'We're sick of mobile phone mast danger'

DANGERS to people living close to mobile phone masts have been proved, according to a Horncastle woman.

The Langton Hill phone mast.

Silvia Wilson of Blackwell Road, has undergone research proving she and her family's health is effected by the Langton Hill Vodafone mobile mast towering over their home. Mrs Wilson, who has campaigned against masts being placed close to houses, suffers from Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity, a condition making her susceptible to radiation emitted from mobile masts.

The Langton Hill mast is one of five in Horncastle which have cropped up over recent years following the controversial Wi-Fi revolution, the wireless web technology sweeping the country. Silvia and her family became ill immediately after moving in three years ago. "First of all I felt very sick with lots of headaches and dizziness," she said. "The radiation beam is right on us here and it gets even worse as you go up the hill towards the mast." The family has spent more than £1,000 insulating their home with protective foil, but they are still haunted by a continuous droning sound in their ears. "It is like an engine all day long," said Silvia. "My daughter says 'the wind is in my ears make it stop'. "She has no idea what is happening as she is only four." The mast at Langton Hill was erected in 2003, despite opposition from East Lindsey District Council, following an appeal to the government.

James Gilbert, ELDC Communications Officer said: "Whilst the council sympathises with the Wilson family, we are unable to offer any meaningful assistance towards their wish of having a mobile telecommunications mast shut down." Other people who live under the mast are equally worried about the possible dangerous effects. Penny Mcknight moved to Langton Hill with her husband Robert, who developed epilepsy just a few months after moving in. "It would be better sited somewhere away from people," she said. "There is plenty of wide open space". Rob Matthews, EMF unit manager for Vodafone said: "We take these concerns seriously. "There are over 60 million hand sets in the UK and we have to site the masts close to where people use the services".

* Do you feel your health is at risk from living close to a mobile phone mast? Email your views to alison.sandilands@jpress.co.uk

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