We're Winning the Social Security Fight

I want to share with you the great success we've had in the past ten days protecting our Social Security. Capitalizing on our first revealing exposé of Rep. Jim McCrery -- the man charged with pushing Social Security privatization through the House of Representatives -- we delivered on our promise to dramatically ramp up the pressure on Rep. McCrery.

Last week we aired a pointed TV ad -- over 100 times in McCrery's home district -- and broadcast his Wall Street conflict to hundreds of thousands more of his own constituents. Millions more learned about the ad as covered nationally in The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, TalkingPointsMemo.com and others. Read all about it!


Believe it or not -- McCrery threatened the TV station with a lawsuit over the ad's claim that he supports privatization! Amazing. In response, we got the facts of McCrery's support for privatization to Louisiana TV which, in turn, dismissed McCrery's substance-less threat and reinstated the ad.

As much as he'd like to bury the truth, Rep. Jim McCrery -- like President Bush -- can't hide the fact that Social Security privatization is a bad deal. Public support for privatization continues to dwindle, and thanks to supporters like you, our Social Security will never be sold out to Wall Street.

Together, we are exactly where we need to be as the White House begins its two month tour to sell its risky privatization scam. As Bush and his allies travel the country, we plan to release to the news media real stories from real people who rely on Social Security and who won't accept having their benefits cut or put at risk on Wall Street.

We'd like you to add your story to the front lines in this continuing fight.


How would the benefit cuts and risks posed by the Bush privatization scam impact you or people close to you? Would it obligate you to pay the bills of a family member? Would it pressure you to move in with your children? Would you have to work longer hours or stay employed after retirement age to make ends meet? Would it push you into poverty? We want to know!

Your story can bring to life the risks posed by privatization for people who may only now vaguely sense its drawbacks. With your permission, we will share your story with the media in the cities and towns that President Bush and his allies visit, and make sure that people nationwide know what's at stake.


Thank you again for everything you've done to build the successful offense against the right wing's privatization scheme. We look forward to continuing our work with you, taking the pressure -- again -- to the next level, and keeping Bush, McCrery & Co. on the run.

Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future


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