People for Pemberton

The mayor and residents of the Village of Pemberton, British Columbia are fighting to prevent Weyerhaeuser from logging in a critical watershed that overlooks the village. The Mayor and members of the City Council are taking a hard line with the logging company--even vowing to "sit on the road in front of the trucks" if the Weyerhaeuser plan goes ahead.

Despite such outcry including letters of protest sent to the company by the Pemberton's Mayor and City Council, Weyerhaeuser is moving ahead full steam. "No. It does not" said Bernice Patterson, a spokesperson for Weyerhaeuser told the Question when asked if community objection would affect Weyerhaeuser's intention to log the mountain.

Fortunately, there is still time to help Mayor Warner and the people of Pemberton. "It is not a done deal. They still have a 60-day public review period to go through," said Tara Wilson, communications officer for the Ministry of Forests to the Question. "The district manager determines whether (the logging) will go ahead and that is not complete."

Click the link below to contact Weyerhaeuser CEO Steve Rogel. Your message will also be copied to Paul Kuster at the BC Ministry of Forests; Walt Cowlard, Manager of Weyerhaeuser's Timberland near Pemberton; and Dan Bane, CEO of Trader Joes's, a national customer of Weyerhaeuser.


What makes the mayor's convictions so compelling is that they are coming from a woman whose family is supported by the logging industry. While she supports the forestry industry she views a critical difference between sustainable and unsustainable logging. In an interview with the Whistler Question, Mayor Warner states plainly that "We consider the risk to our community values as very high compared to the limited timber values that exist in Timber License"

Weyerhaeuser wants to log a watershed that is habitat to abundant wildlife and forms the scenic backdrop to Pemberton's tourism. The area the company wants to log is located above a school and residents argue that noise from helicopters, trucks, and heavy industrial activity would be a major disruption not only to the school but to work, tourism, and day to day living in the area. From a scientific standpoint, the watershed is home to numerous species and the toil is too delicate and mossy for effective tree planting.

Mayor Warner argues that the company cannot log the mountain because it classifies as a "category 2" no-extraction zone. She and others are demanding geotechnical, creek assessment and wildlife habitat reports that the feel will prove the area is unfit for logging. In an interview with CBC Radio, Warner said she will do everything she can to stop the Weyerhaeuser from logging the watershed.

Residents are demanding that the company speak to plans on access, integrated water and fuel management, industrial noise, and First Nations concerns. Please help us raise their voices.


--Jess, Sharon and Brant
The RAN Old Growth Team
July 29th, 2004

P.S. If you'd like to make a diference for the people of Pemberton, go to http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2844473&l=48890


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