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WHO, the Crisis? International report against Repacholi

WHO needs to make better use of evidence rather than relying upon experts



WHO, the Crisis?


Lancet: WHO needs to make better use of evidence rather than relying upon experts


WHO Criticized for Neglecting Evidence


"When developing "evidence-based" guidelines, the World Health Organization routinely forgets one key ingredient: evidence." The Lancet.

But now tell us something new...

Iris Atzmon.


Re: Repacholi?

Has anyone got any real evidence that Mike Repacholi took money from the cellphone industry for himself rather than for research purposes? If so that is an astonishing indictment and would make front page news even in the UK media. I would certainly want to confront Mike Dolan of MOA with that. I would even revisit the Courtroom over it.

Roger Coghill
MA(Cantab,) C Biol MI Biol MA(Environ Mgt)

Hello Roger,

He received money from the Mobile Manufaturers forum - $150,000 a year plus travels and meetings expenses through an account in Adelaide hospital, see Louis Slesin's report in Microwave News, and ask him directly if you want more info. it was confirmed to him by the mobile manufaturers forum. This is enough data to make headlines and start a deeper investigation but it wouldn't make front page news by the mainstream media, it can be exposed by non-mainstream source. Why would the mainstream want to break the wonderful status quo, I can testifiy that several journalists know about it + scientific journals editors and they choose to look to the other side (like where he published his last paper, Environmental Health Perspectives journal and declared no conflict of interests, at least they were ready to correct it with regard to his consulting to the power industry after I sent them his testimonies for the industry). The EHP were reluctant to even investigate the issue despite evidence they received from several people and directions.

Iris Atzmon.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


International report against Repacholi

OMS/Repacholi / Fluocompactes / Abeilles / Armes, etc . . . //www.next-up.org/Newsoftheworld/WHO_OMS.php#1


Antonio Gagliardi
(Elettrosmog Volturino-Italy)

Repacholi appeared on the Panorama program and said he would not hesitate to let children use Wi-Fi with laptops. He denied his reputation, too.




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