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For those like me who struggle to understand the effects of masts in scientific terms, I quote beneath a few paragraphs I came across in a book called Handbook of stress, medicine and health by an American doctor, Cary L. Cooper (editor) published here in 1996. This was in the open shelf section of the Bodleian library in Oxford intended for use by science/medical undergraduates. I find it interesting that these things are openly available and if this kind of understanding is part of mainstream science, then how can they dismiss the physiological effects of masts that some of us are senstitive enough to be able to feel?

The quote: There is a bit about the various methods by which cells in the body communicates, then he says:….in the final analysis, all (of these) messages are transmitted by means of weak energy transfers across cell membranes. These occur at an atomic rather than a molecular level. It has also become increasingly apparent that the cell membrane is more than a protective shield studded with receptor sites for antibodies, small neuropeptides and other molecules. It appears to be a powerful signal amplifier that provides an interactive window through which the cell senses and responds to its environment. Some substances can pass freely back and forth through certain channels, but for others, the cell membrane is an impenetrable barrier. When designated molecules fit into special receptor sites, a subtle signal produces a sudden change in electrical tension between the interior and exterior of the cell, allowing a new channel to open for a few thousandths of a second. During this period, although millions of ions pass back and forth, the total current generated is only a few billionths of an ampere!

I believe that cell membranes may have receptor sites for subtle energy signals which react exactly as they would to chemical/molecular stimuli. Electrical stimulation of highly specific areas in the pain pathway produces analgesia, and microinjections of morphine at these precise sites have the identical effect. Injection or stimulation a few millimetres away is worthless. However, combining suboptimal doses of morphine or electrical stimulation, which alone are too weak to reduce pain, results in a synergistic effect that does provide analgesia. This suggests that for some receptors, the effect of weak electrical stimulation are completely congruent with those of morphine. Furthermore, the specific locations at which either molecular or electrical signals relieve pain are precisely the sites of action of the endorphins. If feeble electrical forces can produce such profound physiologic effects, this might account for the association of malignancy with proximity to high power lines, increased birth defects when electric blankets are used during pregnancy and a variety of psychophysiologic effects due to geomagnetic influences, including cancer. Such observations cannot be explained in terms of Newtonian physics or any form of chemical/molecular communication. It is quite likely that energies of similar magnitude can be generated in the body that could also affect cell growth and malignant change.

Hope this is useful to people.


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