John
The White House is now busy pursuing the same bellicose policies in Iran and Syria that led to the invasion of Iraq. While some commentators argue that the results of the Iraq War invalidate the preemptive strike strategy, this may prove to be more a reflection of wishful thinking than of Bush administration practice, the author argues.

Switching the Strategic Focus of American Public Diplomacy: Forget Battles, Think Bridges
R.S. Zaharna
Since September 11, 2001, American public diplomacy has been on a communication treadmill trying to find the "right" message that will win the hearts and minds of skeptical foreign publics. The author argues that America's message isn't the problem; America's strategy is the problem.

Argentina and the IFIs: Better off Without Them?
Alan Cibils
There is a popular saying in Argentina: más vale estar solo que mal acompañado (better to be alone than in bad company). Increasingly Argentines are wondering whether it isn't time to go it alone and leave the International Financial Institutions (IFIs, the IMF, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank) behind.

'Explosive' Revelations
Michael Tomasky
The New York Times reports that nearly 380 tons of high-powered explosives are missing from an Iraqi storehouse called al-Qaqaa. The author argues that the Bush administration's incompetence may have caused the deaths of American soldiers. This time, the media must draw attention to it.


Why Muslims Always Blame the West
Husain Haqqani
When Pakistan's military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, warned against the descent of an "iron curtain" between the West and the Islamic world, he appeared to put the onus of avoiding confrontation only on the West, the author argues.

Don't Scapegoat China's Exchange Rate
Bert Keidel
The author argues that U.S. President George W. Bush's call last week for the Chinese leadership to revalue the yuan is likely to keep alive various misguided arguments for a revaluation or for an immediate increase in exchange-rate flexibility, which many interpret as synonymous with revaluation.

Seeking Breakthroughs: The Meandering U.S.-India Relationship Needs a Fresh Impetus
Ashley J. Tellis
The author explains why the diplomatic interactions between the United States and India are simply too complicated and intersect in far too many areas of high politics to lend themselves to being transformed simply by successes in military-to-military relations.

American Exceptionalism
Ivan Eland
The author argues that many Americans, like the citizens of dominant nations of the past, believe that their way of life is superior and should be shared with other peoples - often at gunpoint. Lately, this American exceptionalism has assumed even more pernicious forms.

Bush Administration Failures Leave Country Vulnerable to Terrorists
Joan Claybrook
The Bush administration has consistently ignored or opposed commonsense measures to protect Americans from potentially catastrophic terrorist attacks – an inaction that reflects the Bush administration's aversion to regulating private industry and its allegiance to key campaign contributors, Public Citizen President told members of the D.C. Council's Judiciary Committee.

Military Misconceptions
David L. Englin
The author argues that if liberals and Democrats want to govern, they need to look beyond the popular rhetoric and understand who makes up our armed forces. And why.

High-Yield Investment: Kids
Roger Hickey
The author discusses the findings of a new study released by the Economic Policy Institute and the Institute for America's Future that proves spending government money on early childhood programs isn't just good for children - it's good for taxpayers and society.

Chipping Away At Health Care
Rachel Klein
The author argues that the actions and the words of the Bush administration on health care just don't match up.

Clueless People Love Bush
Molly Ivins
The author comments on recent studies that show Bush supporters are misled on Bush policies as well as the news.

Homophobia Runs Rampant in Black America
Cynthia Tucker
The author writes that Alan Keyes' smear of Mary Cheney exemplifies lingering prejudice in the black community.

Weird Science
Ellen Goodman
The author writes on the California stem cell proposition - a risky end run on a flawed Bush compromise.

Muckraker: Porkic Victory
Amanda Griscom Little
The author reports on a pork-laden corporate tax bill socking it to the environment.


Help Protect Voters
Join the Election Protection Campaign to ensure everyone has the opportunity to vote and have their ballot counted.

Supreme Court 2004
Join our effort to tell voters: your choice for president could impact the next forty years. The next president could appoint as many as three or four Supreme Court Justices, controlling the future of our rights and freedoms for decades.

Up-to-the-Minute Election News
Demos Election Newswire (www.demos-usa.org/Newswire) showcases the latest election-related articles and commentaries from around the country and the globe. This feature is updated hourly and will be available through Election Day and beyond. Democracy Dispatches Daily Roundup (www.demos-usa.org/DailyRoundup) summarizes the day’s top stories and is posted everyday between 4-5 PM.

Help Block Kentucky Execution
The attorney general of Kentucky has requested a Nov. 16 execution date for Thomas C. Bowling. Ask Gov. Fletcher not to authorize Bowling's execution.

Take Action for Death Penalty Moratorium in Harris County, Texas
Many prominent pro-death penalty Texans - including former Gov. Mark White, Houston Police Chief and state senator John Whitmire - have called for a moratorium on executions out of Harris County after crime lab controversy. Ask Gov. Rick Perry to impose a moratorium.

Call for Papers for Women’s Policy Conference
The Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) with co-sponsors The Women's Studies Program at the George Washington University and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Washington Office present IWPR's Eighth International Women's Policy Research Conference: When Women Gain, So Does the World, June 19-21, 2005. Abstracts of proposed paper presentations are due by October 31, 2004.

Bill Pelke, Renny Cushing, Rich Curtner elected to NCADP Board
Bill Pelke, who lost his 78-year-old grandmother to murder yet has campaigned relentlessly against the death penalty, will serve a one-year term as chairman of the NCADP Board of Directors. Joining Pelke as newly elected Board officers are Renny Cushing and Rich Curtner, each of whom were elected vice chairs. Cushing is policy director of Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights, and Curtner is a member of Alaskans Against the Death Penalty in Anchorage.

MDRC Launches New Supporting Healthy Marriage Web Site
From: MDRC
MDRC has developed a Web site for the Supporting Healthy Marriage project, a multiyear effort funded by the federal Administration for Children and Families that is the first large-scale evaluation of programs that provide marriage education to low-income, married couples.

End Corruption in the U.S. House
Urge your Member of Congress to condemn contributions from a corrupt PAC.

Omega-News Collection 27. October 2004

The Quantum Coherent Organism & EMF Sensitivity


Air Quality and Allergies

400 Swedish Electro-Hypersensitives witness at WHO-seminar in Prague

MOA Meeting

Weather Wars

Global Warming Effects Faster Than Feared

Surveillance and the War on Terrorism

Police Accused Of Shocking Bride

Red Sox Fan Killed by Policeman's 'Non-Lethal' Weapon

Superhero of the Military-Industrial Complex

Implantable chip prompts privacy concerns

Implantable chip's medical dangers

Wireless Cashless Society moves one step closer

How to marry big brother

Electric Fear

Mercury Dangers Downplayed in Favor of Power Industry

Keep GM Out of Europe

Colo. bird population reported in sorry state

Mass Extinction Website

Ex-CIA Chief Tenet: Iraq War Was Wrong

Imperial Hypocrisy

Never again

Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Memo Lets CIA Take Detainees Out of Iraq

'Our sons are seen as cannon fodder'

Bush’s War Against the Military

Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty?

The Muslims hate our freedoms

Heading towards the apocalypse

Victimize the victim, that’s the Army way

Cheney Led Secret Re-Write of Military Tribunal Laws

Army Says 843 Reservists Ordered to Active Duty Fail to Report

Part-Time Soldiers, Injured but Not Yet Home

Iraq veterans open up on mishandling of war

Australian Soldiers used as Experimental Anthrax Vaccine Guinea Pigs

ACLU Receives Govt Documents On Abuses At US' Iraq Prisons

The Abu Ghraib Supplementary Documents

Faith and Patriotism

Bush is Making us Safer?

Biological weapons pose biggest threat to world, scientists warn

Bush exploits suffering of 9/11

Is Organized Effort Under Way To Confuse Voters?

New Mexico E-Voting Machines Fail

America's Hidden Vote

GOP Moves to Crush Ohio Vote

Integrity of Florida Virtual Vote in Doubt

7 Days Until Election Day

Over 3000 Links on the U.S. Presidential Election



Black on White – Voices and witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity – The Swedish Experience

Swedish EHS witness at WHO-meeting

400 Swedish Electro-Hypersensitives witness at WHO-seminar in Prague

At the International WHO-Seminar on EMF Hypersensitivity in Prague (Czech Republic, October 25-27th ) more than 400 Electro Hypersensitives from Sweden will present their experiences through ”Black on White – Voices and Witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity – The Swedish Experience”, published today. The book is based on presentations and letters from electro-hypersentives to the Swedish Council for Work Life Research (RALF) in March 2000.

Black-on-White discloses how electro-hypersensitives (EHS), in spite of the Swedish official disability acceptance, still are confronted with distrust from physicians, healthcare, social insurance institutions and authorities. Nevertheless, the witnesses express a great strength and hope for the future and present a growing understanding from work-life and society. Several of the EHS reporting their experiences are white-collar workers within education, engineering, IT and telecom.

The EHS experiences now being published in English and accepted for a poster presentation at the WHO-seminar is an important step to share the “Swedish Experience” with the growing number of EHS in the “wireless society” world-wide. The book is also intended for politicians, researchers and healthcare authorities in all countries where Electro Hypersensitivity is still a questioned disability.

PDF Abstract http://www.feb.se/feb/blackonwhite-abstract.pdf

PDF/e-Book “Black on White – Voices and witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity – The Swedish Experience”, Rigmor Granlund-Lind, John Lind, Mimers Brunn Kunskapsforlag (2004)
Download PDF (1.3MByte) http://www.feb.se/feb/blackonwhite-complete-book.pdf

Swedish version published 2002; Svart på vitt – Röster och vittnesmål om elöverkänslighet, Mimers Brunn Kunskapsförlaget, ISBN 91-88884-05-8

WHO http://www.who.int/peh-emf/meetings/hypersensitivity_prague2004/en/

WHO on EHS: “Sensitivity to EMF has been given the general name “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” or EHS. It comprises nervous system symptoms like headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Whatever its cause, EHS is a real and sometimes a disabling problem for the affected persons, while the level of EMF in their neighbourhood is usually no greater than is encountered in normal living environments.”

25 Oct 2004 - www.feb.se



A brain tumors' epidemic in Medellin


Decision crucial to foster care


Der Putsch von ganz oben


Wer die klaren Worte würdigen und dergleichen nicht gar zu selten finden möchte, kann einen Leserbrief an den Stern senden (Stern-Leserbriefredaktion, Brieffach 18, 20444 Hamburg oder briefe@stern.de )

Wahlalternative Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit

The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy


Global Warming Effects Faster Than Feared


Informant: NHNE





Bush Forced Psychiatry and Mental Health in USA





Campaigners have accused telecom companies of targeting children in contravention of the industry's code of practice and government advice warning under-sixteens not to use mobile phones. National campaign group Mast Sanity point to an alarming trend where schools and children's charities are being pressured to endorse initiatives that encourage children's mobile phone use.

"Telecom companies are resorting to devious methods to encourage youngsters to use mobile phones even though they have given a commitment not to target children," said Mast Sanity Press Officer, Karen Barratt. " For the telecoms it's all about profits - children are simply consumers to be exploited."

Mast Sanity point to the recent launch of Childnet Challenge, an initiative aimed at bringing together schoolchildren in Dublin and Belfast by the use of mobile phone technology. The pilot programme is a joint partnership between Childnet International, schools and telecom giant Vodafone and is being given generous support by mobile handset manufacturers. Although Childnet is surprisingly registered as a charity, the organisation's fact sheet "Children and Mobile Phones," admits to "promoting the use of this technology by children and young people." Childnet's board of trustees includes an executive for an "international telecommunications company."

At the end of September, David Butler, Chief Executive of the Parent Teacher Association caused outrage when he claimed that mobile phones improved pupils' thinking ability. His comments, condemned as "techno babble," were at made in a fringe meeting hosted by O2 at the LibDem conference. Campaigners say Mr.Butler's inclusion on the panel demonstrates that telecom operators are lobbying anyone who has influence on policy relating to children.

This view was reinforced recently, when John Carr of the children and technology unit at the charity NCH gave his support to a telecom industry scheme, which will enable parents to locate their children via mobile phones. Mast Sanity members regard this as a cynical attempt by the industry to play on parents' natural fears for the safety of their children and totally ignores the advice given by UK Chief Medical Officers in the Department of Health leaflet, "Mobile Phones and Health."

Campaigners believe those with a duty of care where children are concerned could be liable if parents take legal action in the future. They cite a recent study at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, which shows that serious health effects can take as long as ten years to develop and fear that many people in responsible positions are simply ignorant. "The industry is desperate to create a generation of mobile phone addicts to recoup the money they've spent on the technology," says Karen Barratt. " Their lobbyists are working overtime but their job is being made a lot easier by the gullibility of people who should know better."


Contact: Karen Barratt 01962 864388

Informant: Don Maisch

Global Write-a-thon


The “Morally Treasonable” Bush Administration

by Walter Brasch

In a blatant campaign of exploiting 9/11, and a subversive campaign to undermine the nation’s civil liberties, George W. Bush expects to win a second term. Jingoism is encouraged; dissent is not tolerated. As Texas governor, Bush established “protest zones” far removed from where he spoke. He continues that practice as President. Anyone with a message not in agreement with the administration’s beliefs is isolated, some as much as a half-mile away, during presidential and vice-presidential public appearances. However, according to a ruling by the federal district court in Philadelphia, all persons, no matter what their personal or political views, must have equal access under the First Amendment guarantees of free speech and the right of assembly. That part of the Constitution has often been overlooked by the Republican administration and by local police....


The Anti-Empire Report - The Faces of Fear

by William Blum

For months now we've been bombarded with government warnings about possible terrorist attacks to disrupt the November elections. All manner of precautions and safeguards have been instituted by federal and state authorities. The Library of Congress has prepared a report entitled: "Postponement and Rescheduling of Elections to Federal Office. But hardly a thought is expressed about the question of "Why would terrorists want to disrupt the American elections?" George W. would answer that it's because terrorists hate and envy democracy. The Department of Homeland Security has raised the analogy with Spain, where last March terrorists bombed several trains, killing many people, just days before a national election. But that was to influence the vote, to turn the Spanish public away from the government which was a strong supporter of the US war in Iraq, and the bombings did indeed result in the opposition party, which was very much against the war, taking power. But in the United States there's no such opposition party with even a remote chance of winning the election. The Democratic candidate expresses 100 percent support of the war. So who would benefit from a terrorist attack on the elections, or the threat of same, the fear factor? Bush's lead in the polls, we've been told repeatedly, comes mainly from people who think he's better with national security issues....


Faith and Patriotism

Morality Without Religion: A Brief Critique of Archbishops Chaput's Kaput Philosophy

by Chuck Richardson

A reading of an op-ed column by Catholic Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, of Denver, that appeared in the October 22 New York Times entitled (sic) “Faith and Patriotism,” as well as two previous columns and a speech of his from which it was generated, provokes this rebuttal: After writing some things I agree with, Chaput dropped this bomb: “Exiling religion from civic debate separates government from morality and citizens from their consciences. That road leads to politics without character, now a national epidemic.” I agree that we’re experiencing a contagion of political depravity, but why do so many people link decency to religious faith, failing to observe the sophisticated efficacy of principled skepticism or the life-enhancing possibilities of iconoclasm, apostasy and dissent?


Purchasing Individuality in America


The Bush Crony Full-Employment Act of 2003


Republican "Caging List"

BBC TV to Reveal New Florida Vote Scandal

by Greg Palast

A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan -- possibly in violation of US law -- to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals. Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida and the campaign's national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called "caging list." It lists 1,886 names and addresses of voters in predominantly black and traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida. An elections supervisor in Tallahassee, when shown the list, told Newsnight: "The only possible reason why they would keep such a thing is to challenge voters on election day." Ion Sancho, a Democrat, noted that Florida law allows political party operatives inside polling stations to stop voters from obtaining a ballot....


Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction Website

Informant: NHNE

Remind us


Informant: Eric R. Stietzel

Alibiveranstalltung der Stadt Freiburg

Hallo liebe Mitstreiter,

anbei die Einladung zu einer Alibiveranstalltung der Stadt Freiburg:

Bitte kommt reichlich um die Wahrheit ans Licht zu bringen und unsere Freunde im Schwarzwald zu unterstützen.

Viele Grüße in die ganze Republik


Ulrich Weiner

America's lousy stewardship of the environment

Pass It On: Peter Matthiessen Speaks His Mind

by Orion Magazine

The novelist and environmentalist has some opinions to share about America's lousy stewardship of the environment:


Mobilize Voters - Make The Call

Act Now: Mobilize Voters -- Make The Call!
by VoterCall.org

Here's a fast, easy way to mobilize low-income and minority voters for Nov. 2. All you need is a computer and a phone.

ACT NOW: http://www.votercall.org/

Source: http://www.tompaine.com/action/#002468

Deception Season

by Steven Hill, TomPaine.com Exclusive

Watch out for measures on the Nov. 2 ballot masked as political reform -- but which would actually deform the system.


Every Vote Will Count


MOA Meeting

I have received a formal request to attend a MOA meeting on the 9th Dec 2004 in London, they have set it out as a key stakeholders meeting for a maximum of 35 key stakeholders. I have naturally declined and I would hope that anyone else receiving an invite follows the same tact. My view is simple we cannot be seen to be giving credibility to MOA and their policy tactics of the 10 Commitments and the Traffic Light Scheme. This is the second meeting I have refused to attend on the same grounds, the arguments in my reply are: "....... unless you are prepared as an organisation to discuss a time table for the removal of inappropriately sited installations, when you are prepared to discuss the implementation of a statutory regulation scheme to replace the so called but totally arbitrary ten commitments and a commitment to a tax on all mobile phone calls of 1p per minute to fund independent research, then and only then will I be prepared to attend any meeting with either MOA or any individual operator....."

I ask that every activist says no to attending these meetings. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY CREDIBILITY. I would hope that MOA and the operators are inundated with the same broad statement of the core actions that each activist wants to see in place, they do not have to be the same as my demands, we just need need to demonstrate that as a movement we are too entrenched to take part in talks until they start meeting some of our basic demands.

Chris Maile

Planning Sanity (CfPS) Local Community Support for Adverse
Planning and Development Applications

Biological weapons pose biggest threat to world, scientists warn

by James Reynolds


Informamt: NHNE

New Florida Vote Scandal Exposed


The Quantum Coherent Organism & EMF Sensitivity

ISIS Press Release 27/10/04

Mae-Wan Ho Institute of Science in Society, PO Box 32097,
London NW1 0XR, UK Lecture given at Children with Leukaemia Scientific Conference, 6-10 September, Westminster, London.


The organism consists of a liquid crystalline continuum of giant molecular dipoles optimised for coherent energy storage and rapid and efficient energy transfer, approaching quantum coherence in the ideal. All parts of the organism can intercommunicate instantaneously for perfect coordination. Within the cell, giant molecular dipoles undergo phase transitions with changes in polarisation that affect cell states and biological function. A major intercommunication channel is via jump conduction of protons through the polarised multilayers of water associated with the liquid crystalline matrix. Coherent electrodynamical activities on every scale make the organism extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Science Society Sustainability http://www.i-sis.org.uk

2004: Das Jahr der explodierenden Handys

2004: Das Jahr der explodierenden Handys

Überhitzte Telefone werden zur Gefahr im Kinderzimmer

26.10.2004 16:17 | von silicon.de

Das Leben mit Mobiltelefonen wird offenbar immer gefährlicher. Bei Regulierungsbehörden und Verbraucherschützern in den USA gehen zunehmend Meldungen über brennende oder gar explodierende Handys ein. Grund sind fast immer defekte oder gefälschte Akkus.

"Was wir sehen, ist eine lange Reihe verschiedenster mangelhafter Akkus", sagte ein Sprecher der Verbraucherschutz-Organisation Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). "In diesem Jahr haben wir Handys erlebt, die explodieren und es gab Berichte über Brände und über Menschen, die dadurch verletzt wurden."

Zwar war nur ein winziger Bruchteil aller 170 Mobilfunk-Nutzer in den USA von solchen feurigen Zwischenfällen betroffen, doch die Experten mahnen zur Vorsicht. Lithium-Ionen-Akkus, die in den meisten Handys verwendet werden, können sich unter bestimmten Umständen überhitzen, zum Beispiel durch einen zu kurzen Stromkreislauf. Wenn die Temperatur langsam steigt, kann das Gehäuse schmelzen. Bei einem schnellen Temperaturanstieg kann unter Umständen genügend Druck entstehen, um eine kleine Explosion auszulösen.

Die meisten Akkus von Original-Herstellern beinhalten Schutzsysteme, um solche Zwischenfälle zu vermeiden. Beispielsweise Luftlöcher, durch die die Hitze entweichen kann oder einen temperaturgesteuerten Ausschaltregler. Bei gefälschten Akkus fehlen solche Sicherheitsmechanismen meist.

Doch auch bei Original-Geräten kann es zu Fehlern kommen, beispielsweise wenn die Luftlöcher verstopft sind. So explodierten im vergangenen Jahr innerhalb von sechs Wochen in zwei Handys von Nokia die Akkus. Im Juli dieses Jahres wurde ein 16-jähriges Mädchen durch ein brennendes Handy verletzt. Die CPSC berichtet von einem weiteren Fall Anfang Oktober. Dabei explodierte ein Handy im Kinderzimmer einer Familie aus Philadelphia. Die glühenden Akku-Teile setzten eine Puppe in Brand - die kleine Tochter der Familie blieb zum Glück unverletzt.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Health Officials Warn on Western Oil, Gas Drilling


Republicans gather to bash Bush

Colorado: Republicans gather to bash Bush


A number of lifelong Republicans gathered at Kerry-Edwards headquarters in Denver on Monday to endorse Democrats this year. Members of the group said they had soured for various reasons on President Bush's policies and would not support his re-election. ... on DeStefano, a Republican and former president of the Jefferson County Public Schools board, said, 'Bush promised leadership and unifying America, but Americans are not working together. I am aware of the tragedy in Iraq. I don't believe there ever has been a president (who) has caused such a tragedy.' Harold Anderson, co-owner of a small medical equipment company who actively supported Republican presidential candidates all his life, said, 'This president is forgetting the middle class...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Das Vogelsterben geht weiter

Gestörtes Brutverhalten der Vögel - erste Anomalien bereits sichtbar!

Desorientierte Vögel können sich nicht mehr am Erdmagnetfeld orientieren !

Bereits vor 3 Jahren hatte ich über einen desolaten Zustand des Kranichzuges berichtet. Sichtbare chaotische Verhältnisse, die Vögel fanden die Richtung nicht mehr und flogen am Himmel kreuz und quer bzw. kamen nach einiger Zeit aus der falsch eingeschlagenen Flug-Richtung wieder zurück.

An diesem Tag hielt ich das Vogelverhalten auf Video fest, denn es waren sicherlich an die 16 Vogel-Züge, mit insgesamt abertausenden Vögel, die immer wieder an der gleichen Stelle gestört reagierten mit dem sich wiederholenden Verhalten der Desorientierung und der verzweifelten Richtungssuche.

Der Wissenschaftler der UNIVERSITÄT Kaiserslautern, zuständig für Vogelforschung, vertreten oft in Fernsehsendungen, schrieb mir damals einen nicht sehr freundlichen Brief. Das Video wollte er erst gar nicht sehen.

Ein anderer Wissenschaftler meldete sich bei mir, er habe darüber bereits 1940 auf HELGOLAND geforscht, weil er und seine Mannen festgestellt hatten, dass die Vogelschwärme jeweils im Funkstrahl des vorhandenen Radars irritiert die Richtung verloren. Durch die Kriegsereignisse wurde die Forschung damals eingestellt. Die Antwort des Wissenschaftlers schickte ich an den Wissenschaftler der UNI – Kaiserslautern. Eine Rückmeldung erfolgte nie !

Auch die Arbeitsgemeinschaft LUFTHANSA UMWELTFÖRDERUNG mit den Projektträgern NABU und WWF, denen ich per Internet Nachricht über die Vorgänge zukommen ließ, schwiegen beharrlich. Ihr Projekt „ KRANICHZUG DEUTSCHLAND „ durfte wahrscheinlich keinen Fleck bekommen !


UNIVERSITÄT OLDENBURG – Forscher Henrik Mouritsen -
Neueste Forschungen haben eindeutig ergeben, dass sich der Kompass, an dem sich die Zugvögel am Magnetfeld der Erde orientieren als ein Protein ( Eiweiß –Molekül z. B. Cryptochrom 1 ) in der Netzhaut des Auges befindet. Nicht- Zugvögel besitzen diese Cryptochrome nicht. Cryptochrome reagieren unterschiedlich auf Licht. An der Oberfläche der gekrümmten Netzhaut des Vogels sind die Moleküle jeweils unterschiedlich zum Erdmagnetfeld ausgerichtet. Sich schneller vermehrende Radikalpaare in der Netzhaut senden über die Ganglienzellen ein stärkeres Signal in das Sehzentrum als geringere Radikalpaare. Schwaches blaues oder grünes Licht erzeugt, abhängig vom Magnetfeld der Erde, weniger oder vermehrte Radikalpaare. Anhand des durch den Erdmagnetismus beeinflussten Musters- der Radikalpaare muss der Vogel feststellen, wo in etwa sein Brutgebiet liegt . Der Zugvogel-Magnet-Kompass wird vom Vogel bereits in der Dämmerung nach der Sonne geeicht.

Wie Vögel das Erdmagnetfeld „ sehen „ können !

Der Magnetsinn der Zugvögel liegt überwiegend im rechten Auge. Deckt man das rechte Auge des Vogels ab, verlieren die Vögel ihre Orientierung im Magnetfeld der Erde. Deckt man dagegen das linke Auge des Vogels ab, bleibt die Orientierung voll erhalten ! Auch US-Biologen haben lichtempfindliche Moleküle in der Netzhaut entdeckt, die wie Kompassnadeln bei der Suche nach der Himmelsrichtung wirken.

Die durch das Licht in geladene Teilchen in freie Radikale umgewandelten Sehpigmente, angeregt von minimalen Lichtmengen, wirken selbst wie winzige Magnete. Je nachdem in welcher Richtung die magnetischen Feldlinien in einer sich bildenden 3-er-Gruppe stehen, ist das Gehirn des Vogels in der Lage, dieses Muster richtig über das Erdmagnetfeld auszuwerten um auch damit gleichzeitig seinen eigenen Standort bestimmen zu können.


Vögel besitzen 2 Gleichgewichtsorgane, die dafür sorgen, dass sie nicht vom Ast fallen ! Das entdeckte Organ sitzt in Auslappungen des Rückenmarks und ist alleine für die Kontrolle des Gehens und Stehens verantwortlich, während der bekannte Gleichgewichtsinn im Innenohr der Vögel die Bewegungen beim Fliegen koordiniert ! Nervensignale werden an Kleinhirn und Beine weitergeleitet.

Wie sich Naturgesetze doch gleichen !

Bezug zum Menschen auf Erkenntnisse des Gleichgewichtssinns im Rückenmark des Vogels: Schwindelattacken beim Menschen kommen nicht nur alleine vom Innenohr, auch eine verletzte Wirbelsäule kann dazu beitragen ! Sind durch Unfälle an der Wirbelsäule Nervenleitbahnen beschädigt, fehlen die richtigen Rückmeldungen ins Gehirn, Schwindel kann entstehen. Diese Tatsache wird wissenschaftlich beschrieben, von vielen Ärzten allerdings nur ungläubig zur Kenntnis genommen!

Aufgrund ihrer Größe sind Vögel durch Mobilfunkstrahlen extrem in ihrer magnetischen Orientierungs-Funktion belastet und behindert. Die neuen Erkenntnisse in der Vogelforschung muss man sich einfach einmal eindringlich vor Augen führen.

Massiv gepulste Mikrowellenstrahlung gleich mit welchen Wellenlängen muss die Tiere erheblich stören bei einer solchen Feinst- Justierung über das Erdmagnetfeld ! Wer das in der Forschung nicht begreift oder nicht wahrhaben will, soll seinen Beruf an den Nagel hängen ! Dogmatiker in der Wissenschaft sind schuld am Stillstand und predigen Erkenntnisse aus dem Mittelalter !

Hunderte Zwergadler fliegen in Frankreich desorientiert in den Norden ! (AFP )

Eine neue Meldung über einen gestörten Vogelzug der Zwergadler in Frankreich besagt, dass hunderte Zwergadler die falsche Richtung nach Norden eingeschlagen haben. Dies teilte die französische Vogelschutzliga LPO mit .

Die Vögel waren zu hunderten zu beobachten im Flug Richtung Norden ! Zu diesem Zeitpunkt befinden sich die Vögel ansonsten bereits in Afrika ! 650 Brutpaare dieser bussardgroßen Vögel leben im Südwesten Frankreichs.

Wie lange werden denn z.B. die oben erwähnten wissenschaftlichen FAKTEN schon ignoriert ? Die Vögel verlieren aufgrund der sich bereits über Kontinente spannenden Funknetze von RUNDFUNK-FERNSEHEN und MOBILFUNK ganz einwandfrei die Orientierung. Die elektromagnetischen Einflüsse sind inzwischen allgemein überstark vorhanden und verzerren dem Vogel das Erdmagnetfeld, so dass er es nicht mehr korrekt orten kann ! Die elektromagnetische Aufrüstung in unserer Welt ist enorm geworden ! Das sollte allen Verantwortlichen bewusst werden.

Der Beginn der Auswirkungen der Strahlungen an Mensch und Tier wird ignoriert . Welche weiteren Folgen wird dieses rücksichtslose Handeln noch für uns alle haben ?

Wie lange noch wollen sich Verantwortliche in Wissenschaft - Politik und Presse noch einen Maulkorb verpassen lassen oder sich blind stellen ?

Selbst die Tierschutz und Umwelt- Organisationen schweigen teilweise beharrlich zum Thema:

"Elektromagnetische Verseuchung der Umwelt !"

Sie kennen anscheinend keine neuen Forschungs-Ergebnisse, oder sie wollen davon nichts wissen. Sie können doch nicht glauben ihrer Verantwortung gerecht zu werden, indem sie ein paar Vogelhäuschen im Wald anbringen ? Vogelschutz und Tierschutz hat heute ganz andere Probleme ! Augen zu- Kopf in den Sand ! Eine „ Vogel - Strauß – Politik “ ist hier nicht angebracht!

Wollen sich die Tierschutz-Organisationen ihrer Aufgabe und Verantwortung stellen, ist inzwischen bei Ihnen auch ein verändertes Verhalten mit neuen Aufgabenstellungen angesagt, da sich die Problematiken zu Ungunsten der Tiere dauerhaft verändert, erweitert und in andere Dimensionen verschoben haben.

Brutausfälle und Farb-Anomalien der Vögel

Vögel werden immer weniger, zu bemerken am jährlich kaum noch auszubringenden Winterfutter oder an Beerensträuchern, die früher nach der Reife schnell abgefressen waren. Heute stehen die Sträucher lange Zeit in voller Beerenpracht da, ohne dass ein Vogel die Beeren abfrisst !

Übrigens sind die Fledermäuse, die fast 30 Jahre vorhanden waren, die bei anbrechender Dunkelheit über die Terrasse flogen, sämtlich verschwunden. An zwei Abenden in diesem Sommer waren sie nochmals nach jahrelangem Ausbleiben in diesem Jahr zu sehen, dann war wieder Funkstille.

In 2004 lebte in meinem Garten nur noch 1 Amselpaar. Früher, vor dem Mobilfunk, waren mehrere Paare vorhanden, nicht zu reden von der Vielfalt anderer Vogelarten, die nur reduziert oder überhaupt nicht mehr vorhanden sind !

Dieses einzige Paar baute in 2004 zwei Nester jeweils mit 4 Eiern belegt. Das erste Nest wurde wochenlang erfolglos bebrütet, die Eier wurden dann faul. Das zweite Nest hatte 2 faule Eier sowie 2 Jungvögel , der eine gut entwickelt bereits mit Federn, der andere blieb in der Entwicklung fast nackt zurück. Die Vogeleltern warfen ihn deshalb aus dem Nest. Aus 8 Amseleiern verblieb ein Vogel in 2004 übrig. Mein Garten liegt in direktem Beschuss von mindestens 15 Antennen und Richtstrahlern des Mobilfunks .

Auch aus Wetzlar, einem Wohngebiet direkt am Waldrand, wo viele Vögel und viele Vogelarten heimisch sind, wurde mir bestätigt, dass das Brutverhalten aller Vogelarten gleich sei. Aus bebrüteten Eiern schlüpfen kaum noch Vögel aus !

Nun ist seit einigen Tagen bei mir im Garten eine Amsel zu beobachten mit weißem Kopf und einer einzigen weißen Feder an einer Flügelseite ! Eine Anomalie, die mir auch aus Wetzlar berichtet wurde, dort sind sogar mehrere Amseln mit weißem Gefieder am Kopf aufgetaucht !

So etwas kann sich nur ergeben, wenn hormonell auf die Entwicklung schädliche Einflüsse einwirken z.B. die schädigenden Mobilfunkstrahlen ! Die Stadt Wetzlar ist mit Mobilfunk- Antennen übersät !

Spricht man die Menschen auf solche Dinge an, Brutverhalten, Zugverhalten der Vögel, so werden meine Aussagen immer wieder bestätigt, ja man gibt zu, man habe dies ebenfalls beobachtet, aber man habe sich darüber eigentlich noch keine Gedanken gemacht.

Wir Menschen, in Apathie versunken, brauchen nicht über Missstände klagen. Ohne Erwachen aus unserer Lethargie werden sich die Zustände und Umstände in unserem Umfeld nicht von alleine zum Besseren lösen ! Die Quittung für unser Stillhalten werden wir alle insbesondere unsere Kinder und Enkelkinder auszubaden haben !

Wem hilft es, wenn alle etwas feststellen, Einzelne für eine Sache kämpfen, aber die Masse aus Bequemlichkeit schweigt?

dieter keim <> ilbenstadt

Vögel und Mobilfunk

Tiere und Mobilfunk


Fighting the wounds of war

After 19 months, the war in Iraq worsens: the article below is graphic, yet very important for Americans to read and thus understand the sacrifices our Nation's young men and women are making every day. "This is raw, dirty, gut-checking business," said Army Lieutenant Colonel Poffenbarger after a recent shift, his brown Army boots streaked with blood. "These are 19- and 20-year-old Americans. And they're really badly injured. It's something that really stays with you." Poffenbarger is a former Green Beret and chief of neurosurgery at the Brooke Army Medical Center at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.


The Coming Post-Election Chaos

According to former top White House advisor John Dean, "This next presidential election, on November 2, may be followed by post-election chaos unlike any we've ever known." This is why it is important for veterans and all citizens to know how and where to vote.


An Iraq War Soldier Speaks: Robert J. Acosta

Alternet performs a tremendous public service with their interview of Robert Acosta: "One bad day in Iraq and a 19-year-old boy faces a lifetime without his right hand. This veteran speaks about his hopes and fears – and the long, hard road ahead." Acosta is featured in the new Operation Truth television advertisment raising strong questions about the Iraq War. Veterans for Common Sense believes the views of war veterans remain a critical part of the public discussion about the Iraq War.


Assistance to Find Polling Places and Learn About New Voting Rules

Veterans for Common Sense encourages all eligible citizens to remember to vote on Tuesday, November 2. VCS provides to resources below to assist new voters with locating their polling place and learning about new voting procedures since the 2000 election debacle. If you have any further questions, contact your city, county, or state Voter Registrar or other Election Official immediately for details -- Don't wait until Election Day to learn where to vote or how to vote.


EU-Innenminister einigen sich auf Aufnahme von Fingerprints in EU-Pässen

Alle EU-Bürger werden künftig wie dringend Tatverdächtige oder Strafgefangene behandelt

BBA Austria heute - teert und federt sie!

Am Tag der österreichischen österreichischen Big Brother Awards, am heutigen 26. Oktober 2004, haben sich die EU-Innenminister darauf geeinigt, künftig alle Bürger wie dringend Tatverdächtige oder Strafgefangene zu behandeln.

Wer jetzt noch nicht kapiert hat, wohin die Reise geht, hat heute in Wien Gelegenheit, das Wissen darüber zu erweitern. Geboten werden bereits ab 19:30 Samba/Attac/ken vor dem Flex, dann regiert die von Hubsi Kramar angeführte Schauspieltruppe, dann kommen die Kapuzenmänner und kochen Teer begleitet von bösem Hip & Hop: Wiespät.

EU-Innenminister einigen sich auf Aufnahme von Fingerprints in EU-Pässen

Formeller Beschluss wegen Einspruch von Österreich, den Niederlanden und Finnland noch ausständig

Erster Fahrplan steht

Alle EU-Bürger müssen für einen neuen Reisepass in absehbarer Zeit ihre Fingerabdrücke abgeben.

Die Innenminister der 25 EU-Staaten einigten sich am Dienstag in Luxemburg im Grundsatz darauf, dass die Pässe einen Speicherchip mit digitalisiertem Foto und Fingerabdrücken erhalten sollen.

Der elektronisch ausgestattete Pass gilt als Voraussetzung dafür, dass EU-Bürger weiterhin ohne Visum in die USA einreisen dürfen.

Österreich, Finnland und die Niederlande machten in Luxemburg noch Vorbehalte geltend, weshalb ein formeller Beschluss vorerst aussteht.

Sobald die technischen Einzelheiten des Chip-Passes festgelegt sind, haben die EU-Staaten 18 Monate Zeit, um die digitalisierten Passbilder einzuführen.

Weitere 18 Monate bleiben ihnen, um auch die Fingerabdrücke aufzunehmen.

Deutschland will noch vor Ende 2005 mit der Ausgabe der neuen Reisepässe beginnen.

Mehr dazu:

relayed by Harkank

Quelle: quintessenz-list Digest, Vol 19, Issue 14

Ganzes Dorf gegen Mobilfunk

Auch die Kinder gehen auf die Straße, um den Sendemast zu verhindern

Vom 26.10.2004

LAUBENHEIM Seit drei Wochen existiert in Laubenheim die "Bürgerinitiative gegen einen Mobilfunksendemast im Ortsbereich". Den acht Gründungsmitgliedern haben mittlerweile mehr als 400 Bürger, und damit mehr als die Hälfte der Wahlberechtigten, mit ihrer Unterschrift ihre Unterstützung bekundet.

Von unserem Redaktionsmitglied Annette Kapp

Sie alle wollen die Aufstellung des Mastes in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Kindertagesstätte verhindern, weil sie gesundheitliche Risiken befürchten. Am kommenden Dienstag, 2. November, macht die Kindertagesstätte um 16 Uhr mit einer Demonstration selbst mobil.

"Es geht uns nicht darum, den Sendemast generell zu verhindern", betont Elisabeth Schnell von der BI immer wieder. Und auch Ortsbürgermeister Johannes Häußling wiederholt ein ums andere Mal, dass die Aufstellung einer Mobilfunkanlage nicht grundsätzlich torpediert werden solle. Nein. Was die Laubenheimer Bürger beabsichtigen, und darin sind sie sich einig wie selten zuvor, ist: Sie wollen den Mobilfunkbetreiber Vodafone nur davon überzeugen, dass von einem Sendemast außerhalb der Ortsgrenzen weniger Schaden für die Bevölkerung zu befürchten ist, als von einer Anlage mitten im Ort. In der Grabenstraße 14 wollen die Laubenheimer eine Mobilfunksendeanlage partout nicht.

Direkt gegenüber befindet sich nämlich eine Kindertagesstätte, die von rund 50 Drei-bis Sechsjährigen besucht wird. Würden deren Eltern sie demnächst wegen des möglichen Gesundheitsrisikos lieber woanders unterbringen, erleide die Ortsgemeinde wirtschaftlichen Schaden, befürchtet Häußling. Ganz abgesehen von den negativen Auswirkungen, die eine solche Anlage ohnehin mit sich bringen könne. Einstimmig hat der Gemeinderat deshalb vergangene Woche den Bauantrag Vodafones abgelehnt. Nun hat die Kreisverwaltung das Wort.

Der Knackpunkt ist also die fehlende Standortabwägung, zu der Mobilfunkbetreiber in einer Selbstverpflichtung gehalten sind. Wenn Vodafone den Willen der Dorfmehrheit missachte und direkt gegenüber einer Kindertagesstätte baue, sei dies eine "Frechheit", meint Häußling. Und sieht den sozialen Frieden im Ort gefährdet. Mehrere Anwohner hätten sich bereits darüber informiert, wie sie ihr Haus gegen die Strahlung schützen könnten.

Die Rechtsposition ist dabei allerdings eindeutig. Da die Anlagen der Mobilfunkbetreiber nach deren eigenen Aussagen innerhalb der zulässigen Grenzwerte operieren, lassen geltende Gesetze derzeit kaum Raum für Widersprüche. Sollte Vodafone auf die Einwände der Laubenheimer Bürger eingehen, wäre dies reines Entgegenkommen. Schon jetzt allerdings drohen die Laubenheimer damit, das von Vodafone betriebene D2-Netz auf keinen Fall zu benutzen, wenn sich der Mobilfunkbetreiber tatsächlich über den Protest der Bevölkerung hinwegsetze.

Ein alternativer Standort außerhalb der Ortsgrenzen könne die zu erwartende Belastung auf jeden Fall reduzieren, meint Friedbert Lohner, der sich im Arbeitskreis Elektrosmog des BUND mit dem Thema befasst. "Wir wollen aber vermeiden, dass solche Sendemasten überhaupt gebaut werden", sagt der Bretzenheimer mit Blick auf die diffuse Sachlage bezüglich der biologischen Auswirkungen auf die Menschen. Denn: Gesundheitliche Schäden aufgrund der Strahlung sind bislang weder nachgewiesen noch widerlegt.

Omega: es stimmt nicht, dass gesundheitliche Schäden aufgrund der Strahlung nicht nachgewiesen sind. Siehe „Die Naila-Studie“ unter:
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/351483/ Auf der einen Seite will man vermeiden, dass solche Sendemasten überhaupt gebaut werden, auf der anderen Seite hält man deren Gefahr für die Gesundheit als nicht nachgewiesen. Diese halbherzige Haltung ist es, die den stetigen Ausbau des Mobilfunknetzes garantiert. Auf der einen Seite möchte man für sich selbst die schädliche Strahlung vermeiden und streitet gegen Mobilfunkantennen vor Ort, auf der anderen Seite möchte man diese schädliche Technik weiter nutzen und nimmt den Schaden für andere in Kauf. Mit der Verlegung von Mobilfunkantennen außerhalb von Orten ist die gesundheitliche Gefährdung nicht gebannt. Dann bekommt eben jemand anderes die Strahlung ab. Siehe „Ja zum Handy, Nein zum Sendemasten“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/284285/

Wenn soviel Strahlung im Ort ankommt, dass noch gut mobil telefoniert werden kann, dann können auch gesundheitliche Schäden eintreten, sowohl durch die Benutzung des Handys als auch durch die ankommende Strahlung des Senders, der die Verbindung mit dem Handy herstellt. Die einzige Möglichkeit ist es, die Mobilunkbetreiber zu einen anderen, gesundheitsneutralen technischen Lösung für den Mobilfunk zu zwingen und das werden wir mit Halbherzigkeiten und Widersprüchlichkeiten in der Argumentation nicht erreichen.


World Crisis Update


Keep GM Out of Europe


Fight the Draft

Dear MoveOn Students,

MoveOn Student Action exists to help young Americans force politicians to take the issues that affect our lives seriously. And this election cycle, there is no issue that more directly threatens our entire way of life than the possibility of the Draft.

Let’s be clear about what we mean: President Bush’s policy of go-it-alone, preemptive warfare and ongoing occupation have pushed us towards a reinstated Draft. We are not claiming a Draft will pass tomorrow, or that it is inevitable. In fact, it is so vital to raise this issue now precisely because we CAN still change course.

The best way you can help fight the Draft is by writing a Letter to the Editor of your school or local paper. You don’t have to be an expert. You just need to be concerned about a course of events that threatens our education, our plans for the future, even our very lives. We’ve set up a Draft facts page with talking points and contact information for 150 school papers in battleground states. To see them, just go to:


If your school is not on the list, just call your campus paper and ask how to submit a Letter to the Editor. Most schools will only have a few more days to submit for publication before the election, so time is of the essence.

If you do write a letter, please send a copy to info@moveonstudentaction.org. We will save these for future organizing against the Draft, should that prove necessary.

Letters to the Editor should be short, generally less than 250 words (if you stick to this you’re more likely to get published). Try to make only 1 or 2 points. Subjects for a good letter would include:

• How Bush has pushed us towards a Draft.
• Why it’s wrong to have a Draft to force people to fight Bush’s war-of-choice.
• The importance of an all volunteer military in our democracy.
• What we can do as young Americans before, on or after Election Day to change course and protect our future.

To help you write your letter, we’ve listed here the basic fact pattern that has made this an issue. All these points are recognized by decorated veterans and military experts alike. For more details
and citations, go to: http://www.moveonstudentaction.org/facts/draft

* Our military is dangerously overstretched, more so than at any point since the Vietnam War.
* We are locked in a worsening occupation in Iraq with no end in sight.
* Between the unaddressed nuclear threats of Iran and North Korea and the reconstituted forces of Al Queda, demand on our military may increase soon, and without warning.
* Recruitment is dropping for the National Guard, the army has had to issue Backdoor Draft “stop-loss” orders to keep over 80,000 troops on active duty, and full 35% of the Individual Ready Reservists called up since the invasion have failed to report.
* If we don’t change course, the staffing problems facing our military may come to a breaking point, where a new national Draft is the only way to sustain the President’s policies.

If previous generations had rapidly organized when they saw early warning signs of a dangerous injustice, the Vietnam war may not have claimed over 50,000 American soldiers, and countless Vietnamese.

Now our generation is at a crossroads. Will we act when we still have a chance to stave off the catastrophe of a Draft? The answer is in your hands.

Thanks for all that you do.

- Ben, Meighan, Paul, Noah, Manasee
The MoveOn Student Action Team

PS. This is the last phase of a multi-pronged MoveOn Student Action campaign to address the Draft issue. Here are the other things that we’ve done:

* Last week we published our open letter to the President in the national New York Times. The letter demanded an exit strategy from Iraq to avert a draft and was signed by 71,000 students.
* We held an open national conference call with Iraq and Vietnam veterans who told us about the overstretching of the military and the threat of the Draft.
* This week we’re running ads on the Draft in 155 major college newspapers in battleground states, reaching 1.16 million students.

You can see both ads at

Protect Eastern Washington Forests


Unpopular U.S. Foreign Policies Threaten Revenue


Informant: Laurel

Suppressing the overseas vote

Record numbers of Americans abroad have registered, but bureaucratic snafus may prevent many from actually voting, writes Alix Christie


From Information Clearing Housel

How to Make New Enemies

Zbigniew Brezezinski: How to Make New Enemies:

The notion of a new Holy Alliance is already being promoted by those with a special interest in entangling the United States in a prolonged conflict with Islam.

Freedom & Democracy : Illusion by Stealth

If our Founding Fathers suddenly arose from their graves and surveyed our present situation, to a man, they would hold that not only are we not free and not a democracy, but instead a subjugated and down trodden people.

The Bush Family Tree

The Bush Family Tree: Consider Again For The First Time:

We know that the Bush family organizes around: money, power, loyalty, politics, business, secretiveness, family name repetition, religiosity, and so on. The following may appear surprising, perhaps even dark, both to supporters and dissenters.

No Longer a Christian

"I hear church goers call in to radio programs and explain that it was a mistake not to kill every living thing in Fallujah."


From Information Clearing House


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Familie Lange aus Bonn...
http://twitter.com/WILABon n/status/97313783480574361 6
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Dänische Studie findet...
https://omega.twoday.net/st ories/3035537/ -------- HLV...
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Schwere Menschenrechtsverletzungen ...
Bitte schenken Sie uns Beachtung: Interessengemeinschaft...
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Effects of cellular phone...
http://www.buergerwelle.de /pdf/effects_of_cellular_p hone_emissions_on_sperm_mo tility_in_rats.htm [...
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