Kyoto a Go! Russia Poised to Ratify Global Warming Treaty

Breaking News! Global Warming Treaty Moves Forward; Congratulations on Your Work

(October 1, 2004)- Congratulations for being part of the team that helped get the Kyoto treaty poised for ratification. Since 1997, Environmental Defense scientists, economists, members and activists have been working in Russia advocating the country to embrace the protocol. On Thursday, our work paid off when Russia announced it would submit the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change to its parliament (the State Duma) for ratification.

*Why Is This Critical?*

Though ratified by over 100 countries, Kyoto requires ratification by one more major country - like Russia -- before it can take affect. Once Russia ratifies it, the Kyoto Protocol will go into force around the world, "creating," in the words of Environmental Defense President Fred Krupp said, the world's first global platform for addressing the dangers of global warming."

*Where's the United States?*

Unfortunately, while the rest of the world moves toward a cleaner energy future and a more stable climate, the United States has left itself out. The Bush Administration pulled out of the treaty three years ago.

*Time to Celebrate and Get to Work*

While Environmental Defense is celebrating Russia's move, the Kyoto treaty still must be ratified by the Russian parliament; this is expected to happen soon. Environmental Defense's Climate and Air program director Peter Goldmark says, "It's not over until the fat lady sings, but it seems she is clearing her throat in anticipation." Annie Petsonk, Environmental Defense's international counsel and a leading climate negotiator, will continue to work for passage. Yesterday she hailed Russia's move indicating that it "sends a signal that the age of carbon limits has arrived."

*What America Can Do*

The U.S. can still do its part to undo global warming. How? By passing the Climate Stewardship Act, a bipartisan bill in Congress that sets mandatory greenhouse gas pollution limits in the U.S. Senate sponsors John McCain (R-AZ) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) are fighting to pass this bill in the Senate with growing momentum--and there are now 82 co-sponsors of the bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Climate Stewardship Act would put the U.S. on track to joining the world in decreasing the threat of global warming.

*What You Can Do - Get Your Friends Involved*

You and nearly 350,000 people have signed the Emissions Petition supporting the Climate Stewardship Act. Thank you. With the Kyoto Protocol everywhere in the news this week, now is the time to ask your friends to sign the petition. Tell a friend!

Petitions are delivered to President George W. Bush, Senator John Kerry and Congress, sending a clear message that Americans want action to undo global warming:

*Thank Russia's President for Action*
Send a short, personal e-mail thanking Russian President Vladimir Putin for supporting the Kyoto treaty and moving the world forward in the fight to undo global warming.

Take action: http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/putin2/i5sxe82lj3jebb

Find Out More:
Visit undoit.org for more information on Russian ratification of the Kyoto Protocol: http://actionnetwork.org/ct/e1aYwHs1EB9J/

Emissions Petition:
Over 340,000 and counting. Spread the word:

In the News:
See Environmental Defense quoted in the New York Times:

Los Angeles Times:

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