What else can we do to stop the war in Iraq?

Those who are pushing for continued occupation of Iraq know they cannot do so unless they can lull the American public into silence. They believe if they can downplay the casualties they won't break through the thin ice of popular support. Do they have YOUR support in this?


In the next couple weeks there are major demonstrations planned in protest, plus the Congress will be asked to cough up yet another 80 billion dollars ($80,000,000,000.00) to be raided from every other pressing social or economic program in our already busted budget. We already know the TV cameras are controlled by people with instructions to point them away from the masses who will turn out next week, people who may have traveled many miles to make their voices heard by their presence.

That is why we are appealing for all those who care about what our government is doing in Iraq to take just a minute and one click to SPEAK OUT NOW by submitting a personal message to all their members of Congress as well, whatever other action you taking.


Large demonstrations can be reinforced with a similar outpouring of email with no more effort than an additional link in an outreach mailing or on a mobilization page. Plus if you have a website or are involved with one of the groups working on this we can instantly set you up with a fully enabled working mirror of this form you can put on a page on your own server, and use our proxy submission engine for free. Or else you can link to the page above or please post the link above everywhere you can.

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