Urge Your Senators to Promote Open and Transparent Government

From: Matt Howes, National Internet Organizer, ACLU

Subject: Urge Your Senators to Promote Open and Transparent Government

How early did government officials learn about prison abuse in Iraq? What decisions were made about hiding detainees from the Red Cross? The answers to these important questions can only be obtained when the government stays transparent and open. Responding to a disturbing new trend toward government secrecy, new legislation has been introduced to ensure government transparency, and needs your support.

Take action to support openness and transparency in the federal government.

Recent scandals around torture and prison abuse have demonstrated that government employees and officials must be accountable to the public. As members of the public, we have the right and responsibility to know what is happening in our government, and to know what the government is doing about any problems.

Yet the current Administration has blocked reasonable requests for information relevant to a wide range of issues. Without timely and appropriate access to information about the government activity, we cannot stay properly informed and involved in our nation’s governance.

Real reforms are necessary to ensure that, as members of the public, we have access to the information we need to ensure the government stays honest and democratic.

Take action! Urge your Senators to stand up for the openness in the federal government.

Click here for more information and take action!


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