Now 3,800 Quakes and Counting; Largest Quake of Swarm Just Hit

March 6th 2005


Now 3,800 Quakes and Counting; Largest Quake of Swarm Just Hit

by Mitch Battros - ECTV

Just minutes ago, I received a USGS report of a 5.2 quake off the coast of Oregon. This is the area where the now over 3,800 quakes have occurred.

Following are two of the latest news report now that the mainstream media has caught hold.

Brunswick News - Tiffany Crawford: “Intense earthquake activity on the ocean floor off the coast of southern Vancouver Island has scientists scrambling to be the first to catch a glimpse of two tectonic plates pulling apart.

U.S. scientists from the University of Washington sent a research vessel over the weekend after seismic equipment detected nearly 3,800 small quakes in an area known as the Endeavour Hot Vents. "The speculation is it might be a volcanic eruption or a magma event on the ridge," said Garry Rogers, a seismologist with the Geological Survey of Canada. "Thousands of earthquakes occurring over a few days, it's a tremendous amount of energy but it's way offshore," he said on Sunday. "They are too far to be felt so as far as we know there is no threat."

Victoria (BC) Times - Thousands of earthquakes have rattled the ocean floor off southern Vancouver Island last week, and a team of U.S. scientists is racing to the area to see if an underwater volcano is spewing fresh lava.

U.S. hydrophones detected 3,742 earthquakes over five days in an area about 270 kilometers west of Vancouver Island , but on Thursday, the intense activity calmed to just a few earthquakes an hour. Scientists from all over the U.S. have scrambled to join the University of Washington research vessel Thompson, which is scheduled to arrive in the Endeavour Hot Vents area this morning.

The shaking is also being monitored by the Geological Survey of Canada through seismographs at the Institute of Ocean Sciences in North Saanich. About three km below the ocean surface -- in the Juan de Fuca Ridge undersea mountain chain -- two tectonic plates, the Juan de Fuca Plate and the Pacific Plate, are pulling apart, said Geological Survey of Canada seismologist Garry Rogers.

Is There a Connection Between the Sun, Earth’s Shifting Magnetic Field and Earth Quakes?

A sudden and freakish geomagnetic storm is underway, and appears to have come out of nowhere.

Kp Index (March 6-7th): //www.n3kl.org/sun/images/noaa_kp_3d.gif?

Magnetic Flux (March 6-7th): //www.n3kl.org/sun/images/noaa_elec_3d.gif?

In my opinion, I find the Magnetic Flux variable even more concerning. I could easily see how one could make the connection to such rapid magnetic flux, with rapid shifting seismographs.

If you were to ask me “is there a connection between the Sun, Earth’s magnetic field shift and earthquakes; I would have to say…yes. Easy to say, but you can imagine the challenge to sustain the slings and arrows of a “peer review” and rightfully so I might add. As distasteful as this method of filtering and at times just out right chastisement is, the process of a peer review does indeed help weed out the fakes, frauds, charlatans, and just stupid ideas. So let me just say that my research related to the Sun-Earth connection does not focus on solar events and earthquakes specifically. I know there are some in the field of geology and seismology who might make this leap showing some kind of causal effect on tectonic plates, and they maybe correct. I simply cannot, at least at this time affirm such a connection.

My studies have been targeted towards solar activity and its direct connection to “weather”. Notice I say “weather” and not “climate”. This is a significant distinction. There are a hand full of scientists who have released some excellent studies showing strong evidence between solar cycles and climate cycles. What makes my research outcome unique, is my suggesting a more immediate causal effect. So immediate, I am suggesting a 48 to 72 hour time-linked-means. Most of you are already aware of the Equation I published in 1997.


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