Karen (Green Party) opened the meeting and asked all present to lobby MEPs for EDM – (Early day motion.)

BARRY TROWER (He has 2 degrees, and he has been teaching maths, science, etc.)

He stated that with low level microwave transmission, people developed personality changes, depression, etc. etc.

He said:

“The Government has known this for 50 years. During the 70s, microwaves at very low levels caused these illnesses and could be used to turn them on dissident groups. He debriefed agents on this. The government does know about this. It has been going on for 50 years.

The Home Office rubbished his qualifications and he replied to the Minister and said “if you want to rubbish me, take me to Court,” and the Home Office wrote back “I am unaware of any letters that attack you personally.”

He was taken to London and asked if he would put everything he said in writing. The Police provided typists and he dictated it. To be “commissioned” means “being given authority to act”. Someone in the hierarchy of the police says it was not the case that he was given permission to write the report. This is a lie.

1) The police are witnesses to the fact he was commissioned.
2) Someone released it onto the Web, which was after the Lancashire police complained and it hit the Web.

We have the hierarchy of the police federation and the government who are working together to push Tetra out. The police say, “who do you complain to?”

In the Telegraph, August 2004, a Chief Inspector and 25 people living near a Tetra mast blamed this mast for their illnesses. The police have been told not to talk to people. At the Police Federation Conference, where it was mentioned that 212 officers were sick from Tetra, Dr. Murielle Levy said “I don’t believe they are sick enough to stop this trial and they could always leave the police force.”

The 2002 Police Magazine quotes House of Commons showing concern over this “if the illnesses proved to be genuine there was no system in place to cope with this.” What would happen if these illnesses turn out to be genuine and there is no back up system?

Children are becoming sick around the masts. There is a Judicial Review on this Barry has papers on this.)

List it, or run the risk of losing in Court - anybody remember what this item was as I can’t – sorry VB.

Barry quoted Sir William Stewart’s Precautionary Approach. The police Tetra handset, 3 watt version is often used for 6 minutes. A policeman asked “what about full power for 25 minutes in a shoot out?!”

Olle Johannsen said it could be a matter of weeks or months to promote a tumour being triggered off. Barry has 5 research papers. Low level microwaves can enhance progression in a very short space of time.

In 1999, the European Commission ruled that the Home Office with the police had acted illegally with Tetra. The Home Office said that policemen and women, being young and healthy would make a good subject for an epidemiological study.

Law makers and enforcers with a contract, push it (Tetra) out with non-proof and any officers that would complain are being silenced. In Hansard – 1st March 2005. It criticises hierarchy of police and the government.

Microwaves behave very differently to radio waves. Microwaves are used because they are more penetrative. That is why the military prefer microwaves.


Over 2 years, where the average age is 39, there were 19 cases (of illness) around masts.

Professor Aidie – a study of 1500 homes found people suffering from illnesses. There were a number of cancers and 8 cases of cancer in one area.

Ossifiah (spelling?) 4 years after transmitting, 165 people have died of cancer and they are now taking the industry to court.

There is a European study – it affects the DNA of living people. The non-thermal effect affects the water in the body. There are published reports that have been replicated 3 times.

The main beam should NOT fall on the school grounds.

Dr. Walker – cancer clusters form in the main part of the main beam.

China – 57% of people have biological effects – such as cancer.

There are spiralling cases of cancer of the mouth – teenage children with mobile phones?

Australasian report (before and after transmission)

2 papers say that women are more susceptible than men.

The Fenton reaction – hydrogen peroxide? Energy reaction. Hydroxide ion which is a free radical – you will get premature ageing of the brain. It is after exposure to the phone (mobile), you can get reaction which goes on for 50 days.

(Barry has all the research papers on these)

Safety Levels – based on how warm you feel!

Salzburg 0.1 U.K. 10,000

33 times above those lower levels are the police officers when on standby.

There are lots of illnesses that occur below thermal effects. If the microwaves are pulsed, the symptoms you get are quicker.

3G are more dangerous than the old phone masts.

All electro microwaves build up in our bodies. There is an accumulative effect.

Masts outside houses are wiping value off houses. There is a group of people that Barry knows of that are suing a farmer who has a base station on his land for approximately £5,000,000. (good luck to them!! VB)

In Spain, cellular companies are obliged to compensate for house value loss.


3% of people in other countries are electro sensitive. Some of these are affected by masts.

1989 Part 3, section 17. There is a legal obligation to protect children from a perceived risk. It must be illegal to put these masts near children.

1993 – European Directive for disabled people. “It must be illegal to put a mast near these children” and Alan Meyer says “this is probably correct.”

The landowner is responsible for any activities which he permitted or encouraged on his land.

(Barry mentioned a Planning Appeal – think it was the Beare case)

Childrens Act. The government have given encouragement to mobile technology.

May 2004. The American government will only give contracts if the results are coming back favourably.

This industry is worth ONE HUNDRED BILLION POUNDS11

There are animal studies showing suffering near transmitters. When animals are near transmitters, their growth slows down. We are affecting our food chain.

People will complain about not sleeping, but probably not be off sick and cancers will be up about three fold.

Many police officers are suffering some ill effects. You get the senior police officers standing up and saying it is a brilliant system and the police want it. This is not the truth. The policemen say “it is a piece of junk!”

The NRPB are not living up to their reputation in representing us with the mobile phone industry.

Salzburg say – you will operate at this level. The mobiles won’t work in your house and use landline in the home and if you exceed this level, we will pull the plug on your transmission and you will explain why it went over the level and if you don’t convince us, it will go off.

Take the power from OFCOM and look into the independent research that can give out the results.

Mike Bell – RRT (Radiation Research Trust)

What Board will regulate industry? There are 6 players and 5 members. 56,000 mobile users and 2 billion world wide users.

Saying, “oh, dear me – don’t do this”. That is useless when regulating the industry.

The Courts take a very narrow view re planning.


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