Taking On Tom DeLay

The Campaign for America's Future is set to launch the biggest television ad campaign in our history against the most corrupt -- and one of the most powerful -- politicians in Washington, Tom "the Hammer" DeLay. All Americans -- particularly DeLay's own constituents -- must be made aware of his flagrant and repeated corruption, so that we can work together to knock DeLay from his House leadership post.

Help us air a new TV ad to call out DeLay's corruption for hundreds of thousands of his own constituents and upwards of one million Americans. Help us nail "the Hammer!"


The corruption of today's Congress has reached unparalleled heights, and as with fish, the rot starts at the head. Tom DeLay leads the Republican majority in Congress, and epitomizes the blatant corruption, abuses of power and partisanship all too common among the extreme right wing.

Tom DeLay thinks he can wash his hands of corruption. But, no matter how hard he tries, he can't remove the dirt -- because it's a part of him. Here are just a few examples of DeLay's appalling corruption -- which need to be called out and ended once and for all!

> Taking campaign contributions from a polluting energy company in exchange for what company officials believed would be "a seat at the table" during Energy Bill negotiations.

> Taking a luxury vacation to Europe bankrolled by an Indian gambling casino, and then killing legislation -- opposed by the casino -- that would have cracked down on online gambling.

> Strong-arming a Republican member of Congress to side with big drug companies and HMOs during the 2004 Medicare bill. (The Republican colleague originally accused DeLay of outright bribery.)

> MORE: http://action.ourfuture.org/ctt.asp?u=1742757&l=85453

Help us expose even more of Tom DeLay's dirty deeds to the American people, so that we can push the Congress to finally wash its hands of Tom DeLay!


Our plan is to air this ad for a week straight for upwards of 400,000 households -- households full of DeLay's Texas constituents and DC colleagues -- the people with the power to remove him from his House leadership post.

For the first $20,000 contributed, the Campaign for America's Future will match every dollar 4-to-1 to expose DeLay's corruption for even more people. With this match, every $10 you contribute will put this ad in front of 160 households for a full week! Please contribute today.


Tom DeLay once shouted at a government employee who tried to stop him from smoking on government property, "I am the federal government." His arrogance and repeated corruption show a man who believes he's above the law, and who has lost respect for our democracy's checks on absolute power. Let's remind the American public and Tom DeLay both that, in fact, WE are the federal government, and that we won't tolerate corruption in our Congress -- especially among its leaders.

Let's show Tom DeLay that although he can't wash his hands of his own corruption, we stand ready to press the Congress to wash its hands of him.


Thank you again for your support!


Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future

P.S. Help us spread the word about Tom DeLay's corruption. Please forward this email to friends and post information about Tom DeLay on your favorite blog!


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