No WMD in Iraq: Bush Owes Us an Apology


Moving Ideas: Week of Action on the Death Penalty


NewsTarget Insider - Oct 7: antidepressants & drinking water

Antidepressant drugs found to cause birth complications

Antidepressant drugs found in drinking water; pharmaceuticals have
now become environmental pollutants

Scientific medical journals like JAMA fail basic credibility standards; medical journals become increasingly irrelevant

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, has a simple cause:
poor nutrition and food additives

New ‘Swarm’ of Quakes at Yellowstone Super Volcano

by Mitch Battros - ECTV

I guess I should say, really to no surprise, Yellowstone Super Volcano has jumped significantly in small earthquake activity. See latest count here. So far the largest reading is 2.5 magnitude.

Mt. Hood has also seen seismic activity in the last week. The latest “recorded” was October 4th showing a 2.1 mag. which had been upgraded to a 2.4 mag.. Notice I say “latest recorded”. The reason for this hesitation, if for whatever reason, the USGS is not updating in “real time”. Actually, not even daily. See latest count here.

I have recently received word, yet to be confirmed, that Mt. Adams is also showing movement. But when I go to the USGS volcanic/quake site, the only think I get is a red blink headline which reads “These maps are not being updated for Mount St. Helens events.” This obviously includes the whole Cascade Range including Mt. Adams. Here is the link to Mt. Adams seismic updates. The last registered! update was September 8th 2004. See page here:

Call Congress NOW to Defend Civil Liberties


Com oder Org?

Im Fernsehduell gab Vizepräsident Cheney eine falsche URL an und lockte damit viele Zuschauer auf eine Anti-Bush-Seite...


Umweltgruppen fordern sofortigen Stopp der Tiefseefischerei

Wüsten unter Wasser: Umweltgruppen fordern sofortigen Stopp der Tiefseefischerei (07.10.04)

Einen sofortigen Stopp der Tiefseefischerei fordern zahlreiche Umweltorganisationen. Der wertvolle Lebensraums Tiefsee werde durch die radikalen Fangmethoden auf Jahrzehnte zerstört. Die verwendeten mit Gewichten beschwerten Reusen grüben sich wie Bulldozer in den Meeresboden und hinterließen Wüsten, berichtet die Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Allergy to electricity leaves woman fearing winter freeze


Informant: Gotemf

Omega-News 7. Oktober 2004

"Biopiraterie" : Monsanto-Patent auf indischen Weizen widerrufen

Die ungewollten Stimmen

Gegen Kinderarbeit

Deportation auch in Folterländer

PATRIOT Act bröckelt

Die Hetzjagd in Großbritannien hat ein Ende

Sojaimporte vernichten Regenwälder im Amazonas

Übertriebene Geheimhaltung kann Waffe der Selbstzerstörung sein

Artenschutzkonferenz für manche Arten "Frage von Sein oder Nichtsein"

Vorsicht bei Obst und Gemüse

Entscheidungen über die Zukunft von Walen und Delfinen

Neuverhandlung der EU-Biopatent-Richtlinie gefordert

Wahlhelfer CIA

Präzisionsschläge sorgen für Kollateralschaden

Flick und Bush

Verbraucherministerium erlaubt immer mehr giftige Pestizide im Essen

Supersommer hat Wald geschadet

Deutschland, deine Zukunft

Monsanto kauft Indien stückchenweise

NABU kämpft für Erhaltung der letzten weißen Haie

Wale sterben durch Lärm

Kaum zu kontrollieren

US-Fluglinien sollen Passagierdaten abgeben


Sep 6 2004

She has to live in caravan

by Don Mackay


Informant: Gotemf

Omega-News Collection 7. October 2004

The march of phone transmitter masts

Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children

Bulldozer destroyed the Grounds for a Cellular Antenna

Mast at Knockainey Hill, Hospital, Co. Limerick

Peacekeepers With Ray Guns

Bush's brave new world


Health care fraud and drug imports

Infant mortality - the effects of environmental pollution

Stop the Genocide of indigenous People and their Land

Tibet's Melting Glaciers Will Create 'Ecological Catastrophe'

Showdown Over America's Rainforest

U.S. Refuses to Stop Lindane Use

The five most trustworthy Pro-Peace congressional candidates

Kerry Says Republicans Suppressing Voting

The Kids Wanna Rock

US Elections under a Microscope

Bogus Polls: Meaningless Farce Or Looming Tragedy?

War lies are piling up

Wrestling With The Reserves

The Iraqi Nuclear Bomb That Wasn't

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

Outside View Oil serves but also burns us

Bush Continues to Mislead on WMD

A final take on Iraqi WMD

Who Is Really Fighting the War in Iraq

US 'war on terror' is unwinnable

Elections will not end the fighting in Iraq

To Torture or Not?

Playing Politics With Reform

Two US Officials Embarrass Bush On Iraq

Pastor Bush

Pilots toast Hit on Iraqi 'Civilians'

The Grief of Baghdad

Six Year Old held Hostage by the US

Nerve Problem May Explain Gulf War Symptoms

Reject Draft Slavery


Help track the activities of VP Cheney

Cheney's Checked Out

Cheney's Avalanche of Lies

Cheney proves his irrelevance

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

Ex-Enron Assistant Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

Senate wants database dragnet

Pastor Bush

Why do so many Americans dismiss the evidence that the occupation of Iraq has gone disastrously wrong? Because the US has a long tradition of putting faith before facts. Jonathan Raban on George Bush's debt to the Puritans...


Six Year Old held Hostage by the US

Forget About Them

Watch them torturing and raping prisoners, turn the TV channel, watch Oprah, she will teach you how to deal with daily stress and forget about them...


The six year old held hostage by the US:

A list of Iraqi prisoners seen by Socialist Worker includes at least 70 women, as well as scores of children and old men. One prisoner, Fadil Dalani, is just six years old.


Another Proud Day In American Military History

Telltale Signs of Torture Lead Family to Demand Answers:
Not all evidence of military personnel mistreating Iraqis held in US custody come from leaks within the American- and British-run detention facilities:

Video and Transcript: Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Guantanamo, President Bush and the Invasion of Iraq:

From Information Clearing House

Cheney Warms up For The Vice Presidential Debate

A behind the scenes look as Dick Cheney Warms up For The Vice Presidential Debate. Quicktime video.


Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children

Message from Don Maisch:

I got your e-mail address from Milt Bowling of Vancouver, B.C. I'm a health policy analyst and parent of kids in the Fairfax Co., Virginia (Washington, D.C. area) school system. I began investigating the health risks of cell phones and cellular transmission antennas at the beginning of the year. I am very concerned about the mass-marketing of cell phones to kids and placement of cell towers near schools and homes.

In our county, the school board has entered the cellular business by signing contracts with the wireless industry to site cell towers and rooftop antennas at schools. Together with another parent, I began a group called Protect Schools. We set up a web site to help educate the public about the health risks of wireless technology and to try to convince the school board to get out of bed with the wireless industry and stop putting our kids at risk. Surprisingly, when one examines the deal closely, the school system may actually be losing money on it!

Milt said that you have a mailing list providing information about RF health effects. The piece you did on cell phones and kids in the Journal of Australasian College of Nutritional & Evironmental Medicine is one of the best I've read about cell phones and kids and I have been passing copies of it out for months. Thanks for writing it.

Please check out our web site:

We welcome any suggestions/comments.

Karl Polzer
Health Policy Analysis/Research
Co-founder, Protect Schools



Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children

We are parents of children attending schools in Fairfax County, Virginia. We've established this web site because we have become very concerned about Fairfax County Public Schools' contracts with Milestone Communications and cellular telephone companies to build wireless transmission facilities on school grounds. So far, cellular monopoles have been erected at six schools and many more are in the works. By entering this commercial venture, the school system is exposing children to increased levels of radiofrequency/microwave radiation from cellular antennas. This issue is of concern to all people living in Fairfax County who want schools to maintain a safe learning environment for all students.

Our concerns are based on research that shows biological effects and potential health impacts near cellular towers. We don't think the schools' commercial venture with Milestone and cellular telephone companies is a wise policy. It is not worth the risk to our kids' health and capacity to learn, especially for the relatively small amount of money the school system is receiving in return. With this web site we would like to share information about this issue and provide a forum for further discussion and action.

Our Protect Schools Coalition is growing and includes people from a variety of backgrounds, including parents of kids whose schools are directly targeted for cell towers. Please sign our Petition.

Under this deal, Milestone and the school system actively market schools as sites for cellular transmission facilities. Virtually all county schools are candidates.


Go to the web site //www.protectschools.org/ for more.

Schools & Cellular Antennas

U.S. Refuses to Stop Lindane Use


September 30-October 6, 2004


October 6, 2004

Senate Intelligence Reform Bill Vote Set For Today //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61223

Key Player in Homeland Security's Creation Sees Trouble Ahead for Regionalization, Oversight Efforts //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61224

Potential Iraq WMD-Terror Alliance Justified Iraq War, Cheney Says in Debate //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61225

Survey Group Report to Say Iraq Did Not Possess WMD Stockpiles or Plans to Develop Them, Officials Say

Poland Opens WMD Training Center

Fierce Opposition Greets U.S. Plutonium in France //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61228

Iran Continues Producing Uranium Gas

U.S.-Russian "Megatons to Megawatts" Program Has Eliminated Equivalent of 9,000 Warheads //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61230

Security Council Set "Worst Precedent" in Handling of North Korea Nuclear Work, ElBaradei Says //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61231

ElBaradei Praises South Korean Cooperation With IAEA Investigation of Nuclear Experiments

United States Understands Brazil Has No Nuclear Weapons Ambitions, Powell Says //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61233

Nobel Peace Prize Bookmakers Give IAEA, ElBaradei Best Odds; Nunn, Lugar Not a Bad Bet //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61234

California Mail Facilities Install Anthrax Detectors //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61235

Sierra Leone Joins Chemical Weapons Treaty //actnow.saferworld.org/ctt.asp?u=3373847&l=61236

Iran Says Missiles Can Hit Europe

October 2004 - Issue 89


ENN Daily Newsletter October 7, 2004


Peacekeepers With Ray Guns

"Peacewagons” move around quickly, and rapidly disperse hostile crowds

Next Summer, the U.S. Army and Marines are sending to Iraq a number of wheeled armored vehicles (Stryker, Armored Security Vehicle and marine LAV) equipped with a number of electronic non-lethal weapons. The three most likely weapons to be used are; Active Denial System (ADS). This one looks like a small, flat, radar dish. It transmits, a 92 gigahertz signal which will penetrate human flesh to less than half a millimeter, and in less than a second make people feel like their skin is on fire. But people would require the beam to stay on them for over four minutes before any actual burning would take place. Tests on volunteers confirm the burning sensation, and the desire to get out of the area quickly. How well this would work against various types of hostile crowds is not known. But the system has been in development for some fifteen years, and it’s thought that it will be safe and will produce no surprises. Some scientists have warned of possible eye damage, but this has not shown up in human tests. Current range is about 500 meters, although work has been underway to extend that by at least fifty percent. However, used on a large crowd, it could cause a stampede that could cause injuries, and even death. In any event, the media will condemn the system as inhumane. Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), which is a high-powered bullhorn type of device that sends out a focused stream of sound. This can be used to tell to direct a verbal message to about 300 meters on land (and over 500 meters over water.) LRAD also has the capacity to send a focused sound that causes pain as well.

Such “peacewagons” could move around quickly, and rapidly disperse hostile crowds, without killing a lot of people. In a place like Iraq, you would still have to deal with hostile fire, which is why this equipment is being carried on an armored vehicle...


Aftermath News
Top Stories - October 7th, 2004

Powerful new Mobilization Resource

We have created a powerful new mobilization resource to facilitate the fast propagation of an email writing campaign on any issue of importance from friend to friend.

The People's Email Network is a nationally coordinated system designed to have a real impact on Washington through large numbers of personally written emails. Our website at //www.thepen.us
automatically looks up your congressional representatives, submits your emails to each of them, and at the same time formats outgoing messages to any other email addresses you provide.

The website is revolutionary in its capability of receiving as input lists of email addresses which it can then distribute among the participants for mailing. Won't you visit //www.thepen.us/ and cast your first vote on the war in Iraq? And then do all you can to spread the word about this breakthrough.

If you have any questions you may otherwise reach us at dc@thepen.us

Children with Leukaemia, Scientific Conference-Incidence, causal mechanisms and prevention



Someone gave me the link to the Mother Load of all mass emailers to send letters to the editor out to many newspapers across the country. The link to this mass emailer is, //capwiz.com/au/dbq/media/

Once there, you will a map of the United States at the bottom. Here are the steps to use this wonderful tool.

1) Click on the state that you want to send letters to. You may only do five letters at once, but can come back and do several more as I did with Texas where I sent ten letters to ten different papers.

2) Select the papers you wish to send letters to concentrating on the larger circulation papers. If you are not sure if the state is small, do what I did. The eenie, meenie, miney moe strategy.

3) Go down to where it says, ‘Compose Letter’ and click on that.

4) Once there, have a fully prepared letter to copy and paste in the text portion box, choose a subject title. I chose, ‘I Want America Back’ and ‘America It Is Time for a Change’, fill out the contact information and choose the ‘Remember Me’ box. Why choose the ‘Remember Me’ box, this way it is all filled in once you have clicked on the submit button and will stay there when you do the step below.

5) Then after you click on the ‘Submit’ button go back to the top and click on ‘Media’ and do it all over again.

I have just finished doing five letters to over forty states including the red and battle ground states. Interesting enough, an editor from the Sheridan Press which is a paper in Wyoming (Cheney’s home state) just called me and they are running my letter.

So, let’s get busy, get this job done and get those letters sent TODAY!

Democratically Yours,


Informant: ItalysBadBoy



The second Hit


These require the latest flash version, and real patience if you are on dialup.


Informant: S.T.Ill Freeman

Reject Draft Slavery


Help us protect America

Please spread the word

The Collapse of WTC 1 Began ABOVE the Aircraft Impact Level


Informant: Our bill of rights

Top Stories from AlterNet for October 7, 2004


Cheney proves his irrelevance

by Thomas Oliphant

Boston Globe


The country doesn't need Dick Cheney any more. After his 90 minutes on the stage last night, it is clear he is no longer an essential person in politics and government. What he brings to the table are liabilities. In debate against an opponent with the dangerously attractive attribute of freshness, Cheney paled -- literally. He's not special, it turns out. He doesn't know anything special, he hasn't done anything special, and for the future he doesn't offer anything special. Cheney is now just another vice president who has had his hour on the stage without really mattering or making a difference. Four years ago, he had a glow of the Wizard of Oz about him, filling an obvious hole in his running mate's background; last night, Cheney was just the grumpy old man behind the curtain...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bread and circuses


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's brave new world

by Sheldon Richman

Future of Freedom Foundation


President Bush's little-publicized New Freedom Commission on Mental Health has proposed comprehensive mental-illness screening for all Americans. If this proposal is carried out, which is Bush's intention, no adult or child will be safe from intrusive probing by 'experts,' backed by drug companies, who believe that mental illness is woefully underdiagnosed and therefore that many millions of people ought to be taking powerful and expensive psychiatric drugs. Schools and doctors' offices will become quasi-psychiatric monitoring stations...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


A final take on Iraqi WMD

Christian Science Monitor


Here's the US government's bottom line: No, Iraq didn't have significant stockpiles of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons at the time of the US-led invasion last spring. But the concept of weapons of mass destruction was important to Saddam Hussein. Mr. Hussein personally believes that WMDs saved his skin twice -- first, when he used chemical weapons in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, and second, when their threat helped halt US troops short of Baghdad in the Persian Gulf War. And what Hussein wants, Hussein tries to get, says the final report of the CIA-led Iraq Survey Group. His country may have been boxed in by international sanctions, and he may have been delusional about its resources, but he himself represented a sort of WMD-in-waiting, eager to reconstitute his weapons programs in time...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Senate wants database dragnet

Wired News


The Senate could pass a bill as early as Wednesday evening that would let government counter-terrorist investigators instantly query a massive system of interconnected commercial and government databases that hold billions of records on Americans. The proposed network is based on the Markle Foundation Task Force's December 2003 report, which envisioned a system that would allow FBI and CIA agents, as well as police officers and some companies, to quickly search intelligence, criminal and commercial databases. The proposal is so radical, the bill allocates $50 million just to fund the system's specifications and privacy policies...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Diverse Krebstode um Antennen

Kommentar zu: Anwälte kritisieren Messpraxis bei Mobilfunk


„Wir hier in Pocking sollten wieder einmal direkt vor die Nase eine Mobilfunksendeanlage von E-Plus bekommen obwohl hinter unserem Haus in nur 50m Entfernung eine Sendeanlage der T-Mobil (UMTS und GSM) steht (es gibt in ganz Pocking und Umgebung keinen Punkt mehr, wo man nicht ungehindert telefonieren kann, egal bei welchem Anbieter man ist !!!). Und weil alles so unbedenklich ist, auch gleich neben der Hauptschule und dem Seniorenheim.“

Nun, wieder muss ich anmerken, dass es seit langem bei der Neuinstallation meist nicht mehr um die Beseitigung von Funklöchern dient!

Das GSM Netz wurde entwickelt, um mit Senderabständen von bis zu 125 km auszukommen. Die Betreiber haben insgesamt 128 Frequenzkanäle für alle Handys im Land, jeder Kanal macht 8 Handys gleichzeitig "an".

So würden in normaler "Funkstruktur" gerade mal theoretisch 8x 128 also, 1024 Handys versorgbar sein (gleichzeitig) was heute nicht mal mehr für eine Kleinstadt hinreichend sein dürfte. Die Frequenzkanäle werden räumlich mehrfach genutzt, dazwischen sind immer andere Kanäle geschaltet, so dass die Anlagen mit gleicher Frequenz sich nicht gegenseitig stören. Üblicherweise haben Einzelanlagen 4 dieser Frequenzpaare (Senden & Empfangen) und bedienen damit gleichzeitig bis zu 8x 4 Handys.

Es gab einmal wenige hunderttausend Nutzer im Land, da waren wenige Antennen für die Abdeckung nötig. Dann wurden Handys verschenkt, und überall hat es neue Anlagen "geregnet". Heute soll es ca. 50 Mio. Geräte geben, und so müssen die Netze nachverdichtet werden. Man nimmt eine dieser Funkzellen, und teilt diese in kleiner Zellen mit jeweils neuer, eigener Sendeanlage auf. Und so werden dann 3 mal soviel Nutzer im Gebiet versorgbar! Mit der reinen Feldstärkeabdeckung hat das Ganze nichts zu tun! Es werden also Antennen installiert um mehr Personen/Handys pro Fläche versorgen zu können!


Hier wird bis heute das Dorf von der T-mobile aus ca. 8 km Entfernung versorgt, und Handys gehen sogar innerhalb der Gebäude, nur in den Kellern nicht. Und Konkurrent Vodafone hat allen im Dorf (nach Senderinstallation) versucht zu erklärten, dass diese Versorgung aus Entfernung technisch nicht geht, und sie unbedingt eine Antenne im Dorf, 50 m neben der Kindertagesstätte, am Wohngebiet im 600 Einwohner kleinen Dorf brauchen, da sonst nicht telefoniert werden kann! Die Prüfung eines Alternativstandortes hat ergeben, dass dieser die Fläche zu gut abdecken würde (aber sowieso nicht realisierbar wäre, denn aus 500 m Entfernung, vom Hügel ins tiefer gelegene Dorf geht die funktechnisch Versorgung nicht (wir sind ja alles technische Laien und keiner hat irgendwelche Erfahrungen mit dieser Magikmaterie die nur eingeweihte Funkpriester beherrschen und für was hat man denn Funk? ).

Nun haben wir diverse Krebstode um die Antennen im engen Radius, meist Krebs der nach Ausbruch innerhalb von Monaten mehrfach zum Tode führte. Und nur in diesem engen Kreis ist die erhöhte Häufigkeit anzutreffen, und nur dort sind es auffällige Krankheitsverläufe, und im Schnitt deutlich jüngere Betroffene.

Also fangt an, korrekt zu argumentieren und nicht auf die herbeigezogenen Argumente der Betreiber einzusteigen.

Bei UMTS ist übrigens die übertragbare Datenmenge von der Feldstärke mit abhängig und so ist dort eine andere Argumentation nötig. Aber diese verdrehte Argumentation ist ja modern, in der Presse, bei Politikern noch mehr, alle steigen gerne drauf ein, und keiner kümmert sich um die Realitäten vor Ort!

Viele Grüße aus Westhausen!

Bernd Schreiner

Quelle: //de.groups.yahoo.com/group/elektrosmog-liste/message/4379

Omega siehe dazu auch:

Krebs und Mobilfunk

Headsets für Handys

Heißer Draht

Freisprecheinrichtungen halten die Hände frei. Vor Strahlung schützen sie nicht. Im Gegenteil: Sie leiten den Elektrosmog vom Handy direkt ins Ohr...


The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney


Informant: Jack Topel


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