Pledge to Boycott Any Oil Company That Drills in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

As I have said frequently, we Americans have been suckered and spoiled into an addictive "consumer mentality". Spoiled to the point where having disempowered ourselves, there is little collective will to re empower ourselves by the power of boycott. To collaborate with the "enemy" , makes us all willing victims. Now if only Sen Boxer could wake people up.....


By a heartbreaking two votes, the Senate approved drilling in the Arctic

National Wildlife Refuge -- that pristine Alaskan wilderness area called the "American Serengeti," a living monument to the vast beauty of our planet. But the struggle in Congress is not over by a long shot, and there are other avenues available to protect this wildlife refuge.

Senator Barbara Boxer and others are organizing a consumer boycott of any oil company that drills in the Arctic Refuge. If by using our pocketbooks we can convince these companies to do the right thing, we can protect the Arctic Refuge from destruction.

If you want to inform BP, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell that you will boycott their gas stations unless they pledge not to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (see the text of your message below), just click "Reply" and "Send" in your email program.

If this was forwarded to you, or you'd like to edit the message,

just click this link http://truemajority.kintera.org/anwr :

Imagine if millions and millions of us, young and old, progressives and conservatives, make it clear to these companies that they stand to lose big-time if they drill for oil in the wildlife refuge. Polls show that most Americans are on our side. Let's walk our talk.

Yours in acting to protect one of America's remaining wild places.

Duane Peterson
TrueMajority Coordinator

PS: For more on the fight to protect this wildlife refuge, click here:



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