Information warfare and perception management

Conclusion: ALL World Governments Under Hostile Attack from United States

The current US government is working with a hostile attitude to divert democractic governments and institutions around the world. The means include, but not limited to:

1) Control of media, publication of facts, claims and stories suited to the purpose of promoting or destroying persons or issues from the target public's attention. Controlling the attention of "puppets".

Either destroy the facts from being available to them, distract them from the facts, or get them to ignore the facts or get them to not trust them.

This Information warfare and perception management is being used on a very very wide scale in the whole United States as well.

2) Bribery/Influence of key individuals via financial means or threats, blackmail or if not possible, destroying their credibility, fame, image, etc. Like the UN weapons inspector Hans Blix's treatment before the Iraq war.

3) Arranging financial support for people the US government sees favoring them.

4) Military intervention, sabotage, assassinations and other dirty tricks.

I include URLs to articles giving some clues. PNAC report, Air Force 2025 Information Warfare and Puppet Master doctrines provide additional information.

Europe would do well to formulate a defence of their democracy against information warfare puppet master attacks unless it wants to live under the now US-servient puppet Commission. Deviation from the democratic procedures in favor of major US companies is a clear sign of the fact that SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG.

- C.B.

US Secretly Targetting France, Canada, EU countries for "Regime Change" to more US Friendly Puppets:

US Control of Countries by Information Warfare, Media Control and Bribing of Key Individuals (Poland, Aznar, Berlusconi, Blair, ):

Destroying EU Democracy from Within by US Money, PR, Lobbying and Bribing

US Paying Money to Student Groups to Criticize Governments, Arrange Coops, US/CIA Lobbygroups Targetting European Commission to Divert EU Democracy:

How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Rip Others:

Extrapolate True Intentions of America from This:

Arranging for motivation, what will they do:

The Strings of the Puppet Master


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