Cancer victims ask: "Is it the phone mast's fault?"


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Cancer Clusters, Headaches, Nosebleeds, Nausea, Fatigue, Diz...

The results were indeed startling. In addition to the plethora of cancers, over half the children surveyed at St Edward's suffered headaches and more than a quarter reported regular nosebleeds and nausea. Among the staff at both schools almost all those asked felt fatigued and had sleep problems, with nearly half suffering dizzy spells and humming in their ears.


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Paul, it is my experience when talking to those affected that the worst symptoms/illnesses occur when TETRA is present. Where there is a lot of sleep deprivation, nose-bleeds, the humming in ears and cancers/unusual illness or symptoms, a TETRA mast can usually be located either through local knowledge or Sitefinder http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk/ .

However, at times it can be just a TETRA line of emissions hitting a mobile phone mast.

TETRA is not like mobile phone masts, there is no umbrella-shape of emissions splaying out around the mast for a few hundred metres. Instead there are lines of emissions that go as the crow flies for miles. Each about 6 feet wide they go through anything on the path to the next TETRA mast. They can have 3, 6 or 9 antennae. When TETRA mixes with other technologies, especially a mast cluster, the results can be very bad.

Since TETRA also uses the 02 (UK) Ltd and "Orange" mobile phone masts to supplement the service, it becomes a nightmare in places.

02 Airwave (which is the company supplying TETRA ) has also been known to use temporary masts which can be put up in 10 mins or so and run off of ordinary phone mast outlets. There was one used near my former home last Summer and other areas reported their use.

It is only TETRA on high power which sends all the birds - including the larger birds like sea gulls - into a desperate flight. They all leave the area in a noisy panic, like rats abandoning a sinking ship. When some of them eventually return, the smaller birds are in poor condition (feathers) and mope around not eating as if they are stunned. They NEVER return the same day. It can be days or weeks later.

I found this website while researching older stuff which seems to be less watered down. There is a reference to there "might be harm for humans and animals" and a petition on the home page:


Under science, more about TETRA and 3G

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