One Day to a Drilling Vote

We Need Your Action TODAY

Drilling the Arctic Refuge would result in a sprawling industrial complex of drilling sites spread throughout one and a half million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The harm to habitat for polar bear, caribou and millions of migratory birds would be permanent and irreparable. Hundreds of miles of pipelines and roads, airstrips, power lines, pumping stations and housing for workers would be needed, as well as tankers to transport the oil -- risking further oil spills in critical habitat.

Take Action Now!

We've written before about the threat to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) from the large oil companies and their allies in Washington who want to drill there. So far, we've been successful in stopping the encroachment, but now those who want to drill are using a new tactic. It's up to us to stop them.

Proponents of drilling know that drilling in ANWR is too controversial to pass in Congress using ordinary measures. Instead, they are attempting to insert drilling into the budget. This helps them in two ways. First, the government must have a budget. It allows them to hold up everything else in support of drilling in this ecologically sensitive area. Second, the budget cannot be filibustered in the Senate. Whereas most controversial bills require an overwhelming 60-40 majority to move forward, the budget can be passed with only a bare majority.

And a bare majority is all the proponents can hope for. Despite the loss of some stalwart pro-environment Senators in the November elections, drilling in the Refuge was defeated last year. And we can defeat it again this year. A coalition of Senators is standing up for ANWR.

But time is of the essence. The vote could be as soon as tomorrow. Your Senators need to hear from you today!

Please ask your Senators to oppose drilling. ANWR is one of the largest and most important wildlife refuges in the country. We need to protect it for ourselves and for our children. Time is short. Please act today!

Thank you!

Ron Zucker


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