Commentaries J. M. Danze, decorated by the Court of Appeals of Paris

Commentaries of Belgian scientist J. M. Danze, one of the few honest people in this matter, decorated by the Court of Appeals of Paris!

Symptoms described are those observed by occupants of embassy of the U.S.A. in Moscow, radiated during war cold by microwaves to low levels, this is if we referred to which ICNIRP says, if it is taken in serious what the scientific world has found, are wild densities like for example those that emitted in Valladolid to 43 meters of the school Garci'a Quintana, 8,683 Voltios/m is little necessary to be gracious and to be before a corrupt government to allow that such densities were emitted next to a school, result, 5 cases of cancer and one girl in the cemetery. The report of the Dr To Lilienfeld of (1978) re-has been studied by scientist and investigator To G. Johnson Liakouris, the radio frequency (RF) the diseases in the study of Lilienfeld. has an effect of the modulated microwaves. In the Archives of Environmental Health, Volume 53, in. 3 of May-June of 1998). To see in the TESLABEL site the translation of this document: Pathology of the radio frequency (RF) in the study of Lilienfeld: An effect of the pressed microwaves. These are also the symptoms described by the Dr Gerd Oberfeld, (Department of Public Health of Salzburgo, Austria) and by the Dr Manuel Portolés (University Hospital of the Faith in Valencia) with regard to the people exposed to the antennas of the movable telephony, the syndrome of the microwaves extensive aspects of the Spanish study in 2004. Let us revoke what is the syndrome of the microwaves, has been described by the Soviets from the years 50's and has been taken in the Precise work "from Aviation medicine and Space" by General medical Mayor from the regiment from the Belgian Air Force Edgar Evrard (Maloine Editions, 1975) in chapter XXIII "Professional Pathology from the personnel in charge of the security of the air traffic". It is false to declare that the electromagnetic fields activate symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the extremely sensible people who are normally of habitually found level "in the normal life". In fact, from approximately one thirty years, the powers public have allowed to develop networks of lines to high tension that hang on the houses, feeder lodgings nonbalances in the phases agrapados in the facades of the buildings where the populación lives as for example it is the case at the present time in Spain, electrical transforming to proximities of zones where they live citizen, young they go to the school or people are uniting, state antennas of the movable telephony throughout without no with respect to the life or laws, near the schools, in the permanence of companies since it has been the case in Tremeñes (Asturias) to little 200 meters on where an amount of citizens lives, in platforms of buildings and multiple apartments, in streets of the great cities and same in the roofs of the hospitals etc. They have taken like norms, those that dictated the industry (and of the military it eats in other countries like for example in the U.S.A.) with the purpose of avoiding to the industries of electricity and telecommunications legal conflicts with the future plaintiffs, and this, without applying the minimum "Principle of Precaution" which must have consisted based on the investigation of completely independent organisms of the industry and no study sponsored by interests of the potential polluting agents, as this is made habitually. If one occurs the pain to measure the fields by means of devices of calibrated precision, one includes/understands because the networks of the movable telephony more nowadays do not allow the eléctrosensitivas people to find an electromagnetic asylum of peace in any country with the exception to go far from the civilization. These people are the condemned to live in solitaire in mulberry with windows covered with metalized layers, without daring to outside remove the nose with the risk of feeling several restlessness symptoms in their metabolisms, therefore in theory the health is protected by the Spanish Constitution Art. 43, this is in theory, in fact, is a farce, is the absolute corruption from the authorities in the respective Mayorships doing some exception of algún/a alcade/sa to Moncloa without forgetting the Zarzuela, ground not to be in agreement with that band of delinquents of the PP, the small horseman has had valentía to say before the cameras, which I remained of stone when hearing such phrase: "the terrorists are not in the mountains" in this if that I am in agreement with the small horseman, but if she is that they are not in mountains, to that yes that they are in Madrid and specially in Moncloa, is seen Mr. Zapatero who lies, by very natural that becomes, sees that it is lying to us and engañandonos as if still we were stupid. With respect to the fields of extremely LF (50 Hertz), it is possible to find places in which you can live comfortably, with all the modern advantages of the present electricity, at levels of inferior magnetic fields to 1 mGauss (0,1 µTesla) and at levels of electric fields of 1 Voltio/m (we could notice it by the hundreds of measures that my colleagues and I managed to state in the lodgings). It is even relatively easy to place an old house in sense provided they do not suffer of the magnetic fields of 50 Hertz of an outsourcing (high tension, transformer of the line, folds of cables...). These levels are absolutely tolerable for the electrosensitive ones, the maximum that the populación must be exposed is a: 0.3 mGauss in magnetic field and 10 Voltios/m in electric field. On the other hand with respect to which it concerns the pressed microwaves, it is not possible to live in Belgium in a white zone (inferior to 0,1 nanoVatios/cm², [*]), or is, from a forest. In addition the Wi-fi systems (computers to peripheral wireless) contaminate at the moment to the neighbors of immediate buildings through the walls, that you are or nonusing, these letter wireless you radiate in your house the nonbeing that you have a sensible measurer the sufficient thing to measure below the 0,1 Voltio/m. There is at the moment a social problem to solve. The men and women of our democratic called western countries do not have plus the right from now on to the protection of his you salute in the public thoroughfare, nor to live in a healthful atmosphere. In Belgium this prescription still is defined clearly by article 23, in the paragraphs 3º 2° and 3° line of the Belgian Constitution that protects in theory the health, which happens is that everybody in this country is corrupt, from the Communal authorities, governmental authorities, judges, etc.... all this is demonstrated in a Site in the Web where a citizen has exposed to that point the corruption exists in the Belgian legal institutions! The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man, Article 3 says asi to us ': "All individual has the right to the life, the freedom and the security of its person". Pretty phrase, but in fact nobody applies this law, was left a pretty phrase in a book single, but on seat nobody applies it and even the laws to which the citizens have the right plenary session who are applied, in the case of Belgium, is fragant to see the establishments that are stated of violations of the Belgian Constitutional Rights that the judges violate impugnamente to the legal residents in their country. The Declaration of the Nations United about the Rights of the Man who Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or other countries adhered says asi to us ': "Each one has the right to a norm of life in conformity with the health, the well-being, for him and for its family, this includes the medical foods, clothes, dwelling, cares and the social departments and necessary services. Also they have as right to the security in case of unemployment, disease, deshabilitad, widowhood, oldness or other accidents rolled to the subsistence in circumstances that escape to their control ". Let us revoke that in California one values approx 125,000 the number of people who must of have left their work due to the electrosensibilidad. [ * ] This value is the acceptable maximum limit by Prof. Lebert Von Klitzing of (FRG) and Cyril W. Smith of (Great Britain) we ourself we have observed, measured of support in favorably electrosensitivos subjects. The weak anomalies appear between 0,1 and 5 nVatios/cm² (0,0001 µVatios/cm² - 0,005 µVatios/cm²) between these subjects. In truth that from approximately some thirty years, the powers public have allowed to be developed the agrapadas networks of lines of very high tension which they hang on the houses, transforming of electrical provision and phases nonbalanced, electrical lines in the facades of inhabited buildings, the antennas of the movable telephony throughout, near the schools, in the same center of industrial companies, in buildings to multiple apartments, the streets of great same transit and in the tile roofs of the hospitals, etc... They took like norms, those that have dictated the industry (and countries like the U.S.A.) by the end of to avoid to the industrialists of the companies of electricity and telecommunications legal conflicts with the future plaintiffs, without applying to the smaller "Principle of Precaution" Article 130-R of the Treaty of Ámsterdam of the 7,2,1992 of the European Union that must of have consisted being based on the investigation of completely independent organisms of the industry and no study sponsored by the interests of the potential polluting agents, as this is made fluidly. If one occurs the pain to measure these fields by means of calibrated measuring instruments of precision, one includes/understands because the cover of the networks of the movable telephony more nowadays does not allow the electrosensitivas people to find an asylum of electromagnetic peace in any country. These people condemn to live solitary in mulberry with the windows from now on covered with metallic layers, without daring to remove the nose outside the risk of feeling restlessness in their metabolisms. With respect to the fields to extremely low frequencies (50 Hertz), it is possible to find comfortable dwellings, provided with the modern advantages all of the electricity, at low levels of magnetic fields of the order of 1 mGauss (0,1 µTeslas) and at low levels of electric field of the order of 1 Volt/m (we could notice it by the hundreds of measures that my colleagues and I obtained in several houses). It is even relatively easy to place in an old house in this sense provided the occupants did not suffer of the magnetic fields of 50 Hertz of an outsourcing (of high tension, transforming the line and folds of cables...). These levels in theory are absolutely tolerable by the electrosensitive ones. On the other hand with respect to the pressed microwaves, it is not from now on more possible to live in Belgium or another country in a white zone (inferior to 0,1 nanoVatios/cm², [*]), to part to go to live to a forest. In addition to the Wi-fi systems (peripheral computers to wireless) they contaminate at the moment to the neighbors of immediate buildings through the walls of the apartments. There is a social problem to solve. The men and the women of our democratic called western countries from now on do not have plus the right to the protection of their health and life in public thoroughfare, nor to live in a healthful atmosphere. In Belgium this prescription still is defined clearly by article 23, in the paragraphs 3, 2° and 3° of the Belgian Constitution, of which the Council of Belgian State has been pronouncing itself on the demand introduced already for several years even Teslabel of which the Council of Belgian State day 15 of December of the 2004 comes to publish his decision that on base of the scientific data the densities in electromagnetic emissions do not have to exceed the 0,614 Voltios/m which is still unsuitable, but if the Council of State did not pronounce itself in favor of Teslabel, the European Court of Rights of the Man it would once again condemn Belgium by violations of the Rights of the Man. [ * ] That value is the acceptable maximum limit that Professor Lebert Von Klitzing of (RFA) the Cyril W. Smith of (Great Britain) and we ourself we have observed, measured to the support on highly electrosensitive subjects. Weak anomalies appeared between 0,1 and 5 nVatios/cm² (0,0001 µVatios/cm² - 0,0006 µVatios/cm²) in the subjects. This is a real reality here, in Belgium note which the densities have diminished to which previously they emitted, I I detect it much more that before, before, when the head arrived at house did not do more than to itch to me and suffered that it had been radiated by outside, now is more tolerable although it is still very elevated the maximum densities of 0,614 Voltios/m, to see the savageries of powers that in the heat of emitted impunity in Valladolid, 8,683 Voltios/m that wild, is normal that 5 cases of cancer had been declared and one girl had passed away, in Cullera is of same, already go more than 20 people than they have happened to be old history, this is that it is known of them, are left still those that have contracted the disease in Cullera and they have died in his addresses, in Round is of same, densities more than 5 Voltios/m, in Cullera still the last year they were emitting opposite of the Center of Dialysis of the 2,5 Cullera Voltios/m, or are possible to be given an idea of the life probabilities which they have those patients or the one who have those employees who work in this center, is so on by all Cullera with their 18 stations of base, 10 of these at least in the area of the beach, is the ideal place to go to die! In the Tower, in 12º floor still was last year 1,3 compared Voltios/m when these they have radiated to me in the 2000 that were 2,2 Voltios/m, it is time question before all this lowers low, and is very poquito already? Another earthquake more in the fault of the Mediterranean, the one of the Palms of Great Canary approaches every day more, soon nobody will be able to say that this nobody has spoken to them, tsunami of Indonesia already was known that it would happen for more than 20 years, is truth that were to wait for 20 years but it has happened, is left another great earthquake in Tokyo, this city will be evacuated in the future next, another one grandísimo, will also happen in Israel, 80% of its populación will suffer in that earthquake, etc... will be able to see that Japan has a system immersed in the sea that any seismic variation detects, is because these will be noticed and Tokyo will be evacuated not very distant. We will see see that it is what east year in Patagonia (Argentina) indeed in May happens, is little, I hope that Parravincini had been mistaken, the Quaoar planet has a rotation around the elliptical sun and lasts 3000 years according to the informed data, which indicates that someday this it is going away to star against another planet, but this until it does not happen, nobody worries, everything indicates that something will also take place next year in the Middle East, every time is more tension in that zone, either had said that the next country in the ready one was Iran, this or has been does a long time that I have indicated, in that direction goes the U.S.A., yankys are going to have this time a great surprise, these are still worse to cook than its neighbors, to that yankys does not say that already they are passing away in Iraq 23,377 + the other 25,000 soldiers that is ill, is the last phase of the epilogo, the end of this history, all history has its aim and we have arrived at the last pages, by badly way does not arrive at good town, the attacks of the 11/9 of New York, that is not created nor a drunkard, like is that of the 4,000 Jews who worked in those towers not it has suffered nor one single one, good question, the attacks of the 11/3 of Madrid, ídem, a drunkard is not created nor, first who if it were the ETA, after if has been Al-Qaida, after if has been the Moors and will arrive the day that will also throw to me the fault to me, that the terrorists are not in mountains, but that was in Madrid. If badly you went with the other delinquents, badly you go with the present ones, with ministers whom already watching to them gives to disgust those cords that they have in the neck, to do the clown, doing that idiotez of session of photos, mona although the silk views, mona will be and mona is, is pathetic, but the subject this of the electromagnetic fields, the present Minister nor if she still wants has been released, therefore, by all the places does not do more than to be indicated cases of cancer, deaths of people in his 20's, but nobody makes nothing remedy this marasmo, if your you cannot go to Rome, this will come towards tí, or is evoked 5 times which the future brings on the Palms of Great Canary, it is time question, knows that the volcano of "the Old Summit" this shut up from 1949 their last eruption, soon will come the lamentations, "the National Geographic Institute will make a map seismic on the happened thing in Lorca to try to prevent new disasters "that is, which already has happened we are going to prevent so that it does not take place in the future, which not yet has taken place, that is without importance, you go expensive the wall..., like is that the sea of all Japan is full of seismic soundings, the future it says that Tokyo will be evacuated, Israel has his tragedy in the way, 80% of his populación will be devastated, watch the earthquakes that have happened in this fault in the last years, the last one has happened in Andalusia, will be losses ±50.000 if urgent measures are not taken and, never knows when it will be, but this predicted, the earthquake that finish happening in Indonesia, already 20 years ago this was known, that their respective governments have done since then, just like they have done those of Spain, therefore the discoverer of this phenomenon, an English already for years he has been noticing of this eventuality, that is what the Spanish governmental authorities have done until the present, they will see that will happen, when, that not me belongs to me to say it, single that this good in agenda, already is emitting it in telé in very just a short time 5 times, this is very bad signal that exposes such eventuality so frequently, is very present in agenda, of same like which stations publish on fields electromagnetic pressed of of base of telephony movable, way knows of certain that these are killing to populación in his environs since case has be for example in Alzira, that it is that the Spanish government has done on these events, is than evident more, nothing absolutely, the same in order to find the true silent partners of the attack of the 11/3 in Madrid, when I come to you indicating that you are meat before tube, the sample is more than evident! Belgium has been forced to lower its densities or would be the condemned later by the European Court of Rights of the Man in Strasbourg, the reader who wants copy of this sentence in format "pdf" I can be happened through email, because Belgium lowered the densities of 20,6 Voltios/m to 0,614 Voltios/m if he is that these frequencies are innocuous, that is what ingenuous one of ex--minister of the Health tried that, the answer is than obvious more! What comes to happen lately in Madrid, the fire in the Windsor building has been of a behavior of a country third mundista in the era in which we lived, that that happens in the 2005, is to make the ridiculous situation and to happen being incompetent in this matter before the entire world, that building has been constructed already for years, later, nothing has improved and finishes happening what goes of himself that happen if you are governed by incompetent ministers, the test once again this on the table, the eighth higher skyscraper of Madrid with 106 meters, 31 plants and located in the financial heart of the capital Madrilenian, has demonstrated that the present government in seat is completely incompetent to manage the directors of Spanish state, is test more than delinquents are incompetent like has demonstrated to be old who have directed Spain, to see damage that small horseman has done, if that is not made to be persecuted by the Spanish justice, then you are before system of anarchy and not democracy, 2 million U.S. dollars that has robbed to the coffers of the Spanish State to buy that medal of pacotilla, in crime penal, because he is that to this delinquent Spanish justice does not persecute to him, we do not forget to the step the 10,000 wine bottles that have taken of Moncloa, that is, that is the others, Spain goes expensive to the wall, is question of years before all you will remember me, you go by very badly footpath, that terroristas/delincuentes not are in mountains, but that certain of these is in the Moncloa, that are no ETA, that are they themselves, they themselves are disclosed, that has seen the plumero you since one santanderina lady has said, that already nobody creates such chorrada, is pathetic to see that a tower of such dimensions was not predicted of antifire system (to sprinkler in era in which we lived, is done of country third-world and not of country of Union European, in the era in which we lived these facts do not have to happen, which you had voted by delinquents, who you had voted by the other delinquents, is of same, to this murga of the pressed electromagnetic fields which they emit the stations of base of the movable telephony, all the countries which they are cornered must fold to the lowest norms than still they are indefensible of the scientific point of view, I I suffer the effects of these frequencies to as low densities as 0,02 Voltios/m, if there is less of these densities I do not suffer anything, if there are these densities, after hours, the metabolism begins or to throw the alarm signal and to pronounce that I am incurring risk, if all you detected what me metabolism detects, the movable telephony would not exist, if I am not the only case in this dominion, then the scientific world is deceiving to us, we are or we are not all equal ones before the law, if it is the case, then, Spain is a country that systematically violates the Constitutional rights of the citizens, who are that the Spanish State has done concerns the tantísimos cases that have declared of cancers and deaths, the answer is obvious, you are meat before tube and point to the line! To that point in Belgium the government is a swindler who on the rates of circulation of the vehicles Diesel, these apply 4 rates to them, firstly it is the normal rate of 229.92 €uros on the horsepowers of the vehicle, soon apply to the rate compensatoria of 84,72 €uros of the law of the 20,12,1995, soon they apply the rate of putting in circulation of 67,65 €uros, when the vehicle or has been put in circulation precedingly and finally they apply the rate of the Commune of 22,99 €uros, this it is a swindle or fraud to the citizens, goes of himself, to pay to 85 ministers, 8 governments is necessary to remove the money from some side, You see normal that this practices in a presumed state of being democratic, is an example more of the farce of being democratic, in the past imposed a rate to us by the sweepings, soon added the rate by the television, that you have it or no, does already more of a year that this rate does not injure, this means that somebody has taken to them before the European Courts and they have condemned to them but nobody says nothing of such sentence, he is thus systematically in this country of corrupt, the judges break the laws systematically as if such fact was normal, which happens is that nowadays these things cannot be hidden more to the entire world like in the past, the technology that we nowadays arrange, a citizen has created a Site in which he has exposed what Belgian justice for 12 years has been doing to him, have not still pronounced themselves on the lawsuits, like is possible to be stated in his Site that the judges are all corrupt ones, is question of that is the one that offers more amount, so that not aya mistake in the subject, this citizen he has exposed all the lawsuits in his Site in the Internet, impossible to intoxicate the facts, everything is exposed and if Belgium is a democratic country, these facts cannot be tolerated, is of same with the sentence pronounced by the Council of Belgian State concern the antennas of the movable telephony, the demand or were introduced the 21 of April of the 2001, the Council of Belgian State has slowed down the proclamation of the sentence until the last hour or later it would be Strasbourg that would condemn to them once again, have chosen to pronounce itself by the 0,614 Voltios/m that is or an improvement, if you are not living in front of the antennas! A subject which it is not spoken of him, is fears this of that reporter of the Arab chain Aljazeera Taysir Alluni, is that judge Garzón has forgotten the right that has studied in the University, article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Man of the 10 of December of 1948 (All are equal before the law), the Fundamental article 6 of the Declaration of Safeguard of Rights of the Man and Liberties of the 4 of November of 1950 (Right to a equitable process) like can jail to that does not have blood crime on their hands, he is that this is to be democratic, him shame would have to give to jail to that nonweight crime of blood on him, a journalist which it interviews people, which you are or you are not in agreement with him, is his right plenary session 10 article Fundamental Declaration of Safeguard of Rights of the Man and Liberties of the 4 of November of 1950, because is that it does not send a mandate of capture against the journalists of the American chain of the Cnn, they also have interviewed to Bin Laden, is known that Bin Laden is an agent chief executive of George Bush Jr, will happen nonawaited things to you, "Who the terrorists are not in mountains", him would have to give to shame the being judge and to jail to innocent people, who such chorradas or nobody are created them, why she is that this foundation has granted the prize to him of "Francisca Mateos Foundation" and indicate that "does not date for to trial you have been announced", is absurd jailing somebody that is no justifiable crime that can be accused to him, goes expensive to the wall, or will see it, When? Spanish justice is completely corrupt, because answer does not occur and the murders of our three compatriots in Morocco (Casablanca) of 1994 are investigated? Therefore, it is known who have been the silent partners of these murders, it will be necessary to publish it and to expose to the Spanish Government before the entire world, is time question before this is made reality later and, that are going to argue the Spanish authorities, who were not to the current? Another subject from which me murga has arrived mail of Defender of the Town on this from the residual waters that are spilled in Beaches of the Council of Llanes (Asturias), this administration still is engaged in that cachondeo that the concerned administrations do not responsen to them, that is to say, this institution is as a florero on the table, nor if wants is used for decoration, it is an example more than nowadays these administrations only serve to deceive the citizen, in fact nothing do, nothing serve, is only a deceit to the Spanish citizens. When one I touch subjects like this subject that the City council of Llanes allows that in their Municipality the used waters are spilled, in beaches of this Municipality, in the 2005 either pathetic one, nor in Africa they behave of such way, is not only happens in the Mud Beach, the Beach of the Coarse sand is of same, the one of San Antolín ídem and so on by all the council of Llanes and Asturias it is a Natural Paradise, paradise yes, but it is of delinquents, who barbarism, the Defender of the Town of Madrid or takes with this subject more than 4 years, the antennas no longer is worth the trouble nor to evoke them, if the grandfathers raised head, very many they were going to have to go to change its intimate ropitas! Lately the ETA fixes to the politicians, now these leave until in the soup, that reason had that delinquent, the small horseman when this it said that the "Terrorists are not in the mountains" that cachondeo are engaged in with you, the moving bodies are innocuous, the violence domestic servant is once again in increase, and nobody worries about "the Old Summit" soon will not be worth excuse some, Traffic imposed five thousand fines in Asturias in 2004 to speak on the movable telephone while these ingenuous ones lead, instead of putting fines to them, them must of have shot, is to put its lives in danger and that of the others, soon the movable telephones are not innocuous, that ex--minister are ingenuous either, are little necessary to be intelligent to say such idiotez specially and being minister, like is possible that you can vote by so incompetent people, this me depasa! A long time ago already it had evoked that Telephone in Spain been had blocked the access to a Site that they are those who yield the space to him to this Site, after to have exposed this publicly, just a short time later these have released to the interdiction of me access to this Site, does few Yahoo weeks had blocked me the access to be able to send attached post office in my electronic mails, after to have exposed the subject this, Yahoo has decided to raise the interdiction to be able to send attached post office with my electronic mails, now is the turn of the supplier "Brutele" that facilitates the line of access to the Internet here in Brussels, three days, three failures, damaged Friday, damaged Saturday, have given to line hours me and Sunday followed damaged again, Sunday day 19 I have sent electronic mail noticing to them that it would take legal actions against said by damages and moral damages, soon after the Internet to them was again active, the order this to prevent me to have access to the Internet, this time the order comes from the authorities of the Belgian state, know that they cannot inflict detrimental acts that they cannot be put to them in cause, accident of car, holdup to me in the street, etc.... the opportune measures already have been taken in case what has idiotez to do something like which they have done in Casablanca to three of our three compatriots, cannot do to me nothing else, to not being to cause me failure in the access to the Internet, know that everything is exposed in a Site in the Internet, the intuition says to them that I have taken the opportune measures in case these wanted to make another idiotez more, the modem works 100%, a LED says that it works or, otherwise to others leds begin to pistañar that there is line rupture, which is not the case, single that I cannot receive or send information, three days of rupture of line to the Internet it is not possible, I have yesterday been in its offices and the girl has called to the technical service, which responded to him that within 30 minutes the line would be established, have established it during 5 hours and again they have cut it, this is only an example more to than point the articles that I publish disturb much people, I believe that these have included/understood, for two days everything has been going well at the moment. The TVE does not finish announcing that in Spain there are 40 million moving bodies, that is not possible and is a deceit more, I I do not have moving body, my parents do not have it either, in the town almost the totality of the inhabitants of the town do not have moving body and so on, this is a deceit more, that is, until the niches in the cradle they have moving body according to which it says telé, the one that has a moving body like most of those ingenuous ones which the one is seen them with him by which you have voted, that is intelligent, does not have it, the densities are every day lowering, this to grief that the ICNIRP says the opposite, but they have been watching around You who that is dead, that has passed away ese/a young has died and so on, the consequences either are pronouncing themselves, or it had published for a long time several articles on the control of the mind, seems to be that it had not mistaken to me, by this system, the operators send signals which the users for which these send messages to without reason some, like are that to me east subject does not affect to me, I do not need moving body, contact to people which I must contact without impediment some and at least captive my state of health, soon in which it is of this epilogo, many will lament themselves of which he happens to them. Sperm damage claims to over phone radiation. New Scientist Edition. Melbourne. Could mobile phones damage the health of children before they have even been conceived. Yes, says John Aitken of the University of Newcastle in New South Wales. There am claims to have preliminary evidence that radio waves of the frequency used by mobile phones dog damage sperm DNA in mice. "It won't affect you, but it could affect your children", that's what there am says, witch its not true, microwaves affects every thing including plants. Aitken's team exposed 22 mice to 900 Mhz radiation AT an estimated rate of 90 milliwatts to per kilogram of bodyweight less than most people receive from mobile phones for 12 hours to day for one week. To sensitive technique called quantitative PCR found dwells DNA damage than in sperm from controls, the team will report in the International Journal of Andrology. What one comes noticing that will happen and nobody makes case, they will find an explanation in this direction: www.cdnn.info/article/tsunami/tsunami.html, tsunami of Indonesia knew that this it would happen already for 20 years, of same that will happen this of the Old Summit, When? These facts can state them whatever it has a measurer, the most exposed, certain if that is truth that has diminished them, but these tip-antennas continue emitting densities that are for killing a prehistoric animal, another earthquake more than finishes happening in the Asia/Mediterráneo fault, this time fell again more in Iran of a magnitude of 6.4º in the scale of Richter near the city of Zarand, a city in the province of Kerman of 135-000 inhabitants, the one of the Palms, when this is going to happen? Peculiar case, the other day I have had to go to a concessionaire of a mark of vehicles German, the worker was working in the electricity section, this was indeed installing a movable telephone in the vehicle and I see him that this calling by telephone, I warn that the vehicle does not have the small antenna in the ceiling, I ask to him, without being too indiscreet, where it is that put ace the antenna, it says to me that this become attached in the right hand of windshield by the side of inside, indeed, was a small almost inapercibida strip become attached by the inner side of the windshield there, that is, specially the passenger if that is going to receive their doses of microwaves without forgetting the ingenuous one the conductor, it is so on at the present time, anybody already has more neurons in his small brains to perceive these things! That is, it is demonstrating what that delinquent is saying, "terrorists not are in mountains" now has been able to state in videos emitted that fire of Tower Windsor of Madrid ran for down and not physics did above according to laws of, when I have seen that tower in the heat of phase of restoration, if it is certain that the electricity was cut to the 20 hours, which I doubt very seriously, something does not enter the logic once again, is locked up tiger, a door forced in the parkings, holes in the walls from within did outside, the tower that burned as if within her there was inflammable material, etc.... It goes of himself, somebody was not contented with that model of tower and have decided to replace it like those of the WTC of New York, if that thymus has happened in New York, because it is not going to also happen in Madrid, once again, the citizens no longer create in the politicians, commissions, corruption and God knows what more it will leave if it is that it leaves, like is possible, that reason had that delinquent, the terrorists are not in mountains, as these are in being able, does not interest to them that that farce of commission continues or can bring to light from the day which really has happened the 11/3 in Madrid, this farce of commission I am going to be another farce of commission like the commission of the 1179 of New York, am necessary to be stupid to believe such putting in scene, would like that that gringo of tejano and his band of delinquents, vice-president Chaney I am greatest gangster of the U.S.A., would like that I explained to me like is that of the 4,000 Jews who worked in those towers, nor a single one has suffered, she would like that this me they explained it, as well as is possible in Madrid who the fire lowers for down instead of raising like is the law of the physics, is truth that this time that delinquent has said the truth: "the terrorists are not in mountains", then where she is that they are, if has said such phrase, this indicates that knows very well where is that they are these possible terrorists? So that they véan that I am not I who evoke these repugnant facts this is what the press evokes: "the public prosecutor will nowadays investigate the assumption illegal collection of commissions on the part of CiU" that is to say, all those political parties that you have voted by are corrupt, which pain that cannot be gone to wake up to the grandfathers, this marasmo of corruption would be finished like by magic, who are that band of delinquents of the party of the small horseman, which they are those that you have chosen, that is the others, is already pathetic to see that point the Spanish politicians are corrupt, ídem, Spanish justice, soon you cannot argue that nobody has warned to you, you go expensive to the wall! I would like to know what that delinquent of the Bank of Santander would give a day to save his pelleja: The Santander Group gained the last year 3,153 million, a 20% more, than there is further on, that nor the paper of báter serves to him there, I I did not want to be in his zapatitos that day by anything in this world, that is not semicolon, that there is still further on! Science once again comes to give reason to me: To Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects. Regulators of EMF's have been saying for years, "If it doesn't burn you, it is safe", and "There plows nonconceivable mechanisms that could explain how thermal EMF's with energies below the threshold could have any effect. That is why they have continued to fail Seth exposure standards that to protect the public and employees in the workplace. "non-thermal" Many serious effects have been documented, AT field intensities Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces below the exposure stands. Dr Mae-Wan Ho reviews new and old scientific findings to explain how the physics and chemistry of the collective to water structure in the cell and the organism dog interact with extremely weak EMFs to causes multitude of biological effects. To popular version of to her scientific to paper, Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Fields & Cell Water, was presented AT the Green Conference Network, Science, Medicine and the Law, in RIBA, London, UK, 31 2 January to February 2005. Order the electronic you copy of all three: the fully referenced scientific to paper, the text of to her oral presentation and the pdf of to her to power point, for £6 00 here. Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Fields & Cell Water. Dr Mae-Wan Ho Director, Institute of Science in Society. Presented AT Green Network Conference, Science Medicine and the Law, 31 January 2 February 2005, RIBA, London, UK. Abstract of scientific preprint. There is little doubt that weak electromagnetic fields (EMF's) with energies below the level of random thermal fluctuations dog affect living organisms; although the needs for physical mechanism such "non-thermal" EMF effects there are remained elusive. I have suggested that weak EMF's interact primarily with the high degree of electro-dynamic coherence of living organisms and cells, in which proteins and to other macromolecules intimately associated with to water form to dynamic liquid crystalline continuum throughout the body. Recent research findings suggest that the electro-dynamic coherence of living organisms depends on collective phase transitions of the associated ' interfacial' to water in response to internal and External EMF's; and it is that which coordinates and regulate living processes. That is why weak EMF's biological dog have numerous effects. The answer to this article is very simple, is people who are super-hiper-sensible to this type of frequencies and detect these densities, we take the example from Belgium, the Council of Belgian State day 15 of December of the 2004, has dictated decree to lower the densities to the maximum of 0,614 Voltios/m, before, during the mandate of the old Minister of the Health, it saw that she and their government was completely corrupt as here usually it is the case in general, this nowadays no longer is newness some, had proclaimed the density of Maxima exhibition of 20,6 Voltios/m who could be emitted in all impunity in Belgium, Teslabel to them has taken before the Council of Belgian State, which has not had more option than to give reason to Teslabel partly, but still most of the exposed people to this type of radiations they are people which they are incomodadas by these radiations, I I cannot speak by the others, single I I can speak by same me, these densities are a violation of Article 23 of the Belgian Constitution, in certain tunnels, still are moderate more than 2,5 Voltios/m, if it is that has dictated to a law by the Council of Belgian State day 15 of December of the 2004, that is that makes the State Belgian does not apply this law, the answer is very simple, all are corrupt, 8 governments, 85 ministers, no, no, you do not create that there is spelling error, in this country of ingenuous is nothing here less 8 governments, in those 8 governments is nothing less 85 ministers, certain of these ministers nor if it wants have folder of ministerial, is incredible, but it is thus, justice is completely corrupt here, like is possible to be warned the facts in a Site that a citizen has created, by the tunnels are densities that would kill dinosaurio, I I occur whatever of this when return to house that I suffer myself that I have been radiated, the densities that which are according to have dictated the Council of Belgian State, are not densities to notice such radiations in so little of time of exhibition, this means that they emit wild densities, the own Minister of the Belgian Health uses the moving body, already you can be given to an idea, the intelligent thing that this minister is! So that vaheéis to that point Spanish justice is corrupt, has an example here more: An error forces to acquit to a defendant of drug traffic in Oviedo by a judicial error, the Provincial Hearing of Oviedo has forced to acquit to a defendant of drug traffic to him to it not to have informed during the instruction of its imputed condition of and not to read to it him its rights, this is either to happen being third-world, if Spain tries of being a democratic country of the European Union and to the defendant it does not inquire to him into such fact, is or the fragant corruption, so stupid those Asturian jueces/autoridades, if it is the case, which is, it is or a shame that the delinquents them leave in freedom and the innocents they are jailed to them as if they were delinquent, that reason had the small horseman: The delinquents are not in mountains! That farce this: "a network of falsification of papers for illegal immigrants Falls", I have had I here in Belgium authentic papers so that illegal they entered Spain, like this is possible, nowadays there you must it of knowing all better than I than everything is possible, which comes publishing, corruption in all the levels there, the papers were authentic, nothing of photocopy, with original seals in the document, is a corruption generalization, if you begin by the conejales, mayors, presidents of the Communities, ministers, judges, President of the Government, etc..... everybody in Spain nowadays is corrupt, from where it removed to the small horseman the $2 of U.S. dollars to buy that medal of pacotilla, the 10,000 wine bottles that have taken of the Moncloa, that is that it has made justice Spanish, with reason he said who "the terrorists were not in the mountains", that reason had its wife Mrs. Botella, does not leave why they ***reflx mng themselves of him, if she had a little dignity, had already made what that Catalan lady was saying, go to hang itself to high the affluent forest, of same his ancestors, they kill to 192 people in Madrid, hurt to more than 1,500 people, burn a building, now to that we threw the fault to him, to the ETA, Al-Qaida, to the Moors, to that we are going to him to throw this time the fault, Mr. President who is still further on, that there nor one eats will happen, profita whereas you can, that has not been those of: ETA, neither those of Al-Qaida, nor the Moors, but the terrorists are not in mountains! I do not understand because the Catalan political parties make as much noise on the hidden commissions, would like I me to have unlimited power and to see the accounts of each political party and those of each politician to see as they justify his goods, if Mr. Maragall is saying, is that it is certain of which she says, will not be so ingenuous to expose so done if she did not certainly know of which she advances, the one that has been in the past cook, knows very well what she goes in the kitchen, that is all corrupt ones that already we know all to it, because to hide if it is the truth, as that delinquent explains the $2 to pay that medal of pacotilla, like are that that delinquent explains the 10,000 wine bottles that have taken of Moncloa, where is the invoice of such purchase, that the terrorists are not in the mountain, but the delinquents if who are in Moncloa! That barbarism, my Asturian colleagues to construct a small hospital needs less to them nothing than 5 years: The new local hospital of Mieres will cost 30 million, will start at the end of this year and will be operative in the 2010, whereupon it is that they are going it to construct, with a spoon to coffee, pedrazo is for the 2012, as it is possible, in other countries in a year I build very many greater is still on and finished, already they have done it here in a month of time and it is not of a ground floor, ±25 floors, soon Spain goes well, the terrorists they are not in mountains, the 10,000 bottles of wine, are either in Moncloa! © Copyright. Brussels (Belgium) Francisco Gabiola War email: cardasian7@yahoo.fr


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Translation Spanish-Englisch: omega


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