National Conference on the 2004 Election and the Need for Election Reform


National Conference on the 2004 Election and the Need for Election Reform

Nashville, Tennessee, April 8-10, 2005


Since November 3, 2004, there has been a groundswell of concern, and a plethora of evidence, that the conduct of the 2004 Presidential election in the United States was highly problematic.
To date, most of the discussion and information sharing on the problems with the 2004 election have occurred in the virtual world of the Internet.

This three day Gathering To Save Our Democracy - A National Conference will provide the appropriate forum for expanding public awareness, for congregating the accumulated knowledge under one roof and for providing a platform for mobilizing support for election reform and justice.

*Nashville, Tennessee* is the setting of this conference. Nashville has a proud history of early successes in the 1960s civil rights movement, we are centrally located within a day's drive of 60% of the U.S. population, we have an international airport serviced by a dozen major airlines, and we have an energetic (and growing) band of citizen-activists for election reform in Tennessee to insure the successful implementation of this conference.

This conference will be a comprehensive and historic event that will bring together the "major players" who have surfaced in the dialogue over the problems with the 2004 election and the need for election reform. We hope that this conference will help break the media silence about the problems with the 2004 election within our country and provide a forum for increasing the world's attention to our threatened democratic principles. In addition, we will hold discussion sessions before and after the conference to exchange ideas and build coalitions to pursue the necessary elements of election reform and to redress our concerns with the 2004 election.



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Look for US Count Votes' final report on the discrepancies between the exit poll and election results in the presidential race next Wed or Thur Mar 30th or 31st. Our final report analyzes new evidence from Edison/Mitofsky's own exit poll data to show why neither random chance or systematic exit poll bias caused the large discrepancies between exit polls and presidential election results. We have worked many many days and hours on our final report which shows mathematically why election results are the most plausible cause for the discrepancies. We received no substantial criticisms of our first exit poll study from any PhD academician in America, and we expect our final study to be similarly received. This study blows the last one out of the water for the thoroughness of the evidence it produces. Please set aside some time next week to help USCV promote this historic document to politicians and election officials.

Informant: Kathy Dopp


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