Demand 80% Dem Block Against $80 Billion War Bill

Thank you for signing the petition to demand that the Democratic Party act as an anti-war party voting against the $80 billion for the US war upon and occupation of Iraq by an 80% block – with the consequence that if the Democratic Party does not put together such a block, we will work to support build an independent electoral anti-war convergence party and vote for and build only candidates who are opposed to the war and occupation. After the third day of this petition, we are already over 100 signers – and this was from a very limited distribution of the petition pitch.

In order for this petition drive to have maximal success, we need your participation. Most of you participate in discussions and networks where information such as the call are welcome. You can help make this effort more successful by forwarding the message below to all of the discussions where this information would be welcome.

There are well established petition machines that are not focusing on this $80 billion war bill. Apparently we can not count on those outfits to oppose the war bill. We need to build new institutions that will consistently oppose war even when it means making demands that could be deemed as unpopular by the Democratic Party leadership. A little extra effort by all of us can propel this initiative forward.

Place a personal note at the top of the note urging support.

Another valuable step you can take is to approach influential members of organizations that you belong to as well as nationally known figures in the anti-war movement. Send the call to act to them and follow up with them to seek their support. If they will not sign on, engage in a dialogue with them. If the “movement” will not make a demand of the Democratic Party to take a clear stand against the $80 billion bill, we need to know why.

We are also interested in having a few others to serve on a petition committee to help spearhead this effort forward. We would add your name to the letters that we generate to promote this effort.

We are off to a good start. This drive has great potential on many levels. Let’s work together to realize the full potential and build a movement that develops greater political challenge to the political power brokers of both pro-war political parties that continue to maintain the current permanent war empire.

The site has been updated with the public signatories!

We are working on a letter to send to Senators and representatives with a reference to the website – stay tuned!

In Solidarity,

Bob Witanek


Please circulate widely!

Petition: Demand 80% Dem Block Against $80 Billion War Bill


In response to the positive feedback for a petition calling for an 80% Democratic Party block in opposition to another $80 billion for the US war and occupation in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the following petition has been launched at the website of the Committee to End the Occupation of Iraq , http://EndOccIraq.org . You can click here to see the petition and sign:

Petition: We Demand an 80% Democratic Party Block in Opposition to 80 Billion for War - Or Else We Work to Build Anti-War Electoral Force!

US Congress and Senate are preparing to approve the US Administration's request for $80 billion more for war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2004, much of the opposition to the war and occupation supported the presidential candidacy of Democratic Party candidate John Kerry even though he made it clear that he thought Bush backed down in Falluja and that he would “win” in Iraq, would not back down, would “finish the job”, etc.

Now is the time for the Democratic Party to demonstrate that it is opposed to the occupation and war in Iraq by voting as a block of 80% or better against the $80 billion war funding allocation.

Join with a growing chorus to state that unless the Democratic Party votes as a block against the war allocation, we plan to work to build an independent political convergence party that opposes the war.

If you have any questions, want more information or want to share your opinion on this matter, please do so by writing to ceoi@endocciraq.org


We the undersigned are opponents of the US invasion of Iraq and continuing occupation. We hereby call upon the Democratic Party members of the US Congress and the US Senate to vote as a block against the $80 billion bill for the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We call upon you to put together a block of opposition that is 80% or better of the entire ranks of Democratic Party members in the two houses. Should the Democratic Party fall short of that level of opposition to continuing the funding of the US war and occupation in Iraq, we intend to hereinafter work to support and promote an independent political convergence party that opposes the war and opposes the Democratic Party and the Republican Party because of their support for the war. We will work to support and promote political candidates outside of the two war parties and to organize voters to vote against war by rejecting the candidacies of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. We call upon you now to take this specific action, to reject the $80 billion funding for the war in Iraq as a block of 80% or better of the total Democratic Party office holders in both houses, as a means to demonstrate that the Democratic Party is in opposition to the US war in Iraq. Otherwise, our next step is to work to build political opposition to your party as we continue to oppose the Republican Party.

To sign petition: http://endocciraq.org/Demand80Pct_NoTo80B.htm

Informant: Deb Conley


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