Patterns of vote machine fraud documented in New Mexico, Ohio, Florida, etc.

It appears to be clear John Kerry won New Mexico and highly likely Ohio when documented fraud patterns are taken into account; and possible for Florida. U.S. Senate races in states such as Florida appear to have also been affected by the vote machine manipulation.

One pattern that has been documented based on the experience of voters in Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, and elsewhere(especially swing states) is the machines appear to have been set with a default to Bush. Then if a voter successfully punched the ballot for another candidate, Bush was replaced by that candidate. But it appears that in many cases the voter did not successfully accomplish this and in some cases it was hard or impossible to get the other candidate to register. This was a major problem in Mahoning and Fairfield counties in Ohio, and possibly Mercer, but also occurred in many counties and several states(including Florida). They had to replace some of the machines in counties like Mahoning after repeated attempts by techs to "recalibrate" the machines after widespread reports of problems. This also happened in Florida and New Mexico. But this means that Bush would get not only the votes of those who didn't notice that the punched candidate didn't register but any intentional non votes or accidental non votes or unsuccessfully completed votes. Quite an advantage. As much as 2 to 4% in some areas and even more in some minority precincts that appear to have been targeted to produce high levels of misvotes. There were also a few cases where precincts had machines set to default for a minor party candidate, but none observed to default to Kerry. These patterns have been confirmed by analysts and computer experts in several counties of each of these states. Various patterns of manipulation of undervotes in minority areas are also demonstrated in the supporting analysis.

See the EIRS case reports that include such cases:

Ohio https://voteprotect.org/index.php?display=EIRMapState&state=Ohio&cat=ALL&tab=ALL

New Mexico https://voteprotect.org/index.php?display=EIRMapState&state=New%20Mexico&cat=ALL&tab=ALL

Florida https://voteprotect.org/index.php?display=EIRMapState&tab=ALL&state=Florida

There was also widespread systematic voter suppression of minority voters in all 3 of these states which was well documented from the EIRS cases as well as the following cases and analysis, which also have further documentation on the vote machine manipulation patterns.

Ohio //www.votersunite.org/electionproblems.asp?sort=date&selectstate=OH&selectproblemtype=ALL

New Mexico


Here are additional list threads that contain additional documentation.


Informant: Daniel P. Welch


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