The effects of microwaves on the trees and other plants


Dr. Ferdinand Ruzicka (Univ. Doz) has in his web page:

several pictures with the phone masts effects on the trees

In the page 56 of the article: “Umweltprobleme Luft” from Kathrin Oldag, Anna Glyk, Monique Irrgang (Hanover University) (I send you also) appear plagiarized, without having requested authorization to the Doctor Ruzicka these pictures (in the section corresponding to damages for the ozone!!!!!!).

Years ago already it was tried to accuse the acid rain of the radar effects in the forests of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

With best regards.

Alfonso Balmori


Following the recent email on tree felling, I wonder if there might be truth in this after all.

It is of no surpise in light of research papers on adverse effects of EMF on trees, copy of Dr Alfonso Balmori research paper above that we are likely to see more species affected.

Article from the Advertiser of March 3, 2005 'USA disease means sudden death for trees'

A deadly tree disease dubbed 'sudden oak death' has been discovered in West Lancashire. Phytophthora, a potentially lethal agent which can infect shrubs and trees has been given as the official reason behind the felling of trees in Ormskirk. Californian strains of the pathogen have been responsible for the destruction of tens of thousands of Oak trees in America. Symptoms of the disease were first recorded in Germany and the Netherlands in 1993. It has since been found in Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain and Sweden. The first finding in the UK was recorded in Suzex in 2002. But some residents are unconvinced the destruction was justified and that maybe the Authority had been ill advised. Tony Rawsthorne said 'if the Local Authority has confirmation that Phytophera is now affetcing alder species, then West Lancashire is unique in the world'.


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The effects of microwaves on the trees and other plants

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