Stop Canada’s cruel and senseless baby seal hunt

International Fund for Animal Welfare March 17, 2005

Stop Canada’s cruel and senseless baby seal hunt

This email contains graphic written descriptions of Canada’s seal hunt.

“A sealer near us quickly clubbed every seal within a small radius, to immobilize each of the pups, and then dragged the bodies to the center of his circle. One by one he flipped a seal on its back and skinned it. If the seal flipped around or fought against the skinning he’d flip it back to its stomach, club it several more times and then finish the skinning.”
—IFAW Seal Hunt Monitor

Please save a seal today

Right now on the sparkling ice floes of Eastern Canada, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are about to die.

In just a few short days, seals as young as 12 days of age will be clubbed and beaten over the head. Others will be shot with a rifle in open water, fighting for their lives ... many left to die under the ice or pulled onto boats with sharp metal hooks.

95% of the seals killed will be less than three months old. But there’s still time to help.

If you were to witness this personally, your heart would break

Some baby seals will be skinned alive. Their front flippers flailing violently, trying to squirm away as the knife finds them, blindly pawing and wrenching until they finally fall still.

Seal hunting isn’t much of a challenge. Most seal pups lay on the ice alone and helpless before they are violently cut down. The sealers pour over the ice in their army of boats, snowmobiles and even a helicopter, leaving trails of blood in their wake. The baby seals lift their heads and try to cry out in anguish, but manage only a pathetic snarl before the club crushes their skull.

After the seals are skinned, the carcasses are abandoned on the ice once the pelt and blubber are removed, left in piles like disposable laundry. The meat is never used.

This senseless act of annual cruelty is actually supported by the Canadian government

As many seals are killed today as during the 1950s and 60s when overhunting significantly pushed seals down the road towards extinction. You helped raise a global outcry that stopped the killing of whitecoat baby seals in the 1980s. But Canada’s politicians have since used hidden subsidies to expand the hunt again in order to win favor with the fishing industry.

Your contribution puts IFAW seal rescue teams on the ice to expose this outrage

The Canadian government wants the media and the public to believe that no one cares about the innocent blood spilled each year across the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The sealing industry counts on the fact that most people still don’t know it’s happening.

You can prove them wrong

This year’s hunt will continue until the industry reaches its quota of 319,500 seals. IFAW will be there, documenting the cruelty and abuses of the seal hunt to journalists and politicians.

But we need your help to tell the rest of the world what’s really going on. Your generous contribution will help stop cruelty to innocent animals such as the baby harp seal all over the world.

$25: Pays for a seal hunt observation permit to document ongoing cruelty and abuse
$100: Pays for one day of videotaping the seal hunt to expose its cruelty to the world
$50: Funds campaigns to prosecute anyone caught abusing seals
$500: Pays for one hour of flight time to bring a seal surveillance team to the ice

The seal hunt will be underway in just a few weeks. Please contribute now to help spare another single baby seal from a cruel and senseless death.

Thanks for all you do,

Fred O’Regan
President and CEO

P.S. Our humanity is measured by how we care for the vulnerable among us. What is more vulnerable than a newborn seal pup clubbed to death, stranded helpless and alone on the ice? The killing of baby seals doesn’t make sense economically or ecologically. Please give what you can now before this year’s hunt begins.

IFAW © 2005

Worried about Donating online?

I used to be too ... so I made sure our online system is safe, secure, and state-of-the-art. It also eliminates check-processing costs, so more money goes directly to saving animals. But if you prefer to donate by phone or mail, simply click here for address information.

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