North Pole Icecap Melts As Global Warming Increases


Labour in revolt over deployment of troops under US command

UK: Labour in revolt over deployment of troops under US command

The ‘Catastrophic’ Success of the Republican Party

The World According to Bush


by Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press


Informant: ECOTERRA Intl.

9-11 Flash Movie

Gifte auch im Blut von Ministern

Getestet: Gifte auch im Blut von Ministern (19.10.04)

Blut von 14 europäischen Ministern ist mit bedenklichen Chemikalien belastet Umwelt- und Gesundheitsminister aus 13 EU-Staaten sind mit Dutzenden von Industriechemikalien belastet. Das berichtet die Umweltorganisation WWF unter Berufung auf eine eigene Studie. 14 Minister waren demnach im Juni dieses Jahres getesteten worden. Das Ergebnis: Die Minister hätten insgesamt 55 der untersuchten Chemikalien in ihrem Blut. Darunter seien Stoffe wie bromierte Flammschutzmittel, polychlorierte Biphenyle (PCB) und Organochlorpestizide, von denen einige schon vor 20 Jahren EU-weit verboten wurden, wie beispielsweise DDT. Viele der Substanzen würden jedoch nach wie vor in Alltagsprodukten wie Sofas oder PCs eingesetzt.

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NAFTA kritisiert Gefährdung der biologischen Vielfalt durch Gen-Mais

Report seit Juni zurückgehalten: NAFTA kritisiert Gefährdung der biologischen Vielfalt durch Gen-Mais (19.10.04)

Die Umweltbehörde Commission For Environmental Cooperation (CEC) der Nordamerikanischen Freihandelszone (NAFTA) warnt vor den Risiken der Ausbreitung von Gen-Mais in Mexiko. Das geht aus einem Report der Behörde hervor, die die Umweltschutzorganisation Greenpeace am Dienstag veröffentlicht hat. Die CEC fordert demnach eine Kennzeichnung von amerikanischem Gen-Mais, der für Mexiko bestimmt ist. So solle verhindert werden, dass sich Gen-Mais unkontrolliert ausbreite. Weitere Forderungen der NAFTA: Die genmanipulierten Pflanzen sollten nur noch in gemahlener Form exportiert werden, damit die Körner nicht als Saatgut verwendet werden können. Außerdem solle der kommerzielle Anbau von Gen-Mais nicht mehr gestattet werden, da die Umweltauswirkungen nicht abschätzbar seien. Die Veröffentlichung des Reports mit dem Titel "Mais und Biodiversität: Effekte von gentechnisch verändertem Mais in Mexiko" wird nach Informationen der Umweltschützer seit Juni von der US-Regierung zurückgehalten.

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RFID implant video


Informant: Keith II

Think Tanks sollen Stimmung schaffen

Think Tanks sollen Stimmung schaffen und lassen die Grenze zwischen PR und Journalismus verschwimmen

Millionenschwere PR-Kampagnen beeinflussen nach einer Studie mit teils fragwürdigen Strategien die öffentliche Meinung in Deutschland zugunsten neoliberaler Reformen...


Das Misstrauen in den Wahlprozess ist in den USA groß

In Florida haben die Wahlen bereits mit kleinen Problemen begonnen, eine Vielzahl von Gruppen und Organisationen werden die Präsidentschaftswahlen und vor allem die Wahlcomputer beobachten...


Oppose Using Intelligence Reform to Cloak Worst Immigration Legislation in a Decade

From: Matt Howes, National Internet Organizer, ACLU

Oppose Using Intelligence Reform to Cloak Worst Immigration Legislation in a Decade

Congress continues to use the proposed intelligence reform legislation to provide cover for some of the worst anti-immigrant provisions in the last decade. These repressive provisions attack the courts’ ability to provide oversight over immigrant proceedings, allow the government to work with oppressive foreign governments against asylum seekers and stipulate new ID requirements that limit even legal immigrants’ ability to get driver's licenses.

Although the 9-11 Commission did not say the government needed to target immigrants, this bill would expand the government's ability to deport more people without a hearing. It would also allow the government to seize people who may have entered the United States outside the system in the last five years and throw them into a so-called expedited deportation process without the right to a lawyer or to at least make their case in court.

The government would -- with no check or balance on its powers -- be allowed to decide whether an individual is allowed to stay or be sent to another country, even ones like Libya, North Korea or Iran, as long as those governments **promise** not to engage in torture. And if for some reason the government cannot deport you, this Republican legislation would allow the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security to put you in jail for the rest of your life without any ability to go to court to appeal your imprisonment.

Take Action! Urge Congress to oppose these radical and mean-spirited provisions.

Click here for more information and to take action:

Help to protect Canada's Heart of the Boreal

The government of Manitoba has just issued a report that gives the green light to yet another dam that could have far-reaching consequences for the wildlife and indigenous people of Canada's boreal forest.

They need you to speak out right now on their behalf!

Please go to http://www.savebiogems.org/boreal/takeaction.asp
and send a message urging Canada's minister of the environment to oppose the dam until there is a full review of the cumulative impacts from all existing and proposed dams.

Many of Canada's indigenous "First Nations" communities depend on the boreal forest for their very survival. They have already experienced the devastating impacts of hydropower development. Decades ago, Manitoba Hydro built dams that flooded the forest and destroyed ancestral waterways, choking lakes and rivers with sediment and killing fish.

Even today, fluctuations in lake and river levels, due to dam releases, continue to erode the banks and expose sacred burial sites. Manitoba Hydro and the governments of Manitoba and Canada signed a treaty that promised to alleviate this terrible damage. But they have not made good on that promise.

Instead, Manitoba Hydro now wants to build the Wuskwatim dam -- the first in a series of hydroelectric projects that would also threaten the Heart of the Boreal by cutting roads and transmission lines through some of North America's last unspoiled wilderness.

These evergreen forests provide summer nesting grounds for billions of songbirds, many of which you enjoy in your own backyard every year. But, ironically, the destruction of the boreal forest is being carried out in our name. Forty percent of the electricity generated by Manitoba Hydro is transmitted to U.S. consumers.

Please raise your voice in protest against further destruction of the boreal.

Go to http://www.savebiogems.org/boreal/takeaction.asp
and tell the Canadian government to oppose the Wuskwatim dam until Manitoba keeps its promise to mitigate past damage and discloses all the consequences of dam building for wilderness, wildlife and people.

Thank you for taking action.


John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places
A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council




The America we carry in our Hearts is waiting

"America is not always right, but America is always true...You have to express yourself, roll up your shirtsleeves and remember, the America we carry in our hearts is waiting."

—Bruce Springsteen, Oct. 11, at the Vote For Change concert in Washington, D.C.

To see a video of Springsteen speaking, click here:

Pass It On: You Said It, Boss!

by Bruce Springsteen

"You have to express yourself, roll up your shirtsleeves and remember, the America we carry in our hearts is waiting."


Patriot Act redux?

by Declan McCullagh, CNet.com

The GOP is preparing to use intelligence reform legislation to smear Democratic candidates.

Source: http://www.tompaine.com/opinion/#002357

ENN's News

North Sea Cod May Never Recover

by Charles Clover, Environment Editor


Dr Euan Dunn, a fisheries expert working for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said: "I'm not sure that cod will recover, even with no fishing."

Your shorter link is: http://makeashorterlink.com/?G1D921099


Amphibians In Dramatic Decline


Washington, DC/Gland, Switzerland (October 14, 2004) -– The world’s amphibian species are under unprecedented assault and are experiencing tens of thousands of years worth of extinctions in just a century, according to the most comprehensive study ever conducted. More than 500 scientists from over 60 nations contributed to the Global Amphibian Assessment, the key findings of which were published on-line by Science Express this afternoon, and will appear within the next few weeks in the journal Science.


Amphibian Extinctions Sound Global Eco-alarm, Says Study

October 15, 2004 — By Ed Stoddard, Reuters

BANGKOK — They may thrive on land and in water, but amphibians everywhere are in serious trouble, and up to one-third of species are threatened with extinction, a troubling new study said on Friday.

Scientists say this is an ominous sign for other creatures, including humans, as amphibians are widely regarded as biological "canaries in the coal mine," since their permeable skin is highly sensitive to changes in the environment. In short, they go first, and others follow.



Jumbo Flying Squid Found Off Alaska Is First of the Species

Recovered from British Columbia Waters

October 19, 2004 — By Associated Press

SITKA, Alaska — A large Humboldt squid caught offshore from Sitka is among numerous sightings of a species seen for the first time in waters of the Far North and the first of the species recovered from British Columbia waters.

The 5-foot Dosidicus gigas, or jumbo flying squid, was shipped this week to California to be kept for research at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

The squid was one of a number caught with a dip net by fisher Alan Otness and his crew on Sept. 18 as they baited longline gear at night. They brought back some of the creatures for examination by experts.

Eric Hochberg, curator of the Santa Barbara museum, said the species is usually found off Baja California and farther south.



Explanation unclear for bird die-off

ALEUTIANS: Hundreds of seabirds perished in July, and vets still don't know why.


Anchorage Daily News

(Published: September 17, 2004)

Wildlife scientists still don't know what caused hundreds of seabirds to die in a short-lived episode in early July at False Pass in the eastern Aleutian Islands.

But it was not West Nile Virus, a federal veterinarian said Thursday. Nor did laboratory tests on four seabird carcasses show evidence of other viruses, said Dr. Rex Sohn, wildlife disease specialist for the U.S. Geological Survey's National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis.

He culprit responsible for the die-off of more than 250 puffins, cormorants, kittiwakes, seagulls and eiders may yet turn out to be a bacterium, parasite, marine biotoxin or unusual virus, Sohn said. Results from several other tests performed on the four carcasses are pending, he said.


Peace - Anna

Tune Out Sinclair


Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons conference

Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons conference in Dublin


Jom Loughran, Weapons Desk
Amnesty Ireland

Dear Jim: As you are aware, since 1998 I have been petitioning you and and other officials in Amnesty Ireland to take on board the grave abuse of Human Rights and in particular the excruciating torture suffered by victims of non-lethal weaponry. When I read in today's THE IRISH TIMES (see entire article below) that a demonstration is taking place today and tomorrow in Dublin on this issue of non-lethal weapons I would have expected to see Amnesty Ireland among those protesting. The journalist of this article, Conor Lally, reports that The Green Party is there (some of whose members I have also petitioned for support against the abuses of non-lethal weapons), NGO Peace organisations are there, but sadly Amnesty is not mentioned. And yet, in your online statement
( http://www.amnesty.ie ) denouncing the use of weapons of torture your concluding sentence reads, "Amnesty International condemns absolutely the international sale of devices meant for use in torture techniques and calls for an immediate halt to all such

Isn't it time, now that conferences on non-lethal weapons have arrived in our very own backyard, that Amnesty Ireland sat up and paid notice to just how awful, how inhumane, a number of these weapons are.

I do not know if you are aware of online references to non-lethal weaponry. Just one of the many results when you enter "Government Mind Control" in Google search engine is


and it provides good insights into the following weapons:

Electromagnetic Weapons
Microwave Weapons
Non-Lethal Weapons
ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Weapons
Directed Energy Weapons
Acoustic Weapons
Psychotronic Weapons
RF (Radio Frequency) Weapons
Soft Kill Weapons
Less-Than-Lethal Weapons

I know a number of victims of non-lethal weaponry and would be very happy to put you in touch with them if you would like to hear their accounts. I believe it is now impossible for you (and Amnesty generally) to continue ignoring the existence and torture these weapons cause.

Imelda O'Connor

From THE IRISH TIMES, Tuesday, Oct 19, 2004, page 6.
(Any errors in transcription are of course mine. Not having access to an online edition here I can't paste in.)


[by] Conor Lally

Peace protesters plan to hold a demonstration today outside the Berkeley Court Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin, where a conference on "less-lethal" weapons is being held.

The two-day conference is being organised by jane's information Group, the international "provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments".

Mr Brendan Butler, co-ordinator of the NGO Peace Alliance, described today's event as a "showcase for tools of torture". He and fellow activists plan to protest outside the hotel today and tomorrow.

"The idea to call this weaponry 'less-lethal' flies in the face of evidence where it can be used as instruments of torture. It is an example of the human mind gone awry where arms manufacturers have now diversified into another profitable area of business, and where an Irish hotels group is willing to promote such an event."

Green Party chairman Mr. John Gormley TD said he was dismayed to learn that members of the Garda [Irish police] were set to appear as speakers at the conference. "It is regrettable that the Garda Siochana, which has such a fine record as a non-armed force, is increasingly inverting in equipment which will be used to suppress political dissent. There is no evidence that such equipment is required."

"Non-lethal" weaponry "simply means not designed to kill", Mr Gormley said. This would come as no consolation to citizens who wished to attend mass demonstrations, such as that organised in Dublin just before the US invaded Iraq, if gardai policing these carried "less-lethal" weapons.

Mr Gormley said members of the Green Party would protest outside the hotel today.

The Dublin Grassroots Network also plans to stage a protest.

Re: Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons conference in Dublin

Why We Cannot Endorse President Bush For Re-Election


The Neo-Conservative Formula Doesn't Work

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The Neo-Conservative Formula Doesn't Work"

How dumb does Bush think we are ?


Informant: Friends

Scientists find way to make us slaves


Informant: Nilbux

Bound By Secrets


Pro-war MPs draw a line in the sand

Iraq: Pro-war MPs draw a line in the sand


Aussortieren statt Eingliedern! Sozialarbeit bekommt im Zeitalter der „Reformen" eine neue Funktion. Wurde sie bislang als Instrument sozialer Eingliederung verstanden, entwickelt sie sich nun rasant zum Medium sozialer Exklusion. Ursprünglich sollte Sozialarbeit Elend verhindern, mindern oder gar beenden, tatsächlich hat sie es wohl nur verwaltet. Künftig aber wird sie Elend mitbegründen!

Mit „Hartz IV" wird ab 2005 nämlich die „Verfolgungsbetreuung" boomen – und Sozialarbeiter werden dieses Spiel um den Preis eigener Arbeitsplatzsicherheit mitspielen. Aus Kiel erfahre ich, dass der Wettlauf der „Träger" um den Zuschlag für die Zwangsberatungen (zum Beispiel im Suchthilfebereich) schon begonnen hat.

Man erwartet reichlich „Klienten" (die man besser „Getriebene" nennt) für das kommende Jahr. Die werden von ihren „Fallmanagern" der „Agentur für Arbeit" dazu verdonnert, sobald auch nur der Hauch eines „Verdachtes" auf psychische Probleme (egal ob Depression oder Sucht) besteht. Denn „sowas" vermindert in der offiziellen Lesart die Chancen auf Vermittlung in Arbeit. Was vielleicht sogar stimmen würde, wenn es Lohnarbeit für alle gäbe. Gibt es aber nicht...

Diese Zwangsklienten werden also in diejenigen Beratungsstellen strömen, die den finanziell lukrativen Zuschlag ergattert haben. Und dann wird beraten und therapiert, dass die Schwarte kracht. Erfolglos natürlich, denn es ist eine uralte psychologische Binsenweisheit, dass Veränderung durch Therapie oder Beratung (wenn überhaupt) nur auf Basis von freiwilliger Beteiligung der Klienten funktioniert. Macht aber nix, denn Therapieerfolge würden eh nur die Arbeitslosenstatistik versauen. Also ist Erfolglosigkeit klammheimlich „erwünscht". Denn dann können die Untherapierbaren „begründet" aussortiert werden in das wachsende Heer der völlig Überflüssigen. Und Sozialarbeiter sind bei diesem Exklusionprozess die Sortierer.

Montag, 18.10.2004

Jürgen Oetting



Arbeitszwang - Arbeitsverpflichtung


Hartz IV - ALG II - Ein-Euro Jobs - Zwangsarbeit - Verfolgungsbetreuung

Zitat zum Thema "Verfolgungsbetreuung:

Langzeitarbeitslose wünschen sich nach Inkrafttreten von Hartz IV wahrscheinlich lieber einen Knastaufenthalt: da werden sie mit Essen versorgt, haben ein Dach überm Kopf und werden im Rahmen der Resozialisierung möglicherweise humaner behandelt als künftige 1-Euro-Jobber. - Vor allem aber fühlen sie sich trotz Gitter vorm Fenster freier, weil sie nicht permanent von der Bundesagentur für
Arbeit terrorisiert werden."

Aus: Deutscher Einheit(z)-Textdienst von Werner Lutz 12/2004

Quelle: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/425357/


Hartz IV und der neue Arbeitsdienst
Einschätzung der Antifa-AG der Uni Hannover

1-Euro-Jobs - vom Verarmungsprogramm Hartz IV profitieren

The Lies to rush to War

Bush's Reasoning For Invading Iraq. In their own words, the lies to rush to war.


Time will tell all the Truth.

Informant: Virtualtruth

STOP EU Wild Bird Imports

STOP EU Wild Bird Imports - Please Endorse

A draft or merely hot air ?

by Ivan Eland

Independent Institute


[I]t is safe to say that a renewed draft will not occur before the election. And it may not occur after November 2 either, but once the election is safely behind them some politicians could change their minds. War is costly, and politicians usually try to hide the financial expenses. With the already yawning federal budget deficit, that temptation is even greater. The current tar baby in Iraq has bogged down 140,000 U.S. troops and may ensnare more after November if the worsening violence and freedom from electoral constraints cause the next administration -- whether headed by Bush or Kerry -- to escalate U.S. involvement. So the government may be tempted to enlarge the military 'on the cheap' by using conscription. But what is cheap for the government is not for the rest of American society...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Terrorism is whatever the government wants it to be

The other war: Three years later

by Elaine Cassel

Civil Liberties Watch


Terrorism is whatever the government wants it to be. It is a moving and mornping [sic] construct. It can justify the closing of streets at home, and the waging of war abroad. It encompasses peacefully demonstrating against George Bush at home, and speaking negatively against him abroad (I am referring to restrictions on Arab news media who are trying to report on Iraq). It is the excuse for declaring a war on civil liberties. By war on civil liberties, I am referring to the erosion of the freedoms embodied in the first ten amendments to the Constitution -- known collectively as the Bill of Rights...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Warning : Politicians and their bureaucracies can be hazardous to your health, wealth, freedom and sanity

Toward a "practical ... get-your-hands-dirty" political education, part 1

by James J Odle

The Libertarian Enterprise


Across every Voters Guide the following should be printed in the boldest possible letters: Warning! Politicians and their bureaucracies are hazardous to your health, wealth, freedom and sanity! ... If doing the right thing will cost a politician his power, then you can depend on him to do the wrong thing! You can depend on this the way you can depend on the sun to rise in the morning! (If I ran a casino I would take bets on it.)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Honor the country by distrusting the government

by Sheldon Richman

Future of Freedom Foundation


President Bush and his supporters base their case for his reelection ultimately on an appeal for trust. Bush asks us to trust that he acted in good faith when he invaded Iraq, even though the intelligence now looks bad. He asks us to trust his strategy for domestic security, even though awesome discretionary power is given to the attorney general. He asks us to trust him when he says government shouldn't run our lives, even though he has presided over a frightening growth in government spending...


Suicide mission

by Justin Raimondo



I predicted in this space that our troops in Iraq would be sitting ducks once the real war, the war of occupation, commenced, but there is no satisfaction in being right. We are engaged in a grinding, ultimately futile war of attrition, a Sisyphean struggle in which the best we can do is maintain our tenuous position. But lately we are even unable to do that. This mutiny is the latest signal that we are headed for a major meltdown: the mighty U.S. military is staring defeat straight in the face.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Your old mobile is destroying the planet


Source: News-headlines Digest, Vol 18, Issue 14

Tassie forests still under threat


Source: News-headlines Digest, Vol 18, Issue 14

Active-duty soldiers are at risk for PTSD

According to Knight Ridder news, "American soldiers called to active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan are warned that the stress of war can cause a variety of mental-health symptoms. But there is incontrovertible evidence that serving in a combat zone leads to increased and more severe psychological problems compared to serving in less dangerous areas."


Get out the vote and help stop election dirty tricks


Handys, schnurlose Telefone harmlos ?


Funkamateure sind professionell und innovativ

Funkamateure sind oft äusserst professionell und innovativ.

Habe vor längerem Diverses z.B. über PaketRadio gelesen, und will kurz ergänzen, dass auch Funkamateure seit gewisser Zeit gepulste bzw. quasi-gepulste Signalformen verwenden, die natürlich genauso kritisch gesehen werden müssen, wie die GSM /UMTS / WLAN / BT etc. Signalformen.

Sie übertragen damit Internetinformationen, aber auch Bildsignale, etc.

Auch dort können somit Effekte auftreten wie sie bei unmodulierter oder FM modulierte Strahlung nicht oder nur bei höheren Pegeln auftreten.


Ich bin nicht krank schlafe wie ein Murmeltier.

von D. Schreiner...

Ich kenne Raucher in Frankreich, stärksten Tobak.. und 90 Jahre alt. Ist deshalb Nikotin/ Rauchgenus unbedenklich, unschädlich?

Ich kenne Alkoholtrinker, ebenfalls sehr alt geworden, und ist deshalb Alkohol nicht leberschädigend?


Denke, wie bei sehr vielen Stoffen völlig normal, dass unterschiedliche Menschen unterschiedlich reagieren, so ist z.B. bei dem Ewigthema Colesterin heuer rausgekommen, dass es eine genetische Präposition braucht, um durch den Konsum von Fettsäuren etc., eben Fleisch, Eier, etc... nur bei einem Teil der Patienten sinnvoll ist, darauf zu verzichten oder den Konsum einzuschränken. Bei den nicht genetisch "Empfindlichen" schädigen diese Nähmittel überhaupt nicht.


Viele Leute leben lange neben AKWs und merken nichts, riechen nichts, und schlafen ebenfalls wie Murmeltiere.

Und 20 Jahre später sterben sie an Leukämie, auch wenn sie nie was spürten.




Viele Grüße aus Westhausen!

Bernd Schreiner


Häufungen von Allergien in der Nähe von Mobilfunkantennen



BI geht gegen Sendemast in der Böhmerwaldstraße vor / „Studien geben Hoffnung“

Mittelbayerische Zeitung, 13.10.04

Von Christof Seidl, MZ

TEGERNHEIM. Die Bürgerinitiative gegen Mobilfunkantennen (BI) hat ihre dritte Klage erhoben. Diesmal geht es um eine Sendeanlage in der Böhmerwaldstraße in Tegernheim. Nach Angaben des Landratsamts Regensburg entspricht der Standort des Sendermast den Vorgaben der Regierung.

Hans Hommer, der Sprecher der „Bürgerinitiative für ein lebenswertes Tegernheim ohne Mobilfunkantennen in Wohngebieten, bei Schulen und Kindergärten“, wie sich die BI offiziell nennt, begründet die Klage damit, dass die Anlage „mitten in einem reinen Wohngebiet liegt“. Damit entspreche sie nicht den Vorgaben für Mobilfunkanlagen.

Das Landratsamt Regensburg kann der Argumentation der Mobilfunkgegner nicht folgen. Zwar sei der Standort der Anlage auf einem privaten Hausdach anfangs nicht korrekt gewesen, weil der Sicherheitsabstand zum Nachbargrundstück nicht eingehalten worden war. Der Sendemast werde aber nun so montiert, dass dieses Problem ausgeräumt ist. Gegen den Standort als solchen hat das Landratsamt keine Einwände. Er entspreche den Vorgaben der bayerischen Staatsregierung Deshalb gebe es keinen Grund, dagegen einzuschreiten.

Davon lassen sich die Mobilfunkgegner aber nicht beirren. „Die Klage läuft weiter. Die Sendeanlage hat da nichts zu suchen“, betont Hommer gegenüber der MZ. Bisher gebe es allerdings noch keinen Verhandlungstermin.

Die neue Klage sei ein „schwieriges Unterfangen“, räumt Hommer ein. Dennoch sei sie nicht chancenlos, weil es Standortalternativen gebe. Langfristig, ist sich der BI-Sprecher sicher, arbeite die Zeit für die Mobilfunkgegner. Denn die Ergebnisse von Forschungen, die die Wirkung der elektromagnetischen Strahlung untersuchen, könnten nicht für alle Zeit ignoriert werden.

So untermauere die von der EU geförderte, über drei Milllionen Euro teure „Reflex-Studie“ (siehe unten) die Argumentation der Mobilfunkgegner – und das, obwohl diese Studie eigentlich die Bedenken gegen Mobilfunkstrahlung entkräften sollte. Umso verwunderlicher findet es Hommer, dass die EU bislang die Veröffentlichung der detaillierten Forschungsergebnisse verhindere.

In Naila hat nach seinen Angaben die bisher größte Untersuchung über den Zusammenhang von Mobilfunksendeanlagen und dem Krebsrisiko in der direkten Umgebung stattgefunden. Das Ergebnis: Von 302 Personen, die in der Nähe der Anlage wohnen, erkrankten in den letzten zehn Jahren sechs Prozent an Krebs. Von 631 Personen, die seit zehn Jahren in größerer Entfernung zu der Sendeanlage wohnen, erkrankten „nur“ 2,5 Prozent an Krebs. Hommer sieht in dem Ergebnis einen deutlichen Hinweis auf den Zusammenhang zwischen der Strahlung der Sendeanlagen und dem Krebsrisiko.

Freilich sei die Untersuchung noch zu wenig umfangreich, um eine haltbare Aussage zu treffen. Genau solche Forschungen würden die Mobilfunkgegner in Deutschland fordern. „Aber für die Untersuchung der biologischen Folgen der Mobilfunkstrahlung will der Staat kein Geld ausgeben.“

Hinweise auf Gesundheitsschäden

(cs). Eine neue Studie namens „Reflex“ liefert erstmals Hinweise, dass elektromagnetische Felder wie sie Handys erzeugen, das Erbgut verändern können. Zweieinhalb Jahre haben sich zwölf Forschergruppen aus sieben EU-Ländern mit den Auswirkungen von Mobilfunk-Strahlung auf Körperzellen beschäftigt. Ziel der so genannten Reflex-Sttudie ist es, bereits existierende Untersuchungen zu überprüfen. Finanziert wird das 3,2 Millionen Euro teure Projekt zu zwei Drittel von der Europäischen Union. Koordiniert hat die Studie die Stiftung Verum, die Grundlagenforschung mit einem Potenzial zur Verbesserung der menschlichen Lebensbedingungen fördert.

Obwohl die Studie insgesamt noch nicht veröffentlicht ist, gaben die Forscher erste Ergebnisse preis: Danach führten elektromagnetische Schwingungen zu Einzel- und Doppelstrangbrüchen der DNA – dem genetischen Code des Menschen. Nach Aussage von Professor Dr. med. Franz Adlkofer, dem Leiter der Studie, sind vor allem die Doppelstrangbrüche gefährlich, weil sie vom Körper oft falsch repariert werden. Die Forscher entdeckten zudem, dass bereits geschädigte Zellen durch die elektromagnetische Strahlung nochmals um ein vielfaches verstärkt geschädigt werden. Gemessen wurden mit Feldstärken unterhalb des in Deutschland zulässigen Grenzwerts.

„Veränderungen am Erbgut führen in der Regel zu Krebs“, erklärt Adlkofer. Ob die entdeckten Mutationen beim Menschen wirklich Krebs ausgelöst hätten, ist aber fraglich. Genveränderungen treten auch unter natürlichen Umständen auf. Außerdem ist noch unklar, warum nur manche Zelltypen in den Versuchen Schäden aufwiesen, andere aber nicht.

Die Forscher können deshalb den direkten Zusammenhang zwischen Mobilfunkstrahlung und chronischen Erkrankungen noch nicht nachweisen. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit für eine solche Annahme ist aber laut Adlkofer deutlich gestiegen. Außerdem zeige die „Reflex-Studie“ neue Wege für künftige Forschungen auf. Die Reflex-Daten sprechen seiner Ansicht nach dafür, dass das Vorsorgeprinzip zum Schutz der Bevölkerung von den Verantwortlichen in Industrie und Politik anerkannt werden sollte.

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Omega siehe auch REFLEX-Studie unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/330908/

Nachrichten von Karin Piller
BI Mobilfunkkritiker Regensburg Stadt und Land


BARMER : Fast jeder Zweite hat erhöhten Blutdruck

„Gesunder“ Stoff für Karneval

„Fast jeder Zweite hat erhöhten Blutdruck, aber viele Betroffene wissen nichts davon. Erfolgreiche Behandlung ist möglich – die BARMER unterstützt ihre Versicherten dabei,“ darauf weist sie in ihrer aktuellen Mitgliederzeitschrift hin. Gesünder lebe man durch Aufgabe von Rauchen, durch mehr Bewegung, ausgewogenes Essen (weniger Fett), weniger Alkohol trinken, Übergewicht abbauen sowie Stress abbauen und bewusst entspannen!

Auch auf den Wolf im Schafspelz „Alkopops“ weist die BARMER in einem separaten Artikel hin. „Experten warnen vor Suchtgefahr bei Jugendlichen!“

Nun, auch die Werbung im Gesundheitsmagazin der BARMER trägt nicht nur zur Herz- und Fußerwärmung bei durch „echtes Lammfell: natürlich wärmend und fußgesund,“ sondern ihr folgt großseitig eine Siemens-Handy und DVD-Player GRATIS-Werbung. Das Schnäppchen wie Handy und Zubehör, DVD-Player, Gratis-Anschlusspreis, 15- Frei-Minuten/Monat und Siemens T-Shirt alles im Gesamtwert von EUR 535,00 nun für NULL EURO! Vorteil, freie Netzwahl: T-Mobile, Vodafone, ePlus! Direkt anrufen über Bestell-Hotline!

Nun, wenn das keine Zeit ist, um die wetterfeste Kleidung von Lands’ End „sturmfeste Strategie in turbulenten Zeiten“ für nur EUR 75 anzuschaffen! Und hilft dies auch alles nichts, dann „Retten Sie Ihre Steuervorteile“, „nutzen Sie Ihre letzte Chance auf eine steuerfreie Altersvorsorge... mit der ...-Versicherung!“

Siehe, auch die BARMER bietet ausreichend Stoff für die nächste Karnevalsaison.

Spaß beiseite! Deshalb rufe ich hier noch einmal das bereits veröffentlichte und Ihnen daher allseits bekannte Zitat der Krankenkasse der Familie Kind aus Dresden in Erinnerung:

"Das Ergebnis unserer Prüfung stellt sich wie folgt dar: An der gesundheitlichen Schädigung Ihrer Familie scheint kein Zweifel zu bestehen, auch am Krankheitswert kann in diesem Fall nicht Stichhaltig gezweifelt werden. Es ist davon auszugehen, dass in Ihrem Fall tatsächlich durch elektromagnetische Wellen Gesundheitsstörungen hervorgerufen werden. In der Wissenschaft ist allerdings unstrittig, dass es außer der Beendigung der Exposition KEINE ETABLIERTE THERAPIE der Elektrosmogkrankheit gibt. Aus diesem Grund ist auch die Frage zu stellen in wie weit die Bestimmung von Melatonin und Serotonin oder von Antikörpern gegen Aspergillus für die einzuschlagende Therapie von Bedeutung sind."

Omega siehe „Familie Kind aus Dresden: Bericht über unsere Situation“ unter:

Also reine Unaufmerksamkeit der BARMER, das heikle Mobilfunkthema bei den oben erwähnten Gesundheitsratschlägen vergessen zu haben. Und sicher hat folgende Nachricht die BARMER auch nicht erreicht, ob Gesundheitsgefährdung bestehen könne oder ob nur wie der Präsident des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz Herr König neulich wieder vorsichtig äußerte, es keine wissenschaftlichen Beweise gäbe, wohl aber Hinweise auf mögliche biologische Beeinträchtigungen vorlägen! So hat König erneut zur Vorsicht beim Umgang mit Handys aufgerufen, denn „nur so könne ein eventuelles gesundheitliches Risiko minimiert werden,“ sagte er gegenüber dem TAGESSPIEGEL in Berlin.

Tja, leider scheinen diese Aussagen auch auf taube Ohren gestoßen zu sein. Nun ja, ein jeder hat so seine Leiden – drücken wir deshalb mal beide Augen zu! Doch bitte nicht vergessen, die Augen wieder rechtzeitig zu öffnen – gleiches gilt für taube Ohren!

Marianne Kirst

Complain about Sinclair to Congress

This page looks up your members of Congress and emails them all and the FCC too with your personal message in one step...


Please post anywhere you can ASAP. This week is critical.

Bush administration uses pension money to avoid debt ceiling


Informant: ranger116


From NHNE News

By John M. Broder
New York Times
October 17, 2004


America could very well wake up on Wednesday, Nov. 3, not knowing who won the presidential election. Judging by the latest polls, the race is close enough in a number of key states that human error, technical foul-ups and the inevitable legal challenges could delay the results for days or weeks, in an unwelcome replay of 2000.

The likelihood of trouble at the nation's 200,000 polling places may be greater in 2004 than in any year in memory. Absentee and mail-in ballots, provisional voting, redrawn districts, untrained poll workers, millions of first-time voters and unfamiliar new technology are all conspiring to create a potential electoral nightmare in a tight contest.

The two major parties have brigades of lawyers ready to file legal actions at the first signs of irregularity at the polls. Already, lawsuits are challenging voter registration procedures in several states, and more litigation is sure to come anywhere that it might affect the outcome.

In every American hamlet, city, county and state, elections officials are praying, "Please, don't let it be close here."

All of which leads to the question: Could the country stand another Florida? How deep would the political and psychological damage be?

The debacle last time left the nation's electoral institutions bruised but relatively intact. Academic researchers say the sharply divided Supreme Court of December 2000, vilified by many for the way it decided Bush v. Gore, appears to have regained the faith of a majority of the public.

But scars remain. Questions about the legitimacy of the Bush presidency and the fairness of the 2000 election have never died. Many Democratic voters have nursed feelings of anger and disenfranchisement for the past four years. Partly as a result, the 2004 campaign has been among the most bitter in decades.

Some scholars and political combatants believe a second contested election could open lasting fissures in American society. They fear that the red-blue political geography of the country could become imprinted on the national psyche for years to come, squelching hopes for bipartisan cooperation in governing the country.

Before 2000, the last time the nation suffered such a disputed presidential election was in 1876, when the wounds of the Civil War were still fresh and the public had no appetite for a pitched partisan battle, said David Herbert Donald, an emeritus professor of history at Harvard University and a scholar of the presidency. That dispute cooled soon after Rutherford B. Hayes, declared the winner by a bipartisan commission, assumed office in 1877.

This time could be different, Mr. Donald warned. "There was a lot more residual ill feeling, more of a feeling that 'we were robbed,' in 2000 than in 1876," he said. "If we have another cliffhanger in which the court decides the outcome, there will be serious doubts about whether this is the best way to run a government."

If either candidate wins without leading the popular vote, as Mr. Bush did in 2000, there could be serious calls to abolish the Electoral College and make other fundamental changes in the machinery of American democracy.

There was a bitterness about the 2000 election that persists in a good many Democratic circles, Mr. Donald said, adding: ''That certainly will be revived if there's another dispute."

Warren Christopher, the former secretary of state who oversaw Vice President Al Gore's legal challenges in 2000, said that the actions of the Supreme Court and some Florida officials that year had, at least temporarily, tarnished the American way of choosing leaders. A second tainted election, followed by more bare-knuckled partisan conflict, Mr. Christopher said, would be far more damaging. He urged both parties to cool their rhetoric and put the nation's interest ahead of partisan advantage.

"A repeat performance would do irreparable damage to the good will and forbearance so essential to a functioning democracy," he wrote in an e-mail message. "For the political parties, 2004 could be one time when winning isn't everything."

The Florida dispute, the 36 days of suspense and the United States Supreme Court's pre-emptive decision tested America's faith in its ability to conduct elections, a faith that had gone largely unquestioned since 1876.

Richard Nixon chose not to challenge the results when he lost to John F. Kennedy in 1960, despite questions about Democratic vote fraud in Cook County, Ill.

Now, though, a cottage industry of fulltime election monitors, analysts and critics has sprung up, from the broad, nonpartisan Electionline.org, which plans to release a state-by-state report on potential voting problems on Tuesday, to focused efforts like Black Box Voting, which works to expose security problems with electronic voting machines.

Grievances about the 2000 election are not confined to one party or one state, but appear to be felt particularly strongly by minorities and the poor, whose votes were disproportionately tossed out in Florida and elsewhere, said Christopher Edley Jr., dean of Boalt Hall, the law school at the University of California, Berkeley, and a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

"These huge precinct-to-precinct, county-to-county differences in spoiled ballot rates are intolerable, especially when the differences are so strongly correlated with class and color," Mr. Edley said, adding that if much of the electorate believes that an election result derived from unfair and inconsistent voting methods, "then defeat is both bitter and embittering."

The only solution, he said, is a standardized national voting system that gives everyone an equal chance to have his or her vote properly counted.

Dread of another mess in 2004 comes at a time when many American institutions are under assault, largely because of problems of their own making, said Leon Panetta, a former congressman, White House chief of staff under President Clinton and member of the bipartisan commission on federal election reform convened in the aftermath of the 2000 election.

"Trust in our basic institutions is being undermined in a number of ways: in corporate America, with our religious community, in the press, and certainly in government, particularly with the revelations of the failure of our intelligence systems in Iraq," Mr. Panetta said. "Now we're in an era of disputed elections. Everyone would like to believe the Constitution is designed to resolve these disputes, but I don't know how many national elections you can take to the Supreme Court and not at some point have an explosion in this country."

Republicans appear more sanguine about the condition of American democracy and the prospects for the future.

Theodore B. Olson, who argued Mr. Bush's electoral case before the Supreme Court, said that the court had rendered many unpopular decisions in the past and come through with its reputation and authority intact. Noting that both sides are prepared to contest aggressively any questionable results this year, he said he expected that they would ultimately accept the verdict of the vote-counters or the courts.

"People keep telling us that democracy is kind of messy, and when you have close elections, there's a possibility the outcome won't be immediately clear," Mr. Olson said. "But what's the alternative?"

One thing that seems certain, though, is that there is no certainty about how the nation will handle the aftermath of a disputed election.

In 2000, experts and pundits predicted that the Supreme Court would refuse to snatch the case away from the Florida courts. They predicted that, lacking a popular mandate, President Bush would have to govern from the center. They predicted that a careful recount in Florida ballots would reveal that Mr. Gore was the true winner. All proved false, or at least debatable, said Laurence H. Tribe, a professor at Harvard Law School and Mr. Gore's advocate before the Supreme Court in December 2000.

"Anyone who thinks he has a useful crystal ball through which to gaze, to imagine what the consequences might be," he said, "had better enjoy eating ground glass."

Some observers see potential for lasting benefits from another disputed election, at least once the dust has settled: they say it may finally rouse the country to overhaul the presidential election process.

"If it happens one time, it's an anomaly; a second time, and it's clear there are real problems," said Elizabeth Garrett, director of the University of Southern California-Caltech Center on Law and Politics. "We cannot take this for every election, but if we do have another contested election, electoral reform efforts will have to be taken."

Could wireless affect air quality?

I believe I've noticed that in areas where cellular phone reception is good it seems to me that the air is less breathable, perhaps dirtier, & more likely to hold allergans, particularly mold than air where any cellular towers are several miles away.

I don't think this is just my imagination but I wondered if anyone else might have noticed this.

From what little I know about air quality, it's my understanding that clean fresh air holds a lot more negative ions that can combine with dirt, dust, and allergans such as mold spores so that these things that foul the air will drop to the ground & the air will remain clean.

I wonder if some of the artificially created electrical frequencies now in the air may react with & strip the air of it's negative ions so that the air loses it's ability to clean itself & becomes prematurely saturated with dirt, pollutants, & allergans.

I remember when I was a child that after a thunderstorm the air seemed clear, & fresh where now I can't really notice much difference in air quality after a storm.

I'd like to go one step further & suggest that if it's true that wireless frequencies can in fact influence the electrical charge of the air, it's also possible that it could also influence actual weather patterns.

I could be completely full of shit on all this but if it were true, it should be a very easy thing to verify by simply comparing suspended particulate measurements in areas where the air is saturated with wireless frequencies to areas where no cellular coverage yet existed.

If there was a definite difference in air quality figures, this in itself could go a long way in doing away with this horrible health hazard that's made so many of us feel like we were born on the wrong planet & have to look for artificial means to try & protect our health.


US technology capable of manipulating the Ion Ratios to change human behavior

Good read - Anna


HAARP Defensive Economic Warfare:

US technology capable of manipulating the Ion Ratios to change human behavior.

By Guy Cramer

Before the events of September 11, 2001, the thought of American Military being given the authority to shoot down American civilian airliners loaded with passengers over U.S. territory was inconceivable. Now this and many other measures are necessary for the safety and security of the nation.

The attacks were aimed not only at people, government and military but also on the economy, which in the long run could end up harming the entire world. Extreme measures were taken to minimize the initial damage to an already fragile economy; closed U.S. markets, a surprise interest rate cut of half a percent prior to the markets opening, an extended share buy back program for companies. These measures didn’t stop the initial five-day decrease on the Dow of 14.3%, the NASDAQ, which lost over 16%, and the S&P 500 lost over 11%.

Then beginning on Monday Oct 1st, 2001 the storm returned at precisely 9:30 AM (the same time the major U.S. stock Markets open!) Positive ions increased while negative decreased! Two extreme geomagnetic storms in two weeks that both started at precisely the time the Stock Markets opened for the week, wow what a coincidence.

Peace - Anna

"Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Freedom is a possession of inestimable value."

"The rise of women isn't about the fall of men."
~Linda Stern

Bush's revelatory ear piece

Posted on a UK group that I belong to. This is a must read in my opinion....

Peace - Anna

Begin forwarded message:

Date: October 18, 2004 7:01:09 AM EDT
Subject: [spirit_truths] Bush's revelatory ear piece



PLANETNEWS broadcast...

Thanks for the confirmation, Pat...what we all thought was happening.


Hello Nance,

About a month ago when President Bush was in Germany both my husband and I were watching as he made his speech to many onlookers. We were viewing this on a PBS channel. Now here is the fun part: we heard everything that he said prior to him saying it. The prompt for his concealed earpiece somehow got relayed over the public communication system. Every pause that he made enabled him to listen for his "Q".

This he then faithfully repeated to all. It was hilarious as we could hear quite clearly the voice of his prompter ahead of that of President Bush. This was not of course announced on the usual news channels. :)


Climate, the Absent Issue


by Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation

What threatens almost every major city on the planet is not terrorism, but climate change.

Source http://www.tompaine.com/opinion/#002338

Our War on Terrorism

The Progressive

Neither campaign is discussing real solutions to stopping terrorism.

Howard Zinn

Monday 10:38 AM

War cannot stop terror—it can only fuel it. Howard Zinn writes in The Progressive that only by scrapping America's policies in the 'Greater Middle East' will we ever deal with the roots of the grievances that fuel terrorism. We're not hearing that in the campaigns, but we better next January.


As Election Nears, Parties Begin Another Round of Legal Battles


Informant: Laurel


Pass this on:

"...Republican organizers outside the U.S. claim the number of voters signing on with Republicans Abroad in Europe has skyrocketed 400 percent since 2000. The number of chapters of Democrats Abroad has risen from 33 to 70 since the beginning of this year...."

The Silent Vote
As Election Day approaches, Americans abroad are determined to make their voices heard. Will their ballots make a difference?
by Eve Conant
Updated: 7:08 p.m. ET Oct. 15, 2004

© 2004 Newsweek, Inc.

URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6257852/site/newsweek/

Informant: Jack Topel


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